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LITASIGN’s neon signs offer neon sign enthusiasts a wide range of products to choose from, from business signs to fun signs. We exclusively use the highest quality materials and components for all hello neon signs. Each neon sign, regardless of design, is made with state-of-the-art technology that allows for consistent brightness and glows so that it can be safe and effective in any environment. Put a little magic into your world with Hello Neon Signs by LITASIGN.

LITASIGN only regards quality as a top priority. We guarantee to turn out a perfect hello neon sign for our customers every time with our support.

LITASIGN Provides the Most Creative and Unique Hello Neon Signs

LITASIGN is a neon sign manufacturing company that provides creative neon signs to individuals, such as store signs, bar signs, wall art, and lighting. Our experienced technicians will follow every step with creativity and experience in hand throughout the whole process. 

LITASIGN offers a vast diversity of superior-quality hello neon signs that are designed and built to last for years. We offer you the very best in all aspects of your display installation. Our experienced staff is trained to recommend the best solution to your needs.


Customized Hello Neon Signs, Fast Turnaround and High Quality Products

LITASIGN is a leading neon design and manufacturing company in China with more than 120 employees, offering sign business for customers in different countries and regions around the globe. We specialize in developing a range of customized neon signs, including indoor and outdoor signs.

Our neon signs are ideal for facilities looking to increase their brand visibility. LITASIGN offers a fast turnaround time and no minimum order quantity. Our neon signs are manufactured and backed by an extended warranty period.

You dream it, we make it

Advanced Hello Neon Sign Manufacturing Procedure

pcb design

PCB Design

For the silicone jacketed light-emitting diode (LED) neon signs manufactured by LITASIGN, PCBs are designed for the schematics to ensure proper heat dissipation and light effects. It achieves higher-quality product output and lowers costs by reducing reworking that may occur during off-wafer soldering.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

Quality assurance (QA) tests raw materials before production and the final product. This process ensures that the result meets customer expectations in terms of quality. LITASIGN performs QA testing on the entire quantity of LED chips once PCB testing has been completed, creating a sample for a second QA test. If the final test passes, we will proceed with the next stage in the procedure.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN has its SMT machines used to manufacture LED light sources. Currently, the company produces approximately 2000 meters of LED light strips per day. LITASIGN solves two issues when manufacturing LEDs: virtual soldering and off-soldering LED chips by using SMT machines.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

LITASIGN employs integrated high-grade silicone neon flex, which is produced in-house utilizing its own extrusion technology. This extrusion process has a more consistent and substantial material than cold extrusion, which other silicone neon flex manufacturers use.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

Our in-house designers meticulously design our LED neon signs, ensuring that the end product is identical to the original sample design. In addition to color, jacket color, design, and plug type, we also double-check the details of each order before production.

Backplate Engraving

LITASIGN’s experienced engravers use precision, fast, and efficient equipment to cut hundreds of signs daily. They make clean, readable cuts without mixing, making their work more precise and efficient.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

Artisans make each neon sign with an average of 5 years of experience. Our master artisans’ dedication to quality craftsmanship ensures that your neon sign will fit seamlessly into your design while showcasing the beauty and artistry of neon.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

Before being packaged and dispatched to the customers, each LITASIGN neon sign is aged, a usual aging test takes 24 hours, but we age them for an additional hour as a precaution. We can detect any potential faults with our LED chips or PCBs ahead of time, ensuring that our customers receive high-quality products.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

LITASIGN packaging is made from a 10mm honeycomb paper board, stronger than traditional packaging. For added safety, paper corner protectors are used to protect the product further inside. LITASIGN also caters to dropshipping services to include your logo on a corner of the packaging for branding purposes.

Best Features of LITASIGN's Hello Neon Signs

LITASIGN's hello neon signs are created with an original design or your custom design, with a team of experienced professionals to ensure that there's no single detail is overlooked by using your original artwork or logo, slogan, or message to create the perfect hello neon sign that will hold the attention of the public. The team works with you from beginning to end to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations.

Virgin Silicon Materials

For the jackets, LITASIGN uses high-quality 100% silicone materials, as opposed to PVC or artificial silicones, which are known to disintegrate over time and emit potentially dangerous gases. Virgin Silicon is also fire-resistant, anti-yellowing, and anti-aging.

More Attractive Lighting

To make attractive neon signs, LITASIGN combines LED chips with high brightness and low light decay rates, as well as a high light-transmittance silicone jacket.

Enhanced LED Neon Flex

LITASIGN incorporated a revolutionary PET film to preserve LED neon flex, allowing clients to design their signs in whatever shape they choose without sacrificing quality.

Integrated LED Neon Flex

Better heat dissipation allows LED neon signs with integrated LED light sources to be more vibrant. As a result, difficulties like jacket dropping or acrylic deformation, which might occur on the embedded LED neon sign, can be avoided.

Branded Acrylic Backboard

Compared to polystyrene or PVC boards on the market, acrylic backboards made from Taiwan joint-stock brand acrylic material can be more transparent and rigid. They are more scratch-resistant and have a stronger resistance to yellowing.

High-Quality Power Supply

LITASIGN employs a power supply that is CE/ROHS/FCC/UL/CUL/C-tick/PSE/KC certified and achieves excellent transformation efficiency. This guarantees that the power utilized meets your country's guidelines.

High-Quality Accessories

When opposed to plastic or steel counterparts, LITASIGN employs stainless steel screws and ropes, preventing rusting and providing a more durable product. The sign will not display wear that might jeopardize its safety even after years of exposure.

Dual Protection Technology

Because of the dual protection technique, if the electrical components of a neon sign's centre area are damaged, the remaining elements of the neon sign will continue to function normally.

Perfectly Fitted Packaging

We can customize packaging to meet your needs. It complements the neon signage perfectly and saves space in transit. In addition, fewer supplies are required. This process is more efficient and cost-effective than hand-crafting containers.

Hello Neon Signs: Remarkable, Portable Decoration for Parties and Events

Because of the beautiful lighting effect they provide, these hello neon signs are a favorite decoration for parties and other events. Most neon signs include a hook on the back to hang on a wall or even a doorknob. They’re designed to be lightweight and portable, which is ideal if you want to take them somewhere else. There are many different hello neon signs to pick from for any occasion, each with its unique form and fonts, and designs.

Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign

This Hello Gorgeous sign is excellent for the main entrance or party. The vibrant colours, brightness, and simplicity are all characteristics that make this neon sign a must-have accent for any home. This sign will stand out in a room!

Hello There Neon Sign

This Hello There Neon Sign makes a great gift idea for people who love neon signs. It's cool and in vogue at the moment. This neon sign also makes a great addition to any designer, collector or retro lover's home decor.

Hello Sunshine Neon Sign

This Hello Sunshine Neon Sign has a classic style that fits perfectly into your home decor and truly makes a statement. Seriously brighten up your interior, or create interest in your establishment with this eye-catching sign.

Hello Thirty Neon Sign

Express your appreciation for the thirty-something in your life with our Hello Thirty Neon Sign. This high-quality sign is an affordable way to decorate a favourite room, office or bar area.

Hello Lovely Neon Sign

A bright and cheerful neon sign design featuring the phrase"Hello Lovely", perfect for living rooms, dens, kitchens and more. This unique decor piece will be enjoyed for years to come.

Hello Beautiful Neon Sign

This Hello Beautiful Neon Sign will fit in nicely in your living room, bar area or studio. Its colourful and bold design will create a conversation piece while perfectly complementing your art, furniture, or decor.

Yellow Hello Neon Sign

The ultimate retro accent piece, this iconic neon sign is sure to catch people's attention! Brighten up any blank wall or empty room with this classic "Hello" welcome sign!

Hello Good Times Neon Sign

Hello, Good Times! This classic sign will brighten up any room. It has distinctive, hard-to-find fonts and will undoubtedly spark a conversation. A hanging kit is included for quick and easy installation on walls.

Hell Here Neon Sign

This neon sign features the phrase "Hell Here" and is ideal for any store, bar or home where you want to make a statement. Also perfect for your gift shop, homes or sports room.

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More Reasons to Choose LITASIGN's Hello Neon Signs

LED neon signs are the perfect alternative to glass neon signs. Made from durable extruded silicon, LED signs don’t blow out when exposed to weather or clumsy shipping. And with more design flexibility than traditional glass neon signs, you don’t have to worry about broken bulbs or replacing seal-coated faces. With an LED sign, you will get a bright and attractive message with lower cost and easy maintenance. Listed below are the benefits you can enjoy with LITASIGN’s LED neon sign

1. Multi-Color Effects 

Translucent silicon coated with light-emitting diode (LED) technology can produce a variety of colorful lights. LITASIGN’s neon signs are 12mm wide and come in various colors.

2. Versatile 

The LED-lit neon sign by LITASIGN offers a safer, more affordable option for businesses that still want the look and feel of traditional neon signs.

3. Easy Fitting 

LITASIGN’s LED signs can be installed quickly and easily, use less power, and generate less heat than neon signs. LEDs, which continue to function for over ten years without requiring replacement, further reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

4. Fast Turnaround

LITASIGN Neon Signs are crafted by hand; therefore, it can take up to seven days to complete an order. Expedited shipping is available if you require your order quickly; our priority express service takes two days. Door-to-door shipping typically takes two to four weeks, depending on the destination. As a result, your order will take approximately 13 days to arrive.

5. Affordable Price

Neon signs designed to suit the needs of individual clients are manufactured at our plant. Because we manufacture all neon signs in-house, we can control expenses and pass along the savings to our customers by shipping in bulk.

6. Maintenance

LITASIGN neon signs use up to 92% less electricity and last on average 14x longer than glass neon signs. Maintenance is minimal, so you save on repair and replacement costs.

7. Safety

Neon LEDs are shock-resistant, generate less heat than other light-emitting diodes, and are entirely safe.

8. Accessibility

 LITASIGN neon signs are suitable for continuous operation, enabling businesses to advertise more effectively.

9. Warranty

LITASIGN offers a 2-year warranty on indoor LED signs and a 1-year warranty on outdoor LED signs. If a lousy neon sign is found, it will be replaced immediately, at no additional cost to you, so you can focus on marketing your brand and growing your market.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Hello Neon Sign


Customers prefer the Hello Neon Sign because it is attractive and straightforward. Make the most of your space with this eye-catching display.

As a result of this, some still have some questions to answer. We’ve put up this FAQ guide to answer all of your questions about Hello Neon Sign, including how it looks in your store, what materials it comes in, and how you can personalize it.

Table of Contents

1. Why Should Buy Hello Neon Sign from LITASIGN?

LITASIGN’s expert neon light producers team creates every one of our neon lights with passion and care. There are several compelling reasons to acquire your Hello Neon Signs from us:

Lower Electric Consumption: Our hello neon signs operate at a low voltage (12V) and consume little energy.

Safe: Ourhello neon signs do not generate heat and are completely safe to touch! Because we do not use glass in our neon signs, they are exceptionally child-friendly and suitable for use indoors.

Durable: All of our hello neon signs are produced using the most up-to-date neon flex technology, which requires no maintenance and may be used for more than 30,000 hours without replacement!

Portable: Because our hello neon signs are lightweight and incredibly portable, they are ideal for various applications such as weddings, events, and bedroom décor.

Easy to Install: Hang or wall mount your neon sign using the pre-drilled holes included with every hello neon sign we manufacture.

2. Are the Hello Neon Signs Safe to Operate Outdoors?

LITASIGN’s hello neon signs are designed for indoor use. Although waterproofing is not included in the price, we may provide so upon request. Kindly notify us if you want to use the neon signage outside the building. Bear in mind that weatherproofing the signs may result in additional glue stains, as we will need to cover all of the electrical connections with silicon glue.

3. Are Hello Neon Signs Safe for Home Use?

Yes! Our hello neon signs are manufactured for indoor use. They are 100% safe to touch, and they have been tested for flame retardancy.

4. How Much Does A Hello Neon Sign Cost?

Starting at $50, we provide a wide range of custom neon signs, according to the sign’s size and complexity. Visit our online neon sign builder or email us at for a price quote.

5. How to Order a Hello Neon Sign?

Please fill up the customization form by clicking the button below or email us at

6. What is LED Neon How Does it Compare to Traditional Neon?

LED Neon signs from LITASIGN reproduce the effect of traditional neon, which emits light through glass tubes containing neon/argon gas and emits light. The following are the reasons why we chose LED over traditional neon:

  • It produces higher-quality light that spans a greater spectrum of colors than previous models.
  • It is not reliant on glass tubing, which can easily shatter and release gas (and occasionally lethal mercury) if dropped; also, while the gas used naturally exists in the air, it poses a risk of respiratory harm if inhaled in large quantities.
  • The fact that it does not emit as much heat as the electrodes in traditional neon means that it is entirely safe to touch and display without the risk of causing burn injuries or sparking a fire.
Figure 1 -Hello LED vs Glass Neon Sign

7. What Are the Hello Neon Signs Made of and How Durable Are They?

LITASIGN’s hello neon signs are incredibly energy efficient and generate little to no heat due to cutting-edge LED technology. The backing is made of high-quality acrylic that is practically impossible to shatter.

8. How Long Do Hello Neon Sign Last?

LITASIGN Hello neon signs have been known to last as long as ten years. They have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and continue to operate.

9. I Want A Customized Hello Neon Sign Is That Possible?

Yes! LITASIGN can create neon signs from practically any design. You may customize the hello neon sign using our tool or by contacting us at

10. Where Do You Deliver?

LITASIGN has a global reach and delivers to all parts of the world, including major countries.

11. After I Order the Hello Neon Sign What's The Average Delivery Time?

The hello neon sign comes with a 3.5-meter clear cable. Please let us know if you need any longer than this.

12. What's The Length Of The Power Cord of the Hello Neon Sign?

The hello neon sign comes with a 3.5-meter clear cable. Please let us know if you need any longer than this.

13. What is the Hello Neon Sign Option that is U.L. Certified?

Litasign is a U.L. Certified Hello Neon Sign Manufacturer, enabling us to give the option of U.L. Certification for your Neon Sign.

14. What are the Available Backing Options for the Hello Neon Sign?

We presently offer three distinct indoor backing options for our signs. Additionally, we provide several other mounting solutions for Outdoor Signs, which you may learn about here.

See attached photo

Figure 2 - Hello Neon Sign Backboard Option

15. How Are the Hello Neon Signs Powered?

All of our signs plug straight into a standard power socket (with the appropriate plug for each country of shipment) and include a 12V transformer.

16. Is Specialized Installation of the Hello Neon Sign Required?

Most of our hello neon signs are intended for interior usage and come mounted on an acrylic panel (which makes them readily portable). They also have a standard mains connection that can be inserted into an accessible plug socket. Attach the sign to the wall or suspend it from a chain that we can give as an extra accessory. Permanent external neon signs and some substantial indoor neon signs will require an expert to install.

17. Does the hello neon sign make any noise?

No, our hello neon signs are completely silent.

18. Is A Remote/Dimmer Essential For The Hello Neon Sign?

It is recommended that you purchase a remote and dimmer to enable you to control the light’s brightness effortlessly.

You may use our dimmer and remote control settings to switch on and off lights, alter their brightness, or make them flash, pulse or flicker.

19. How Do I Determine the Appropriate Size for the Hello Neon Sign?

According to the size of your wall, the height of your ceiling, and the purpose of your installation, different sizes will be effective.

Indoor Size Guide for Hello Neon Sign
Figure 4 - Indoor Size Guide for Hello Neon Sign

20. Are the Hello Neon Signs Going to Increase the Electric Bill?

No, hello neon signs will not cause an increase in your energy cost. These neon signs are made of LEDs and utilize just about 12V of electricity. As a result, it will assist you in conserving energy.

21. What Are the Hello Neon Sign's Components?

Our hello neon sign is manufactured with a silicone casing that encapsulates several energy-efficient LEDs. It creates the look of a neon sign, complete with bright and dynamic colors, but without the bother associated with traditional glass tube lighting. The neon signs are designed for indoor usage, come complete with hanging hardware, and are ready to plug in and display immediately.

Typically a neon sign will include the following components:

Figure 5 - Hello Neon Sign Components

22. How are the Hello Neon Signs Manufactured by LITASIGN?

23. Is a Warranty Included with the Hello Neon Sign?

One year of outdoor neon signs is warrantied, while indoor neon signs are warrantied for two years. Any neon sign that does not meet our exacting quality requirements will be fixed or replaced during the warranty period.

24. What Font Options Are Available for the Hello Neon Sign?

Figure 6 - Hello Neon Sign Font Option

25. How are the Hello Neon Signs Packaged for Shipment?

Figure 7 - Hello Neon Sign Packaging

26. How Do the Hello Neon Signs Wires Look?

Your Hello neon sign decor wire is cut in half.

The first is a refined copper and silver wire that exits your hello neon sign and is protected by a transparent covering.

This component is attached to an adapter via a male/female connector wrapped in a black cable.

The length of the copper and silver wire cord is 1.5 meters, while the size of the black adaptor cable is 2 meters, for a total height of 3.5 meters.

Cords-of-the- Hello Neon-Signs (1)
Figure 8 - Cord for Hello Neon Sign

27. Which Colors Are Available for the Hello Neon Sign?

hello neon sign color-board2
Figure 9 - Hello Neon Sign Color Board Option

28. Is There a Risk that Hello Neon Signs will Overheat?

In terms of visual impact, Hello neon signs outperform more typical neon wall art. High-efficiency LED-neon signs produce less heat than conventional neon signs. Very little heat is generated by high-quality SMD chips. Because bespoke house neon signs are made of high-quality silicone, you won’t be able to feel the heat generated by the light.

29. What Kinds of Payment Options Are There?

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Telegraphic Transfers
  • Alibaba
  • Other payment methods.

30. Top 10 Popular Hello Neon Sign

Hello Bubble Neon Sign
Hello Desktop Neon Light
Hello Cloud Neon Sign
Yellow Hello Neon Sign
Hello in Acrylic Neon Sign
Hello Sunshine Neon Sign
Hell-o Here Neon Sign
Hello Thirty Neon Sign
Hello Gorgeous Neon Sign
Hello Beautiful Neon Sign

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