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Intricately Constructed LED Neon Signs for Every Application

LITASIGN’s innovative and proprietary technologies enable them to build custom LED neon signs for your business, personal space, or brand. All neon signs are designed in-house and assembled by hand using their integrated silicone extrusion production equipment to ensure the highest quality, longest-lasting neon signs possible.

LITASIGN will meet your various customized needs and provide you will receive high-quality custom neon signs and the finest handmade craftsmanship.

LITASIGN is a Leading Manufacturer of High-end Custom Neon Signs

LITASIGN is a leading manufacturer of high-end custom-designed LED neon signs and lights produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We are experts at developing innovative designs through the production of highly customizable LED neon sign products that achieve an optimum balance between cost and quality.

From start to finish, we at LITASIGN are focused on customer satisfaction. We are well aware that your company’s neon sign is an investment. Using carefully selected materials and the latest technology, we produce custom-made neon signs specifically with you in mind.


Making The Best Neon Signs Since 2015

Here at LITASIGN, neon signs are our specialty. We know you need your signs to be high quality, long-lasting, and easy to repair. So we handcraft each sign in our shop using only the highest-quality materials and high-quality neon. The LEDs we use in our signs are the best on the market, and the bases are all made from high acrylic glass. It ensures no damage will come to your new sign if it should slip and fall. These features ensure that your new sign is durable and long-lasting.

Every neon sign is unique, so we create a comprehensive plan for each one to ensure that it will look amazing when finished. Our job is not complete until our customers are 100% satisfied with our work.

You dream it, we make it

Hockey Neon Sign Design and Production Process

pcb design

PCB Design

Silicone jacket construction, lighting effect, and heat dissipation will all be considered in the PCB diagram design. Virtual soldering and off soldering can be substantially reduced with professional PCB design. In addition, the light portion will be long-lasting after bending and shaping the LED neon signs manufacturing process.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

For additional testing, we’ll use a sample made with LED chips that LITA will create after the PCB Testing is complete. Proceed to the next step after passing the examination. The efficient production of LED neon signs relies on the proper testing of raw materials. It also ensures that the final product will meet or exceed expectations.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN possesses two SMT machines to make the light sources for LED strip lights, LED neon flex, and neon signage. Today, we are capable of producing 2000 meters each day. In addition, self-managed surface mount technology (SMT) processing can eliminate LED chip off-soldering and virtual soldering.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

Our silicone extrusion equipment will produce integrated LED neon flex for LITASIGN. Hot extrusion is a common application for this technique. Cold extrusion technology will be applied if you use fake silicone material.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

LITASIGN places a higher value on the aesthetics of the LED sign than other sign manufacturers. Therefore, every aspect will be examined during the production design, including the light color, jacket type and color, design, power and plug type of the LED adaptor, and the dimmer version.

Backplate Engraving

LED neon signs are engraved on an average of 200-300 signs per day in a precise, smoke and odor-free, speedy, and effective manner.

A variety of engraving machine settings can be used to cut various backing materials without mixing them together. Maintains efficiency and precision in the cutting process.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

According to the relevant export standards, professional artisans create all neon signs with about five years of experience. When it comes to how well they fit together and look, the quality of the craftsmanship is everything. Customers are more concerned about the quality of their signs, and this is especially the case for you.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

LITASIGN’s neon signs are aged for 24 hours. And after handing in the exam? The indicators will age an hour again. This way, problems with LED chips and PCBs can be recognized early. So you can rely on our quality tests.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

All packages are customized to the sign to save on shipping costs. The packaging is neat and compact. All boxes are composed of a 10mm honeycomb paper board for shipping and robustness. To be extra safe, we repack the box with paper corner protectors. If you need drop-shipping services, we can personalize the packaging with your logo.

Highlights of LITASIGN's Hockey Neon Sign

LITASIGN offers you personalized hockey neon signs, which allows you to display your customized design and unique neon sign for your business and events. LITASIGN has been committed to developing and producing custom neon signs for over 10 years. We use glass tubes that are individually hand-blown by our skilled craftspeople. In addition, each neon sign is carefully inspected to ensure that it meets our high standards.

Virgin Silicone Material

Virgin silicone is a high-quality product compared to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or fake silicone. Odourless, heat-resistant, and anti-yellowing. The use of virgin silicone is entirely risk-free.

More Attractive Lighting

The LED chip's high-output, low-light-decay silicone casing makes it possible for the light to shine brighter and go farther.

Enhanced LED Neon Flex

Adding patented PET film to LED neon flex allows you to mould your signage without sacrificing LED display quality.

Integrated LED Neon Flex

The integrated LED neon flex sign has better heat dissipation and is less prone to jacket falling or acrylic deformation.

Branded Acrylic Backboard

We employ Taiwan joint-stock brand acrylic backboard instead of standard PS or PVC boards. Compared to PVC, it is more scratch- and yellow-resistant.

High Quality Power Supply

LITASIGN's power supply unit is CE/ROHS/FCC/UL/CUL/C-tick/PSE/KC approved and complies with international standards. It ensures the overall reliability of the LITASIGN devices and conserves energy by converting input power to output power efficiently.

High Quality Accessories

All stainless steel hardware with no gaps or seams ensures a long-lasting finish. Even after years of use, the sign will retain its new appearance. In addition, it provides the security of your installation at all times.

Double Protection Technology

The system has double protection technology, which ensures that in the event of a failure at any point in the centre section due to a broken printed circuit board, the entire neon sign will continue to function normally.

Well-fitted Packaging

Customized packaging will save you money on shipping and give your product a professional appearance. In addition, it will save you money on shipping supplies and will be more neat and clean than handcrafted packaging.

Glowing Hockey Neon Signs

Glowing Hockey Neon Signs are perfect for hockey players who must show off their passion for the sport. These signs will not only be visible from a distance, but they will also make a statement in your home or office. The signs come in many sizes and colors, so you can find one that fits your style and needs.

Boston Bruins Neon Sign

The Boston Bruins Neon sign is the perfect addition to your home bar or game room. This excellent sign lights up bright and shines through the acrylic backing that is coloured to match the team logo. The neon sign can be mounted to the wall or placed on a shelf/bar.

LA Kings Neon Sign

It's a way of life for Kings fans. Now, show your love for LA Kings Neon Sign. Accented by multi-coloured neon lights that give it bold definition, this light-up sign comes with a stand for easy display on any tabletop.

Detroit Red Wings Neon Sign

The Detroit Red Wings Neon Sign is the perfect addition to your home and will turn heads from any guest visiting your home. The bright neon colors bring this sign to life!

Pittsburgh Penguins Neon Sign

Bring your favourite sports team to your home bar with a neon sign! These signs are not just for use in the Man Cave; they can add character to any space needing a little bit of extra glow.

labbat blue-neon-sign
Labatt Blue Neon Sign

A bright neon sign with the iconic Labatt blue logo has been crafted to be hung in the window of your game room, man cave or pub. The neon sign features a super bright color neon and a clear acrylic backing and mounts on your wall just like a picture.

New York Rangers Neon Sign

New York Rangers Neon Sign. This excellent sign features the official New York Rangers logo on a black background with neon lights. This New York Rangers neon globe is a great way to show your support and light up any room, man cave or party.

Nashville Predators Neon Sign

The Nashville Predators Neon Sign is a must-have for your hockey memorabilia collection. You'll love the vibrant colors and quality construction that allow the neon to shine bright for years to come. So show off your love for the game with this fantastic piece of hockey decor.

Dallas Star Neon Sign

A Dallas Star Neon Sign can be a bright, vibrant light for your business location and stand out from traditional LED signs. While LED signage is a very cost-effective means of advertising, each neon sign is hand-crafted, which will make it unique.

Winnipeg Jets Neon Sign

Are you in love with the Winnipeg Jets? Do you want to add more color and fun to your home? Look no further because this Winnipeg Jets Neon Sign is perfect for you! It is lightweight, creating the illusion that the neon sign is floating. In addition, the vivid color lights create a warm ambience.

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Why Choose LITASIGN as Your Neon Signs Supplier for Hockey Neon Sign

If you’re looking for a reputable neon sign manufacturer, go no further than LITASIGN, which has established a reputation for producing high-quality neon signs. Since 2015, customers worldwide have come to rely on and respect LITASIGN’s years of experience designing and manufacturing unique neon signs. It’s possible to choose from hundreds of pre-made designs or have us create a unique design for you.

1. Reasonable Cost

Because LITASIGN’s factory can handle all parts of product design and manufacture, it can keep costs under control better than most companies and pass the savings on to consumers; also, large-quantity shipments help keep operational expenses low.

2. Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

Because of more efficient production procedures, LITASIGN can make unique neon signs for your business more quickly. We can produce your custom-made neon signs in as little as 13 days, depending on the size and complexity of your design.

3. Expertise in the Neon Sign Industry

Repetitive practice is the key to achieving high proficiency levels in any area. It is especially true in the lighting business, as evidenced by the manufacturing of neon signs. LITASIGN is a leading LED neon sign manufacturer. It has been in the industry for 6 years and has built a solid reputation by producing only the best quality items.

4. Lighting Industry Specialization

If a company does not specialize in manufacturing neon signs, it will not achieve the required quality standards. High-quality neon signs are developed by research and development divisions at suitable neon sign manufacturers. In addition, LITASIGN has a strong product development team that can help you get any neon sign product or customized demand you may require.

5. Round-the-clock Customer Service

Because buyers may encounter unexpected problems with their neon signs, LITASIGN provides customer service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each of its sales reps has been thoroughly trained to handle any buyer’s call. After-sales service is an essential component of the LITASIGN process, and we have a top-notch after-sales service infrastructure to ensure you receive satisfactory service.

6. Express Shipping Service

LITASIGN can send 500 neon signs per day with an export-experienced sales team. They are responsible for monitoring the status of express shipments and notifying the freight forwarder if there are any deviations. Customers are given timely feedback to ensure that their products are delivered on time, and they provide considerable savings for large orders. UPS offers a 2.2 percent discount on packages weighing less than 21 kg, while DHL provides a 1.6 percent discount on packages weighing more than 21 kg.

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