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Leading Custom Home Neon Signs Supplier in China

LITASIGN team is composed of a highly experienced full-time R&D team with 6 years of experience in the neon signs industry. With a professional manufacturing workshop that can produce and export approximately 100,000 LED neon signs globally. Products power adaptors are fully compliant with international standards such as CE/ROHS/UL/CUL/FCC/C-tick/PSE/KC.

Our focus on quality has given us a reputation as the best provider of customized home neon signs and other neon signages.

Our experienced team will help you design customized neon light designs for your projects.

LITASIGN, Offering the Best Service, High-Quality, and Cool Design

LITA makes home neon signs emphasize safety, security, reliability, uniqueness, and lasting beauty with the help of a design team who are professionals in drawing and designing. The quality control department undergoes professional product training regularly to ensure the products are in good condition before leaving the factory. LITA’s customer service team is always online 24/7 to answer all your queries immediately.

LITASIGN works with clients of all shapes and sizes from large national chains, start-ups, or small businesses, and offers customization services for your customized designs. LITASIGN is on hand to support you every step of the way.

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Commitment to Quality with 6 Years of Experience in Manufacturing Custom LED Home Neon Signs

With over a decade of experience creating high-quality, custom-made home neon signages, LITA added integrated silicone extrusion production equipment to produce our own LED neon flex incorporating the latest trend in LED technology. 

LITA’s home neon signs are committed to quality as the core principle, ensuring 100 % high-quality craftsmanship and we spare no expense in creating products that stand out from the competition.

You dream it, we make it

How LITASIGN Works ?

pcb design

PCB Design

PCB is an important phase in the making of home neon lights. It can determine whether the LED neon flex sign will appear as you want to.

LITASIGN engineers design the LED neon flex circuit diagrams according to your products’ requirements.  Using LED neon flex circuit diagrams helps reduce the preparation costs for each product by 10% – 30%. 

pcb testing

PCB Testing

LITASIGN uses an advanced and mature PCB board inspector and tests all PC boards to ensure our QC requirements are achieved before sending them out. A set of high-tech tools test electronic components during production, ensuring that no substandard PCB boards are produced.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN’s professional SMT production lines guarantee that only high-quality products are made. Ensuring all LED stripes and controller boards are uniformly connected with two SMT lines that can produce LED home neon signs with the highest quality and efficiency.

Silicone Extrusion Process

Silicone Extrusion

The advanced technology allows LITASIGN to expand the capabilities of home neon sign production. LITASIGN creates perfect silicone pipelines for home neon signs that give you quality neon prints at an affordable price.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

Using 3D design technology, LITASIGN can visualize the end product with the correct lighting to ensure integrity to your satisfaction. Giving you the necessary information about how it will look when you install it in the future.

Backplate Engraving

The skilled workers groove the acrylic backplate with the help of an engraving machine. Assembling the LED neon strip is much easier with this method. The engraved acrylic backplate is designed with durability in mind, and comes with all of the classic elements of great design coupled with vibrant colors and stylish typography for an eye-catching commercial appeal.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

From designing your custom home neon sign to manufacturing it with extreme accuracy and quality testing, we’ve got you covered. LITASIGN’s skilled craftsman ensures that we do all possible to develop a product that best represents your brand while also providing all of the functionality and prestige you demand.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

The durability test must be done before sales. We test this for 8 hours. Just like that time was during the manufacture of the home neon sign. Then we analyze it immediately after burning and keep an eye out for product damage or other issues.

Neon Sign Packaging

Home Neon Sign Packaging

LITASIGN packaging system for home neon signs is just one piece of our overall quality assurance system which means we avoid damages and defects and get your signage to you in pristine condition.

For All Your Creative Projects, Count on LITASIGN

Our experienced team is ready to help you with all of the steps involved in creating custom home neon signs. Creates your project from scratch, choosing fonts, colors, and sizes, making sure that your design looks exactly how you envisioned it!

Built-in LED Neon Flex

The home neon sign that integrates LED neon flex has better heat dissipation, making it more vivid and there will be no issues with the jacket dropping and acrylic deformation which may happen on the embedded LED neon sign.

High-Quality Virgin Silicone

The jackets are made of the highest quality virgin-high quality silicone, which is different from cheaply produced PVC or fake silicone. High-quality virgin silicone is anti-yellowing, anti-aging, odorless, fire-proof, and is safe to use.

Dual Protection Technology

Dual protection technology makes the sign safer. In case of any failure in the middle part because of a broken PCB, the whole sign can still work perfectly. Minimizes the risk of failures causing power supply disruption during installation while ensuring better electrical and mechanical performance.

High Quality Power Supply

All power supplies are fully certified by CE/ROHS/FCC/UL/CUL/C-tick/PSE/KC . With high transformation efficiency and save on electricity use. Also extremely efficient, and meeting the import standards of your country. Because of LEDs and other energy-efficient components, it can reduce the power consumption and environmental impact by 50%.

Branded Acrylic Backboard

Acrylic backboards made of Taiwan joint-stock brand acrylic are more transparent, stronger, and less likely to scratch or yellow over time. They also provide the products with excellent demonstration and promotion.

High Quality Accesories

All the home neon signs are guaranteed high quality. The signs accessories are made from stainless steel advertising screws and hanging ropes that ensure no rusting and more durability compared to other plastic or iron materials. Even if it is used for a long time, it will still look new. It keeps your installation safe all the time.

More Attracted Lighting

One of the main reasons why lots of businesses are attracted to neon lights is because of the ability of neon lights to make a place stand out. It has adopted high brightness, and low light-decay LED chips with a high light-transmittance silicone jacket. Thus, they can be seen even from a distance

Improved LED Neon Flex

PET film for LED neon flex allows customizing any shape, size, or color without affecting the quality of the LED sign. It protects the flex LED strip from breaking, desoldering and poor contact due to bending during the production process. It is more cost-effective, better efficient allowing more flexibility.

Perfectly Fitted Packaging

The packaging of every customers is customize by size. it helps save costs on packaging and shipping. The packaging is tidy and clean than handmade packaging.

Make a Good Choice for your Business

LITASIGN is the producer of a new generation of neon signs, offering brightness, vivid colors, and a variety of sizes and shapes. We offer different options so you can choose what will look best in your space. Our team will work with you systematically so we can help you create the perfect neon sign for your project!

Celtics Neon Sign

Hang this Celtics neon sign proudly in your home. Any loyal Celtics fan would be inspired by this  green neon sign.

Lakers Neon Sign

The Los Angeles Lakers Neon Sign adds a splash of brilliant color and loads of character to any area, whether you're searching for a new-home present or a hip bedroom accent!

Cake Neon Sign

A delicious Cupcake may not be able to solve all of your problems, but it can certainly make you smile.Restaurants, cafes, and even events benefit from this neon sign.

Red Crown Neon Sign

The warm red glow of the Crown Neon Sign is sure to bring life to any space and remind you that you are the queen or king of your life and destiny.

Red Neon Letters

With this lovely neon sign, you can feel the love. This sign is lovely for any event and may be used at a wedding or in your house. It's available in red like shown above, or you can customize it with any color you choose.

Lady Back Neon Sign

Lady Back Neon Sign is a stunning collection of neon sign at a reasonable price. Make a statement and set the tone in any space with this stunning sign that will give you the feeling you've always wanted!

Eye Neon Sign

Under the dazzling light of this lovely LED neon item, you'll wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. It's a blue and white eye with sunbeam-like lashes. It's impossible to have a terrible day when you have this uplifting neon artwork above your bed.

Red Wings Neon Sign

This wonderful neon look wall art will make the perfect accent to your decor, whether you're naughty or nice. It's available in warm white for an angelic look or sweet apple red for a bit devilish.

Red Neon Cross

The Catholic Cross Sign is a representation of Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Christ's crucifixion secured humanity's redemption. With the warm warmth of the cross neon light, we recall how much God loves us. There are a variety of neon crosses available, but this Jesus Christ cross neon sign is the most basic of them all.

Design As You Like

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  • Celinea

  • Batfide

  • Beliya

  • Franxurter

  • LittleDays

  • Marthane

  • OpenHeart

  • Random

  • Rembank

  • Rochester

  • Rusty

  • Snoorks

  • Parisienne

  • Morena

  • Neoneon

  • Amanda

  • Angelina

  • Arenq

  • Argentina

  • Blackjar

  • Blackout

  • Caviar

  • Cetary

  • Christmas

  • Geosans

  • Handw

  • Ihatcs

  • Maytra

  • Moonstar

  • Nalika

  • NeonSans

  • Ostrich-B

  • Paul

  • Pixies

  • Roustel

  • Rumpi

  • Stay Classy

  • Steelfish

  • Street

  • Super Mario

  • Thats

  • Thesignatures

  • Waterman

  • Warm White

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Golden Yellow

  • Light Orange

  • Orange

  • Light Red

  • Red

  • Water Pink

  • Light Pink

  • Deep Pink

  • Purple

  • Deep Purple

  • Deep Blue

  • Ice Blue

  • Lake Blue

  • Green

  • Deep Green

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Why Choose LITASIGN As Your Partner in China?

Our experience in the field of LED lights and the implementation of your innovative ideas will provide a base for a new level of your business performance.

1. Custom-made

  • A professional design team at your service will turn your ideas into reality with custom home neon signs in any color and design for your project, ensuring that each design has a unique look and feel.

2. Energy and Cost-efficient

  • All home neon signs are produced using the best-LED components and materials that only consume very low power consumption and thus reduce the power supply cost and assure a long lifetime of 50,000 hours. Saves energy, has high luminosity, high intensity, long life, and low failure rate.

3. Durable Home Neon Signs

  • LITASIGN’s custom home neon signs are made using materials and technological techniques that make them stronger and lighter. It is lightweight for easy handling and transport. Incredibly durable to survive different environmental conditions.

4. Easy Installation 

  • These home neon signs do not require professional installation services, which are cost-saving. Home neon signs are user-friendly. You can expand your sales and reduce costs using the installation and design guide that comes with the product. You can extend your business and acquire new customers and reach out to potential customers.

5. Low-cost Maintenance

  • It is very cheap to maintain custom LED home neon signs from LITASIGN because they are made in unique designs. The home neon signs have an extended lifespan and reduce the chances of requiring maintenance.

6. Customizable Display of Content

  • LITASIGN allows you to customize home neon signs for your projects with whatever information you like. We will gladly accommodate any designs, shapes, measurements, sizes, colors, fixture connections, outlet ways, packing, printing logos, or other specific demands.
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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom Home Neon Signs


Enjoys the distinctive attraction of a home or business bathed in neon’s ethereal glow. The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Custom Home Neon Signs is a detailed, step-by-step resource for understanding the possibilities available for custom applications and maximizing your experience with a custom neon sign.

Table of Contents

Figure 1 - Custom Home Neon Sign

1. What Are the Applications of Custom Home Neon Signs?

Custom neon signs for homes can be personalized with words, colors, and styles to suit one’s style. Besides decorating homes, custom neon signs are often used for different purposes. 

Valentines Day
Decoration for Christmas
Christmas gifts to families, lovers, girlfriends, girls, and kids.
Christmas gifts to families, lovers, girlfriends, girls, and kids.
Celebration of New Year.
Celebration of New Year.
Birthday parties for kids.
Wedding Party, and Special Occasions.
Wedding Party, and Special Occasions.
Bachelorette Party
Bridal Banquet
Outdoor building decoration.

2. What Are the Benefits of Custom Home Neon Signs?

Have you ever pondered how to decorate a home distinctively without resorting to dull, conventional design options? It’s gotten easier to incorporate brightness into everyday design choices.

Each neon sign is custom-made to your specifications and preferences. It is an opportunity to purchase a neon sign customized for a home that will complement the interior decor.

Here are the top benefits of installing neon lights in a home:

1. Bold Lighting Option

Neon lights are attractive lighting options that add character to a home’s décor. They can transform any atmosphere due to their brilliant colors completely. Others utilize neon lights to create focal points in their kitchens or even living rooms.

Neon lighting is an easy way to add color to your home design project while also offering an innovative lighting option. Spring and summer are great times to use neon lights in the yard, camper, or anywhere else!

2. Many Shapes and Design

Neon signs are fantastic for home decor since they are versatile. Neon lighting comes in a limitless variety of colors, so you can select one that suits your unique taste. Home neon signs can also be shaped in an unlimited number of ways. Neon lights can be used to make messages, logos, or even images, which is why retailers and business owners love them. Individuals can personalize a neon sign with their name, a favorite quote, or anything else they choose.

3. Long Lifespan

Custom home neon signs endure five times as long as glass signs, which last roughly 10,000 hours. This equates to a lifespan of around 50,000 hours for LED lights.

As a result, these home LED neon lights to outlast traditional glass neon lights by 40,000 hours.

4. Good For the Environment

Glass neon lights pollute the environment more than LED neon signs. These glass bulbs may cause mercury pollution. Mercury is swallowed through hot mercury-impregnated glass, causing metal poisoning in neon glass workers. Thus, LED home neon signs to outperform traditional glass neon lights in terms of environmental friendliness and user safety.

5. Can Change the Energy & Style

Neon signs for homes are an inexpensive way to improve the look and personality of living spaces. A home neon sign in a room sets the mood, so pick colors that match a character to change the perspective. Blue and white light, for example, can boost a home’s efficiency. However, red lights are suitable for the internal clock and mental health. Red lights help the body produce melatonin, which aids sleep. 

Neon signs can change the attitude by changing the color of neon lights.

6. Highlight Items

Adding a neon sign to a home is a simple method to draw attention to specific locations or products. Many individuals utilize rope or neon strip lights to frame art on their walls. Others may use neon lights to design and emphasize furniture such as cabinets or beds.

Using neon lights to highlight distinct regions of space gives them a unique appearance.

3. What Colors Are Suitable for Home Decor Neon Sign?

Manufacturers of custom neon signs for homes can create any hue with RGB features. Neon signs for home decor have no standardized color. Selection, design, and color all have a role. Before choosing the color of the custom home neon sign, set the wall color.

These are some of the most often used shades. If you’re unsure, consult your makers. Their pros will make recommendations based on the design and color of the space.

Custom Home Neon Sign Color Options
Figure 2 - Custom Home Neon Sign Color Options

4. Which Customization Services Are Available In Custom Home Neon Signs?

Consumers enjoy having their name or personal message displayed on their home neon sign. As a result, certain manufacturers of neon signs, like LITASIGN, provide various customizing options for their neon signs. Before ordering custom neon-led signs for homes, you can choose the following features.

  1. Color of the font
  2. Size of the font
  3. Style of font
  4. Designs for background
  5. Light size
  6. Dimensions of the backboard
  7. The cable’s length
  8. The cable’s color

5. How To Find the Best Manufacturers of Custom Home Decor Neon Signs in China?

China is the world’s most alluring source of consumer goods. China possesses cutting-edge technologies and highly efficient human resources, resulting in reasonably priced products. Thus, wholesalers and retailers of neon signs import custom neon signage from China. However, locating a reputable manufacturer can be tricky but not impossible. 

Consider the following factors in your search for a suitable factory.

Lighting Industry Experience

When choosing an LED neon sign maker, one should first consider experience. Only manufacturers with a track record in making signs will manufacture high-quality signage. Consider the manufacturer’s founding date and primary goods, as they can indicate quality patterns.

LITASIGN was founded in 2015. And their primary source of illumination is custom neon signs. LITASIGN offers intelligent lighting solutions for all of your lighting needs. You may obtain nearly any type of neon sign from them.

Raw Material Sourcing

When considering the purchase of a neon sign, the quality of raw materials may be the essential factor. Inquiries concerning silicone and LED chips might help you fine-tune your investment in a durable neon sign.

LED chips are commonly used in neon signs and displays due to their long life, durability, potency, and small size. In this application, surface-mounted diode (SMD) chips are commonly used because of their small size, low energy usage, and fast response time. SMD-LEDs have a 50,000-hour life expectancy and can produce up to 16 million unique colors.

Silicone, another primary raw material used to construct custom home neon signs, may be chosen from various reliable manufacturers. The features to look for when selecting high-quality silicone include:

  • No odor will emit from high-quality silicone.
  • Silicone of superior quality is more translucent than PVC.
  • They have environmental reports by RoHS.
  • They are easily bendable and will not shatter or dent the light.
  • They will be durable.

Commitment to Quality

All neon sign makers make a commitment to their clients about product quality. The research and development department, as well as competent engineers, can ensure quality. LITASIGN has an excellent research and development section staffed by multiple engineers. They developed sophisticated LED chips specifically for their LED lights. Their Quality Control section assures each finished product is of the highest possible quality.

The Customization Services Provided

Custom home neon signs demand a variety of modification services. Occasionally, distributors and retailers cannot market their items due to a lack of personalization. Custom home neon signs that match the color and theme of their homes are desired by customers. The following customization services are available from a reputable manufacturer:

  • The neon sign language
  • Typefaces/Font of neon sign
  • Font Size
  • Dimensions of the lights
  • Graphic/Image
  • The backboard’s shape.
  • The backboard’s color.
  • The cable’s length.
  • Sizes of cutting
  • The cable’s color

Support System for Customers

You may require assistance at any point during your purchasing process. After-sales service is a critical indicator of a reputable manufacturer. When ordering, installing, and maintaining unique home neon signage, you may encounter numerous difficulties. Therefore, verify the manufacturers’ customer support system’s availability.

Community Feedback

You can locate a reputable custom home neon sign manufacturer by examining community reviews. You can check your manufacturers’ Google My Business pages; customer feedback is available on the social media and local company directory pages.

6. What Factors Should You Consider Before Choosing Custom Home Neon Signs?

Home neon signs are distinguished from other forms of neon signs by their customizability. When selling neon signs for homes, most wholesalers and merchants favor price over quality. You do not have to emphasize the cost to receive a high-quality custom neon sign, but whether you are an end-user or a reseller, there are some aspects to consider when choosing this form of signage.


No project planner will compromise on the quality of a handmade neon sign for a residence. However, locating high-quality products without conducting market and product research is challenging. Never rely on industry influencers to make essential judgments. To choose the most significant custom home neon sign, you should focus on the raw materials and manufacturing process.


A high-quality custom home neon sign’s primary trait is its brightness. Ample light creates a stimulating mood in both indoor and outdoor home decor. LED chips’ exceptional light decay properties ensure that neon signs remain bright at all times. The most sophisticated chips are surface-mounted device (SMD) chips, which consistently deliver high brightness.


Most bespoke neon signs for homes use only electric plug-in systems and cannot illuminate the decorative areas without power. Having a battery system in place for your home neon signs enables them to be illuminated 24 hours a day.

A hole in the custom home neon signs is another critical feature when selecting the best home neon signs. If they have this feature, you can hang them anywhere you like.


Additionally, it would help to consider the longevity of custom home neon signs when making your selection. The long-lasting home neon signs eliminate the inconveniences of replacing broken home neon signage. Project planners and advertising firms may save running costs by placing a lasting bespoke home neon sign.

The usual lifespan of the custom home neon signage is roughly 40,000-50,000 hours. LITASIGN manufactures personalized LED home neon signs using the most sophisticated LED chips and high-quality silicone. They can be used for more than 12 years if they run 12 hours every day.

7. How To Set Custom Home Neon Signs?

Custom home neon signs can be installed by following a few easy steps. However, it is essential to exercise care when installing custom neon signs for homes. Some custom neon signs have holes in them as mounting points. 

If you cannot find a hole on your custom home neon sign, you must carefully mount the sign by driving screws through the back of the neon sign into your wall. Follow this step-by-step guide to mount your custom home neon sign:

  1. To begin, determine the location of the home neon signs on the wall.
  2. Make a pencil mark on the wall through the holes in the home neon signs.
  3. Drill all holes and insert rawl plugs using a drill machine.
  4. Unscrew the top section and thread it using the provided fasteners.
  5. Now, using any screwdriver, firmly screw in the little screw.
  6. Sandwich the sign between the two halves of the fastening after securing all of the fixings.
  7. Now screw them all tightly together in such a way that your home neon signs are no longer attached to the wall.

8. What is the Expected Lifespan of Custom Home Neon Signs?

The longevity of custom-made home neon signs hinges on the quality of LED chips and the production process. LED lights are highly impacting- and weather-resistant, lasting for over 50,000 hours. 

9. Will You Get Mounting Hardware With Custom Home Neon Signs?

Installing the bespoke neon signs in your home will be a breeze with the included mounting gear. Not all manufacturers, however, offer mounting hardware with their custom neon signs for homes. After that, you’ll need to purchase mounting hardware separately. Due to the lack of a standard size of mounting hardware, it can be challenging to locate appropriate hardware.

Some manufacturers eliminate mounting hardware from custom neon signs for homes to save money. Experts recommend that homeowners purchase personalized neon signs together with mounting hardware to assure the signs’ safety and longevity.

10. Can You Move These Neon Signs in Different Parts of the Home?

Custom home sign manufacturers create a variety of things. Some custom neon signs for homes can be hung, while others must be permanently mounted on the wall. If your custom home neon sign includes hanging options, you may quickly relocate it.

We like to decorate our home with neon signs in various locations. Having hanging options enables you to quickly relocate bespoke neon wall signs to decorate birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and other occasions.

11. Can You Run Custom Home Neon Signs With Batteries?

Most custom neon signs for homes utilize direct electric plug-in technology. Several high-end custom neon sign makers incorporate the battery and electrical systems into their neon signs. LITASIGN creates personalized neon signs for homes that are battery-powered. As a result, you may illuminate your décor even if electricity is interrupted.

12. Do Custom Custom Home Neon Signs Have the Risk of Getting Hot?

Custom home neon signs are superior to traditional neon wall signage. LED-neon signs are highly efficient and generate less heat. High-quality surface-mounted device (SMD) chips generate very little heat. However, you will not feel the heat generated by the light because custom home neon signs are manufactured using high-quality silicone.

13. Do Custom Home Neon Signs Require Any Maintenance?

Home neon signs require less maintenance when compared to other forms of lighting. They need cleaning only once in a while, and they don’t need replacement parts often. But the durability of a custom neon sign depends upon your care. 

14. Are Custom Home Neon Signs handmade?

Custom home sign manufacturers create a variety of things. Some custom neon signs for homes can be hung, while others must be permanently mounted on the wall. If your custom home neon sign includes hanging options, you may quickly relocate it.

We like to decorate our home with neon signs in various locations. Having hanging options enables you to quickly relocate bespoke neon wall signs to decorate birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and other occasions.

15. Are Custom Home Neon Signs Safe to Use?

Yes, It is safe. LITASIGN’s home neon signs are built entirely of LED flex; no glass is used in the production of our products. It helps to minimize overheating and guarantees that all items are energy efficient and environmentally beneficial in their design. At the same time, they are smaller, lighter, more durable, and more easily transported. In addition, all of our products are UL-listed for safety.

16. How Does Custom Home Neon Signs Maintenance Work?

Like any other type of lighting, custom home neon signs require continual maintenance to work efficiently. Always disconnect your neon light before cleaning it. Then, use a dry cloth or dust cleaner to remove any remaining dirt from your neon signs. Under no circumstances should you clean your neon sign with water. Not only will this cause harm to your neon sign, but it may also spark an accident beyond your control.

17. Can you use Custom Home Neon Signs during the day?

Though it is commonly believed that neon signs may only be used at night, this is not true. During the day, the illumination of neon signs can still be quite visible. The brightness will be less intense than at night, but you will still see the neon pattern when outdoors.

18. Are Custom Home Neon Signs Expensive to Use?

While custom neon signs for homes are pretty bright, this does not necessarily mean that they will drain your electricity. Neon signs are a surprisingly cost-effective advertising medium. Neon signs produce light focused on a very short wavelength of light. On average, the cost of this sort of neon sign is less than that of a standard light bulb.

19. How Long Will Your Custom Home Neon Sign Order Take to Ship?

The regular time required for total manufacture is 5-7 days. On a case-by-case basis, depending on our workload, we can handle rush orders. International priority express shipping typically takes between 4-6 days from start to end. As a result, your item will arrive between 11 and 13 days after you place your order.

20. What Type of Power Outlet Do I Need for The Custom Home Neon Signs?

LITASIGN’s custom home neon signs are 12 volt powered. As a result, the provided power source can be easily plugged into a conventional wall outlet. There is no need for hardwiring.

21. Can I Get a Dimmer for The Custom Home Neon Signs?

Yes, you may add a dimmer or remote control to your home neon sign for an additional $3. Our dimmer and remote control settings allow you to turn lights on and off, adjust their brightness, or make them flash pulse, or flicker.

22. Do You Offer a Warranty for the Custom Home Neon Signs?

A one-year warranty is provided for outdoor home neon signs, while a two-year warranty is provided for indoor home neon signs. During the warranty period, any neon sign made by us that does not meet our strict quality standards will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

23. Are Your Custom Home Neon Signs UL Certified?

Yes. All our home neon signs and other neon signs are UL certified.

24. Do You Have Custom Home Neon Signs Design Fees?

No. We don’t charge for the design, we offer free design of custom home neon signs. All you need to do is tell us what you want and leave the rest to us.

25. How Far Away Will the Letters on The Custom Home Neon Signs Be Readable?

Generally speaking, your letters will be legible from up to 38 feet away for every inch of letter height you use. As a result, 6-inch letters would be viewable from a distance of up to 200 feet. Red neon letters are the most readable, which explains why they are so popular in open sign applications. Purples and yellows are the least readable colors; hence they are typically reserved for borders. Aside from increasing your sign’s visibility, black backings will also improve its appearance.

Letter Height

Max. ReadableDistance


152 ft


190 ft


228 ft


304 ft


380 ft


456 ft

26. How Do You Pack the Home Neon Signs?

Your item will be safe when it arrives at your home or business since we ship it in honeycomb-papered shipping boxes that are 10 millimeters thick. On big neon signs, additional corner guards have been installed. We package long-shaped neon signs in wooden containers to guarantee that they arrive safely at their destination.

Custom Home Neon Sign Packaging
Figure 3 - Custom Home Neon Sign Packaging

27. What are Home Neon Signs Made Of?

LED Neon Flex

Improved heat dissipation, improved flexibility, and improved water and dust resistance are all achieved through an integrated extrusion process, resulting in longer service life for the sign overall.

Silicone Jacket

Native/virgin food-grade silicone substance is anti-yellowing, anti-aging, odorless, fireproof, and environmentally friendly. The sign must be fireproof to be considered safe.


When 2835 SMD and 5050 SMD LEDs with high brightness are mounted to the PCB with an alloy bracket, the problem of erroneous soldering and dead pixels is successfully avoided.

Acrylic Board

Pure acrylic material from Taiwan Hertz brand, which is more durable and transparent. Compared to PS or PVC materials that contain imperfections, it exhibits superior quality when put on the wall.

Power Supply

CE/EMC/LVD/UL/CUL/C-tick certified high energy efficiency and totally safe protection.

AC Plug

US/EU/JP/AU/UK type available, with high conductivity copper material.

DC Cable

Clear cable with a copper core and a thickness of 2mm may be loaded with sufficient power; the cable length can be modified to meet specific requirements.

The length of the cable can be adjusted to suit the needs of your specific installation.

Male and Female Connectors

Connector with a copper core and a diameter of 12 mm that conducts electricity quickly after being connected to a power source. Immediately after connecting, the conductivity increases.


A remote dimmer and a touch dimmer are available, and they will be analyzed and delivered in accordance with the power of the complete sign. Each controller and remote control is coded to the other, ensuring that they do not interfere with the operation of other electrical devices.

Mounting Screws

Instead of using plastic or iron advertising material, choose high-quality stainless steel advertising material to provide a stable and long-lasting installation.

Hanging Ropes

High-quality stainless steel ropes are used to maintain the hanging structure solid and long-lasting, rather than plastic or iron material.

28. What Are the Different Backing Options Available on The Home Neon Signs?

The Custom Home Neon Sign Backplate is available in either fixed by base, fixed by rope, fixed by nail, cut to shape, cut to the board, or cut to letter.

Please refer to the photos below.

Custom Home Neon Sign Backplate Options
Figure 4 - Custom Home Neon Sign Backplate Options

29. When The Home Decor Neon Signs Arrived Broken, Now What?

If your home neon sign arrives damaged, we will replace the product at no cost to you. We will make every effort to resolve your issue and make things right quickly!

30. Should I Leave My Home Decor Neon Signs On 24/7?

We encourage customers to turn off the switch when not in use, as leaving it on 24/7 will shorten the neon sign’s lifespan. Any product has a life span; the life span of LEDs is 50,000 hours.

31. What Fonts Should I Get on Custom Neon Signs for Home?

Our selection of fonts is extensive, making it easy for our customers to find exactly what they need. Each typeface is designed with legibility, personality, and style in mind–and always at the forefront of emerging trends.

See the section below for additional information about the font option.

Custom Home Neon Sign Font Options
Figure 5 - Custom Home Neon Sign Font Options

32. Do The Home Neon Signs Include Hardware to Hang It?

Yes, we provide stainless steel advertising screws as well as hanging ropes for our customers

33. Can I Place The Home Neon Signs Outdoors?


Typically, manufacturers feature neon signage on both the interior and exterior. Neon signs designed for indoor use are not suitable for outdoor use.

Litasign manufactures neon signs specifically designed for outdoor use and is waterproof coated.

1. A waterproof silicone coating is dripped onto the Neon flex PCB to prevent the LEDs from shorting out and resulting in deadlights.
2. Waterproofing is used on the wire connections to prevent water from entering and causing a short circuit.
3. Each male and female connector pair is equipped with an IP67 waterproof connector.
4. To prevent rainwater from gathering at the low end, pre-drilled holes for water leakage are placed at the lowest point of contact between the acrylic backboard and the neon flex.

34. Is The Neon Signs for Home Breakable?

LED neons are manufactured using a durable material, making them very tough and resistant to breakage. The only element of your neon that is susceptible to damage is the acrylic backing. We ensure that this element is designed with strength in mind during the design phase, minimizing the risk of breakage.

35. Do the Home Neon Signs Buzz or Hum?

No, Home neon signs are extremely quiet, making them ideal for homes where noise is a concern.

36. How Much Does a Home Neon Sign Weigh?

LED neon is light compared to neon. LED neon signs weigh about 5 kg on average, almost half the weight of a classic neon sign.

37. How Long is the Cord of the Custom Neon Signs for Home?

All cords are a standard length of 3.5 meters, but we can make them longer on request.

38. Can I Install the Home Neon Signs Myself?

Absolutely! The nature of our home neon signs—LED neon—means they are highly durable. Unlike the delicate glass tubing of actual neon signs, you can handle ours without worry. 

All our neon signs come with hardware for wall mounting or ceiling hanging or installed in a wire window, you can easily install them.

39. 20 Best Home Neon Sign for House Decoration

Neon signs are often used to make businesses more enticing and fun. Our best home neon sign is perfect for adding that extra perk to a home office space or family room. The neon sign gives off bright, cheerful light when you turn the knob, so it’s great for reading at night or entering a room where there is already lots of ambient light.

Add a touch of elegance to the home decor with this top 20 Home Neon Sign for House Decoration list.

1. Personalized Home Bar Neon Sign –This home bar neon sign will light up any room with a stylish and subtle style. This home bar is sure to be an accent piece in any kitchen. The simple neon light adds a splash of brightness that won’t steal focus from your home decor.


2. Family Name Neon SignFamily Name Neon Sign is the perfect addition to any home and easily installed with just a screwdriver. This bright, fun sign brings out the personalities in all of us, while its durable construction ensures years of enjoyment. The family name is an iconic symbol of a successful, grown-up life, and this sign will help your business use that same symbol to set you apart from the crowd.


3. Wall Neon Signs – Choose the products that best fit your space and function. At LITASIGN, we have a selection of our wall neon signs and customizable options that will complement nearly any décor environment. Decorate your favorite room in your home or office with our wall neon signs.


4. Indoor Neon Signs Indoor glow signs are a family favourite, not just because they’re inexpensive but because they can be mounted to almost any flat surface. Perfect for offices, classrooms, or homes, indoor neon signs are the ideal decoration for any room of your next party.


5. Man Cave Neon Sign This neon glows with a warm glow and will make even the smallest man cave seem like a home away from home. It is easy to install, doesn’t require electricity, and won’t overheat or burn out. And because this is a light bulb, this sign is designed to last years longer than other signs.


6. Babe Cave Neon Sign Girls only! The babe cave is positively groovy in every way. It’s the perfect place for you, your friends, and your chicks to hang out with a tube of lip gloss, a few tunes on your iPod and a nightcap. You can even doze off indoors in the dark, sprawled out on the chaise lounge.


7. Religious Neon Sign – Our Religious Neon Sign for a home will allow you to explain your faith in your own home. This religious neon sign is hand-crafted by an expert, This Religious Neon Sign for a home will fit on any wall. This religious neon sign is crafted using only quality materials, including high-quality electrical parts and neon flex.


8. Love Me Neon Sign – The Love Me sign was designed to brighten up the environment. It will help you express yourself, encourage you to share your thoughts about life, encourage others to reflect on their day, enhance the ambience of your community, and let passers-by know that you do indeed Love Me.


9. XoXo Neon Sign – Setting the mood for your next party, date night, or family gathering is as easy as hanging this XoXo Neon Sign from any room of the house. With bright colors and a modern design, it’s perfect for a stylish dinner party or when hosting guests.


10. Cloud Neon Sign – A cloud neon sign adds a mood-lit environment. The provided remote controls with the back-lit LEDs, making installation simple. This electric neon sign comes with a connected stake so that it won’t move around. Set many neon signs together, or turn them off completely, to create great color patterns.


11. Flower Neon Sign – This neon flower sign will add a unique touch to any room in which your new apartment or house is located. Compact, affordable and eco-friendly. Made of high quality, water-friendly materials and vibrant colours, it brings energy and excitement to any space.


12. You Only Live Once Neon Sign – You only live once with this vast, bright and colorful neon sign! It makes a great addition to your office, home or bar! Hang it where you can always see it to remind you of your life.


13. Red Neon Signs – Red neon signs create the ultimate environment. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they can also enhance the atmosphere of any space, highlight an object, or coordinate with your music and lighting.


14. Pink Neon Signs – Pink Neon Signs, while great to use at night, are also perfect for inside a home or studio. Choose from an assortment of neon signs that all have the same vibrant color combination, each designed to complement your space.


15. Welcome to the Jungle Neon Sign – These compact neon signs are designed to make the most of your limited space. Their lightweight design makes them perfect for hanging above your bed or on the wall in your child’s bedroom. They are bright, easy to use and super fun!


16. Hustle Neon Sign – A Hustle Neon Sign is a full-customizable sign in our neon colour of choice. It hangs on your wall with two bolts and is easily changed out, making them a unique way to decorate your home.


17. Leaves Neon Sign – Your leaves light up neon green after dark! The ultimate treat to your eyes, the Neon Leaves Sign lets you greet your visitors or draw attention to anything you wish in a realistic neon glow. This ornamental, weatherproof sign shines brightly when indoors and illuminates easily with the light of day too.


18. Welcome Neon Sign – Welcome Neon Sign is the perfect sign for your home, office or business. Light up your front door with a bright glowing Neon Welcome Sign to welcome visitors, and visitors will be amazed. Its sleek shape comes in an elegant design, with an easy-to-mount plate for indoor and outdoor use.


19. Hand Peace Sign Neon Sign – Customize and personalize your home with these stylish Hand Peace Sign Neon Signs! These easy-to-install neon signs are perfect for parties or celebrations, offices and workplaces. They can adorn walls, ceilings, doorways or any other available surface to let the light shine through.


20. Let’s Stay Home Neon Sign – Let’s Stay Home is the perfect answer for a small party. Our neon sign is simple and unique and brings life to any room. Our circular design will make your friends think you’ve been having a great time displaying this sign in your Home all year round.


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