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LITASIGN is a bespoke sign firm that specializes in commercial and business signage. For over 8 years, it has been producing outdoor channel letters and distributing them worldwide. Our specializations include custom signage, LED neon signs, indoor channel letters, marquee letters, lighted signs, non-illuminated signs, table letters, and other services.

Our production team consists of sign experts and operators with years of experience. Who are dedicated to providing high-quality indoor channel letters that feature your company’s name and logo. We also offer several service alternatives, such as bulk ordering and custom designs. Allowing you to customize the appearance of your indoor channel letters while generating the ideal permanent signage solution.

LITASIGN - Your Indoor Channel Letter Partner

The demand for the Indoor Channel Letters is increasing every day. The reason is that these channel letters serve as an effective and cost-efficient way to improve your company’s brand awareness with customers. LITASIGN has evolved into a leading manufacturer of Indoor Channel Letters by utilizing its large-scale production capability and superior technology. Together we can create fantastic effects for your design needs!

These quality indoor channel letters provide an attractive, durable, and convenient way to brand your business. They can be produced in any size, shape, or style and can be designed with any surface mount or embossed logo. The letters themselves may be fully customized to meet your exact needs.


Indoor Channel Letters Application Showcases

Our Indoor Channel Letters crafted for seamless integration and radiant illumination. Elevate any space with style and durability. Brilliance meet elegance in our customizable, high-quality letters, transforming interiors with a touch of sophistication.


The Highest Quality and Reliability of Indoor Channel Letters

LITASIGN provides the top quality and reliability required in indoor channel letters! LITASIGN guarantees the quality of our indoor channel letters and artistry, from design to installation. Consequently, you’ll have long-lasting indoor channel letters that make a good impression on your customers and actively promote your business. Our indoor channel letters are available worldwide.

LITASIGN can construct any form of custom indoor channel lettering your company, event, or group could require! Suppose you need illuminated outdoor channel letters for your business’s interior. In that case, we have the knowledge, resources, and experience to provide the high-quality, eye-catching signage you require

The Fabrication Process of Indoor Channel Letter


Creating Design & Production File

To ensure quality, the design must be prepared before production begins. The customer will confirm dimensions, processes, and requirements before production begins. The design must then be divided among departments for production by creating a machine-identifiable file and sending it to each department for fabrication.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

Engraves, cuts and buries acrylic, stainless steel, and other materials according to specifications provided by the production file.



Fold the side portion that has a slot and then bend the side portion that has a curve.



Welding the sides and backs of the channel letters, weld them precisely to the face.



The joint between the return and the face should be polished to ensure that the connection between these two components is smooth, seamless and makes a secure connection.



Painting the channel letter thoroughly and evenly, using the customer’s painting reference as a guide.



After the letters have been painted, they should be placed in a drying room so that the paint will harden.


LED Module Assembly

Install the LED module, connect the wires to their respective letter LEDs, and place them in a configuration that will work. Ensure that each wire is connected to a letter’s LED so the lighting effect is evenly distributed.

Light Up-Testing2

Light Up Testing

After the letters are wired, tested, and approved by quality control officials at the factory, they are ready to be shipped. Each sign is stamped with approval before being packed for delivery.


Overall Quality Checking

Letters are inspected for quality, quantity, and design. They are placed on a 1:1 scale template for final inspection by an inspector, who takes photos of the letters for archiving purposes.



LITASIGN is a 3ply hardwood product which is suitable for shipping fragile items. Bubble wrap prevents scratches on delicate items, whilst LITASIGN inner layers protect them from movement during transportation.

Features of LITASIGN's Indoor Channel Letters

LITASIGN has been serving the market with high-quality indoor channel letters since they are more durable and user-friendly. Let's look at the features of LITASIGN's indoor channel letters and some of the benefits you will get from them.

Energy-efficient LEDs

LITASIGN's Indoor Channel Letters are the energy-efficient choice for your helpful signage. They use our Energy Savings LED's and multi-color to ensure your customers will be seen while being more environmentally friendly than traditional spotlights. The energy-saving lights reduce energy costs by up to 80%.

Very Simple to Install

LITASIGN Indoor Channel Letters are an easy-to-install solution. They are safe and durable, but they are so simple to install that even the most novice electricians can do it in just a few minutes.

Eco Friendly

The Outdoor Channel Letters feature a durable aluminum base, stainless steel lettering, and a back panel. The letters are manufactured using eco-friendly materials, such as recycled and recyclable resins and some bio-degradable products. Furthermore, this keeps the pollution level down as well.

Superior Materials

Indoor Channel Letters are designed to last. They are made from high-grade materials that ensure your channel letter stays a long time.

3D Sense of Design

LITASIGN indoor channel letters provided a strong sense of style with its 3D design. These indoor channel letters also bring attention to your message because they are available in different sizes for interior use.

Versatile Indoor Channel Letters

Indoor Channel Letters are a professional-looking way to advertise your business. They feature a unique and eye-catching design, with lettering that is easy to read.

Versatile Indoor Channel Letters

We are proud to introduce the Versatile Indoor Channel Letters. We have been in the market for some time now and have had some requests for channel letters that can be used in several different ways. Our new product fills that need perfectly by allowing you to place your channel letter onto virtually any surface – indoors or out.

Indoor Neon Channel Letters

Indoor neon channel letters are constructed with the letter faces exposed or open to allow the placement of neon illumination. A clear acrylic face can be an option. Indoor neon channel signs with open faces provide brighter lighting, making the sign more eye-catching than those without a clear acrylic face.

Indoor Foam Channel Letters

Indoor foam channel letters are available in various materials and finishes to suit your custom project. Our best-selling foam signs are made of 3-pound polystyrene, dense foam with fewer pockmarks on the sides than 1 or 2-pound letters offered on other sites. These signs create excellent dimensions and are made for longevity. Customize your sign for a temporary event or permanent wall letters.

Indoor Metal Channel Letters

Our Indoor Metal Channel Letters are a beautiful way to add style and durability. These channel letters feature a unique metallic finish and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Indoor Side Lit Channel Letters

Indoor Side Lit Channel Letters are specially designed so that light shines not only through the front (or face) but also through the sides. Thus, an all-around 360-degree glow enhances the appearance of illuminated signage, giving it a sophisticated look.

Indoor Dual Lit Channel Letters

Indoor dual-lit channel letters can use two different colors to create a more rounded effect. A partition panel in the middle of the letter creates 3D effects, while maintaining a unified front side color. Dual-lit channel letters are often positioned on high buildings for maximum exposure. They are also very attractive elements for storefronts that are closed at night.

Indoor Reverse Channel Letters

Indoor reverse channel letters are a cost-effective way to increase the visibility of a sign, logo, or graphics. State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and superior craftsmanship combine to make one of the industry's finest reverse channel letters. Indoor channel letters are lightweight and durable.

Indoor Halo Lit Channel Letters

Indoor halo-lit channel letters are like conventional ones, except that the lighting elements are exposed behind the letter. They are often called reverse-lit or backlit, but all these terms mean the same thing: when the light is on, you can see lights around the edges of letters like this.

Indoor Face Lit Channel Letters

Indoor face Lit Channel Letters are by far the most common type of illuminated signage. They consist of illumination through the face of the letter only, making them ideal for businesses that want to create a superior customer experience

Indoor Front Lit Channel Letters

Indoor front-lit channel letters use lights to illuminate the face of the letters. The letter is made of translucent acrylic and has a light that shines from within the letter itself. Most indoor front-lit channel letters are three-dimensional, with sheet metal cut to create the shape. They can be painted to the color of your choice and you can select neon or LED illumination for the lighting. Indoor front-lit channel letters can be seen from a distance and have several customization options.

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Outdoor Channel Letters

Choose from different styles, shapes, and materials for your Outdoor Channel Letters. Cut them to your exact specifications using our precise cutting machine. Make custom designs using our special design software or choose from one of our pre-designed templates. Whether you need an indoor or outdoor channel letter, we have what you need!


Price from $280.00

Building Channel Letters

Our building channel letters are an affordable tool that helps build brand recognition and create a positive impression of your business. With Channel Letters, your business can stand out in a crowded community. It is easy to install, and it is highly durable. Ideal for construction companies, architects, or law firms looking to convey a professional image


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Day Night Channel Letters

Day-Night Channel Letters are an economic solution for businesses that want to achieve two different face colors. Since the best day color choice might not be the best choice for nighttime, Day Night Channel Letters get you a visually compelling sign for both day and night.


Price from $250.00

Brass Channel Letters

Most brass channel letters are mounted with brass studs, which screw into the back of the sign. A template comes with this hardware to show where to drill holes in the wall for mounting. The template helps with spacing and alignment, so you have a professional-looking brass sign that will last for generations.


Price from $270.00

Aluminum Channel Letters

Aluminum channel letters are strong and lightweight, making them ideal for signs and banners in public areas as well as shop displays or trade show puts. Choose from several sizes and finish options for our aluminum channel letters.


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Peace Marquee Letters

With a unique and bold design, Peace Marquee Letters are perfect for large spaces. This marquee letter is a great way to create a dramatic focal point for your event or mark the start or end of your welcome area.


Price from $200.00

Marquee Letters

Marquee Letters are a great way to increase your brand exposure by drawing attention to your business or social networking presence! Our custom marquees can be adapted for any event, watch party or festival.


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Custom Neon Letters

Offering a wide range of styles and colors, our custom neon letters are the perfect way to make your business stand out. With dozens of color and size options available, you’re sure to find one that speaks to you.


Price from $250.00

Reasons Why Indoor Channel Letters Are Popular For Advertising

Indoor channel letters are popular for advertising for a variety of reasons. Compared to exterior sign letters, these channels are much more adaptable and indistinct. You can select from a wide range of face plates on the market, depending on your budget. Here are some justifications for using indoor channel letters for advertising.

1. Various Illumination Styles

Indoor channel letters may be installed without light for businesses that do not need to be visible at night. However, we recommend lighted channel letters for businesses that want 24-hour visibility.

2. Be Seen By Increasing Your Visibility

Businesses can use indoor channel letters to stand out and compete with customers. These lettering options are most effective at catching customers’ attention because of their physical depth and size—making them stand out more than traditional signage. Additionally, your business will be seen day or night if you choose to illuminate your signage.

3. Constant Marketing

Indoor channel letter signs can be effective advertising tools. Especially when illuminated at night and during early morning hours when your business will be competing with other businesses.

4. Unique Customization Capabilities

In today’s cutthroat industry, customers look past most of the advertising clutter around them. Businesses must do more than offer a product or service to attract customers. Customized indoor channel letters are a fantastic method to attract customers and build brand identification.

5. The Best Value for Your Money

Indoor channel letter signs are a one-time investment that will pay for themselves many times over through increased customer attention and increased sales. Made from rugged materials and equipped with LED bulbs, these outdoor signs are nearly maintenance-free.

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