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LITASIGN has been in the advertising industry for more than 6 years and has created strong ties with local and international buyers. Our products include marquee signschannel letters, neon signs, lightboxes, guide signs, and other lighting projects. We are an industry and trade supplier.

Customized orders are particularly welcome. Our expert design team, production team, engineer team, sales team, and after-sales staff are all assembled for your convenience. We can assure you that you will get the best value for your money and the best service possible when you shop with us.

Dedicated to Provide the Best Indoor Marquee Signs in China

LITASIGN is a team of expert professionals who have the talent and creativity to create stunning custom-made indoor marquee signs featuring your logo, name, terms, or distinctive graphics. With LITASIGN, there are infinite options to fit your specific needs and style.

LITASIGN is world-renowned for delivering the best quality indoor marquee signs globally. Our solutions are top-rated, as it helps you advertise your business or brand in sophisticated ways without spending much money.


The Complete Solution for Indoor Marquee Signs

At LITASIGN, we measure our performance by our clients’ pleasure. Our indoor marquee signs are constructed to be highly robust and versatile. It ensures that they will live longer and fulfill their objective of displaying various messages based on the design chosen.

Additionally, we provide that these marquee signs are quickly erected without the assistance of an expert. It enables businesses to install their signs without needing an expert, which is especially advantageous if they lack prior experience erecting signage.

You dream it, we make it

Indoor Marquee Signs Comprehensive Production Process

Stainless Steel Punching

All stainless steel plate is punched using machinery tools to create a stunning hole, and the aperture is dictated by the LEDs inserted in it.


Soldering the Solid Edge

In order to make a strong link after punching a hole in the plate, solder the solid edges together.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Polish the edges and corners of the letters to remove any burrs that may have formed during the printing process.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

By painting the surface of the plate, you may make a marquee sign that is both durable and visually beautiful.


Installation of LED Bulbs

Install LED bulbs by inserting the completed LED bulb into the correct hole; if used outside, it is required to perform the waterproof treatment and use a waterproof LED bulb.


Marquee Sign Packaging

Packaging is frequently a vital component of the export process. LITASIGN, a marquee sign exporter, focuses on this phase to prevent damage throughout the exporting process.

LITASIGN's Indoor Marquee Signs: What Makes Them Unique?

LITASIGN produces marquee signs of excellent quality, which helps you to fulfill different functions in your business or space. The benefits of a well-made marquee sign are highlighted below:

Proper Awareness

LITASIGN indoor marquee signs feature your company's vision, logo, mission, and other vital information to raise awareness about your company among potential customers. People will be able to find your business and see if it's a good fit for their needs this way.


LITASIGN manufactures party marquee letters utilizing raw materials and procedures that assure they are extremely sturdy, lightweight, and of excellent quality. As a result, they are resistant to weather fluctuations and are therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


When you employ a LITASIGN indoor marquee sign, you'll be able to draw in clients with its eye-catching display. People will learn more about your company as a result, which will lead to more sales.

Great Source of Advertisement

Using an indoor marquee sign from LITASIGN is ideal for attracting new clients to your business. Displaying your company's logo and various other components on these signs is a great approach to attract people's attention outside.

Energy Consumption

LED lamps are used in LITASIGN's indoor marquee signs, which require extremely little power. As a result, saving money on your electricity bill is unlikely to result from installing indoor marquee signs.

Low Maintenance

In most cases, LITASIGN indoor marquee signs do not require regular maintenance because they last for many years. Most of the time, the only thing that will need to be done is a simple LED bulb replacement.

LITASIGN's Wide Range Of Indoor Marquee Signs In The International Market

LITASIGN has always committed itself to provide the best quality indoor marquee signs. It has also led us to achieve the best quality standards universally demanded and desired by our clients globally. We have achieved this status due to our continuous innovation and research work and absolute belief in the principle of customer first. Indoor Marquee signs are a perfect example of what craftsmanship plus innovation is capable of creating.

Metal Marquee Sign

The Metal Marquee Sign is made of stainless steel and is hand-painted to give it a vintage look. This sign is weatherproof, so you can also place it outdoors without worrying about rusting or fading.

Galvanized Marquee Letters Sign

The Galvanized Marquee Letters sign is a perfect addition to any restaurant, bar, or shopping arcade. The marquee sign can be illuminated at night to stand out. The galvanized steel marquee letters come in different styles and colors.

Wooden Marquee Sign

The Wooden Marquee Sign brings a touch of class to any room, whether drenched in sunshine or bathed in the glow of candlelight. Crafted from solid hardwood and featuring a weathered finish, the sign will serve well for many years to come.

Table Top Marquee Sign

Display your message in style with this TTableTopMarquee Sign. The Table Top Marquee Sign is a marquee that attaches to the table and can be used as a promotional tool. The attractive design has a Plexiglas face for easy visibility and comes with a weighted base to help keep it from blowing over.

Wedding Marquee Sign

Rustic and romantic decorations for the perfect first dance will make your special day memorable. This marquee wedding sign is the classic look for a perfect outdoor or indoor wedding. This wedding marquee sign is excellent for any date and coordinates with our other marquee products. Use as is, or create a custom word.

Birthday Marquee Sign

This Birthday Marquee Sign will undoubtedly capture the attention of your party guests. The outstanding design features vivid lettering and colorful graphics to make your party atmosphere complete and memorable!

Wall Marquee Sign

This marquee sign is a great way to ensure that your favorite bar or pub gets the attention it deserves. Our wall marquee signs are made from high-quality, durable materials, and with up to three lines of text, they'll get your message across. Show everyone that you love The Bar with this handy wall sign.

Party Marquee Sign

Get your party started with our fun Party Marquee Sign. Bask in the spotlight and enjoy the attention as you put on a colorful show with this eye-catching advertisement. It's available in three different sizes to best suit any gathering.

Name Marque Sign

Name Marque signs always look great in any room and make the best gift for birthdays, holidays, housewarming parties, or other special occasions. All Name Marque signs are individually cut from high-quality pine wood and hand-painted with child-safe, non-toxic paint.

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Watermelon Neon Sign

Add a dash of retro style to your home or office with this Watermelon Neon Sign. Featuring bold, bright letters and equipped with a steady, reliable plug-in power source, this vibrant sign offers a unique touch of fun energy that will catch your guests' attention!


Price from $60.00

Outdoor Marquee Signs

Outdoor Marquee Signs are a great way to draw attention to your business, product, or message. Available in a variety of colors, sizes, materials, and options. Outdoor Marquee Signs are built to last many seasons but can be easily removed with a quick-release latch and easily stored when not in use.


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Alien Neon Sign

This is an alien/space-themed neon sign perfect for a game room, man cave, garage, or teenage gamer's bedroom. Looks great at night. Let everyone know you mean business with this super cool sign. This is the perfect sign for any big Alien fan.


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Modelo Beer Neon Sign

A bar isn't a bar without neon lights. We're bringing back the classic look with our Modelo Beer neon sign. Perfect for your den, garage, or sports bar, this bar sign is the ideal addition to your collection.


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Boxing Neon Signs

A Boxing Neon Signs will score the knockout when you need to catch someone's eye. Choose from our massive collection of classic and modern Boxing Neon Signs to light up your business or gym.


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Purple Neon Nike Sign

A perfect sign for any sports fan, this Purple Neon Nike Sign is the ultimate way for anyone to show off their rivalry and support. The purple neon colors will make a statement as soon as you turn them on and will be sure to get your point across when they do.


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Vodka Neon Sign

This attractive wall sign can be seen at night from quite a distance, with plenty of brightness in its orange neon tubes. The vodka sign is made of the best materials. It's lightweight and easy to hang with its hardware included.


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Car Wash Neon Sign

This Car Wash Neon Sign is a real attention grabber! In your choice of color, this sign uses high visibility neon, in your choice of color, to draw attention from all around. It'll make an impression at your establishment, wherever it is placed.


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What Kind of Marquee Signs Do Businesses Use?

Businesses base their choice of marquee signs on a variety of reasons. You can’t go wrong with superior-quality marquee signs for your business, new or old. It is also beneficial to know what you can receive from using these signs and how effective they can be for your organization.

1. Custom Marquee Signs That Stand Out

Choose from the broadest collection of marquee signs in the industry to ensure that your business or brand is recognized. Custom marquee signs are available in various materials, colors, and backlit and front-lit forms to ensure that they are visible and bright enough to be effective.

2. Variety Of Colors

Custom marquee signs available in their company’s theme colors or a variety of color finishes such as matte, gloss, or satin are popular with businesses.

3. Quality And Durable

Commercial enterprises employ marquee signs constructed of the highest-quality materials and can be used both indoors and outdoors. To ensure that the letters with lights inside them are not harmed by elements such as ultraviolet (IV) rays, rain, and humidity when used outside, the letters with lights inside them must be resistant to harsh weather fluctuations.

Custom marquee signs used by businesses must also be equipped with high-quality power sources and LEDs resistant to water.

4. Completely Custom

Business owners use sale marquee signs specially developed to ensure that they are unique and appealing to potential clients. Most businesses prefer bespoke letter lights that are personalized with their company’s custom logo and font style to stand out from the competition.

A bespoke finish paint on the letter with lights embedded in it is also widely used by manufacturers to match the colors of the company’s logo and other branding features.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Indoor Marquee Sign


Indoor marquee signs are an excellent advertising solution for many businesses, including restaurants, bars and any other business that aren’t large enough to accommodate an oversized or building-sized sign. In addition, an indoor marquee can draw attention to a particular product or service. 

They can also offer seasonal messages or announcements, random thoughts just for its heck and more. There are many ways you can play around with them. 

However, there are certain features and characteristics you should look out for before making your purchase. Here is an FAQ guide for buying indoor marquee signs.

Table of Contents

1. What is an Indoor Marquee Sign?

Indoor Marquee Signs are a kind of marketing that may be utilized to draw attention to your business or items. These signs are available in various styles and shapes, ranging from simple text to curved signs with images or logos to rectangular boxes with numerous lines of text. Indoor marquee signs are used in retail stores, workplaces, museums, and other locations with sufficient indoor areas to display the sign.

Figure 1 - Indoor Marquee Sign

2. How Do You Make Indoor Marquee Signs?

Step 1: Punch a suitable hole in the entire sheet of a stainless steel plate using machine tools, based on the size of the LEDs to determine the aperture.

Step 2: Fuse the plate’s solid edge after punching the hole.

Step 3: Polish the letters’ edges and corners to remove burrs.

Step 4: Paint the plate’s surface.

Step 5: Install LED bulbs; insert the completed LED bulb into the appropriate hole.

3. What Type of Power Is Required for the Indoor Marquee Sign?

The indoor marquee sign letters are connected in series and require only standard outlets. Once connected, just one or two outlets are often used.

4. What Are the Size of Indoor Marquee Sign Letters?

The letters for indoor marquee signs can be any height between three and twenty-four inches.

For example, you can alter the font size of the letters on your own indoor marquee sign.

It is possible to have 5ft, 4ft, or 3ft marquee letters, as well as 24 inches or 12 inches marquee letters.

The viewing distance of an indoor marquee sign is determined by the height of the letters. The letters can be visible from a long distance if they are large enough.

5. Can You Easily Move the Indoor Marquee Signs?

All indoor marquee signs are constructed entirely of stainless steel. It is preferable to pick where you want to place your marquee letters in advance and set them up before the event begins. It enables you to secure the cords. Due to its size, it is advisable to avoid moving the marquee letters unless necessary.

6. Can I Change the Bulb of the Indoor Marquee Signs if it Breaks or Burns Out?

Yes, the bulb is replaceable. The LED lights used in indoor marquee signs do not generate heat, they can become heated and eventually burn out. That is why the majority of marquee letter manufacturers include some replacement bulbs.

However, keep in mind that you will want expert assistance to change the bulb if necessary at your event location.

7. What Colors of Lighting Are Available for the Indoor Marquee Sign?

There are numerous color options available. You should, however, exercise caution when selecting the color of your lights. The most commonly used and favored lighting hue is warm white (dimmable). Also available are cold white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, or green light options for your convenience. In addition, every letter of the event light has an RGB lamp.

How do you know which color is best for your event or theme? Use a variety of color combinations, such as a crimson heart, bright fonts, or a mix of shades, to spice things up.

8. What is the Proper Way of Taking Care of the Indoor Marquee Sign?

It would help if you correctly cleaned the indoor marquee signs to ensure optimal performance, increased safety, increased efficiency, enhanced ambiance, simplified maintenance, and a longer life term.

To clean the indoor marquee signs, use soft cloths, a vacuum cleaner, a towel, mild soap or detergent, and varnish. To properly care for the indoor marquee sign, you can perform the following steps:

  • Properly read the user manual

  • Maintain a regular cleaning schedule for your marquee letters.

  • Attempt to avoid excessive heat and humidity.

  • Conduct periodic checks

Proper upkeep of the indoor marquee signs can significantly increase their useful life and lifetime. Additionally, they should appear more polished and attractive.

9. Are the Indoor Marquee Signs PAT Tested?

Yes. Performing a PAT test on electrical equipment is a standard procedure for determining whether or not the equipment is safe to use. In addition, it serves to prevent electrical accidents at the event site. Therefore, it’s safe to use LITASIGN’s marquee letters because they have passed a PAT test.

10. Are the Indoor Marquee Sign Battery Operated?

The answer is no, they do not run on batteries. For the marquee lettering, they plug them into an electrical outlet.

11. How Do the Indoor Marquee Sign Work?

Plug and socket are included with each indoor marquee sign. As a result, all illuminated letters can be joined together with relative ease. The first plugin, the series, can be connected with an extension cable and a single socket.

However, the end of the indoor marquee sign string should never be connected to extra equipment. An indoor marquee letters light and the gadget could be permanently damaged if used in conjunction with a dimmer.

12. What Are Your Indoor Marquee Signs Made Of?

All of our indoor marquee letters, numerals, and symbols are handcrafted from a single piece of high-quality stainless steel sheet.

13. Do the Bulbs of the Indoor Marquee Sign Gets Hot?

The lights in our indoor marquee signs do not get hot, although they can get warm. Assuredly, they are secure and ideal for any indoor occasion.

14. Can I Customize The Indoor Marquee Sign?

Certainly! Additionally, we offer customization services, allowing you to select the indoor marquee sign’s color, size, and style.

15. Do the Indoor Marquee Sign Stand On Their Own?

The larger the marquee light, the more centered it will be on the top. While our smaller flat-bottom marquees can stand independently, this is not always the case with all letters. If you require a free-standing marquee, please get in touch with us, and we will provide you with a quotation for a custom foundation.

16. Can You Manufacture Custom Shapes, Designs, and Letters of Indoor Marquee Sign?

Yes, We can manufacture the shapes, designs, logos, and lettering that consumers require

17. What is the Lead-time for the Indoor Marquee Sign? What is the Shipping Time?

The average order takes 3-5 days to complete. Additionally, 3-5 days by express; 5-6 days via air press; and 25-35 days via sea.

18. How Can I Get the Price of the Indoor Marquee Sign?

Please email your design specifications, and we will send you pricing information. Pricing is determined by width at its widest point; if the length and breadth are greater than 1 meter, the price is calculated by the square meter of the surface.

19. Do You Have MOQ limit for the Indoor Marquee Sign?

There is a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) of one piece.

20. How Long is the Warranty of the Indoor Marquee Sign?

LITASIGN offers 24 months warranty on the Indoor Marquee Signs

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