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Industrial Marquee Letters: Affordable Industrial Signage

LITASIGN manufactures industrial marquee letters from wood, plastic, acrylic, stainless steel, and other materials. We offer affordable industrial marquee letters. Our shop’s practically infinite capabilities and attention to detail allow us to create industrial marquee letters for any budget. Each idea and design is handcrafted using wooden marquee letters, plastic marquee letters, and metal sign letters with unique logos and forms.

We have expanded to offer magnificent industrial marquee letters. We appreciate delivering signage so customers may place themselves with valuable durability. Our professional crew is willing to work with any project and attentively prepares each personalized order within a short time limit.

Industrial Marquee Letters: Your Vission, Our Expertise

Regularly, LITASIGN produces unique signage. Each industrial marquee letter is explicitly created for the client who placed the order. Our knowledge makes a dream a reality. With this level of responsibility, we must be enthusiastic about our work.

Our industrial marquee letters and displays are what our clients are most pleased with. From small to huge industrial marquee letters, we assist you in completing your unique projects with service and quality.


Make a Lasting Impression with LITASIGN's Industrial Marquee Letters

Industrial marquee letters are functional, practical, and highly customizable. Made with durable materials that withstand the most extreme weather conditions, Industrial marquee lettering illuminates your message in vibrant color. Whether locally handmade or commercially manufactured, Industrial marquee letters provide the perfect backdrop for any event or gathering.

Industrial marquee letters are the most visible form of advertising. These letters are crafted from solid and durable materials. Their longevity will complement the success of your business or event.

You dream it, we make it

Straightforward Production Process of a High-Quality & Durable Industrial Marquee Letters


Plate Punching

Machine tools perforate the plate to create a hole of a specific size. The inserted LEDs determine the aperture size. As a result, high-quality marquee letters provide exceptional characteristics like compact size, lightweight, and brightness while maintaining an essential yet elegant look.


Soldering the Solid Edge

Solder together the solid edges of a marquee sign, the result is a stronger bond that prevents the plate from flexing and keeps it in place. It produces a more durable industrial marquee sign that will last several moves.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Polishing keeps the edges and corners of industrial marquee letters free of burrs. This finishing touch adds a nice look to top-of-the-line, durable marquee letters with stylish and refined lettering.



By painting the surface of a plate, you can create robust and visually appealing industrial marquee signs. These industrial marquee letters can be used at events and other places to make an impression.


Installation of LED Bulbs

Inserting the LED bulb into the corresponding hole, if you intend for the sign to be used outside, it is necessary to cover it with a waterproof coating.



The industrial marquee letters are properly packed to withstand any weather. As a result, when you press your industrial marquee letters, they’ll be safe and free of loose packing material. Next, wrap the newspaper around the industrial marquee letters’ glass, wood, or metal frames. Finally, your handmade marquee sign is shipped with newspaper or bubble wrap in two cartons.

Give Your Business A Professional Look With Industrial Marquee Letters

With the advantages of LITASIGN's industrial marquee letters, you can significantly set yourself apart from your competitors. Marquee letters don't just form words; Your imagination is your only limitation. Our letter manufacturing experts work hard to cater to your specific fabrication needs.

Retro Look

LITASIGN's industrial marquee letters are made of the highest quality materials and designed with a retro look to give your business or advertising campaign the perfect nostalgic flair. With a classic look that will make a bold statement at any event!

Visible Day and Night

Take your business or event to the next level with these industrial marquee letters. They will give your establishment or event the professional edge to stand out in a crowd while being visible day or night.

Energy-efficient LED Lighting

Energy-efficient LED lighting technology provides a high-intensity light source that is safer, cooler, and more energy-efficient than traditional lighting systems. The LED light is installed in the industrial marquee letter and can last up to 45,000 hours.

Made of Durable Materials

Constructed with the highest quality materials, the industrial marquee letter is highly durable. In addition, the marquee letters are illuminated by an LED bulb that provides even lighting to ensure each letter's best visibility and clarity.

Fully Customizable

Let your business be seen with our industrial marquee letters. We can customize each sign with custom wording, fonts, color, and more to add a finishing touch of elegance to any setting.

Unique Design

These industrial marquee letters are uniquely designed and will give your establishment a clean and professional look. Each letter set is one-of-a-kind, giving your space an authentic look with modern appeal.

All Kinds of Industrial Marquee Letters for Your Needs

With all the different kinds of industrial marquee letters, you will find what you are looking for at LITASIGN. You can choose letters in different sizes and colors and even get a customs industrial letter made to meet your needs.

Metal Marquee Letters

Create a fantastic display with Metal Marquee Letters. These metal letters are perfect to accent any area, indoors or out. Use these letters in your home or business decor; with these hard-wearing and easy to install signs, you can create an enjoyable atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.

Wooden Marquee Letters

Wooden marquee letters are an excellent way to personalize your home or business. Wooden marquee letters are durable and easy to read, ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Use our wooden marquee letters in your wedding, party, as a birthday sign, or even to add a special touch to your home!

Rustic Light-Up Letters

Illuminate your front porch and welcome guests with our Rustic Light-Up Letters. These charming, illuminated letters are crafted and hand-painted to mimic the look of natural cedar. They're designed to keep their vintage appearance as they age, so they'll fit seamlessly into most outdoor spaces. Pair them with other outdoor décors like wreaths and doormats to create a welcoming entryway.

Plastic Marquee Letters

Our Plastic Marquee Letters are durable plastic materials, ideal for indoor or outdoor use. The letters can be positioned either upright or angled back against a wall. Each letter features two holes at the top to allow you to run lighted wire through them and connect them all with plugs.

Acrylic Marquee Letters

Acrylic Marquee Letters is a great way to add a personal, custom touch to your business, wedding or home with the help of these letters. Offered in many vibrant colors and styles, you can create just the right look for your event or business space.

Cooper Marquee Letters

Cooper Marquee Letters are the traditional lettering used on marquees around the world. Mainly used for theatre and concert advertising, Cooper Marquee Letters have an inherent sense of drama and style that will attract attention. Their majestic appearance looks stunning on stage and makes them ideal for large business marquees, such as loan companies or real estate agencies.

Foam Marquee Letter

Foam Marquee Letters are a great way to add immediate impact to your sign. The letters are a great visual attraction and will be noticed in any storefront. These foam letters are constructed of premium high-density EPS foam, which offers the ideal flexibility, durability and impact resistance.

Galvanized Light-Up Letters

Instant light-up letters! We'll make them any color you want, but they're typically painted in red. These letters are made from galvanized steel and have holes drilled in their bases for mounting. Light-up letters are a great way to show off your brand or celebrate a special occasion on your building or warehouse facade.

Tin Light-Up Letters

Add an old-fashioned touch to your home with these tin light-up letters. This fully functioning set of upper case letters will shed a warm, amber glow on any room. Each letter features a spinning light that you can turn on and off individually by pressing its button. And the best part: Their vintage style makes them look like they’ve been in your home for years.

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Various Functions of an Industrial Marquee Letters

There are many functions of industrial marquee letters. The majority of them are used to display a message or advertise a product in public places such as shops and restaurants. People can choose different models according to their own needs and purposes.

The Industrial Marquee Letters are used to produce a visible message to the public. In addition, these letters help people understand the purpose of these businesses and establish their identity.

1. For Decorative Purposes

Industrial marquee letters have become famous for interior decoration. Businesses use the large, industrial marquee letters to create a professional and olde-worlde ambiance in their offices, while homeowners use them to personalize their homes.

2. For Events Lighting

Industrial marquee letters make ideal event signs for special occasions, like birthdays and weddings. In addition, these durable, bold letters are used in stadiums and trade shows to draw attention and make a lasting impression on viewers.

3. On Branding 

Indoor and outdoor business signage–whether for a brand or an event–can be significantly enhanced by using industrial marquee letters. These signs boast bright LED illumination, making them eye-catching to pedestrians and drivers alike. When people see these letters, they’ll start to associate your brand or event with the sign’s unique look and recognize it in a flash.

4. Restaurants and Bars

Restaurant or bar owners often use industrial marquee letters with lights to create a nostalgic ambiance. Restaurant owners use them as an effective form of branding, while interior decorators incorporate them into the design of a space to add warmth and coziness.

5. Wedding Ceremonies

Freestanding industrial marquee letters are a luxurious option for wedding venue decoration. Large industrial marquee letters with lights can be used to display the bride and groom’s initials, while LED bulbs ensure that your custom marquee signs will shine brightly at night. The result is an unforgettable backdrop that will make your special day even more memorable.

6. For Photoshoot Decoration

Use industrial marquee letters as a ravishing background for a memorable and unique photoshoot with your loved ones.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Industrial Marquee Letters


Industrial marquee letter lighting is the newest architectural sign lighting. Large-scale stores and chain restaurants rely solely on signage to interact with customers. Industrial marquee letter lighting is ideal for retail shops, corporate chains, and businesses seeking to advertise on a grand scale. Customization is available for industrial marquee letter lights to match your business image. Industrial marquee Letters is an excellent source of knowledge and guidance for novice and seasoned business owners.

This guide is meant to assist company owners and property managers in selecting the appropriate sign letters for their needs. In addition, this comprehensive FAQ guide provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about industrial marquee letters.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Industrial Marquee Letters?

Industrial marquee letters are a great way to create a visual impact. They can be used to mark your business location, advertise a sale or new product, or add some color to your building. Because they are usually made of metal, it makes sense that industrial marquee letters are often used in the manufacturing and service industries, where people need to see them clearly from above.

Figure 1 - Industrial Marquee Letters

2. What Advantages Can the Industrial Marquee Letters Offer?

Industrial Marquee letters are an item that has been widely used in our everyday lives. For example, when we go to a garage sale, they are one of the items that can be found there. They are also popular because they can provide specific attributes which would not be possible to find in other items. Industrial marquee letters offer many benefits, which is why it is essential that you choose the right one.

Advertising and Raising Public Awareness

Advertising is one of the most important uses for industrial marquee letters and signs. These can last for years and be seen from far distances, which means that they are highly effective at garnering attention. Furthermore, the boldness of some letters draws interest from even those who have no clue what the individual words mean. It is especially true with companies and organizations seeking to advance an environmental cause or other public awareness efforts.

Utilizes Less Resources

An industrial marquee saves businesses money by using fewer resources. In addition, it is an inexpensive, environmentally-friendly way to monitor traffic flow, giving your business a professional appearance.

Quick Recognition

An industrial marquee letter is intended to direct customers to new or existing businesses. Because they are portable and easy to install, they can be moved frequently as businesses change locations. In addition, because of their large size, these letters are easy to see.

Less Upkeep Costs

Industrial marquee letters are made from quality materials such as aluminum and steel, which means that one purchase will last for many years. In addition, a simple, low-maintenance design makes updating your marquee accessible by just replacing the letters.

3. What Considerations Should Be Made When Selecting Industrial Marquee Letters?

  • Inside or outside usage
  • Viewing distance
  • Your preferred type of placement
  • Lifespan
  • Does it hold up in bad weather?
  • It’s a warranty period
  • Choices for customization

4. What Are the Most Typical Applications of Industrial Marquee Letters?

  • Industrial marquee letters can be used inside an industrial space or outside
  • They can be used for advertisements, specials, events, and more
  • They’re an excellent way to grab your customer’s attention
  • They can be used in construction, real estate development, and other verticals.
  • They are often used for shops and restaurants
  • They can also be used for sports, clubs, and schools.
  • They can also be used as roadway signage

5. Do Industrial Marquee Letters Increase My Electricity Bill?

Not. Using industrial marquee lettering will not result in higher electrical costs. Low-wattage and energy-efficient LED lighting is utilized in industrial marquee letters. Consequently, a cost-effective method of illuminating industrial marquee letters was developed.

6. Are Industrial Marquee Letters at Risk for Burning Out?

They are not at risk of being burned out. As a result, they consume less energy, overheat less, and produce less heat. Superior quality industrial marquee lighting generates very little heat. They have also undergone PAT testing. As a result, LITASIGN’s industrial marquee wall letters are safer than standard industrial letters.

7. Are Industrial Marquee Letters Durable?

Yes, thanks to the high-quality materials used and the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into their construction, industrial marquee letters are incredibly long-lasting. To ensure the industrial marquee letters’ endurance, they come with a 1-year warranty that covers both the LEDs and any power supply failures.

8. Are PAT Tests Conducted on the Industrial Marquee Letters?

Yes. The purpose of a periodic examination of electrical equipment, often known as a PAT test, is to evaluate whether or not the equipment may be used without risk. Additionally, it protects the event location from any unanticipated electrical mishaps that may occur. All of the industrial marquee letters have successfully passed their PAT testing, which has made it significantly safer to utilize them.

10. Can You Assist Me With My Straitened Budget?

Marquee lettering is something that LITASIGN can manufacture to suit the needs of all of our customers. Regardless of the amount of money you have available, we will do all to find the most effective signage solution for you. All of our present and prospective business partners can count on receiving signage of the highest possible caliber from us.

11. What is the Temperature of Operation for Industrial Marquee Letters?

Industrial marquee letters can operate at a wide temperature range of -40 °C to 60 °C.

12. How Many Outlets are Needed to Power the Industrial Marquee Letters?

Because each light connects into the next and then into an outlet, you will need at least one outlet for the set of lights to function properly.

13. How Long Do Industrial Marquee Letters Typically Last?

The lifespan of industrial marquee letters is typically calculated to be 45,000 hours.

14. How Are Industrial Marquee Letters Delivered?

We ship to retail and sample orders via UPS, DHL, EMS, or FEDEX, depending on the weight and volume of the packages. However, when it comes to transporting big orders, we can do it via land or air.

15. What Kind of Bulb is Used in the Industrial Marquee Letters?

 For the industrial marquee letters, we utilized an LED bulb rated at 3 watts. There is also a choice of many other colors.

industrial marquee letters LED bulb
Figure 2 - Industrial Marquee Letters LED Bulb

16. What Plug Options Are Available for the Industrial Marquee Letters?

Industrial marquee letters PLUG-OPTIONS
Figure 3 - Industrial Marquee Letters Plug Options

17. Can I Get a Double Rim Industrial Marquee Letters?

Yes. Double-rimmed industrial marquee letters are indeed a viable option for us to consider. On the other hand, their price is significantly greater than that of single-rimmed industrial marquee letters.

Industrial Marquee Letters Rim Options
Figure 4 -Industrial Marquee Letters Rim Options

18. Can I Personalize My Own Industrial Marquee Letter?

Yes. Requests for designs made to order are always accepted. Our team has the expertise to produce hundreds of distinct designs and products due to our extensive production history.

19. Are the Industrial Marquee Sign Weatherproof?

Our industrial marquee letters operate in various weather conditions, including drizzle and rain. However, we do not recommend utilizing the product outside in situations that are considered to be highly severe, such as strong winds, heavy rain/hail, or freezing rain.

20. Are Your Industrial Marquee Letters with Lights Stable When Set Up?

Yes, we take client safety extremely seriously. We place the utmost importance on designing items that bring them joy and satisfaction. Each of the industrial marquee letters we produce is designed to be straight, durable, and safe.

21. Are Industrial Marquee Letters UL Certified?

LITASIGN is a UL-certified facility capable of designing and labeling UL-certified industrial marquee letters in-house.

22. How Long Will the Industrial Marquee Letter Order to be delivered?

It could take as little as a few weeks or as long as a few months, depending on the project’s scope and the design’s complexity. If you have a specific deadline in mind, please let us know when you place your order so we can work with you to meet it.

23. Can I see the Industrial Marquee Letters Before Buying It?

It could take as little as a few weeks or as long as a few months, depending on the project’s scope and the design’s complexity. If you have a specific deadline in mind, please let us know when you place your order so we can work with you to meet it.

24. What Are the Factors to Consider When Utilizing an Industrial Marquee Letters for Business?

Depth of Signage

Consider the sign’s depth; most industrial marquee letters have walls that can be several inches thick (exact depth can be customized upon request).

Replacement Bulb

The bulbs are interchangeable, just like a light bulb in your home’s ceiling. However, because we use LED lights for our industrial marquee letters, they will last for many years before needing to be replaced.

Overall Fragility

The industrial marquee letters are more fragile than their modern counterparts because they use large protruding bulbs rather than tiny concealed light strips.

Consider the Color

The interior and exterior of the can style lettering, and the bulb’s color (warm is most common) can be colored to match your brand.

Installation Reminder

We strongly advise that, as with any light up sign, you have it installed by a licensed electrician.

25. Can the Font of the Industrial Marquee Letters be Customized?

Yes, we are happy to help you with any unique requirements you may have. In addition, our skilled staff of designers can assist you with meeting any needs that you may have.

Figure 5 -Industrial Marquee Letters Custom Font

26. How Should You Select a Reliable Supplier of Colored Light-Up Letters?

When looking for a supplier of industrial marquee letters, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Expertise in the Lighting Industry
  • Superior Natural Materials
  • After-Sale Assistance
  • Provided Warranty
  • Customization
  • Cost Effective

27. What to Consider Before Buying Industrial Marquee Letters?

  • Warranty Covered
  • Materials Used
  • Lifespan
  • Brightness

28. What Are Your Accepted Payment Types for the Industrial Marquee Letters Order?

Because all orders are made to order, a deposit is required. In general, the deposit is 100 % TT; for large orders, 50% is due upfront, with the remaining 50 % due upon delivery.

29. Is a Deposit Required Prior to the Production of Industrial Marquee Letters?

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Telegraphic Transfers
  • Alibaba
  • Other payment methods

30. How Long is the Warranty of the Industrial Marquee Letters?

LITASIGN’s industrial marquee letters have a 24-month warranty.

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