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welding process

LITASIGN - Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Metal Letters

LITASIGN has been hand-crafting the industry’s highest quality industrial metal letters in our 6,000 sqm China-based factory since 2015. And we’ve done it for organizations of all sizes, from large corporations and small businesses to non-profits, schools, and government agencies worldwide.

Our 120 skilled workers use only industrial-grade materials and innovative designs to create metal letters that reflect the image you want to convey. They are built to last. Our industrial metal letters are available in various materials, finishes, colors, and mounting options, allowing you to create the perfect sign for your space.

Unique Industrial Metal Letters for You

Industrial metal letters are raw metal sheets, such as old antique brass, aluminum, acid-resistant stainless steel, and corten steel. Letters made of steel with increased resistance to weather conditions will fit into your architectural design and wherever you need to arrange the premises in an industrial atmosphere.

They perfectly emphasize the style of the business. Industrial metal letters in any form will give your company a character of durability. They can be given any shape and appearance by subjecting them to corrosion. By grinding the structure of the sheet metal, we will obtain effects never seen before. The corrosion of the letters caused by the sun, rain, and snow will give them a natural look and an ancient atmosphere.


Industrial Metal Letters Designed nad Manufactured by LITASIGN

We at LITASIGN are dedicated to helping you design and manufacture the industry’s highest-quality industrial metal letters. Our team of designers has the extensive industry knowledge and many years of experience designing industrial metal letters for the most prominent international brands.

When designing your industrial metal letters, our designer will implement the latest design concepts into your project, including the latest technologies and techniques used in producing industrial metal letters.

You dream it, we make it

High - Quality Production Process By A World Class Team


Creating Design & Production File

Our design and production teams will work together to create a working file, which both will review and approve. The files will be sent to our factory for production.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

We use laser cutting to precisely etch or engrave letters and designs on metal, steel, and other materials. The process involves using a high-powered laser to cut through the material’s surface. This allows us to create highly detailed designs that can be used for a wide range of applications.



Metalworkers must measure and calculate precisely to ensure the integrity of a piece of metal, especially when bending it at precise angles.



It involves welding the surfaces of metal letters together and then attaching those letters to the front of a sign. This method ensures that every letter is perfectly straight, eliminates gaps between letters, and provides a seamless appearance.

polishing process


To ensure a smooth, gap-free, and firm weld between the letter’s return and face, a particular polishing machine is used in the manufacturing process of metal signs.



The letters are painted individually, so each one is unique. A viewer standing at a distance from the piece may notice that the color on one side of a letter looks different from the other when viewed up close.



Once the paint has been done thoroughly, a drying step is required in the manufacturing of metal signs. The sign must be placed in a drying room for several hours so that it does not chip or flake off and that proper adhesion occurs.


LED Module Assembly

An LED module assembly is a process by which LEDs are assembled into a single unit. The LED chips are installed in the module, and wires are connected to the connections on the chip. The result is an LED module with consistent quality.

Light Up-Testing2

Light Up Testing

For quality assurance, we use our patented light-up testing process. A machine moves each letter on a slide under an LED light at different angles, and brightness is measured throughout the test.


Overall Quality Checking

We make every effort to ensure the reliability of our product. Letters are carefully inspected before being sent to customers, and any imperfections or defects in a letter are replaced with new letters.



Our sturdy three-ply hardwood shipping box provides maximum protection for your letters. It’s made of hardwood on the outside and reinforced with polystyrene in the middle.

Reasons to Choose LITASIGN as Your Partner in Your Industrial Metal Letters Project.

One of the top names in custom signage, sign making, and metal lettering is LITASIGN. For many years, we have assisted clients with projects involving metal lettering. Here are some justifications for picking us for your upcoming industrial metal lettering project.


An extensive capacity to handle a high volume of orders, plus expert staff members committed to making your experience with us convenient and efficient.

Quality Workmanship

Our craft is the key to everything we do. We don’t just build your sign; we create something that will last for years—and if anything should go wrong, we’re here to help you out.

Professional Quality

At LITASIGN, we believe that the quality of your sign is as important to your business as the quality of the signages you sell. We maintain the highest standards in our work and are not satisfied until you are 100 percent satisfied with our service.


LITASIGN is dedicated to innovation. We strive to find new and improved methods of doing things. Our team comprises individuals with extensive industry experience who bring their combined knowledge to the table. We make much effort to stay abreast of emerging technologies to provide you with the best service possible.


LITASIGN's team has worked in the creative industry for many years, and we have a proven track record of producing creative ideas that are both effective and engaging. We're not afraid to think outside the box, and we're happy to take on projects that challenge us creatively.

Competitive Pricing

With LITASIGN, customers get custom-made industrial metal letters at an affordable price. We keep our prices low by cutting out the middleman. Our industrial metal letters are made directly from our factory, so there’s no need for us to add extra costs by adding another layer of mediators. Customers get a better product and save money!

Industrial Metal Letters: General Gallery of Fames

Industrial metals are well known for their strength and durability, and they are used extensively in industries all over the world. They frequently serve as structural elements because they provide strength and stability while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. But not every one of them has the same taste. Use industrial metal letters to add a unique touch of personality to your home or storefront and draw the attention of your visitors. Industrial metal letters give any setting a distinctive, decorative touch.

Metal Letters for Building

Metal building letters are a great way to differentiate your building or company at an affordable price. They make your business front stand out, increasing brand recognition and customer interest.

Metal Letters for Concrete

We now offer a selection of custom metal letters for concrete. This material has been used in home and business construction for generations. These letters come in sets, making it easy to find the perfect font and style.

Custom Metal Letters

Custom Metal Letters are an affordable and eye-catching way to spread your message. The letters are available in various shapes and materials that allow for any look desired. They are also perfect for any wall, door, mailbox, or flat surface.

Metal Address Letters

Our Metal Address Letters are a great way to show off your style. Made with high-quality, weather-resistant materials that can withstand winter weather and long periods outdoors, they are the perfect accent to any home or business.

Outdoor Metal Letters

Our Outdoor Metal Letters are made of high-grade stainless steel and are virtually maintenance-free. Each letter has a powder coating finish to protect against rust, corrosion, and weathering. They're rugged enough for any outdoor application — including pool fences, sidewalks, decks, and driveways.99

Metal Letters for Sign

Build a brand by adding your name, logo, or a custom design to your sign with these metal letters. Crafted from galvanized steel, they add durability while resisting weathering and rusting, so they can provide an attractive finishing touch to your home or business.

Industrial Metal Marquee Letters

Industrial Metal Marquee Letters and Numbers. Create the perfect industrial metal marquee sign for your business with these custom-designed letters and numbers. These metal marquee letters offer a durable way to advertise your brand. With a genuinely industrial look, these letter signs are also easy to install and make an attractive addition to any business.

Industrial Brass Channel Letters

Our Industrial Brass Channel Letters are manufactured with a unique brass and enamel process, giving them a distinctive look. Their clean lines make them easy to work with and add remarkable texture to any wall or other surface you choose.

Industrial Stainless Steel Channel Letters

We offer precision cut, welded industrial stainless steel channel letters in any alphabetic combination. Choose from our standard sizes, or request custom sizing for your application. Our channel letter selection includes configurations ranging from simple single-letter sign layouts to complex logos requiring many separate pieces.

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Metal Door Letters

Metal Door Letters are an ideal way to dress up your entryway and give it the curb appeal you want. These durable letters are made from weather-resistant recycled steel. They are available in a variety of widths, heights, and finishes. Available in several colors for the frame, letter, and background


Price from $60.00

Metal House Letters

Our Metal House Letters are great for any yard. Since our metal house letters come in various styles, you'll find the perfect fit for your home. The house name letter option offers the convenience of having a decorative house number on your front door at an affordable price.


Price from $64.00

Metal Marquee Numbers

Our Metal Marquee Numbers are available in an array of bright hues and materials that can be used to customize your marquee. Use our professional-quality letters to spell out your event name, or add a numerical element to ensure everyone knows when it's time to party!


Price from $72.00

Decorative Metal Letters

Add style and a touch of elegance to your home, office, or business with our range of decorative metal letters. These stylish lettering pieces can be used to decorate around the house or make the perfect gift for family and friends.


Price from $50.00

Metal Home Letters

Metal home letters are a great way to personalize your house. Available in three finishes—stainless steel, gold, and silver—the letters can be used to spell out your last name, company name, or store name. These durable and weather-resistant letters come with a stand and are shipped ready for immediate installation.


Price from $88.00

Decorative Metal Letters

Our Decorative Metal Letters are a simple way to add a decorative touch to your home decor or office. Each letter features a stylish metal finish and is easy to install with mounting hardware included in the box. These pieces are perfect for adding artful statements to your desktops, tabletops, room dividers, and more.


Price from $83.00

Metal Marquee Bar Light

Celebrate your favorite moments with the Metal Marquee Bar Light. This vintage-inspired marquee features a country-style font, which will look great in your living room, dining room, bar, or office space.


Price from $78.00

Metal Letters for Gravestones

These metal letters are the perfect accent to any tombstone. They can be ordered with a flat or recessed design, in black or white. The recessed lettering adds depth to a stone, while the raised flat lettering adds dimension and character. Our wide selection of styles makes it easy to find the perfect addition to your memorial.


Price from $86.00

7 Benefits of Using Industrial Metal Letters

Industrial metal letters are an excellent choice for making signs. You can make them quickly, making them from high-quality materials that will last for years. The cool look and the extra durability of these signs make industrial metal letters a fantastic choice for businesses. With a quick look through the list of benefits below, you’ll see why it’s hard to go wrong with this sign.

1. Industrial Metal Letters are Long Lasting

Long-lasting and durable, metal is used in signage to withstand natural elements. Professional sign makers style metal signs to your specifications and where the signage should be placed. Steel and aluminum have replaced cast iron for molded lettering.

2. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Usage

The use of industrial metal letters for signage is most common in outdoor settings, owing to their perfection. For signage makers, the steel signs are treated and coated to be suitable for outdoor purposes. Similarly, the partner materials involved in carving lettering signs are PVC, wood, and acrylic. However, these are limited only to industrial usage. When used indoors, such signs will last for twenty years.

3. Industrial Metal Letters are Versatile

The industrial metal letters can be customized by selecting a design, style, or concept appropriate for your business. You also have to choose the color and finish of the metal surface. Decide on the thickness, and then have the lettering done on either or both sides. Professional signage makers use metal plates to create custom channel signs with lettering.

4. Short Manufacturing Period

The manufacturing time for industrial metal letters averages two weeks, but three weeks is the usual turnaround time. The professionals use the extra week to gain full approval from their clients before production begins. Design requirements determine manufacturing times.

5. Can Be Illuminated

If a sign is to be seen at night or in the dark, lights should be included in the industrial metal letters. In this case, an electrical connection is needed for adding lights to the metal letters. Lights are often placed on the back of signs to create a colored glow around the metal pieces.

6. Can Be Customized

For interior signage applications, you may need a small-sized industrial metal letter or a large metal letter. Whatever the need, industrial metal letters are the best solution. So, be free to talk to sign professionals to decide the exact size for your sign. They are ideal for guiding you by discussing the best options.

7. Budget Friendly

The designs of industrial metal letters determine their pricing. The pricing of these signs is highly affordable and does not compromise longevity or quality. Once you invest in an industrial metal sign, with its details visible, you will not have to worry about explaining the location to your vendors and customers in the future.

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