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Creative and Quality Large Marquee Letter Manufacturer - LITASIGN

LITASIGN is one of the professional manufacturers of large marquee letters in China; it has a large modern factory with more than 6000 square meters and more than 200 workers who are creative and fully equipped with advanced production equipment.

In addition, LITASIGN has its brand of commercial products and lighting products. Since entering the market in 2015, LITASIGN has been providing various types of commercial signs to many customers worldwide.

The Customized Expert of Large Marquee Letters

Based on the “customization” strategy, LITASIGN has specialized in designing and manufacturing large marquee letters for more than 6 years. Our design, production, and sales team have more than 120 staff members and more than 6 years of experience. 

We have accumulated a wealth of valuable operation experience through project practice in product planning, design upgrades, process evaluations, factory inspections, on-site construction installation, and later maintenance. In addition, we provide all customers with a complete set of operation process management methods to help them realize the maximum brand value.


Application Examples

Large marquee letters are a great option for making a statement at an event or party, include wedding receptions, corporate events, and outdoor parties. You can customize with desired text, colors, and sizes to fit your theme and space.


The Details You Should Know About Large Marquee Letters


High Quality Large Marquee Letters in a Variety of Colors and Styles

Large Marquee Letters are a fun and inexpensive way to add drama to any event. We have various lettering options available for decorating a home, business, or venue.

Our large marquee letters come in various colors and styles, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. Color patterns, bulb types, and even remote control options are all available.

Indoor and outdoor use is safe with these large marquee letter lights. Our materials are of the highest quality, ensuring that your large marquee letters can withstand even the most extreme weather.

Production Process to Create Large Marquee Letters that are Durable and High Quality


Punching the Plate

Machine tools perforate the entire plate to create a perfect hole. The aperture size is dictated by the LED inserted. As a result, a high-quality stainless steel plate body provides exceptional weight, brightness, and an essential yet elegant appearance.


Soldering the Solid Edge

Solder the solid edge together to create a strong bond. It prevents the plate from flexing and keeps it in place, making it more durable than a sign made with only one layer of metal. The result is a sign that will last through several moves.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Polishing the edges and corners of large marquee letters keeps them free of burrs, adding a nice finishing touch to your top-of-the-line, durable marquee letters.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

Painting the surface of a plate can create a visually appealing marquee sign. By painting the letters in large, bold strokes, the large marquee letters will be long-lasting and can be used for various events and locations.


Installation of LED Bulbs

Inserting the completed LED bulb into the corresponding hole, if it is used outdoors, apply a waterproof coating to ensure that the large marquee letter is weatherproof.


Marquee Sign Packaging

We carefully pack our large marquee letters in weather-resistant packaging to protect them from damage. Without loose packing material or cracks in the glass, wood, or metal frames, your order will arrive safely. The newspaper used to wrap the large marquee letters is shipped with your order in two cartons.

What Makes LITASIGN's Large Marquee Letters Stand-Out from the Rest?

There are plenty of companies that offer large marquee letters out there. So what makes LITASIGN's marquee letters stand out from the rest? First, let's explore what makes our large marquee letters something you'll want to put on the face of a venue, home, or building.

Affordable, Stylish

Large marquee letters from LITASIGN can be customized with attractive graphics for a stylish look at an affordable price.


LITASIGN's large marquee letters allow for versatility in design. You can customize your sign to suit your needs.

Greater Visibility

Our large marquee letters are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making them visible even long distances. In addition, people can read the large marquee letters from a distance, ensuring that everyone can see your message.

Easy to Install

LITSIGN marquee letters are available with complete setup and installation documentation, allowing you to install them without expert assistance.

Low Maintenance

LITASIGN's large marquee letters are made of high-quality materials that resist weathering and are easy to clean so that they will last for years. They also guarantee a return on investment because they won't need to be repaired or maintained for so long.

Proper Awareness

LITASIGN's large marquee letters display information about your business, including your vision, logo, and mission. They enable consumers to identify your business and assess whether it is a good fit for their needs.

Lightweight Design

Our large marquee letters are often made of lightweight materials to be moved with ease.

Less Energy Consumption

LITASIGN's large marquee letters are illuminated by LED bulbs, which consume very little power and are environmentally friendly. Additionally, the company's large marquee letters will not significantly impact your electricity bill.


LITASIGN uses only the highest-quality materials to produce our large marquee letters, which are durable and weather resistant.

LITASIGN's Extravagant Large Marquee Letters

LITASIGN’s extravagant marquee letters are unique, prominent, and a high-quality way to advertise your business to the passerby. These large sign letters are visible from miles away. All of LITASIGN’s large marquees are made with high-quality materials and are available in your choice. Displaying your business name in large marquee letters is a great way to advertise your business anywhere: at events, malls, or even in your office building.

4ft Marquee Letters

These realistic 4-foot tall letters are an affordable way to transform your signage. Ideal for business branding, advertising, or special events. Whether you're a car dealership looking to advertise your new line of cars, or a company promoting a new product, there's no better way to turn heads than with these marquee letters!

3 Foot Marquee Letters

3 Foot Marquee Letters can be seen from half a mile away to draw attention to your event. Set up your event with our 3 foot marquee letters, whether you're hosting an outdoor event or need some extra visibility indoors.

48 Inch Marquee Letters

48 Inch Marquee Letters to Light Up Your Business or Home. These quality marquee letters are great for home, business and nightclub use. They glow bright at night with LED lights.

24 Inch Marquee Letters

Create a custom statement with 24" Marquee Light Letters! Our illuminated letters are designed to illuminate your message, name, or logo. They make excellent signs for businesses, events and parties. All of our 24 inch Marquee Light Letters come with an internal, 12 volt transformer that plugs into standard 110 volt outlets.

40 Marquee Signs

Our Marquee Signs are ideal for the entrance of your home or business. When displayed on the front porch, they can be used to welcome guests and family members, or to commemorate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

30 Marquee Signs

Perfect for parties and celebrations, the signs are easy to install with their included hardware and built in magnets, or can stand freely on a flat surface. Each sign has an attractive silver finish and comes individually packaged.

Large Wedding Marquee Letters

Large Marquee Letters are an ideal addition to any wedding ceremony. Our letters can be customized with any word(s) and color(s) of your choice. They offer a stunning and elegant way to welcome friends and family to the nuptials, or display the well-wishes of guests at the end of the night!

Large Graduation Marquee Letters

Brighten up the big day with a graduation party featuring these fun and festive Graduation Party Favors. Your guests will love these large diploma letters for photos, or use them as decorations around your home or on the event tables.

Large Prom Marquee Letters

These Large Prom Marquee letters are made of quality cotton material and accompany a durable metal frame. The letters, which come in both lower case and upper case, can be easily assembled by clipping them together with the clips that are provided.

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Business Marquee Sign

Our business marquee sign is ideal for your office, storefront, or waiting room. With a strong build and fundamental nature, this product will get your logo noticed!


Price from $265.00

Wholesale Marquee Numbers

These wholesale marquee numbers are an affordable way to make your party even more special. It can be used as several words with different colors and font choices. The numbers are printed on metal with a glitter finish, making them sparkle under the lights.


Price from $245.00

Alpha Lit Marquee Letters

Alpha Lit Marquee Letters are stunning and high-quality marquee letters, ideal for nightclubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. If you need to create a high-impact display in a venue where aesthetics are essential, this is your product.


Price from $261.00

Cooper Marquee Letters

Cooper Marquee Letters are the perfect addition to your business or storefront. Whether you need a single letter or all capitals, Cooper Marquee letters are made with durable materials and custom-cut to any size!


Price from $250.00

Foam Marquee Letters

Our Foam Marquee Letters are a fun and easy way to personalize your party décor! Use our Foam Marquee Letter Set to spell out the name of your party or celebration, create centerpieces by spelling out the birthday guest of honor’s name, or use them to start planning a memorable wedding.


Price from $240.00

Holiday Marquee Letters

Holiday Marquee Lettering will add the perfect accent to your holiday party or event. The colorful letters are easy to set up and fold away for convenient storage after use. The letters can be used indoors or out and come with eyelets, rope, and stakes for easy installation.


Price from $270.00

Cursive Marquee Letters

These decorative Cursive Marquee Letters are perfect for your door or wall. Use them to make a grand entrance, create a theme for a room, or add some flair to display your decor style! Marquee letters are available in three different font styles: uppercase font, lowercase font, and an italicized version.


Price from $247.00

Marquee Letters

Marquee letters bring your message to life, enhancing the overall look of any event or occasion. Whether you want a single word or a phrase, we can help make it happen. Our letters are made from a durable, weather-resistant material to ensure years of use!


Price from $260.00

Why Choose LITASIGN for Your Large Marquee Letters Requirements?

It can be challenging to find a marquee sign provider that you can trust in today’s competitive Marquee Letters market. One that will provide the marquee letters you want and at a price point you can afford. After years of experience providing custom high-quality large marquee letters, we have learned that our clients are looking for the same thing: reliable and durable large marquee letters that can offer excellent customer service. Every business wants to choose a marquee sign provider they can rely on while still being able to afford their requirements.

1. As a direct manufacturer with over 6 years of experience in large marquee letters, we complete the export process ourselves, eliminating the need for an intermediary trade company to share benefits with clients.

2. A one-stop shop for large marquee letters could help you save money and time by allowing you to purchase all types of marquee letter supplies.

3. Large marquee letters and accessories are entirely CE / RoHS / UL compliant. As a result, we always opt for high-quality accessories over low-cost ones.

4. LITASIGN has complete and advanced equipment to ensure increased production efficiency and quality control.

5. Large marquee letters individually packaged securely, with EPE inner protection and a carton box on the outside. Because of their bulk and volume, all large marquee letters are shipped by sea rather than air or express.

6. Provide original images and videos of the large marquee letters to assist you in advance with online advertising

7. Can meet all of your customized requirements and possess strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities. 

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Large Marquee Letters


Large marquee letters are a great way to say something memorable and convey your point. But they can be intimidating at the same time. In addition, marquees can seem confusing if you don’t know how they work, how to choose them, or how to install them into your establishment. So we’ve put together this FAQ guide to give you insight into marquees and help you purchase large marquee letters for your business.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Large Marquee Letters?

Large marquee letters are great when you want to make a statement or attract attention. You can place them on top of buildings, in front of shops, on stages, and even at parties. In addition, they are easy to see from a distance. These large pieces of lettering are made from either metal or plastic and can be painted any color you like.

Large Marquee letters are a great way to attract attention to your business. Like other signs, they can be used as business signs or decorative patio decorations.

2. What are The Materials of Large Marquee Letters?

The stunning large marquee letters will draw everyone’s attention. Using large marquee lettering to decorate a business or any special event has grown increasingly trendy.

The following are the components of the large marquee letters:

large marquee letters materials
Figure 1 - Large Marquee Letters Materials

3. Does The Large Marquee Letters Are PAT Tested?

The big marquee letters have passed PAT testing. A PAT test is conducted to determine whether the electrical equipment is safe.

The basic goal of the PAT test is to prevent unexpected electrical accidents. Therefore, a full PAT test includes a visual examination and depth check.

4. Can the Large Marquee Letters Applicable to Use Outside?

Yes, the large marquee letters can be used outside. However, if you can conceal the light with a tent or tipi, that will be preferable.

The large marquee letters can be used outside. However, bringing them inside overnight or during inclement weather is preferable.

Figure 2 - Outdoor Large Marquee Letters

5. Are the Large Marquee Letters Freestanding?

Yes. The giant marquee letters are, in fact, self-standing. With the freestanding giant marquee lettering, you may personalize your business or special event. It will create a lovely, enchanting atmosphere. In addition, the enormous marquee letters can be readily placed on flat surfaces.

Figure 2 - Freestanding Large Marquee Letters

6. What Are the Popular Types Of Large Marquee Letters Available In The Market?

Large marquee letters can be found in many different places; These signs can be made to your chosen height and length. The lettering can be made from various materials, including plastic, metal, and even glass. The size and shape of these letters can come in multiple styles as well.









7. What Are The Key Features Of The Large Marquee Letters ?

The letters in our large marquee sign collection are an excellent choice for party planners, event coordinators, and business owners. Most letters are freestanding and can be used indoors and out; they’re especially great for garden parties and other outdoor events.

The following are some of their key features:

  • Freestanding
  • 5 to 6ft tall
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to handle
  • LED bulbs
  • Includes own power lead and plug
  • Stunning wedding backdrop
  • Perfect for home decor, lobby areas, or wedding backdrop

8. How Does Size Affect The Price Of The Large Marquee Letters?

The price of giant marquee letters is affected by their size and design. Therefore, one of the most critical determining variables has been the size of the large marquee letters.

The larger or greater size will be more expensive than the smaller sizes. In addition, because the larger ones will require more materials, labor costs and other expenses will rise.

9. Do I Need a Remote and A Dimmer for the Large Marquee Letters?

Yes, you’ll need a remote and dimmer to control the brightness, turn the lights on and off, and activate party modes that make the letters flash, pulse, and flicker. They also allow you to decrease the brightness of your sign, which can help with exposure reduction.

This is appropriate when snapping photos in front of your giant marquee lettering or utilizing it as a backdrop for a photoshoot. For giant marquee letters, manufacturers usually include the remote and dimmer in the package, but you may also buy them separately.

10. Is the Large Marquee Letters Energy-Efficient?

Yes, large marquee letters are extremely energy efficient. They are built to survive for years without needing individual light sources or control circuits to be replaced.

Large marquee letters provide more brightness per watt, and the lighting can last up to 45,000 hours before needing to be replaced.

11. Are Large Marquee Letter Lights Durable?

Yes, because they are composed of high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship, giant marquee letters are incredibly durable. Most letters with lights are made of aluminum and stainless steel, which are robust.

To assure durability, the large marquee letters come with industry-leading multi-year warranties that cover the LEDs and any power supply failures.

12. What Components Are Included in The Package of Large Marquee Letters?

  • LED-lit letters
  • Lead wires at 36 inches long
  • 12VDC, class 2 power supplies
  • CAB plastic
  • Plain mount
  • Weep holes
  • 1-year warranty on LEDs and power supplies
  • Wiring diagrams and instructions are provided for licensed electrician use.
  • UL labels.

13. Does the Large Marquee Letters will Make My Electrical Bill Higher?

While large marquee letters may seem to increase electrical usage, they use less energy than traditional lighting systems. In addition, the large marquee letters’ low wattage, vivid, and energy-efficient LEDs ensure that operating costs remain low.

14. How Can the Large Marquee Letters Be Use in a Business?

Large marquee letters are an effective way to promote your business. The large, bright letters can be seen from far away, even when it is dark outside. These superior-quality letters will draw attention to your brand and make it stand out. You can use them anywhere the creativity leads you to showcase your business. The large marquee letters will make your business more visible and popularise with people.

Figure 3- Large Marquee Letters for Business

15. Do the Lighting of the Large Marquee Letters Have the Risk of Getting Burn Out?

No, these bulbs do not burn out. They are energy-efficient and do not produce overheating. The heat generated by the high-quality marquee letters is minimal. Besides, they are PAT tested for their safety to use compared to traditional ones.

16. What Are the Average Cost of a Large Marquee Letters?

The cost of large marquee letters is determined by the size, shape, number, and height of the letters, the sophistication of the design, and whether or not the letters are waterproof. You can buy a large quantity of marquee letters at wholesale prices if you purchase them in bulk.

On average, large marquee letters will cost $270 to $700.

17. What Custom Options Are Available in Large Marquee Letters?

Large marquee letters provide an extensive range of customization opportunities. The customizable option is the best part about large marquee letters, which you can personalize to choose the light that is perfect for you.

  • Design in every language 
  • Quantity of letters per line
  • Alignment of letters
  • Design and dimension of fonts 
  • Font, backing, and background colors 
  • Preferred power plug style 

18. What Factors You Should Consider While Choosing Large Marquee Letters?

  • Raw materials
  • High-quality LEDs
  • Size and shape of the lighting system
  • Warranty
  • Efficiency
  • Installation
  • Affordability

19. Can I Customize the Font of the Large Marquee Letters?

Yes, we welcome new clients and their special requests. Our team is ready to assist you with any design-related project you may have.

Figure 4 - Large Marquee Letters Custom Font

20. How Long is the Warranty of the Large Marquee Letters?

 LITASIGN guarantees its large marquee letters against defects in artistry and materials for 12 months.

21. How to Proceed with An Order for the Large Marquee Letters?

  • First, let us know about your large marquee letter needs and application.
  • Second, we offer rates depending on your requirements or our suggestions
  • Then, the customer confirms the samples and pays for the formal order.
  • Finally, we make preparations for the production.

22. How Do Ship the Large Marquee Letter Order?

We use several shipping methods, including DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT. Air and sea transportation is also available upon request.

23. What Payment Type Do You Accept?

    • PayPal
    • Western Union
    • Telegraphic Transfers 
    • Alibaba
    • Other payment methods.

24. Is a Deposit Required Before Large Marquee Letter Order Production?

Yes, all orders require a deposit. For small orders, the deposit is 100% TT; for large orders, 50% of the deposit is required upfront and 50% will be due before delivery.

25. What Colors of the Bulb for the Large Marquee Letters?

The color of bulbs include red, pink and purple, blue, green and orange, yellow.

Manufacturers can manufacture large marquee letters with an ombre appearance.

Figure 5 - Large Marquee Letters Colored Lighting

26. How Do the Large Marquee Letters Work?

The marquee letters each have a 220/230v plug and one socket. The light letters can be connected effortlessly with an extension cable and socket. Never connect other equipment to the large marquee letter end string; in particular, when used with a dimmer, both the large marquee letters and the gadget can be harmed.

27. Are the Large Marquee Letters Weatherproof?

Large marquee letters can withstand outdoor elements, including rain. Therefore, they can be used outside in poor conditions like high winds, thunderstorms, heavy rain or hail, snow, or sleet—although this is not recommended.

28. How Much Space Does a Large Marquee Letters Required?

Large marquee letters can withstand outdoor elements, including rain. Therefore, they can be used outside in poor conditions like high winds, thunderstorms, heavy rain or hail, snow, or sleet—although this is not recommended.

29. What are the Factors that Determine the Cost of the Large Marquee Letters?

The following factors impact the cost of big marquee letters:

  • The number of letters and the design you choose
  • The type of bulbs you choose
  • Your indoor or outdoor event’s location.

30. How Can I Get the Price of the Large Marquee Letters?

Please send your design requirements to, and we will send you price information. If the length and width of the surface are higher than 1 meter, the price is computed by the square meter of the surface.

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