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Custom LED Signs for Rooms by LITASIGN

Since 2015, LITASIGN has steadily risen to become a global leader in the supply of LED sign solutions. The commitment of LITASIGN to assure high-quality and long-lasting products is the most critical factor in achieving this goal.

LITASIGN has gained global recognition as the top provider of custom LED signs for rooms and other neon sign goods due to this philosophy. It is also a result of LITASIGN’s ongoing technological breakthroughs that the best-LED sign solutions are available.

Custom LED Signs for Rooms from LITASIGN are the Most Cost-Effective Option

With high-quality custom LED signs for rooms, LITASIGN will bring life to your space at a low cost. LITASIGN will provide clarity and high-quality signs constructed of long-lasting materials, despite the low prices.

This is because LITASIGN’s latest custom LED room signs offer a broader range of options and better equipment at a lower cost. LITASIGN ensures that we will provide you with the functionality that you demand.

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Professional Assistance for Your Room LED Signs from LITASIGN

Through our skilled designers, LITASIGN assures that we aid in creating art for developing custom LED signs for rooms. LITASIGN’s designers will create your signs in a way that allows you to change the brightness of your signs as needed.

LITASIGN’s customer service team is always available to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your bespoke LED room signs. LITASIGN’s technical team will always be available to help with operational issues.

You dream it, we make it

All-In-One Solution for Your LED Sign for your Rooms

pcb design

PCB Design

Expert engineers build schematics for LED neon flex circuits using advanced computer technology. They could figure out what size PCBs were needed to make specific neon signs. With the highest quality standards in mind, the designers take your idea from concept to finished product in the most professional manner possible. Your custom PCB design services will ensure that you get a high-quality result as soon as feasible.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

When it comes to neon signs, the QC department double-checks the quality before proceeding to the next stage. LED neon light PCB boards are critical for neon signs. Assuring that your LED bedroom neon signs are composed of high-quality materials is a service provided by LITA. There are a variety of tests for your devices, ranging from basic safety checks to quality inspections.

smt processing

SMT Processing

This is because Lita Sign uses the most advanced and precise SMT technology on the market. It is necessary to ensure the high quality of the LED chips patch. There are two SMT machines at LITA, each capable of producing a daily output of 2,000 meters. When you think of virtual soldering or off-soldering as a problem, it’s easy to see how it can successfully tackle the issue of unstable supply.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

To maintain the level of beauty and quality of Room Led signs, a crucial and sensitive extrusion process is required, and professional abilities and knowledge of the task to obtain the desired result.
Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

The design team uses an innovative and up-to-date 3D design technology to visualize before fitting on the backboard. Customers’ designs, styles, and colors are correctly realized due to this.

Backplate Engraving

The process of grooving lines into acrylic is both fascinating and cost-effective. The grooves aid in the placement of the neon flex strip, ensuring that the seams are perfectly matched. By reducing the number of neon flex strips wasted, grooving the backboard with an engraving machine can save you much time, money, and energy.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

Measuring the design of each sign and cutting the flex strips properly are skilled artisans with excellent craftsmanship. After that, they paired these new neon strips with some appropriate accessories. All room neon signs are hand-finished by highly talented craftsmen dedicated to perfection, have been making neon signage for over five years, have been making neon signage for more than five decades.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

LITA’s professional engineers aged-tested all finished LED room neon signs for 24 hours, and then a set of aged testers tested them again by hand for another 24 hours. This allows for early detection of faults with virtual and off-soldering LED chips and PCBs, ensuring quality testing.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

When it comes to exporting products, packaging is always crucial. LITASIGN, a company that exports personalized neon signs, pays special attention to this stage to avoid damage during the exporting process.

What Are the 9 Benefits of LITASIGN for Your Signage Business?

LITASIGN is China's most prestigious and reliable manufacturer with a solid and recognizable brand as a professional manufacturer with international certification and a high market reputation. Upgraded LED room signs and neon signs for various industries, including real estate, bars, clubs, hotels, and restaurants, are all available. Find out why LITASIGN is the best choice for you here.

Affordable Price

For all of your room led signs and other lighting requirements for your project, LITASIGN delivers the greatest price and experience.

Product Quality

LITASIGN has devised the most comprehensive and stringent quality control system in the industry, including a complete inspection of the finished product before shipment.

Warranty & After Sales

Indoor neon signs come with a two-year warranty, while outdoor led signs come with a one-year warranty from LITA SIGN. In a malfunction, a replacement sign will be installed as soon as possible.

Product Durability

Stainless steel advertising screws and hanging ropes, unlike plastic and iron, have a very long life duration. Your sign will be safer and more risk-free to install for a more extended amount of time if you place such a high value on durability. This led sign will look brand new for years to come, even if used a lot.

Supply Capacity

With 120 people trained in hand-made signs, our business has operated a full set of silicone extrusion equipment that can satisfy the capacity requirements of big volume orders. Each day, it can make 500 personalized led signage for homes.

One-Stop Production

PCB design, SMT process for LED chips, reflow-soldering, Lightboard connection, integrated silicone extrusion, aging test, and integrated virgin silicone LED neon flex are all included. LITASIGN can deliver quickly with no client complaints because of this one-stop personalized LED neon signs production.

Design Capability

The Litasign design team consisted of five designers who worked in the advertising and design industries. A designer, a draughtsman, and a craftsman are the three types of people who do the work. With a same-day turnaround on customer proof-of-concept, this division of labor improves the design process' efficiency and lowers overall costs.

Variety of Installation Methods

You can order the size and shape of the sign you want using LITASIGN's variety of possibilities. We've got you covered when it comes to hanging it on the wall. Suspenders, surface mounting, or grid fastening are all options. With proper installation, we also have your back for flooring fixed signage.

Packaging & Shipping

Compact and tidy packaging boxes manufactured with a 10mm thick honeycomb paper board for extra strength will help you save money on shipping. To ensure secure transportation, paper corner protectors are employed. For drop-shipping services, we may additionally personalize your logo on the package, improving your branding effects for each product.

LITASIGN's High-Quality LED Signs for Room for The International Market

Due to the knowledge, experience, and selection, LITASIGN room LED signs are the perfect choice for businesses. Some of our most popular signs can be found in the list below. You can change the color, font, size, and design to your liking.

LED Bedroom Neon Sign

For the home, the LED Bedroom neon sign is a fantastic and original design. This sign is a one-of-a-kind way to show off your personal flair or as a fun business giveaway.

Game Room LED Signs

Signs for game rooms are a must for any gaming enthusiast. Store your games in style with an LED sign that is both ornate and colorful. This sign will give any game room a unique and playful feel.

Man Cave LED Signs

Highly-detailed wall decor for the Man Cave and Office, featuring LED-backlit images that create an instant focal point without taking up much space

LED Name Signs

Your message can be eye-catching and cost-effective with exterior wall signs. Create your own indoor or outdoor wall sign.

Better Together LED Sign

Better Together LED Sign. I want this product. Its beautiful colors will attract all individuals. And it will be our great advertisement to everyone on the street! You need to upgrade your business with this great sign!

Butterfly LED Sign

This butterfly sign is an ideal gift for a family, friend, or loved one. Please put it in their office, home or even in their car. When turned on, this LED sign glows vibrantly to display the message of your choice. The butterfly sign is a great way to show off your personality and individuality with a gift that can be personalized and re-used!

Be A Voice LED Sign

Be A Voice LED Sign is a perfect sign to hang in business and presentations. This beautiful sign features. Each side of this attached LED sign can be made to read anything you like with Be A Voice LED signs.

Heartbeat LED Sign

Let your love shine brighter than the brightest stars in the sky! -The heartbeat LED Sign is a unique valentine's day gift idea.

Red Cross LED Sign

Let your message shine through with a Red Cross LED sign! These powerful signs are laminated for durability and weatherproof for outdoor use. Choose from several different sizes, or even custom print your message.

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What Factors You Must Consider in Purchasing a LED Sign For Room?

LITASIGN, a leading manufacturer of room-specific LED signage, has a wide selection of the highest-quality products on the market. Your led signs will endure a long time and will never let you down because of these characteristics.

1. Warranty 

LITASIGN  is committed to producing weatherproof and waterproof outdoor LED signs, providing 2 years warranty for indoor LED signs of guaranteed quality and a 1-year warranty for our outdoor ones. We will ship new signage to you immediately in case damage signs are within their guarantee period. This way, not only can you save time on repair or maintenance on it, but also reduce the expensive replacement cost of your signage by half.

2. Delivery Time

Usually, it will take 5-7 days to produce a LED sign. If your order is urgent it can be completed in two days and 4 to 6 days for delivery. A total of between 11-13 days for your order to arrive.

3. Packaging

Our packaging is strong, tidy, and compact. They are strong, tidy, and easy to transport. The 10mm thick honeycomb board boxes are customized by the machine according to the dimensions of each signage piece. They will save you shipping costs. You can be sure to receive an undamaged LED neon sign.

4. Dropshipping Service

We can also include your logo/brand label and instruction manuals in the box, it can help people to remember your brand.

5. Supply Capacity

With 120 workers skilled in hand-made signs, LITASIGN has a daily production capacity of around 500 pieces per day. A facility with a complete set of silicone extrusion equipment capable of handling large-volume orders to suit the demands of wholesale customers. 

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