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Dedicated to providing a highly superior product for a very specialized market, LITASIGN began producing our custom flexible LED neon signs and illuminated signs in 2016. Using virgin silicone extrusion technology and the most advanced production equipment, we have top-quality neon signs that surpass the computer-generated ones on the market.

LITASIGN pride itself on top-tier craftsmanship, incorporating the innovation of LED neon signs into your home design to offer you an awe-inspiring aesthetic. With a LITASIGN, you are investing in quality and longevity.

Professional Neon Signs Manufacturer You Can Trust!

LITASIGN neon lights are designed mainly for neon signage by our expert designers; they overlook no detail. LITASIGN manufactures signs of any shape or size using high-quality materials. Nobody beats our low neon light sign prices and extended warranties.

LITASIGN is a globally recognized manufacturer of LED neon signs; customized neon displays are a growing trend in the sign industry. Positive feedback has been received on custom designs for bars, weddings, hotels, cafes, and other big projects.


The Ultimate Solution for Your Business and Events Unique Signage

LITASIGN provides a complete range of signage customized for you, including design, our LITASIGN production process, and shipping services. From small neon signs to large ones, we maintain the highest standard of products. Each product is carefully made to hit every detail that conveys what you want. We have a team of professional designers to meet your every need as soon as possible. In addition, we can ensure on-time delivery to minimize any extra costs.

You dream it, we make it

Production Process with Strict Safety Standard and Dedicated to Best Quality and Affordable Costs

pcb design

PCB Design

The PCB diagram will be created with the silicone jacket construction, lighting effect, and heat dissipation in mind. An intelligent PCB design may significantly decrease virtual soldering and off-soldering issues in the production process.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

The assessment of raw materials for quality is critical for the efficient fabrication of the neon sign. When the PCB testing is finished, the device will be tested again, and a sample containing LED chips will be evaluated further. The units can then be constructed if the samples pass testing.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN owns two SMT machines used to assemble the light source of LED strips, LED flex, and LED signs. SMT is perfect for producing the LED chips used in neon signage. It can prevent virtual soldering and off-soldering of LED chips, which may occur on LED neon signs. LITASIGN is now producing 2000 meters of light source per day.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

LITASIGN Neon flex employs integrated pure silicone LED neon flex, a form of silicone extruded for neon purposes. Our silicone extrusion equipment will create it. For the LED neon flex, we do not utilize fake silicone material. Virgin silicone jackets can aid in dissipating heat from LED neon flexes. They are anti-aging, anti-corrosion and will not yellow even after extended usage.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

The sample sign that LITASIGN designs will look practically identical to the original during production. All details, including the light color, Jacket color, design, power of the LED adaptor, plug type, and dimmer version, will be carefully examined throughout the manufacturing procedure. You have the option to confirm your order details before we begin the manufacturing process.

Backplate Engraving

The system’s high-end machinery cuts different backing patterns without overlapping the cut lines. The efficiency of the machinery and the cutting process is improved, resulting in faster production and accuracy cutting of vast batches of neon signs. Acrylic backplates are engraved with great care and attention to detail.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

The distinctive neon signs manufactured by LITASIGN are made from the best quality raw materials and are submitted to severe quality control methods. The level of craftsmanship influences how well they fit into the original design and how appealing they are. It is especially true for your clientele, who value quality artistry regarding signs.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

Every LED product must go through an 8-hour lighting test to guarantee that it operates properly and has the correct color temperature. Therefore, virtual soldering and off soldering difficulties with LED chips and PCBs can be detected in advance. As a result, you may be confident in our quality testing.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

To ensure safe transportation of the neon sign, all packages are custom-built. The packing is sufficiently small, and all boxes are built of a 10mm thick honeycomb board for added strength. For added security, we pack the package again with paper corner protectors. We can personalize your company’s logo on the box for drop-shipping orders, which means your branding will be boosted.

LITASIGN's Love Neon Signs' Best Features

The neon sign is a signage and design classic, instantly recognizable for its bold-colored glow, and this timeless quality means that it has always been famous for a wide range of applications. Whether you want a unique design customized to your needs or simply a stock sign ready to hang in your home, we are the best choice to light up your life. Here are the best features of LITASIGN's neon signs:

Integrated LED Neon Flex

The neon is more vibrant because of the improved heat dissipation provided by an integrated LED neon flex sign. A common problem with embedded LED neon signs is that the jacket drops, but combined LED neon signs don't have this problem.

Virgin Silicone Jackets

Virgin silicone jackets are superior to PVC or imitation silicone in terms of quality. They have no odor, are fire retardant, and do not yellow with time. Using them is risk-free.

Dual Protection Technology

The dual protection feature of LITASIGN's neon sign ensures that even if one of the central sections of the neon sign failed, the rest of the neon sign would continue to operate normally without interruption.

Improved LED Neon Flex

Adding revolutionary PET film to LED neon flex allows you to customize any shape for your customers without harming the quality of the LED sign, allowing you to offer unique happy holiday neon signs with no trouble at all.

Branded Acrylic Backboard

With Taiwan's joint-stock company's triple-reinforced acrylic backboard, LITASIGN's backboard is more transparent and rigid than PS or PVC board. Also, it has higher scratch resistance and higher yellow resistance than comparable items on the market.

High-Quality Power Supply

LITASIGN's love neon sign is powered by a power source that is CE, ROHS, FCC, UL, CUL, C-tick, PSE, and KC approved. It has fulfilled or exceeded the criteria set forth by your region, and it consumes less energy than comparable products on the market. Furthermore, it is entirely risk-free to use.

High - Quality Lighting

To create a neat and attractive display, LITASIGN's love neon signs use high brightness and low light decay chips.

High - Quality Accesories

It is important to note that the stainless steel screws and hanging ropes used to mount the sign ensure that there will be no corrosion or damage to the neon sign over time, allowing your installation to remain secure for as long as it is required to be.

Customized Compact Packaging

You will save both time and money by using customized packaging. You may transport your signs safely and orderly without experiencing too much difficulty.

The Home of High-Quality Handmade Love Neon Signs

Experience the ultimate in neon sign luxury when you shop our exclusive collection of one-of-a-kind, handmade signs—a collection of love neon signs in various shapes, colors, and styles. Crafted from pure silicone tubes, each piece is original and guaranteed to illuminate any space. Unlimited possibilities to make a business, home, and event stand out. Select your very own love neon sign today.

Crazy In Love Neon Sign

Brighten up any room with this Crazy In Love neon sign. This pretty lighting can be used to light up your living room, college dorm room or just as a bright addition to your bedroom.

Drunk In Love Neon Sign

Let your walls do the talking with this neon sign decoration in a fun, playful script. Its bold letters will liven up any living space or home bar. Our Drunk In Love Neon Sign comes complete with a transparent acrylic backplate and either hooks or stands to hang it on the wall or display it on the tabletop.

Red Love Neon Sign

The Red Love Neon Sign will enhance any wall or window in the home, office, or dorm. The pretty red lettering is made from LEDs and looks fantastic whether lit up or not. It’s also super easy to hang!

All You Need is Love Neon Sign

A classic piece of neon art that will give your home or office the perfect amount of retro appeal. This neon sign features bright LED lights and a translucent backdrop that gives off an even glow. It's a great conversation piece, whether it's near your front door, behind your bar, in the man cave, or hanging in your dorm.

Til Death Neon Sign

Say it without words with a neon 'til death do us part' sign for your big day. Each letter is hand-crafted and mounted to a base, making this the perfect accent piece for not only your celebration but also your home after the big day.

God Gave Me You Neon Sign

The classic romantic message of this neon love sign will be sure to make your loved one smile. The phrase "God Gave Me You." This would be a perfect addition to any room in your home.

Forever And Always Neon Sign

Customize your space with this handcrafted Forever And Always Neon Sign. Its unique design makes it perfect for your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or family room and adds a personalized touch to your home.

You And Me Neon Sign

You And Me Neon Sign. This quaint piece will surely make the perfect addition to anyone's home. With its realistic, vivid neon sign and black base, this lamp makes a great conversation starter.

Valentines Neon Signs

Celebrate the day of love with our Valentine's Neon Signs. We’ve just made the perfect sign to add a glowing finish and provide a unique, vintage touch to any room to match almost every decor.

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Broken Heart Neon Sign

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The Reasons Why LITASIGN's Love Neon Signs Are So Popular

LITASIGN LED Neon Sign has numerous creative designs. It makes it ideal for bedroom decor, party decoration, etc. The love neon sign is no exception. It comes in vibrant colors that are eye-catching and attractive to anyone. The different shades of the love Neon light blend perfectly to create an excellent love neon sign.

1. Setting up Custom Lighting System

Not only are LITASIGN’s Love Neon Signs eye-catching and visually appealing, but they may also draw attention to your message. Looking at the love neon signs can instantly elevate one’s spirits at any given moment. You can personalize it by adding your own messages and graphics to the background.

2. Long-lasting and Environmentally Friendly

Avoid causing a power surge on your street by keeping your love neon sign up year after year. All of the neon signs from LITASIGN have passed rigorous safety and environmental tests. In terms of safety and longevity, the high-quality silicone jackets are excellent. Each country’s norm for power supply is meticulously adhered to, ensuring safety and trustworthiness for all users everywhere. The color is vibrant yet not overbearing, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

3. Easy to Install

You don’t have to put it together yourself because it’s placed on an acrylic backboard, and you can hang it anywhere you like.Love  neon signs from LITASIGN are safe and durable, and may be used in any location, such as a bedroom or a bar or a café or a business or an apartment or dormitory.

4. Adaptable and Versatile

This love neon sign by LITASIGN adds a magical touch to any living area, bedroom wall, bar or restaurant. Love neon sign can be used in a variety of settings. It’s a thoughtful birthday present for a friend or family member. As a result, they’ll feel extra cherished and cared for. At a kid’s room, in a bar or in a restaurant’s walls, you can display it.

5. First-Class Customer Support after the Sale

The neon signage might be a source of confusion for some people. You can get in touch with our customer support department at any time of the day or night. These issues will be dealt with as swiftly and efficiently as feasible. If the item is damaged in transit, we will pay for a replacement.

6. Energy Efficient – High Brightness

The love neon signs from LITASIGN are a good value for money, and they’re also good for the environment. Their lifespan is greater than 50,000 hours and they consume extremely little energy.

7. Warranties

When compared to traditional glass neon tubes, LITASIGN uses the most advanced LED neon flex technology available. There is a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee on the neon signs that are used inside. Outdoor signage come with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 24 months.

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