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High-quality and Budget Friendly Marquee Letter Ornaments

LITASIGN takes pleasure in manufacturing sturdy and versatile marquee letter ornaments. So, depending on the design, our marquee letter ornaments can display various messages. It enables us to provide signage for retailers, schools, churches, and offices.

Businesses love LITASIGN’s marquee letter ornaments for their affordability, aesthetic appeal, and ease of assembly for entrepreneurs with limited sign-building knowledge. Aside from that, their rectangular plastic frames are made to last, allowing you to use them for longer times.

Your Trusted Partner for Your Marquee Letter Ornaments Requirements

LITASIGN is a leading maker of lighting in China. We have certifications for all product lines, including UL, CE, and Rohs. To ensure the quality of our lights, we have our QC testing line. We continuously invent new products, collect for merchants and outlets, and expand our brand globally.

LITASIGN aspires to develop a solid and long-term connection with all clients based on reciprocal benefits, good quality, and reasonable pricing. Our future collaboration will demonstrate that LITASIGN is the ideal option for you.

marquee letter ornaments-producing-process

LITASIGN - China' Excellent Quality Marquee Letter Ornaments Manufacturer

LITASIGN’s headquarters are in Shenzhen, China. We were founded in 2015, with a production facility covering around 6000 square meters and employing 120 people. With over 6 years of experience, LITASIGN has mastered the quality standards of international clients, skilled production processes, rapid delivery, and zero product waste during the manufacturing process. As a result, after years of expansion, we can supply products and services that are “excellent quality, quick to deliver, and reasonably priced lighting solutions.”

You dream it, we make it

Exquisite Crafting Process of Marquee Letter Ornaments

Stainless Steel Punching

A hole must be cut in the stainless steel sheet to make room for the LEDs. The size of this aperture is determined by the size of the LEDs used.


Soldering the Solid Edge

After punching a hole in a sheet of metal, solder the edges together to make a strong link.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Polish the edges and corners of each letter to remove any burrs (tiny, sharp protrusions) that may have formed during the printing process.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

Plate painting is a technique, in which the surface of a plate is painted to create a sign that is both durable and visually beautiful.


Installation of LED Bulbs

Install LED light bulbs by inserting them into the correct openings; if used outside, make sure to waterproof the light fixture and install water-resistant light bulbs.


Marquee Sign Packaging

The export process can include many steps, including packaging. LITASIGN, a marquee sign exporter, focuses on that phase of the exporting process to prevent damage from occurring throughout the exporting process.

Why LITASIGN Marquee Letter Ornaments Outshine The Competition?

Business owners rely on LITASIGN to promote a highly effective and impactful brand. You don't need the expense of billboards or the hassle of renting or putting up traditional signs. Our Marquee Letter Ornaments are great for shop windows and make a dazzling indoor addition to any small business design!

Reliable and Durable

The marquee letter ornament is made of high-quality materials to ensure long-term performance. We work hard to maintain high quality. LITASIGN will never cut corners when it comes to quality.


In terms of saving money, energy efficiency is critical. LITASIGN has developed new, low-energy marquee letter ornaments that deliver maximum brightness with minimal power consumption.


Use the high-quality marquee letter ornaments, and you won't have to worry about anything. In addition, you can modify the light signs based on the many sizes, colors, typefaces, and available patterns.

Safer to Use

LITASIGN manufactures marquee letter ornaments that are energy efficient, which means they will never overheat. As a result, they are more secure to use anyplace.

Lightweight Design

The marquee letter ornaments are made of a beautiful and lightweight material that is easy to handle. Furthermore, the use of innovative technologies increases the longevity of the products.

Easy to Use

Marquee letter ornament is relatively simple to install; LITASIGN provides comprehensive installation instructions to ensure that you do not have any difficulties when installing the marquee letter ornaments.

Marquee Letter Ornaments Superior Construction, Quality and Finish

Our Marquee Letter Ornaments come with the highest quality and finish available on the market. As a result, our ornaments will last for generations to come. At LITASIGN, we pride on our craftsmanship and are confident that you will love our marquee letter ornaments.

Holiday Marquee Letter Ornament

It is a great way to decorate for Christmas parties, weddings, and more. Use them indoors and outdoors. It was made of high-quality materials that will last for years. It is a fun gift for anyone who likes Christmas decorations or wants to add a personal touch to their home.

Name Marquee Letter Ornaments

A timeless decorative accessory that can be used year-round, Name Marquee Letter Ornaments are an excellent gift. The attractive letter designs easily attach to a Christmas tree or a fireplace mantel using decorative string or ribbon. They're also perfect for home décor and parties.

Bar Marquee Letter Ornaments

Add a festive atmosphere to your decorating with Bar Marquee Letter Decorations. Decorative lettering for your bar, restaurant, club, pub or pool hall will turn any operation into a happening place. You'll have the ability to get individualized marquee letters printed with virtually any message of your choice.

Wedding Marquee Letter Ornaments

Our Wedding Marquee Letter Ornaments are great favours to commemorate your wedding date, anniversary, or a particular date. Our high-quality Marquee Letter Ornaments will make a rich impression on your friends and family. Use your own words to create a truly original and memorable gift.

Birthday Marquee Letter Ornaments

These birthday keepsake marquee letter ornaments are one-of-a-kind and personalized gifts perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and other important occasions.

Hohoho Marquee Letter Ornaments

Scatter these Hohoho Marquee Letter Ornaments along your tree branches to create a whimsical decoration. Then, this Christmas season, surprise the family with an unexpected new tradition that will bring a smile to the face of the little ones and adults alike!

Cheers Marquee Letter Ornaments

Cheers in style with these marquee letter ornaments. Made of sturdy, high-quality materials, they’re both kid-friendly and fantastic for adults. These charming letters are a must-have decoration for your perfect cheer Christmas tree.

Love Marquee Letter Ornaments

Add a touch of romance and old-fashioned charm to your home with these love marquee letter ornaments. Painted with realistic color, they'll look great wherever they're hung. And while they make lovely adornments for a particular Christmas tree, they are also wonderful all year long.

Baby Marquee Letter Ornaments

The Baby Marquee Letter Ornaments are the perfect gift for a new little one. This product features a bright and colorful marquee that will remind the baby's parents of their little one's early years and help them capture the magic of the first few years.

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LITASIGN is China's Leading Marquee Letter Ornament Manufacturer & Supplier, Here is Why?

LITASIGN is a professional manufacturer & supplier of marquee letter ornaments and other related products. We are experienced in wordings light, bars, marquees, letter lights, displays, etc. LITASIGN has a wide range of products covering various specifications to fulfill multiple purposes. 

1. Capabilities

The 6 years of manufacturing experience that LITASIGN has given allows it to supply marquee letter ornaments in various shapes and sizes. We’re motivated to work harder because of our state-of-the-art facility, cutting-edge equipment, and expert staff.

Our high-end products and helpful technical support have pleased nearly all our customers. In addition, because we always have the raw ingredients on hand, we can always meet delivery deadlines.

2. Helpful Technical Support

LITASIGN includes comprehensive documentation as well as instructional videos. As a result, you should have no trouble installing the marquee letter ornaments. If you run into any difficulties, our friendly technical team is always there to assist you with any concerns.

3. Achievements

We have completed approximately 1,500 projects per year with great success. Some of our most notable initiatives are the Taipei Arena Sky Screen, Harmony Times Square, Taipei Arena, and the Mexico City Arena, to name a few.

LITASIGN is certified by the organizations such as CE/EMC, CE/LVD, ROHS, ETL, FCC, CB, IECEE, KC, and PSE, among others.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Marquee Letter Ornaments


Marquee letter ornaments are an excellent adornment for Holidays. They’re available in many sizes, styles, and colors. Please don’t get confused by their names since they go by numerous terms such as lit letters, marquee letters, ornaments, holiday components, Christmas decorations, and more. These are utilized to create a stunning holiday look on your patio or rooftop during the winter season.

Frequently Asked Questions and their answers relating to Marquee Letter Ornaments are discussed here.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Marquee Letter Ornaments?

Marquee letter ornaments are perfect for making any holiday celebration feel more special. These marquee letter ornaments have a beautiful polished finish, white LED lights, and a sturdy base for hanging. Standout in any tree, mantle, or tabletop display, these charming silhouettes will shine bright all season long.

Figure 1 - Marquee Letter Ornaments

2. Can I Hang the Marquee Letter Ornament on the Wall?

Yes, all marquee letter ornaments from LITASIGN include slots on the back for simple hanging. It is perfect for birthday parties, cafes, decorating children’s rooms, etc.

3. What Are the LED Bulbs Used in the Marquee Letter Ornaments?

LED ball lamps or filament bulbs are used. It uses up to 3 watts, which is about 30 watts per light letter.

4. What Colors of Bulb Are Available?

Marquee Letter Ornaments Bulb Color Option
Figure 2 - Marquee Letter Ornaments Bulb Color Option

5. Are the Marquee Letter Ornaments PAT Tested?

Yes. The marquee letter ornaments have been PAT tested, so they are safer to use. A PAT test is a regular check of electrical equipment to ensure it is safe to use.

6. Can I Customize the Marquee Letter Ornaments?

Yes, marquee letter ornaments may be custom-made with various font styles, colors, and other elements.

7. How Do I Mount My Marquee Letter Ornaments?

The back of each Marquee Letter Ornament is always supplied with hanging keyhole brackets. Secure the metal keyhole brackets to your wall, and you’re free to hang your Marquee Letter Ornament like a picture frame.

8. Can I Get Colored LED Bulbs in My Marquee Letter Ornaments?

Yes, manufacturers provide marquee letter ornaments in rainbow hues if you wish to add a burst of color to your décor. These hues include red, pink, purple, blue, green, orange, and yellow.

Manufacturers can manufacture marquee letter ornaments with an ombre appearance.

Figure 3 -Colorful Marquee Letter Ornaments Bulb

9. What Are the Applications of Marquee Letter Ornaments?

  • Home decor
  • Outdoor company name
  • Holiday gifts for relatives, friends, spouses, and children, among others.
  • Gift for your community
  • Rehearsal dinners
  • Decorations for the walls
  • New Year’s Eve celebration
  • Special occasions, gatherings, and performances
  • For your restaurant, hotel, or bar
  • Birthday, prom night celebration
  • On the occasion of Valentine’s Day
  • Wedding or reception festivities
  • Bachelorette celebrations
  • A wedding dinner or a proposal day
  • Decoration of a house outside, BBQ party

10. Are Marquee Letter Ornaments Durable?

Yes, marquee letter ornaments are highly durable due to the high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. Most letters with lights are made of aluminum or stainless steel, which is quite robust. The Marquee Letter Ornaments are also covered by industry-leading multi-year warranties covering LEDs and power supply failures.

11. Do I Need a Remote and A Dimmer for My Marquee Letter Ornaments?

Yes. It would help if you had a remote and dimmer to have a variety of brightness settings, ON and OFF options, and party modes that cause the letter lights to flash pulse, and flicker. They also allow you to reduce the brightness of your sign, which can reduce exposure.

12. Do You Have Your Own R&D Team?

Yes, we can create marquee letter ornaments that are tailored to your specifications.

13. Do You Do Dropshipping?

Yes, LITASIGN offers dropshipping services.

14. How Long is the Warranty of the Marquee Letter Ornaments?

The Marquee Letter Ornaments from LITASIGN are covered by a 24-month warranty.

15. Can You Manufacture Custom Shapes, Designs, and Letters of Marquee Letter Ornaments?

Yes, we are capable of producing the forms, designs, logos, and typography that customers require.

16. How to Proceed with An Order for Marquee Letter Ornaments?

First, let us know about your Marquee Letter Ornaments needs and application.

Second, we offer rates depending on your requirements or our suggestions.

Third, the customer confirms the samples and pays for the formal order.

Finally, we make preparations for the production.

17. How Do Ship the Marquee Letter Ornaments Order?

DHL, UPS, FedEx, or TNT are the most common shipping methods we use. Optional air and sea transportation are also available.

18. What’s Your Payment Term for Marquee Letter Ornaments Order?

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Telegraphic Transfers 
  • Alibaba
  • Other payment methods.

19. Is a Deposit Required Before Marquee Letter Ornaments Order Production?

Yes, because it is a custom-made product, all orders require a deposit. For small orders, the deposit is 100% TT; for large orders, 50% of the deposit is required upfront, and the remaining 50% will be due before delivery.

20. Where is LITASIGN Located?

LITASIGN is located in Shenzhen, China.

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