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LITASIGN, a professional sign maker and complete company in China, has provided customers with unique sign designs and high-quality sign goods since 2015. The sign product lines cover interior and outdoor advertising and signage projects, like marquee letters, stand signs, LED channel letters, acrylic signs, 3D metal signs, neon signs, led box signs, etc.

LITASIGN is determined to deliver a full of accurate, practical, economically valuable brand image for every customer! After years of hard labor, LITASIGN has become one of the greatest professional sign producers and reputable exporters in China.

A Professional Manufacturer of Marquee Letter Stand

To provide high-quality sign products and services to clients, LITASIGN emphasizes building a professional design team and training skilled workers to achieve exquisite crafts. We use electronic components with CE and UL certifications to produce high-quality finished products. We select the best suppliers to provide clients with competitive pricing! We have earned the trust of our customers through our excellent commercial reputation and sign manufacture.


The Ultimate Retro Decorations for Weddings and Other Events

It’s no secret that Marquee Letter Stand is an easy way to add a retro feel to any party setting. They were primarily utilized at carnivals, but now they can be seen everywhere, from weddings to bedrooms. With a Marquee Letter Stand, You can create a vintage retro atmosphere at an event!

In contrast to other illuminated letters, our stainless steel illuminated letters have a life expectancy of more than twenty years! Protection against rusting.

You dream it, we make it

Top-notch Quality Marquee Letter Stand Production Process

Stainless Steel Punching

The entire sheet is punched with machine tools to create a sound hole in the stainless steel plate. The size of the aperture is determined by the size of the LEDs installed inside the aperture.


Soldering the Solid Edge

After punching a hole in the plate, solder the solid edges of the plate together to form a firm connection.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Remove any burrs that may have formed during the printing process by polishing the edges and corners of the letters.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

You may create a long-lasting and visually appealing marquee sign by painting the plate’s surface.


Installation of LED Bulbs

Using a waterproof LED bulb is necessary if you want to use LED bulbs outside; if you don’t, you’ll need to execute the water-resistant treatment and use a waterproof LED bulb.


Neon Sign Packaging

Exporting often necessitates the use of packaging. Preventing damage during the shipping process is a priority for LITASIGN, a marquee sign exporter.

Benefits of Marquee Letter Stand

Most business owners are constantly seeking strategies to increase their visibility among their target market to increase sales. Marquee letters stand as a proven method of raising awareness of your business. It attracts everyone's attention by creating a bolder, more effective storefront. LITASIGN offers a diverse selection of marquee letters to complement any business, restaurant, real estate agency, or special event.


LITASIGN's marquee letters stand enables you to display anything you want, whenever you want. The marquee letters stand simple to modify and rearrange, and you can adapt them to meet the unique needs of your business.


LITASIGN creates marquee letter stands that are highly durable, light, and of great quality thanks to the use of high-grade raw materials and manufacturing processes. As a result, they are resistant to weather swings and are therefore suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

Low Costs of Maintenance

The strong structure of LITASIGN's marquee letter stands makes maintenance a breeze. You only need to perform routine maintenance and checks to ensure that all components are working properly.


The marquee letters stand from LITASIGN; utilize large, bold letters to showcase your business to anyone who passes by. It enables the message to reach a big audience while allowing easy control over what is displayed.


The best aspect of acquiring marquee letters is that you can purchase them once and reuse them multiple times instead of buying new ones. Additionally, they are pretty simple to replace at no additional expense, saving you a lot of money.

Easy To Install

LITASIGN's marquee letter stands are typically pre-assembled, eliminating the need for a technician to complete the installation. Additionally, LITASIGN specialists always ensure that you receive installation documentation.

Quality Marquee Letters Stand with Competitive Price

Marquee letters are advertising media that extends the life of your brand and products. We offer high-quality custom marquee letters that stand for sale at competitive prices. Marquee letters can be placed anywhere on business fronts, storefronts, backyards, stores, and construction sites. As seen in all cities across the nation, marquee letters are becoming a powerful trend in outdoor advertising mediums.

Coffee Marquee Letter Stand

The Coffee Marquee Letter Stand offers a sophisticated and stylish way to display your letter, number, or art deco with the rest of your coffee bar decor. Easy to use, elegant and practical.

Shot Bar Marquee Letter Stand

The Shot Bar Marquee Letter Stand will fit perfectly and elegantly into your home bar area. It's ideal for displaying the name of your bar on the backlit signboard at eye level. An elegant addition, this stand is metal and sturdy with a black powder coat finish.

Love Marquee Letter Stand

The Love Marquee Letter Stand will add a decorative accent to any space. This letter stand is a great gift for the home or office; this letter stand features four metal legs with a center pole for displaying letters, photos, and more!

Name Marquee Letter Stand

Ideal for the holidays, birthdays, housewarmings, or even just because! Each letter can be ordered in a variety of colors and fonts. Please keep it simple with classic black letters and paint as shown, or use colors to match/ accent your home and create its unique look.  The possibilities are endless!

Wedding Marquee Letter Stand

Our Wedding Marquee Letter Stand is a stylish way to display your wedding hashtag. Crafted from metal, it features an elegant silver finish and two main areas for displaying letters. This item coordinates well with any color palette.

Marquee Number Stand

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or any occasion with our Marquee Number Stand. Made from sturdy metal. Available in multiple numbers, this stylish piece will add warmth to your home or office and remind you of the good times ahead.

Birthday Marquee Letter Stand

Make your next birthday extra special by using this Birthday Marquee Letter Stand to impress guests with a custom-designed birthday message. It works with various shapes and sizes to create a dazzling display.

Bar Marquee Letter Stand

The sleek bar marquee letter stand is fully adjustable, so it's easy to choose a letter, number, or symbol that fits your décor. Crafted from metal and wood with a hand-stained finish, this attractive sign is styled in the timeless style of early 20th-century America.

Party Marquee Letter Stand

Our Party Marquee Letter Stand is to take your party or event to the next level. The perfect kitschy addition to your next cocktail party, birthday bash, or block party. It is made from durable steel and has a fabric skin that makes it an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor use.

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Locksmith Neon Sign

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Marquee Letter Table

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Outdoor Marquee Signs

Outdoor marquee signs are a great way to grab attention and direct people to events. Perfect for indoor or outdoor venues, they can be used as indoor room signs, room numbers, and more.


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Furniture Neon Sign

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Ice Cream Cone Neon Sign

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How Do You Pick a Reliable Marquee Letters Stand Manufacturer?

Finding a credible and effective provider for marquee letter stands takes time and effort. You will be responsible for auditing the supplier’s multiple components to verify they are running at peak performance.

When choosing a supplier for your marquee letter stand requirement, keep the following criteria.

Knowledge and Experience in the Lighting Industry

It would help to verify that the manufacturer you’ve picked has experience in the lighting industry. The marquee letter stand will be made entirely based on the supplier’s prior knowledge.

Superior-Quality Raw Materials

If the seller employs high-quality materials, the marquee letter stand will last long. It is critical to recognize the essential function of raw materials in the manufacturing process.

After-Sale Support

Consult the manufacturer to determine whether they offer after-sales support for your marquee letter stand. To minimize contacting the supplier each time you have an issue, they should be available 24 /7.


Determine the duration of the guarantee offered by your marquee letter stand supplier. A more extended warranty duration is almost always advantageous for your project.


Ascertain whether the supplier can customize your marquee letter stand.


Consider the cost of a marquee letter stand while selecting a supplier. You should base your decision not just on the price of the marquee letter stand but also on the sign’s overall quality.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Marquee Letter Stand


A marquee letter stand is often used to attract the attention of consumers. They are typically found in retail stores near entranceways or high-traffic areas. Learn how to use marquee stands and choose the right one based on your needs.

These Ultimate FAQs are specifically designed to answer frequently asked questions about Marquee Letter Stand.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Marquee Letter Stand?

The Marquee Letter Stand is a fantastic choice for business letters and announcements with an attractive presentation. This freestanding display includes space for your personalized logo, type fonts, and graphics to make an impact that’s sure to last. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and stow when not in use.

2. Are the Marquee Letter Stand Suitable for Outside Use?

Yes, the marquee letter stand can be used outside, but we do not recommend leaving it outside for an extended period of time.

3. Do the Marquee Letter Stand Have Any Numbers or Shapes Besides Letters?

Yes, we have hashtags, hearts, and ampersands!

In addition, we have all of the numbers available to you.

Figure 1 - Marquee Letter Stand

4. Where is LITASIGN Based?

LITASIGN is based in Shenzhen, China.

5. How Does Marquee Letter Stand Power?

The marquee letter stands are powered by electricity. The location of the letters/numbers must be close to an electrical outlet.

6. How Many Outlets are Needed to Power the Marquee Letter Stand?

Because the lights plug into each other and then into an outlet, you only need one outlet.

7. Do the Light Bulbs of the Marquee Letter Stand Get Hot After Continuous Use?

No, the light bulbs do not become hot; nevertheless, they do become slightly warm, as do all light bulbs.

8. Can I Customize a Marquee Letter Stand?

Absolutely! We also provide the marquee letter stand types in painted (custom color) and clear-coated stainless steel finishes.

9. What is the Marquee Letter Stand Made Out Of?

The marquee letter stands by LITASIGN are constructed of stainless steel. Our rust finish is an authentic surface rust finish, and for painted orders, we use paint of commercial quality. We use string light kits with UL certification and LED bulbs.

10. Will I Receive a Proof of My Marquee Letter Stand Prior to Production?

You will receive proof of your marquee letter stand for approval and information on your sign and its components. It permits any necessary modifications or revisions to be made before production. Your marquee letter stand will not be manufactured until we get your signed approval form.

11. What Are the Factors to Consider When Selecting A Marquee Letter Stand?

When choosing a marquee letter stand, look for features in them. A model type should appeal to your target audience and be visible within your budget.

Some variables to consider when choosing a marquee letter stand are:

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Viewing distance
  • Placement type you prefer
  • Usage of life
  • Weather-resistant or not
  • It’s a warranty/guarantee
  • Customizing options

12. Is The Price of A Single-Sided Marquee Letter Stand Half That Of A Double-Sided Marquee Letter Stand?

No, single-sided light-up marquee letter stands to require more components than double-sided ones. It also requires LED lamps within the ID cabinet, installation, crating, and shipping.

The price may be lower if you only have one element, but you should also restrict your exposure.

13. How to Maintain a Higher Lifespan of the Marquee Letter Stand?

  • To keep your marquee letter stand in good working order, regularly use a dry cloth or feather duster. Liquid soap is another option.
  • Ensure to unplug the lighting system before beginning the cleaning process to avoid mishaps and safety.
  • A rag dampened with a glass cleaner can wipe down the plastic backing. Sudden voltage spikes, poor handling, high temperatures, and an unreliable power supply can all reduce the longevity of your marquee letter stand.
  • Additionally, you can follow the maintenance instructions and suggestions for the marquee letter stand-buy box.

14. What Are the Average Cost of A Marquee Letter Stand?

If you want to buy a marquee letter stand, the cost depends on the size, shape, number, height, and sophistication of the design of your marquee letter stand.
You can also buy a marquee letter stand on a wholesale basis if you need a large amount—marquee letter stands range from $70 to $700.

15. What Customization Options Are Available in Marquee Letter Stand?

To meet the needs of every customer, LITASIGN offers a wide variety of personalization options.

More modification choices are available to make your marquee letter stand more unique.

This customizable feature is the most excellent aspect of the marquee letter stand. You have endless options to modify and select the appropriate illumination for you.

The list is shown below.

  • Design in every language 
  • Number of characters per line
  • Positioning of letters
  • Creation and scale of fonts
  • Colors of the font, backing, and backdrop
  • Preferred electrical plug type
  • Cable type
    The hue and dimensions of the cable

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