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LITASIGN is a renowned manufacturing and trade company based in Shenzhen, China. Our key products include LED neon signs and lights, marquee letters, and other custom signage. We also manufacture and export other items. 

Our staff has worked with clients from all around the world, including well-known corporations. Others also gave us a lot of encouragement and praise. Your idea, the current situation, and our professional analysis will all be taken into account when presenting you with a flawless answer.

The Most Professional Marquee Letter Table Manufacturer

LITASIGN has a professional research and development group, and it employs a large number of experienced engineers. We have cutting-edge production procedures and equipment and a large workshop with plenty of space. Q C is working in the workshop with a large group of technology professionals.

We can design a new marquee letter table according to the needs of our customers. If you require a specialized marquee letter table, please send us a drawing or your concept. We will create a design for you.


Marquee Letter Table to Suit Your Requirements

The perfect table for holding an event, the marquee letter table features a unique recessed light fixture, which glows to create the letters of any wording or name. The top is crafted from scratch-resistant glass, giving a stylish look and feel.

Marquee letters table lets you create original lighting effects, such as beckoning guests in a fun and memorable way. Whether for a distinctive indoor or outdoor accent, these easy-to-install letters can be arranged in any combination to create your own words or phrases.

Types of Marquee Table Letters for Your Needs

LITASIGN's Marquee Letter Table Details


Marquee Letter Table Cutting-edge Production Procedures and Equipment


Stainless Steel Punching

Machine tools are used to cut a hole in the stainless steel plate, and the size of the aperture is determined by the LEDs that are inserted.


Soldering the Solid Edge

Once a hole has been punched in the plate, solder the exposed edges together to form a firm connection.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Removing any print-process burrs requires polishing the letters’ edges and corners.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

Painting the surface of the plate and then making a sign that is both durable and beautiful.


Installation of LED Bulbs

Install LED bulbs by putting the completed LED bulb into the appropriate hole; if used outside, weatherproof treatment and usage of a waterproof LED bulb are required.


Marquee Sign Packaging

Frequently, the packaging is a critical component of the export process. LITASIGN, an exporter of marquee letter tables, places a premium on this phase to avoid damage during the exporting process.

Applications Of Marquee Letter Table

The marquee letter table is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of sign making. Lettering is customized and made by hand. The process of the marquee letter table includes specific steps, making it a special kind of sign fabrication. Although marquees were invented so that exhibitors could call attention to something, now they can be used for different purposes. Marquees come in different shapes, styles, sizes, and colors suitable for various purposes.


Marquee Letter Tables are trendy in interior branding. These tables give offices an old-fashioned yet professional feel. Also, these signs have made their way into residences, enhancing the interior design. A marquee letter table with variable fonts is ideal for decorating.


Marquee letter tables add a stunning factor to any event. Make a statement with a marquee letter table. These marquee tables are great for birthdays, weddings, festivities, and similar gatherings.


Indoor and outdoor marquee letter tables are ideal for branding. It is a good investment for any business that wishes to stand out. A business marquee letter table will attract pedestrians and automobiles with dazzling LED illumination. People will instantly remember your brand thanks to the unusual style of your marquee letter table.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurant and bar owners utilize metal marquee letter tables with lights to create a retro feel. The marquee letter table's vintage style lends warmth and comfort to the design. The beautiful lighted marquee letter table will function as restaurant branding and interior décor.

Wedding Reception

Custom marquee letter tables with LED lights can captivate and awe audiences. Wedding marquee letter tables are a beautiful alternative. The bride and groom's initials can be displayed on a large marquee letter table. Their brightness will surely remember your event.


The light-up marquee letter table is a stunning backdrop for a unique photo session with your loved ones. With a large marquee letter table, you may display whatever message you like. Any creative group will appreciate the retro feel created by these ornamental placards.

Quality Marquee Letter Table Solutions

There are some marquee letter table solutions on the market. What sets us apart is our high-quality marquee letter table solutions. We use only the best materials, and our marquee letter table solutions last longer than any of our competitors’ marquee letter table solutions.

Birthday Marquee Letter Table

The Birthday Marquee Table transforms any party and becomes every birthday celebration's focal point! Your party never looked so good, and let the hype begin now that you have the Birthday Marquee Letter Table.

Love Marquee Letter Table

Express your feelings with this Love Marquee Letter Table! The table has the word love painted on the marquee. Made from metal, it is sturdy and durable. It has a glass-like surface to make cleaning simple.

Wedding Marquee Letter Table

The Wedding Marquee Letter Table is the perfect way to add elegance and class to your wedding event. This table will put a stunning spotlight on your display of flowers, place cards, favors, or any other decorations for your big day.

Name Marquee Letter Table

Show off your table with a personalized name marquee letter tabletop display. This decorative mini sign sits in front of you, your family, or guests giving you a perfect way to showcase your name, initials, characters, or any other content to create a personalized touch. Includes letters A, B, E, F, G, H, J, and K. Versatile and great for weddings, birthdays, and all other parties.

Sweet 16 Marquee Letter Table

Our exclusive Sweet 16 Marquee Letter Table is the perfect addition to your slumber party! The sparkly silver finish and black base stand out on any bedroom-themed party table. Let the fun begin!

Baby Marquee Letter Table

Our Baby Marquee letter table combines form and function. The structure is sturdy enough to be knocked over by any rambunctious toddler. Yet, the raised lettering makes it a kid-friendly piece of furniture. It's a great way to introduce letters, numbers, and shapes to your child and complement an existing room décor scheme.

Number Marquee Table

Create a fun, festive display for your home or party with this Number Marquee Table. It holds a variety of signs and placards to create a collection that will make your party the talk of the town.

Red Marquee Letter Table

This table displays your name in large red letters. It is ideal for waiting rooms or reception desks and has a handy shelf for magazines, books, or remote controls.

Logo Marquee Table

Signature lighting that illuminates the bright lights of Los Angeles, this limited edition piece will make a statement in any home. A hand-crafted replica of the iconic "Hollywood" sign, the LA neon sign is made from the actual typeface used to construct the letters.

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LA Neon Sign

Signature lighting that illuminates the bright lights of Los Angeles, this limited edition piece will make a statement in any home. A hand-crafted replica of the iconic "Hollywood" sign, the LA neon sign is made from the actual typeface used to construct the letters.


Price from $269.00

Outdoor Marquee Sign

The outdoor marquee sign is the perfect outdoor themed party accessory. With an illuminated border and graphic of an outdoor theme, the outdoor marquee party sign creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for any gathering.


Price from $290.00

Cursive Marquee Sign

Make a statement with our Cursive Marquee Sign. This creative wall decor piece offers a handmade feel and makes an ideal focal point for your space. Bold lowercase cursive is written in classic black on a wooden plaque with a vintage-inspired flourish design.


Price from $290.00

Indoor Marquee Sign

The Indoor Marquee Sign is perfect for all types of public establishments. The large lettering on the clear plastic sign allows a message to be easily read from a distance. It is an excellent choice for greeting customers and letting them know that you are open or announcing the day of the week.


Price from $290.00

Nursery Neon Sign

This fun and bright Nursery Neon Sign is the perfect way to bring out those little boys or girls in all of us! Whether used as a nightlight or as a decorative piece, this sign will make an impression on anyone who sees it.


Price from $80.00

Lone Star Beer Neon Sign

Lone Star Beer Neon Sign Style light-up neon sign for your home, bar, pub, or business. Perfect for bars, shops, and restaurants. Neon Signs can be hung on a wall or placed on a table.


Price from $274.00

Neon Yellow Money Sign

The Neon Yellow Money Sign is back! This sign is a true retro classic and a must-have for anyone's wall. It features high-quality construction and will impress your friends whether you are a collector looking for that perfect addition or just want to let the world know how optimistic you are about the economy.


Price from $262.00

This Is Our Happy Place Neon Sign

This is our happy place! Whether you are looking for a neon sign to hang in your own home or to give as a gift, this Happy Place Neon Sign is a great choice. Made by hand using only the best quality materials and LED technology, this neon sign will surely not disappoint.


Price from $268.00

Reason Your Business Needs A Custom Marquee Letter Table

While customers are a business’s lifeblood, maintaining them can be difficult. You may have numerous ideas, but not all of them will succeed. These alternatives can be intimidating.

Restaurants, motels, bars, and breweries all have a responsibility to their clients. Birthdays and weddings are identical. Your emotions are more important than what they did at your location. You’re attempting to set the stage for an exceptional event. A beautiful atmosphere with exquisite design elicits memories. As a result, we have our letter table! Listed below are a few of the advantages of our custom marquee signs for your business.

1. Great Settings Create Great Memories

Your options are nearly infinite with this high-quality marquee letter table. Yours can be unique, giving clients an experience unlike any other. Customize your fantastic idea to your liking. Do you want an excellent font style? Custom marquee letter tables are available in any marquee-able typeface. We have serif, sans serif, script, and custom fonts. We also offer rust treatments, bespoke powder coat paint colors, and even a clear coat over steel.

We also make custom marquee signs and marquee letter tables; You can also have a non-lit customized marquee! The verdict is in your unique idea, your unique marquee letter table.

2. Something To Remember You By

You will have no trouble capturing the public’s attention if you use large, strong typefaces. Keep in mind that the maximum font height decreases with increasing font width. Even if you require a smaller sign for your business, our marquee letter table’s bright lights are just as eye-catching. As a result, you can rest assured that our bulbs are UL Listed. Additionally, colored bulbs come in a range of forms and sizes. It is entirely up to you!

3. Lasting Brand Trademark

To be remembered, every business, from a restaurant to a distillery, requires a trademark. A marquee letter table can promote a brand while also ensuring that you are visible at night when clients are looking for an enjoyable way to conclude their day. We construct each bespoke marquee letter table with the utmost sturdiness possible to safeguard your logo.

We may add bases to your sign stand to create a more visible free-standing bespoke marquee letter table. It’s as simple as screwing the lights and sockets in and plugging them in. If you like to hang the letters in a group, support rods can be included in your purchase.

4. Center of Attention for Event

Events give more publicity to restaurants and hotels. Therefore they need to be booked. It goes without saying that if someone has an event at your institution, you need to be remembered. Our personalized marquee letter table can help.

Imagine a giant bespoke marquee letter table as your event’s centerpiece. Spell out “love” or “forever” at your wedding or your birthday guest’s name! These personalized marquee letter tables will remind everyone of the event. Get creative with your designs and watch the room light up.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Marquee Letter Table


Marquee letter tables are commonly used in events. You can add light to your party with the help of letters on a table with a reflective surface. Marquee letter is one such product that can be customized in any font style, color and shape as per your requirement in length and width.

When planning to get a marquee letter table, you will face hundreds of questions. Fortunately, this FAQ will offer the solutions to all your burning questions.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Marquee Letter Table?

A marquee letter table is a large table made from letters. The letter can be incorporated into the table’s design or added later for an even more stunning focal point.

Figure 1 - Marquee Letter Table

2. What are the Benefits of a Marquee Letter Table?

  • With their elegant design and modern-day styling, marquee letter tables provide an excellent way to add a custom look to any event or function.
  • The marquee letter table works great for indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for parties, weddings, events, and more!
  • The marquee letter table feature is a great way to increase impulse sales and awareness of your business.

3. How Does the Marquee Letter Table Work?

Each marquee letter table has a 220/230v connector and one socket. All the light letters may be connected effortlessly. All you need to join the first series plug is an extension cable and one socket.

Never connect other equipment to the marquee letter end string. In particular, when used with a dimmer, both the marquee letters and the device can be harmed.

4. Are the Marquee Letter Table Weatherproof?

Rain and other external factors aren’t an issue for the marquee letter tables. However, the marquee letters table should not be used outside in inclement weather, such as gales, thunderstorms, torrential downpours with ice and hail, or snow or sleet.

5. How Much Space Does the Marquee Letter Table Need?

The width of the marquee letter table varies, but the average width is 3ft wide. It will secure the agreement’s overall duration so that you can plan and position it appropriately.

6. Are the Marquee Letter Table Battery Operated?

The Marquee Letter Table Battery Operated is not battery operated. The table needs to be plugged in to operate it.

7. Are the Marquee Letter Table PAT Tested?

Yes. Performing a periodic inspection of electrical equipment to determine whether or not they are safe to use is known as a PAT test. Aside from that, it has another purpose to prevent unexpected electrical accidents at the event site. Every bespoke marquee letter has been PAT tested to ensure that they are safe to use.

8. What is the Warranty Period of the Marquee Letter Table?

LITASIGN provides a one-year guarantee and complimentary replacement components during the warranty period.

9. What Colors of Lighting Are Available for the Marquee Letter Table?

The most frequently used and chosen lighting hue is warm white (dimmable). Additionally, you can select between frigid white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, or green lights. RGB lamps are installed in each of the event light letters.

10. Can I Customize the Marquee Letter Table?

Yes, LITASIGN offers a vast selection of font styles, colors, materials, sizes, and other aspects you may choose for your marquee letter table, allowing you to create your unique design.

11. Do Marquee Letter Table Have the Risk of Getting Burn Out?

They are not at risk of becoming burned out. It consumes less energy, does not overheat, and emits less heat. The superior-grade marquee letter table generates very little heat. Additionally, It has been PAT tested. Thus, the marquee letter table is safer compared to ordinary marquee letters.

12. How Long Does a Marquee Table Letter Last?

Typically, they have a life expectancy of 45,000 hours. If you get a low-quality marquee letter table, you will have to fix and maintain it after a few years.

13. What Is the Average Cost of a Marquee Letter Table?

The cost of the marquee letter table depends on the letter’s size, shape, number, height, and the lighting system’s complexity.

Apart from these factors, a marquee letter table for sale may vary depending on the availability of waterproofing, a backing shade, or the urgency of the shipment—prices for marquee letter tables range from $100 to $700.

14. What Factors To Consider When Choosing the Marquee Letter Table?

  • Raw materials
  • High-quality LEDs
  • Size and shape of the lighting system
  • Warranty
  • Efficiency
  • Installation
  • Affordability

15. What Are the Maximum Letters For Marquee Letter Table?

The letter count is dependent on the height of the marquee letter table and the letters you choose. Most marquee letter table suppliers provide letters with up to 20 characters.

16. What’s Your Payment Term Do You Accept for the Marquee Letter Table Order?

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Telegraphic Transfers 
  • Alibaba
  • Other payment methods.

17. Is a Deposit Required Before the Production of Marquee Letter Table?

Yes, all orders require a deposit because they are custom-made. The warranty for small orders is 100% TT; 50% of the deposit is required upfront for large purchases, with the remaining 50% due before delivery.

18. How Does Size Affect The Price Of The Marquee Letter Table?

The cost of marquee letter tables varies according to their size and style. Historically, a significant influencing factor has been the size of the marquee letter table.

Larger sizes will be more expensive than smaller ones due to increased labor costs and increased expenses associated with the additional materials required for larger versions.

19. Which Packing System Is Perfect for Marquee Letter Table?

Whatever the size or type of your Marquee Letter Table, you will want customized cardboard or foam packaging container. Unlike packing, the procedure of manufacturers pacing marquee letter tables is critical.

Marquee Letter Table should be bundled to withstand external forces. Applying pressure to your package will ensure that it is secure and free of loose packing material.

Wrap Marquee Letter Table lights with glass, wood, or metal frames in the newspaper if you’re importing them. During shipping, your Marquee Letter Table is protected by two boxes lined with crushed newspaper or bubble wrap.

20. What are the Popular Marquee Letter Table Are Available In The Market?

  • One Marquee Letter Table for 1st Birthday
  • Baby Marquee Letter Table for Baby Shower
  • Personalized Marquee Letter Table
  • Love Marquee Letter Table for Wedding

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