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Since 2015, LITASIGN has been your full-service block metal letter manufacturer. Based in China and with a global presence, the company stands behind its promise of providing high-quality signage for all custom metal lettering requirements.

LITASIGN has extensive experience creating signage for businesses of all types and sizes, including retail chains, municipalities, universities, corporations, government agencies, and associations. We are dedicated to meeting each project requirement efficiently and professionally – whatever your needs.

High Visibility, Continuous Stroke and 3-D Appearance Metal Block Letters

For outdoor signage, metal block letters create high-quality, long-lasting pictures of company names or address numbers. The bronze or aluminum wall letters can be created to order in a variety of sizes and finishes. With its continuous stroke and wide eye holes, the standard block is a very readable display font.

Metal block letters are ideal for long-distance visibility signage. This font’s aggressive appearance makes it legible from a distance, making it ideal for large or even smaller signs near busy roads with a lot of traffic noise.


Block Metal Letters with a Professional Touch

LITASIGN is a metal lettering company that helps you create signs. We use various materials in our work, including copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. We are capable of working with businesses to help them create a custom sign that brings out the best qualities of their brand while also reflecting its personality.

When you work with LITASIGN, you’re working with a knowledgeable team that can assist you in designing, producing, and installing your new sign correctly so it looks impressive. You don’t need to go anywhere else because we provide various services.

You dream it, we make it

How to Make Block Metal Letters

Creating Design & Production File

We will work together to create a file that meets our mutual specifications and review each other’s work before sending the file to our manufacturer for production.

Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

Laser cutting is an ideal method for precisely etching or engraving letters and designs on metal, steel, and other materials.



In order to ensure the integrity of a piece of metal, one must measure and calculate precisely when bending it at precise angles.


To create a seamless appearance, we first weld the surfaces of the metal letters together. Then we attach them to the front of each letter by welding them to the fronts of all of the letters.


A polishing machine is used in manufacturing metal signs to ensure that welds between the letters and the face are smooth, gap-free, and firm.


The letters are painted individually and therefore unique. The color on one side of a letter may appear different when viewed from a distance.



After a metal sign is painted, it must be allowed to dry in a drying room, so the paint does not chip or flake off. The letters must be placed in a drying room to ensure proper adhesion.

LED Module Assembly

LED module assembly is the process by which individual components of light-emitting diode (LED) modules are assembled into a single unit. LED chips and wires are first installed, then they are connected and secured in place.

Light Up-Testing2

Light Up Testing

Our patented light-up testing process helps us ensure each letter’s quality. We place each letter on a slide and move it under an LED light at different angles, measuring brightness throughout.

Quality Checking

To ensure the quality of our product, we carefully inspect each letter before it is sent to a customer. Any imperfections or defects in a letter are removed and replaced with new letters, which we also carefully check before sending them out.



Our sturdy three-ply hardwood shipping box is made of hardwood, polystyrene, and polypropylene. The outer layers are hardwood, and the middle layer is polystyrene, providing maximum protection to your letters.

Why Shop with LITASIGN's Block Metal Letters?

LITASIGN is an established and well-known brand for its wide range of distinctive metal signs and products. Ordering from LITASIGN means you can buy a quality item made by a trustworthy company. However, it also means you can do more.

Custom Made

Our block metal letters are custom-made to your specifications. We will work with you to create the perfect lettering that fits your needs, and our expert artisans will handcraft it for you.

Fast Shipping

Our product is shipped from our manufacturing facility in China. We work with a reliable third-party logistics company to ensure your order arrives on time and in excellent condition.

Quality Materials

LITASIGN's Block Metal Letters are made from the highest quality materials, so you can be sure that your letters will last for years.

Huge Selection

We have an enormous selection of block metal letters. We offer a variety of sizes, colors, and styles that are sure to match any style.

Affordable Prices

LITASIGN's block metal letters are made of high-quality materials. We keep our prices low, so you can get the lettering you need without breaking the bank.

Quality Products

At LITASIGN, we craft our products with the same attention to detail you expect from a top-notch artisan. We believe that the quality of what we make is more important than how quickly it can be made, and we work hard to ensure that every product meets our high standards.

Bring Your Brand Identity to the Surface with Block Metal Letters

Metal letters are a great way to give your brand identity a more physical, active presence. They work great for indoor or even outdoor signage. You can help make your sign stand out by utilizing larger text and bigger fonts. It is all about balance. Since they are made from metal, they will weigh more than the average lawn sign, which allows them to hold up better in any weather.

Cast Metal Block Letters

Cast Metal Block Letters are a high-quality solution for adding character and dimension to your interior design projects. Each letter is cast in metal and finished with a soft patina to create a modern, rustic look. Use on walls, columns, or posts to create unique signage displays.

Stainless Steel Metal Block Letters

Stainless Steel Metal Block Letters are easy to customize and can be ordered in any size or with different colors. These permanent block lettering signs, sculpted from high-quality stainless steel, are designed to last a lifetime before requiring maintenance or repair.

Aluminum Metal Block Letters

Aluminum metal block letters have a classy, elegant look that stands out from the crowd. Ideal for crafts, home decor, signage, and more. Their versatility makes them a great alternative to wood, plastic, or corrugated metal materials. These letters are cast from heavy-duty aluminum and come in various styles to help you create displays that match any theme or room design.

Brass Block Letters

Bring an elegant touch to your décor with these Brass Block Letters. The classic design of these 3D letters adds a touch of class to any room. At the same time, their brass finish makes them suitable for both rustic and traditional home decor. The set includes small, medium, and large alphabet letters in lowercase.

Bronze Block Letters

Bronze Block Letters are influential. They're a direct and effective way to let your name be seen by all who enter your establishment. Our Bronze Block Letters can be made to any size or color you desire and are highly durable, making them work perfectly for years to come.

Copper Block Letters

The Copper Block Letters collection is based on the handcrafted copper letter blocks of the early twentieth century. These letters were used by trade printers, advertising agencies, and sign painters to compose text. In addition to being beautiful, each letter was carefully crafted so it could be affixed easily to a board where it was stored between uses.

Illuminated Metal Block Letters

The Copper Block Letters collection is based on the handcrafted copper letter blocks of the early twentieth century. These letters were used by trade printers, advertising agencies, and sign painters to compose text.

Galvanize Metal Block Letters

Galvanized Metal Block Letters are perfect for your burlap decorating ideas and crafting projects. This galvanized metal collection brings a rustic and industrial look to your home while providing a functional touch that can be used as décor or as a valuable piece of furniture.

Painted Metal Block Letters

Painted metal block letters are the perfect way to add style and distinction to your decor, create a barrier around an area of interest, or simply for fun. They're ideal for indoor or outdoor use and can be painted with your choice of colors.

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Metal Script Letters

The Metal Script Letters are a collection of metal script fonts. Each font is available in several different styles, including Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, and Black. The letters are available in various sizes and styles to suit your needs.


Price from $78.00

Metal Initial Sign

This beautiful metal initial sign is perfect for any home or office. It comes with the option of choosing your own initial and decorating it with gold paint or glitter. The sign comes with a hanger, so you can hang it wherever you like!


Price from $87.00

Rustic Metal Letters

Rustic metal letters are the perfect way to decorate your home or business. Available in various styles, these unique letters can be used to spell words or phrases. Or they can be displayed on their own as works of art.


Price from $65.00

Wood and Metal Letters

We offer a wide range of metal and wooden letters, from classic to modern. Our metal letters are perfect for signage and large-scale branding. In contrast, our wooden letters are suitable for branding or decorating your home or business.


Price from $70.00

Decorative Metal Letters

The decorative metal letters come in several colors, such as silver, copper, gold, and bronze. You can choose different finishes, such as brushed or polished, depending on your preference. Decorative metal letters are an inexpensive way to add personality to any room.


Price from $85.00

Cast Metal Letters

Cast metal letters are a great way to personalize your home without breaking the bank. They're made of durable material that won't chip or fade over time, so you can enjoy them for years to come!


Price from $82.00

Custom Metal Letters

Custom metal letters are a unique way to add an extra personality to any home or business. Our metal letters can be ordered in numerous colors and sizes and feature a non-reflective mirror finish that is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


Price from $105.00

Metal Letters for Buildings

Metal Letters for Buildings are used for commercial and industrial purposes. They have several uses, including signage, identification, and more. We offer a wide selection of metal letters, including stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.


Price from $110.00

Why Should You Choose Us for Your Block Metal Letters Requirements?

If you are looking for block metal letters, you have come to the right place. LITASIGN offers a wide range of block metal letters and other signage products. Our company is committed to providing you with the best service, and we are dedicated to ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. We offer the following benefits:

1. Supply Capacity

We have a large staff who aim to ensure every customer feels valued. We can handle thousands of orders per month and take pride in our ability to meet deadlines.

2. Excellent Craftsmanship

Our expert artisans have been making metal products for years, so you know that you will receive exceptional artistry when you choose us. We offer quick turnaround times and an efficient customer service team that is available by phone 24/7.

3. Innovation

At LITASIGN, we value innovation. We take pleasure in producing the highest-quality products and continually look for new ways to enhance them. Our talented designers will develop a product tailored to your requirements in partnership with you.

4. Creativity

Our team of designers and engineers created the most modern block metal letters now on the market. We are dedicated to designing functional and beautiful items, which is why we provide a wide range of designs, sizes, and finishes.

You can choose a design that best meets your needs from our vast selection of styles, which includes modern, rustic, and western themes.

5. Affordable Prices

We offer affordable prices for our block metal letters. We know that you’re working on a budget, so we offer competitive prices that are sure to fit your needs.

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