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welding process

LITASIGN's Wide Range of Metal Gate Letters for any Type of Project

LITASIGN is a market leader in importing, supplying, distributing, and manufacturing metal gate letters; We offer personalized metal gate letters. We can mass-produce high-quality items with the help of our cutting-edge machinery. Our metal letters are always in high demand due to their high quality, long service life, and ease of installation.

We offer a variety of gate letters in various sizes and finishes, including aluminum gate letters, brass gate letters, and stainless steel gate letters. Our cutting-edge facility manufactures our products with high-quality raw materials and advanced technology. The products are corrosion-resistant and can last many years without needing maintenance or repair.

Designed by the Most Experienced Metal Gate Letters Manufacturer in China

With our top-notch, expertly-designed metal gate letters delivered right to your neighborhood, you can make your front gate more appealing.

Pick from various materials, including powder-coated steel and solid carbon steel. We also have aluminum lettering available for those who prefer something lighter and more flexible. For any size requirements you may have, our letters can be plasma cut or water-jet cut from steel.

Additionally, you can pick one of our preformatted designs or upload your own for a wholly unique touch.


LITASIGN: Good Products- Great service!

LITASIGN offers the highest quality metal gate letters for your home or business. Our metal gate letters are made of pure, high-quality metal materials that can withstand the elements. LITASIGN inspects each item thoroughly to ensure that you receive metal letters of the highest quality.

LITASIGN is also known for providing 24-hour client service. We also ship the items within a few days of receiving the order. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality metal gate letters at an affordable price while providing excellent customer service.

You dream it, we make it

Metal Gate Letters are Manufactured with the Utmost Care Ensuring Durability


Creating Design & Production File

Our design and production teams will work together to create a working file based on your specifications. Both teams will review and approve the file before it is sent to the factory for production.


Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting process is the most precise, highest-quality way to make metal gate letters. The process uses an ultra-thin beam of light that can cut through almost any material, including steel, aluminum, brass, and more.



To ensure a piece of metal is shaped correctly, a metalworker needs to bend the metal at precise angles while measuring and calculating its dimensions.



We first weld the surfaces of the metal letters together and then attach them to the front of the letter, ensuring that every letter is perfectly straight and smooth. This method gives the joining of the letters a seamless appearance.

polishing process


Polishing is a standard practice in the manufacturing of metal signs. We use a polishing machine to ensure that any welds between the letter’s return and face are smooth, gap-free, and firm.



The colors of each letter are painted individually, resulting in a unique appearance. The side of the letter may appear unevenly colored when viewed from a distance, depending on how it is painted.



Signs must be dried thoroughly before they are placed in a drying room for a while to ensure that they do not chip or flake off and to ensure proper adhesion.


Overall Quality Checking

Once a letter has been fabricated, we evaluate it for imperfections and defects. We remove any letters with imperfections or defects and replace them with new ones. Finally, we inspect the letters to ensure they meet our high standards.



We use a sturdy three-ply hardwood shipping box to protect your letters and documents during shipping. The hardwood outer layers are thick, and a middle layer of polystyrene provides additional reinforcement.

Reasons Why LITASIGN's Metal Gate Letters are so Popular

LITASIGN is a sign manufacturing company that specializes in metal lettering and signs. Our mission is to change how the world interacts with signage by designing, manufacturing, and installing high-quality products that speak directly to their customers. Let's explore some of the reasons why LITASIGN's metal gate letters are becoming so popular.


LITASIGN's metal gate letters are sturdy, strong, and designed to last longer than those made from wood or vinyl materials.


LITASIGN offers custom-made metal gate letters. You can order our products in any shape, size, and color to create the perfect metal gate letter for your project.

Weather Proof

All metal gate letters offered by LITASIGN are professionally made to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Eye Catching

LITASIGN creates eye-catching, rust-resistant steel letters for signs. We offer a wide variety of styles, from classic to contemporary.

Lots of Options

LITASIGN offers customized metal gate letters in a variety of colors and styles to suit any business or home.

Professional Look

LITASIGN’s metal gate letters are streamlined, sleek and professional to make your business look both professional and friendly.

Low Maintenance

Our metal gate letters are easy to maintain and require only occasional cleaning with mild soap and water.

Easy Installation

LITASIGN manufactures lightweight gate letters with a steel core. This means that you can install our metal gate letters without hassle.


Our prices are unbeatable, and our quality is amazing. You get a product that is built to last, which means you won't have to replace it anytime soon.

Metal Gate Letters Fabricated by Skilled and Well-Trained Professionals Open for Customization

Metal gate letters are a part of the decorative alloy and steel craft. Today, we have a complete range of metal gate letters fabricated by skilled and well-trained professionals. Who are open to customization to create a wide variety of shapes and sizes according to the specific needs of our clients. Our work is done free from any blemish or scratch, so it enhances the value of your home, building, or business premises.

Wrought Iron Gate Letters

Wrought Iron Gate Letters are a great way to add a little personality to your home. They can be an excellent accent piece that adds warmth and charm, ranging from modern to rustic. Use them as a custom monogram or multiples for a unique distinction on your home front or entrance gate design.

Cast Iron Metal Gate Letters

These cast iron letters are a lovely and sturdy way to give your garden gate a rustic feel. To create a unique title for your yard, garden, or company doors, you can combine these letters with others, numbers, and characters.

Single Galvanized Steel Vine Monogram Gate Letters

A single, simple block letter adds a sophisticated signature to your monogram or vine gate. These monogram letters are hand-crafted and made of galvanized steel, resulting in a bold and rich look that will stand out on your driveway or garden gate.

Gold Finish Metal Gate Letters

Give your front gate a finishing touch with metal lettering, which is available in a variety of sizes. The gold finish on this decorating piece will make your entrance stand out.

Polished Stainless Steel Gate Letters

Our Polished Stainless Steel Gate Letters are designed to withstand the elements and look great against any house, gate, or wall. Featuring premium grade stainless steel, these letters will not tarnish, oxidize, corrode or rust and therefore require minimal maintenance. The stainless steel also ensures they don’t rattle or vibrate against other fence parts.

Brass Gate Letters

A classic look for your entryway. Our brass letter set is perfect for any style of home, whether you're looking to add a sophisticated touch, or an industrial edge.

Painted Metal Gate Letters

Our painted metal gate letters are perfect for any gate. We offer them in many styles, including gold, bronze and silver. These letters are created from a steel sheet and hand painted by our professional team to insure quality.

3D Metal Gate Letters​

Add instant style to your gate with our large selection of stylish and unique 3D Metal Gate Letters. These metal gate letters are a great way to add a personal touch with the bonus of being functional. We have many styles available such as decorative, cursive, and modern.

Aluminum Metal Gate Letters

Aluminum letters in various styles to build your custom personalized gate. These sturdy, lightweight letters are designed to be used as gate signs, but they can also make excellent house numbers or welcome signs.

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Custom Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letters are manufactured with various materials, shapes, and sizes. Custom Channel Letters can be manufactured to meet your exact specifications in any size, shape, and color.


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Non Illuminated Exit Signs

We offer a wide range of Non-Illuminated Exit Signs that are widely used in public areas such as offices and hospitals. These signs can be installed for exit purposes, which is required for fire prevention and people rescue.


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Non Illuminated Channel Letters

We offer high-quality, low-cost non-illuminated channel letters. The best part is that these letters have a large viewing area. They are also solid and durable to withstand changing weather conditions outside in any environment.


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Illuminated Channel Letters

Illuminated Channel Letters are the fastest and most economical way to create a dynamic outdoor message. With more than 100 advertising possibilities, these custom letters will appeal to your audience.


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Why Choose LITASIGN for Your Metal Gate Letter Requirements

LITASIGN has been in operation for more than 8 years now. Moreover, we are the best signage manufacturer and supplier in China. Being so, we assure and guarantee our clients and customers the following:

  • When you choose LITASIGN for your metal gate letter requirements, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest-quality materials. We only use the best in manufacturing our products, and we stand behind them with an extensive warranty.
  • We at LITASIGN approach your needs for metal gate letters personally. To create the ideal metal gate letters for your project, we will collaborate with you. Because of their industry expertise, our designers can produce unique designs that meet your business’s branding and aesthetic requirements.
  • In addition to providing the best products and services in the business, LITASIGN also provides metal gate letters at the most competitive prices. To ensure we stay within their predetermined budget, we always offer our clients and customers the opportunity to haggle over prices and receive discounts.
  • LITASIGN delivers metal gate letters to locations all over the world. We work with several trusted international couriers to ensure that your order arrives when needed and the way you want it.
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