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LITASIGN was founded in 2015. The company has a lengthy history of designing signs, conducting research, and selling various varieties of advertising signage. LITASIGN provides customers with top-notch products and knowledgeable services thanks to its talented designers, educated staff, and outstanding sales service team. We constantly develop new metal letter designs to meet our customers’ needs because innovation is our business’s foundation.

We believe that every person deserves to receive individualized service. We take pride in helping you find the perfect sign for your business, organization, or home so you can use signage to highlight your distinctive style.

Home Metal Letters - An Innovative Way to Personalize A Space

Home metal letters are one of the easiest ways to give a space a rustic or modern feel. They can be used on walls, doors, or tables and look fantastic when combined with metallic elements like copper or brass. Our innovative curing method gives letters distinctive finishes in just a few days. Whether you want them painted in vivid colors or left bare and rusted, we can make them however you want.

The Home Metal Letters by LITASIGN come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. You can choose from our stock designs or express your creativity by uploading an image for us to draw inspiration. We provide them in both words and single letters.


LITASIGN - Home Metal Letter Specialists

At LITASIGN, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best products and services. That’s why we have invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment that allows us to create high-quality signs quickly and efficiently. We can produce a wide range of home metal letters, including stainless steel, gold, and aluminum letters.

Our home metal letters are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. They can be used as exit signs or as part of a custom-designed entranceway into a home. Our home metal letters are available in many different styles and finishes so that you can find the perfect one for your project!

You dream it, we make it

Home Metal Letters: A Creative and High-Quality Manufacturing Process


Creating Design & Production File

Our design team will create a working file based on your specifications and send it to our manufacturing team for production. Once that file has been checked and approved by our team, we’ll send it off to our factory, where it will be used to create your metal letters.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

According to the production file, the process starts by cutting and engraving acrylic, steel, and other materials. The most important part of this process is that it uses advanced laser technology that allows us to cut or engrave any size of letter precisely.



Bending is the process of forming metal sheets into a curve. The most common method for bending is to use a hydraulic press, which exerts pressure on the metal to cause it to bend. The first step in bending is to fold the side portion with a slot, then bend the other side portion to form an arc.



 We use a high-quality welding machine to weld the metal letters’ surfaces before joining them to their sides and adding them to the front of the letter.

polishing process


The weld joint between the return and face must be polished until it is gap-free and smooth, as this will ensure the strength of the bond between the two pieces of metal.



The painting process is an essential part of metal letter manufacturing. The painting process affects the metal letter’s appearance, texture, and strength. It directly affects the quality and sales of products.



When painting metal letters, the paint must be allowed to dry completely before the letters are placed in a drying room. This procedure helps ensure that the paint will not chip or flake off and allows for proper paint adhesion to the metal.


Overall Quality Checking

Artisans use a template to control the quantity and quality of each piece. Before final inspection, they place the letters and other details on this template, taking photos for an archive. This allows us to ensure that each letter is placed where it should be, so you can be confident that your letters will look beautiful when installed in your home.

Neon Sign Packaging


LITASIGN uses a sturdy, three-ply hardwood shipping box. The inner and outer layers of the box are made of robust and thick hardwood, and the middle layer is made of polystyrene. This unique combination provides maximum protection for your metal letters during transport.

5 Benefits of Custom Made Metal Letter in Beautifying a Home Interior

From antique metal letters to gold metal wall art, classic home decor items with a twist are what metal letter wall art brings in. Enhancing the beauty and diversity of a home's interior walls through metal letters is a wise move everyone should consider. Here are some reasons why metal letters beautify a home interior:

Sophistication and Luxury

The first benefit of custom metal lettering is that it adds sophistication and luxury to a home. The letters are made from high-quality metals, such as aluminum or stainless steel, which can be customized to fit a home's decor. In addition, the letters can be customized to match the color of other fixtures in your house, such as light fixtures or wall paint.


The custom-made metal letters are versatile and can be used in various home places. The customized metal letters can be placed on the wall, door, ceiling, or anywhere you want. They can be used to decorate any room in your house. The custom-made metal letters come in different colors and sizes that you can choose from depending on your preference.

Easy to Maintain

Because these letters are made from high-quality metals, they are not susceptible to rust or corrosion like other metal lettering types. This means you do not have to worry about them fading over time or damaging due to weather conditions outside the windowsill or front door frame!


Metal letters are durable and will last a long time without needing to be replaced or repaired. They are made from metal, a solid material, so they won't break easily or get damaged by moisture and other things that could harm them over time.

Easy To Install And Remove

One of the best things about a custom-made metal letter is that it is easy to install and remove. All you need to do is stick or screw it on your wall, and you are good to go. If you ever want to remove it, you have to remove the adhesive tape or screws holding it in place and then put in some new ones when you want to put it back up again.

Most Popular Home Metal Letters from LITASIGN

To add character and value to a home, make a house a place where spending time with loved ones is one of the essential things in life. With this set of decorative metal letters, it is easy to infuse style into various indoor or outdoor settings of a home.

Decorative Metal Letters

Decorative metal letters are a great way to customize your home or business. They can be used to create custom signs, address plaques, signage, and much more. Decorative metal lettering is made from aluminum or steel. It can be painted or powder coated in any color you like. You can also choose between standard black lettering or custom colors to match your decorating needs.

Flat Metal Home Wall Letter

The Flat Metal Home Wall Letter is a versatile and stylish way to display your home address outside your home. This wall letter is made from durable and rust-resistant metal, making it easy to install. The letter can be used as a house number sign, garage number sign, or even in your backyard garden.

Script Metal Letters

The classic and elegant Script Metal Letters will help you stand out. These long-lasting letters are a beautiful addition to your walls, doors, or windows, perfect for creating a statement or slogan. They're sure to last forever.

Rustic Metal Letters

These letters are the perfect accent for any room. They can be used as a decorative touch on a shelf, kitchen wall, or fireplace mantel. They can also be used to spell out a word or phrase and hung as decoration on a wall. These rustic metal letters are great for creating your personalized art piece!

Galvanized Home Metal Letters

Galvanized home metal letters are the perfect option for any home. They are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes. We have the perfect letter for you whether you need to add an accent or create a specific word. Our galvanized home metal letters are available in various colors and styles. These letters will add style to your home while also providing durability and ease of installation!

Painted Home Metal Letters

Painted Home Metal Letters are the perfect way to add fun, colorful flair to any room of your home! Whether you're looking for a way to make your kitchen more festive for the holidays or want a whimsical touch in your child's bedroom, these letters are the perfect addition.

Brass Home Metal Letters

Our brass home metal letters are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your home. These letters can be used as a monogram or in combination with other letters to create a unique name or phrase. They're also great for adding a finishing touch to a room's decor.

Art Deco Home Metal Letters

Art deco home metal letters are the perfect way to add a touch of vintage style to your home. These metal art deco lettering pieces are available in various sizes and colors. They can be used in multiple ways: on a door sign, address plaque, or wall hanging.

Metal Monogram Letter

Our metal monogram letters are steel and have a hanging mechanism attached to the back. They're easy to hang on your wall or any other flat surface with confidence that they'll stay put!

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Red Metal Letters With Lights

Red metal letters are a great way to add flair to your home decor. Red metal letters are available in different sizes and styles to find the perfect one for any room or occasion. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor use. They are made from high-quality materials that will last for many years.


Price from $110.00

Metal Marquee Bar Light

This light is the perfect way to add a touch of class to your home, restaurant, or bar. The metal material will last for years and keep its shine, while the sleek design will complement any decor style.


Price from $105.00

Metal Channel Letters

Metal Channel Letters are a great way to advertise your business. They are durable, weather resistant, and can be customized to fit your needs. Metal Channel Letters can be used to create the perfect sign for your storefront or building. They are commonly used as part of a facade or as an entrance sign.


Price from $130.00

Metal Marquee Letters

Metal marquee letters are the perfect solution. They're durable and eye-catching so that they can be used in any setting—from storefronts to sports arenas. They'll help you make an impression on your customers and potential clients so that they'll remember your brand whenever they see those letters!


Price from $135.00

Acrylic LED Letters

The letters of our acrylic LED signs are made from the highest quality materials. They are designed to last for years, even in harsh weather conditions. The acrylic used in our signs is scratch-resistant and can withstand bumps and dings. The letters are also non-toxic and won't emit harmful chemicals into the air or soil as they break down over time.


Price from $90.00

3D LED Acrylic Letters

Our 3D LED Acrylic Letters are a great way to add some pizzazz to your business signage. They are made of high-quality acrylic that is durable and water-resistant so they can stand up to the elements. You can't go wrong with these letters—they look great day or night!


Price from $101.00

Outdoor LED Open Signs

LED open signs are the perfect way to let customers know your business is available. They're also a great way to attract new customers. You can choose various styles and colors to fit your brand's needs.


Price from $64.00

Decorative LED Marquee Lights

These decorative LED marquee lights are perfect for any occasion. Whether you want to light up a wedding reception, add a little extra flair to your birthday party, or make your living room look a little more like home, these marquee lights will do the trick.


Price from $90.00

Why Prefer for LITASIGN for Your Home Metal Letter Requirements?

LITASIGN is the way to go if you want the best products for your home or business. As you know, LITASIGN creates high-quality metal signs that can be used for commercial and residential purposes.

1. Competitive Price

With LITASIGN’s lower costs and higher-quality materials, your product will be more competitive in the market, even with the added logistics costs. It can give you more than 35% of your budget back.

You’ll also enjoy a faster turnaround time, which means you can complete your project faster. Start seeing returns on it sooner than with other suppliers.

2. Product Certification

LITASIGN is a leading LED display product manufacturer that has earned CE/ROSH/UL certification, allowing it to serve the world market. LITASIGN has a strong engineering team focused on developing high-quality products with competitive prices and fast delivery.

3. Effective Manufacturer

We have accumulated a staff of more than 100 professionals with in-depth experience and training during our eight years in the metal letter manufacturing industry. The factory where we make our products is more than 6,000 square meters in size.

4. Teamwork Experience

The team at LITASIGN has more than 120 employees, including designers, production technicians, and international trade team members. Our design team has more than 8 years of experience.

5. Rapid Production

Inventory levels can be regulated, and production can proceed following strict schedules thanks to a reliable supply of materials and a well-managed workforce. This enables us to deliver high-quality products to you on time consistently.

6. Excellent Design Capabilities

Only the quality of our design surpasses our expert craftsmanship and installation services. We can help you find the ideal fit for any space, whether you’re looking for custom signs for your company or want something special for a home.

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