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LITASIGN - Excellence in House Metal Letter Signs

LITASIGN has a long history of producing signs and conducting research. In 2015, LITASIGN was established to give customers excellent products and knowledgeable services. Every customer receives the best possible product and service thanks to the collaboration of our outstanding sales service team, talented designers, and knowledgeable staff.

Because innovation is the cornerstone of our company, we are constantly creating new house metal letter designs to satisfy the needs of our customers. To assist you in reaching your objectives, our creative designers continuously develop new techniques!

Decorative, Customized Metal House Letters

A metal house letter is a fashionable way to display a house’s details. This customizable, decorative, and durable decor piece can increase a house’s curb appeal.

All of our metal house letters are made from solid aluminum. They are available in various finishes: cat iron, aluminum, brass finish, and more. They come in 3 different styles: modern, vintage, and ornamental letters. Each style has its unique design, making it stand out from the rest when installed on a house’s exterior.

High Quality House Metal Letters at Reasonable Prices

LITASIGN believes in helping you make your vision come to life by providing top-quality signage options at affordable prices. Our team has over 8+ years of combined experience designing custom signs for clients all over the country. Our expertise means that you’re sure to find exactly what you need.

Our house metal letters are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. They can be used as exit signs or as part of a custom-designed entranceway into a home. Our house metal letters are available in many different styles and finishes so that you can find the perfect one for your project!

You dream it, we make it

House of Metal Letters: A Guaranteed High-Quality Manufacturing Process


Creating Design & Production File

Create a working file based on your specifications with the aid of our design and production team and send it to our manufacturing team for production. Our team will review and approve that file before sending it to our factory, where it will be used to make your metal letters.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

We use advanced laser technology that allows us to cut or engrave any size of the letter precisely. This process starts by cutting and engraving acrylic, steel, and other materials.



Bending requires precise measurements and close attention to detail so that there are no gaps between different parts once they are placed back together after being bent. If gaps between two pieces of metal appear as holes when bent into shapes such as letters or numbers.



Before joining the metal letters to their sides and adding them to the front of the letter, we first weld the metal letters’ surfaces together using a high-quality welding machine. This makes sure that every letter is perfectly straight and smooth and gives the joining of the letters a seamless appearance.

polishing process


Polishing is an essential part of the metal letter manufacturing process. We use a particular polishing machine to ensure that any welds between the letter’s return and face are smooth and gap-free, ensuring they are as strong as possible.



The letters are painted by hand, ensuring each letter has a unique appearance. The way the letters are painted also affects their appearance; for example, if one side of the letter is painted but not the other, it will appear unevenly colored when viewed from afar.



Drying the paint is an essential step in the process and a high-quality and creative manufacturing process. When painting metal letters, allow the paint to dry completely before placing the letters in a drying room. This procedure ensures that the paint does not chip or flake off and adheres properly to the metal.


LED Module Assembly

LED module assembly is a high-quality process that involves assembling the components of the LED module into a single unit. This is done by installing the LED chips and placing them in specific locations within the module. The wires connecting these chips are also installed at this time.

Light Up-Testing2

Light Up Testing

 Light-up testing is a process we use to ensure the quality of our products. We use a series of LEDs to test the brightness and consistency of the light emitted by each letter. The letters are placed on a slide and moved under an LED light at different angles. We then measure the brightness of the letters in other areas to ensure consistent lighting throughout.


Overall Quality Checking

After the initial design and fabrication, all metal letters are put through a quality check. This ensures that each letter is made to the highest standard. The quality control process involves inspecting each letter for any imperfections or defects. If a defect is discovered, it is removed and replaced with a new one. After this, the letters are inspected again to ensure they meet our high standards.

Neon Sign Packaging


To ensure that your letters stay in good condition during transport, we use a sturdy, three-ply hardwood shipping box. The inner and outer layers of the box are made of robust and thick hardwood, and the middle layer is made of polystyrene. This unique combination provides maximum protection for your metal letters during transport.

LITASIGN's House Metal Letters Custom Cut

Metal letters are cut out in various shapes from a solid flat sheet of brass, stainless steel, or aluminum metal. The metal house letter is offered across multiple font designs for use in signage. Depending on the metal, the flat metal sheet can be up to an inch thick. The house metal letters have an extended guarantee and are well-made. High-quality materials are used to make House Metal Letters, which can be used inside and outside. They can be used as wall decor, home accents, door signs, and more.

Custom Made To Order

Our custom-cut metal letters come in any color and style you could ever dream up (and then some). We have various fonts and colors to choose from, so there's no limit on how creative you can get with your letters!

100% Guaranteed

We fully guarantee each and every one of our products. LITASIGN will respond quickly and competently if you have any problems with your order.

Professional Designer

A qualified designer at LITASIGN created your house metal letters. They collaborate closely with you to guarantee the best possible quality and adherence to all of your requirements for your custom-cut metal letters.

High-Quality Materials

All of LITASIGN's House Metal Letters are made with high-quality materials, ensuring they will last for years. We use prime-grade metal and durable materials to ensure that you'll be able to enjoy your sign for years to come.

Cost Efficient

Since each of us has different needs, LITASIGN is constantly looking for ways to be more economical. Because you can get precisely what you need conveniently, our house metal letters are fantastic. You can personalize your house metal letters from our enormous selection of fonts and colors.

Fast Shipping Time

We know that time is money. We also know that you have many options for custom metal letters. That's why we offer fast shipping on all our products—we want you to get back in business as quickly as possible. We offer a 10-15 days delivery period.

Customize a Home with LITASIGN's Metal House Letters

LITASIGN’s metal house letters can add style and charm to a home’s exterior. Available in various styles, shapes, patterns, materials, and colors, this lettering can complement any home decor.

Heavy Duty Aluminum House Letters

Heavy Duty Aluminum House Letters offer an elegant yet durable way to display your address. Manufactured from high-quality aluminum, these open panels are available in a wide selection of lettering styles and designs to complement any home decor.

Colored Floating Metal House Letters

This elegant and colorful metal house lettering will add a welcoming touch to any house. The screws that hold the lettering in place are painted the same color as the letters themselves, so they remain invisible. Four colors are available: red or blue for fun, neutral white or silver for a classic look.

Solid Metal House Letter

This unique metal house letter is built with marine-grade stainless steel, which will stand up against the elements very well. The design is made to resist rust and features threaded nails for mounting and concealed fasteners. It comes in three shiny finishes.

Zinc Metal House Letters

This decorative house letter sign is an excellent addition to any home exterior. The metal letter is available in a black or matte black finish and is resistant to the elements. It is part of a scroll collection and adds a funky, playful vibe to your exteriors.

Brass Metal House Letters

Our Brass Metal House Letters will look great on your house, front door, mailbox, or other applications. These heavy-duty letters are brass for a more durable and attractive finish. They are safety tested for use indoors and outdoors and have a solid brass plate attached at the top of each letter.

Stainless Steel Metal House Letters

Stainless Steel Metal House Letters are a great addition to your home. These metal letters look beautiful and expensive, but at the same time, it is very affordable. These house letters are rustproof, weatherproof, and will stay shiny for years.

Copper Metal House Letters

Copper Metal House Letters is an excellent addition to any home. It is made with the high-quality copper and has a fantastic finish that makes it look like real copper. It will bring the right touch of elegance to any room in your house.

Cast Iron Metal House Letters

Our Cast Iron Metal House Letters are made of the highest quality materials and perfect for enhancing your front yard or flower beds. We hand cut and shape each letter to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting product.

Illuminated Metal House Letters

These Illuminated Metal House Letters are versatile and customizable, making them ideal for a home. Use the letters to spell out your last name or a phrase that's meaningful to you. Each letter has built-in LED lights that can be plugged into any standard outlet for bright light wherever needed.

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Metal Home Letters

Metal home letters are a must-have for any home. These metal letters are incredibly durable and can be used in various ways, from decorating the front of a house, adding a personal touch to a room, or a sign outside a business.


Price from $120.00

Metal Marquee Numbers

Metal marquee numbers are a great way to add a little flair to your storefront. Made from aluminum, these marquee numbers are durable and long-lasting. They can be mounted directly to the front of your building or used as part of an outdoor sign. The bright, bold colors make them easy to read from a distance.


Price from $121.00

Decorative Metal Letters

Decorative Metal Letters make a bold statement. These metal letters are crafted by hand and made with a polished, tarnish-resistant finish that’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Use decorative metal letters to create custom home decor, point out directional signage, or make your unique sign.


Price from $105.00

Metal Marquee Bar Light

This vintage-inspired Metal Marquee Bar Light adds the perfect rustic style to your home. This light is versatile, featuring a high-shine finish and stylish design that will add character to any room. Sized to fit on top of a chest, nightstand, or table, it's an excellent addition to any decor.


Price from $100.00

Red Metal Letters with Light

Red metal letters with light are a unique way to display your name in style at home or work. Available in Red and Light Blue, these letters are metal with a protective coating to prevent rust.


Price from $142.00

Metal Channel Letters

Metal channel letters are an excellent way to create a bold, eye-catching facade that sets your business apart from the rest. These high-quality, durable letters will last for years and can be installed in any location, as long as it’s flat and secure.


Price from $123.00

Non Illuminated Exit Signs

Non-Illuminated Exit Signs are great for providing direction in emergencies. The not illuminated signs do not use an internal light source, so the batteries will last longer. The signs are not as bright, allowing an optimal amount of light for emergencies. We offer Fire Code approved Non-Illuminated Exit Signs at affordable prices.


Price from $100.00

Custom Channel Letter Sign

Our custom channel letters allow you to choose any size, font, and light color. The LED lights are bright, energy-efficient, and come in various colors. These metal signs are more durable than hand-painted letters and can be used indoors or outdoors.


Price from $135.00

5 Benefits of House Metal Signs in Beautifying A Home

House metal signs are a decorative accessory that you could use to help make a home more attractive. The metal signs will surely come in handy when trying to create a unique look and feel in the interior of a home. While decorating a home with these items is quite effective and practical, there are other benefits that you can enjoy aside from beautifying the place. Here is a list of these benefits:

1. Brings a Sense of Elegance and Luxury

They are usually made of metal, which is why they are called “house” metal letters. The metal used to make these signs can be either aluminum or steel. The beauty of these signs lies in their simplicity and elegance. They tend to be simple yet effective at bringing about the desired effect in any space where they are placed.

2. Personalized Space

One of the main benefits of house metal letters is that they create personalized spaces unique to a home. You can choose from a wide range of designs and fonts, allowing you to make a home unique.

3. Utilized in Many Different Ways

House metal letters are also beneficial to you as a homeowner. You can use them as an attractive display for the home, but they can also serve other functions. It could be used as a directional guide to inform the visitors where certain areas in your house are located.

4. Durable

House metal letters are made of metal so that they will last longer than most other decorations. You won’t have to worry about them falling off the wall or getting damaged.

5. No Maintenace Required

Metal house signs will not require any maintenance. Making them one of the best options for homeowners who don’t want to spend time maintaining their exterior decor.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Metal House Letters


Metal house letters are items that you probably see daily. These pieces of material are pretty neat and carry a bit of history with them as well. Some are made from things like wrought iron, aluminum, and brass!

When it comes to metal house letters, there are many things you’ll want to know before you decide on which metal house sign is right for you. To help with this, we created The Ultimate FAQ Guide For Metal House Letters. This guide goes over all sorts of topics related to metal house letters, including:

1. What Are Metal House Letters?

Metal house letters are letters made of metal, usually cast iron. They have a rustic, industrial look and can be used indoors or outdoors. Depending on your preference, metal house letters can be painted or left unpainted.


2. How Do I Get Started with Metal House Letters?

You can start by choosing a style that speaks to you. We offer a wide variety of options, from modern and minimalistic to traditional. Once you’ve found the right type, it’s time to choose your font and color. We offer thousands of different fonts and colors so that there is something for everyone! Once everything is set up, we will begin production on your order. After completing it, we will send out tracking information so that you can see exactly when your package will arrive.

3. Where Can I Buy Metal House Letters?

You can purchase metal house letters from LITASIGN. We stock a wide variety of styles and sizes at great prices so that you can find exactly what you need for your project.

4. Does the Metal Have to be Painted?

No, it does not need to be painted. The metal will naturally oxidize over time and take on a rustic look. If you want to paint it, we recommend using a primer and painting the letters in a color that will complement a home.

5. Will the Letters Rust?

 No! We use quality materials and coatings to ensure that your letters are durable and will last for years.

6. Do You Offer Custom Designed Metal House Letters?

Absolutely! We’ve collaborated with clients from all around the world to develop custom designs that meet their requirements. The only limit is your creativity—send us an email, and we’ll see what we can come up with!


7. How Will the House Metal Letters be Mounted to the Wall?

For mount­ing, you can use dou­ble sided tape and sil­i­cone if the wall is rel­a­tive­ly smooth such as paint­ed sid­ing, flat brick or even stuc­co then this type of mount­ing works great.

If how­ev­er, installing the house metal letters on a very uneven sur­face, use spac­ers instead with met­al screw that drill into the wall to secure the metal house letters. These screws are coat­ed with clear sil­i­cone to ensure they stay secure­ly in place.

8. Can I Use Any Font for the Metal House Letters?

Yes, we can use any font for your sign. If you are unsure what font to use, we can show you samples of fonts and even make mockups of the finished product. Our designers can make mock­ups that look very close to the fin­ished product.

9. How Do I Pick the Right Height for the Metal House Letters?

Measure the wall space where the metal house letters will go. Measure the width and height of the place where the metal house letters will be displayed.

When you know the available height, it’s best to leave 1 to 3 inches above and below the metal house letters for breathing room. If the available space’s height is not an issue, the normal size of house signs is between 4 and 10 inches.

10. Where Do You Recommend to Install the Metal House Letters?

-The best spot has good visibility.
-The best spot has ample installation area.
-Walls, fences, columns, garages, and monuments are the most common locations.
-If possible, select a location that has building or site/landscape lighting for night time

11. What Finishes Can You Recommend for the Metal House Letters?
  • Brushed aluminum, matte brass and white powder coat finishes create maximum contrast on darker

  • Matte black or dark bronze powder coat finishes create maximum contrast on lighter surfaces.

12. How Durable Are Your Finishes?

Our metal house letters are built to last and coated to be weather resistant.

Brushed Aluminum Finish:
To protect the aluminum from the elements, we apply many coats of a weatherproof clear satin finish.
UV rays, salt air, and other environmental irritants

Powder Coat Finishes:
Matte black, white, matte brass, and dark bronze powder coat finishes are available.
Powder coat coatings are more durable than traditional paint. The powder we use
The coat finishes are low gloss or matte and will not peel or flake. Powder’s life expectancy
Coated materials last far longer than conventionally painted products and are more resistant to corrosion.
Chipping, scratching, chemicals, fading, and normal wear and tear are all possibilities.

13. What Finishes You Can Recommend for Coastal and Industrial Area?

We recommend a powder coat finish for all Metal House Letters, providing the durability necessary for coastal and industrial areas. These finishes are available in matte black, matte brass, dark bronze, or white. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your letters looking their best.

14. When Will the Metal House Letters Arrived After I Place an Order?

All of our products are handcrafted to order. Please allow us 7-10 business days to process and manufacture your orders before shipping. Delivery timeframes vary based on where you live.

15. What Payment Method Do You Accept?

We accept the payment by the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Telegraphic Transfers 
  • Alibaba
  • Other payment methods.
16. Can I Place A Large/Bulk Order?

Yes, we can meet the needs of commercial customers. We are experienced in working with design professionals to fill large orders of metal house letters.

17. Do You Provide Mock Ups?

Yes, we always provide customers with mock-ups of metal house letters before making them to avoid confusion and ensure that you are happy with the final result.

18. Do I Need to Drill A Holes in the Metal House Letters?

No, All our metal house numbers are pre-drilled and come with all the necessary fixings, so you can get them mounted quickly and easily.

19. Is the Metal House Letter Guaranteed?

Yes, we offer a 12 month guarantee on all purchases.

20. What if the Metal House Letters Arrive Damaged?

If you receive a damaged sign, please inform us immediately either by phone or on our contact page. We will send out a replacement as soon as possible.

21. What is the Best Way to Clean Metal House Letters?

There are several ways to clean your metal house letters, depending on what type of letter you have. If you have a flat metal letter, it can be cleaned with a soft cloth and a bit of soap and water. If you have a raised-relief letter, you need to use something more abrasive to remove dirt from the grooves between the letters.

22. How Much Do House Metal Letters Cost?

The price of metal house letters varies depending on the size, length, and number of characters. Per letter could cost around $50-$150

23. Why Should I Use Metal House Letters?

For several reasons, metal house letters are a fantastic option. They won’t decay like wood or fade like plastic, are lightweight, and are simple to install. Additionally, you can personalize them with your brand or initials to give them a distinctive appearance that will make them stand out in your community.

24. Are House Metal Letter s Weatherproof?

Yes! Metal house letters are made with high-quality materials that will not rust or corrode, making them perfect for use outdoors. They’re also weatherproof and won’t fade in the sun or crack in the cold.

25. Do House Metal Letters Come in Different Colors?

Metal house letters come in all sorts of colors! You can choose from black, bronze, silver, gold, red oxide (a reddish brown), antique copper (an aged copper color), and many more.

26. How do I Choose a Material?

One of the most crucial choices when selecting a set of metal house letters is the material because it determines how the lettering will look over time. Here are a few pieces of advice:

– Think about stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant metals if you want something that will last.

– Aluminum or other types of metal that can be polished easily without risk of rusting or fading over time. It should be considered if you want something simple to clean and maintain.

– Consider copper or other metals that naturally tarnish with time and produce an attractive quality called verdigris. If you want something with a lovely patina (which gives this type of metal its greenish hue).

27. How do Metal House Letters Work?

Metal House Letters are made of metal so that they can be painted and put onto walls or other surfaces. The letters have holes, allowing them to be hung up on walls easily without having any holes drilled into the wall itself. They also have brackets that would enable them to attach to ceilings or floors without drilling holes into either one of those surfaces as well.

28. How Long Do Metal House Letters Last?

Metal house letters can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years or more! They’ll stay bright and vibrant throughout their lifetime, even after years of exposure to the elements.

29. Do You Have a Minimum Quantity for Orders?

No! We’re happy to work with any size order, no matter how big or small! We ask that you bring us your ideas and let our team help make them a reality.

30. Where can I Buy Metal House Letters?

You can purchase metal house letters online at LITASIGN. We have a wide selection of styles and sizes available, so you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your home. You can also contact us with any questions or concerns about our products or service!

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