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Since 2015, LITASIGN has been your metal letters for building manufacturer, celebrating 8 years in business. Our full-service factory in Shenzhen, China, is equipped to meet all your signage requirements. Every detail matters at LITASIGN, from the materials we use to the quality of our artistry to our valued customer relationships. We are a dependable source for metal letters and are committed to providing high-quality signage.

We have many metal letters in stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, and copper. Our skilled designers can assist you in creating the ideal design for your project. We have the fastest turnaround time in the industry, and there are no minimum order quantities!

Metal Letters for Building. Modern and Professional

Any business or organization looking to give their building a touch of class should consider metal letter signs. Metal’s gleaming glow attracts attention and makes your company stand out from the competition. Whatever material you decide on for your metal letter sign—aluminum, bronze, brass, copper, steel, or stainless steel. You can be sure it will be solid and long-lasting, suitable for use inside and outside.

Metal letters are an excellent option for businesses looking for signs that will last for years without displaying signs of wear or tear. No matter how much time has passed since it was made, the metal used in our letters is corrosion and tarnish-resistant, so it will never lose its luster.


LITASIGN is a Full-service Sign Manufacturing Company

When it comes to manufacturing metal letters for buildings, LITASIGN has you covered. Our extensive knowledge of the sign industry, competitive pricing, and quick turn-around times make our company stand out.

We manufacture custom sign products using a variety of different substrates. We have what your job requires, from aluminum letters to sign foam to HDU-routed signs. Operating CNC routers, lasers, and a full-scale paint booth, we can deliver on the needs of all your projects to keep your clients happy and coming back for more.

You dream it, we make it

Manufacturing the Metal Letters for Building


Creating Design & Production File

Our design and production teams will work together to create a working file based on your specifications. Each team will review and approve the other’s work before sending the file to our factory for production.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

We use laser cutting to precisely etch or engrave letters and designs on metal, steel, and other materials.



In order to ensure the integrity of a piece of metal, it is important for a metalworker to measure and calculate precisely while bending the metal at precise angles.



We first weld the surfaces of the metal letters together and then attach them to the front of the letter. This method ensures that every letter is perfectly straight and smooth, eliminating gaps between letters and providing a seamless appearance.

polishing process


A particular polishing machine is used in the manufacturing process of metal signs to ensure that any welds between the letter’s return and face are smooth, gap-free, and firm.



The letters are painted individually, so each one is unique. A viewer may notice that the color on one side of a letter looks different from the other when viewed from a distance.



After the paint has dried completely, a drying step is required in the manufacturing of metal signs. The sign must be placed in a drying room to ensure that it does not chip or flake off and to ensure proper adhesion.


LED Module Assembly

An LED module assembly is a process by which the components of an LED module are assembled into a single unit. LED chips are installed in the module, and wires are installed. The result is an LED module with consistent quality.

Light Up-Testing2

Light Up Testing

For quality assurance, we use our patented light-up testing process. We place each letter on a slide and move it under an LED light at different angles, measuring brightness throughout.


Overall Quality Checking

To ensure the reliability of our product, we carefully inspect all letters before they are sent to customers. Any imperfections or defects in a letter are removed and replaced with new letters.



 Our sturdy three-ply hardwood shipping box provides maximum protection for your letters. The thick outer layers are made of hardwood, and the middle layer of polystyrene adds additional reinforcement.

Why to Choose a Metal Letters for Building?

Metal letters are the best choice for building signs, especially if you want them to last a long time and look great all the time. There are a few reasons why metal letters are the way to go:


Compared to other signage materials, metal letters for buildings are more robust and can withstand almost anything nature throws at them. They can withstand strong winds and the effects of heat and cold because they are heavier than plastic or wooden signs.

Professional and Polished

A building's metal letters give it a polished, professional feel. This makes metal a fantastic choice for law firms, advertising agencies, marketing firms, healthcare providers, and more. Metal's reflective qualities make them excellent for nighttime visibility.

Compatible with Other Materials

Metal letters are effective for building because they can be used with other materials such as wood and concrete. It allows for more flexibility in design, which is essential when designing structures. The metal letters can also be painted to match the other materials, making them more versatile in color and design.

Ideal for Modern Digital and Illuminated Signs

Metal is an excellent option for signs and building materials because it creates that edgy, modern, and urban look. You can customize a flashy, attention-drawing sign, or do something more subtle, depending on the type of business you run.

Various Finishes

Metal letters can be made in a wide variety of finishes. You have the option of choosing a matte or glossy finish, as well as a textured finish. Choose a finish that will best match the style of your building and look great on display.

Multiple Uses

They can be used on a building or commercial or residential property landscaping to add an artistic touch or to build a message. They are also used for advertising, business signage, and personal use. Metal letters are made from aluminum, steel, brass, copper, and other materials.

Metal Letters for Building — The Best Traditional Corporate Signage

Metal letters are the best traditional corporate signage. They are durable and long-lasting so they can be used in almost any situation. Metal letters are great for building signage because they will last forever! You only need to worry about if they get dirty or damaged by the elements.

These traditional signs are versatile and can be used in many different ways. They come in all different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that matches your needs perfectly!

Aluminum Letters for Buildings

Aluminum is a popular choice for anodized, polished, or natural satin signs, especially when custom match PMS shades are required. Aluminum signs can be used for indoor or outdoor use and come in various sizes and thicknesses.

Bronze Letters for Buildings

Bronze signage offers a variety of finishes, including oxidized, brushed, polished, and patina. Bronze custom metal letters are crafted with commercial-grade C2200 ingot bronze that is mercury-free and Ultra-durable. Custom metal bronze letters are generally used in school buildings, corporate offices, and public areas.

Brass Letters for Buildings

Brass is an ideal choice for signs that need to have a satin or polished finish. Superior-grade solid brass custom metal letters are crafted and designed for indoor and outdoor use. They're made from a naval brass alloy known for their durability.

Copper Letters for Buildings

Custom copper letters are available as signage for indoor and outdoor displays. It has a polished or brushed finish and is made of a high-quality copper brass alloy that is resistant to corrosion brought on by water and air. The letters are cut using a waterjet cutter and computer-controlled routers.

Stainless Steel Letters for Buildings

Stainless steel is an ideal material for sign lettering. These letters, crafted from a solid stainless steel plate, are durable for indoor and outdoor use

Thick Metal Letters for Buildings

Thick metal letters for buildings are a great way to add a touch of class and style to your building. These letters are made from thick metal, which means they can withstand the elements and last for many years. They are also available in many styles, so you can easily find one that matches your decor.

Lighted Metal Letters for Buildings

Lighted metal letters can be a great way to add flair to your building or business. The lights can be used to highlight specific words or phrases and give the impression of movement, which is especially effective on signs that are made up of multiple words. This helps draw attention to the message conveyed by the sign and increases the chances that passersby will notice it.

Flat Cut Metal Letters for Buildings

Flat-cut metal letters for buildings are a great way to add aesthetic appeal to your building. They can be installed over the existing lettering on your building or used as standalone signage. Either way, you'll surely get an instant boost in aesthetics and brand recognition when you add flat-cut metal letters for buildings.

Cast Metal Letters for Buildings

Cast metal letters are the best way to add individuality and style to your building. They can be used to make large or small signs, and they're easy to install, so you don't have to hire a professional. The letters are made from high-quality steel that will not rust or corrode over time, so they'll last for years without special care.

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Why Choose LITASIGN?

Because we provide a wide range of services at competitive prices, LITASIGN is the best option for your business. Because we know that every business is unique and that your company’s requirements may change over time, we take care to have the flexibility to meet your needs.

1. Scale

We can support a large capacity of orders, and we have a team of dedicated employees who will work with you to ensure that your experience is smooth and seamless.

2. Quality Workmanship

Quality workmanship is the heart of everything we do. We don’t just build your sign for you; we leave you with a product that will last for years—and if anything goes wrong, we’re there to help you out.

3. Professional Quality

At LITASIGN, we believe that your sign’s quality is as essential as your business’s. We maintain the highest standards in our work and are not satisfied until you are 100 percent satisfied.

4. Innovation

LITASIGN is dedicated to innovation. We are constantly learning because we strive to find new and improved methods of doing things. Our team is composed of individuals with extensive industry experience who bring their combined knowledge to the table. In order to give you a better service, we make a lot of effort to stay abreast of emerging technologies.

5. Creativity

LITASIGN’s team is highly experienced in the creative industry, and we have a proven track record of producing creative ideas that are both effective and engaging. We’re not afraid to think outside the box, and we’re happy to take on projects that challenge us creatively.

6. Competitive Pricing

With LITASIGN, you can get a custom-made metal letter at an affordable price. We keep our prices low by cutting out the middleman. Our metal letters are made directly from our factory, so there’s no need for us to add extra costs by adding another layer of mediators. You’ll get a better product and save money!

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