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LITASIGN - Quality Metal Marquee Sign Manufacturer in China

LITASIGN has 6 years of expertise in metal marquee lettering manufacture. As an expert direct manufacturer of metal marquee letters, we have pervasive experience in customized manufacturing, mass production, and exporting shipments. 

With a 6000 square meter factory area of 120 professional staff, advanced and complete equipment enables innovative activity, fast lead time, and stringent quality control. All our metal marquee signs are certified by UL, CE, and RoHS; as a result of this, we keep all details of letters entirely conforming to the certificate’s needs.

High-quality, Durable and Cost-effective Metal Marquee Signs

LITASIGN is a large-scale lighting factory that integrates independent research and development, production and manufacturing, sales service, and the ideal solution. With the advancement of society, we combine the constant innovation of digital technology and production technology to investigate updated materials that satisfy the visual requirements of our consumers.

With first-rate products and impeccable service, we consistently develop new types of signage and earn the acclaim and approval of both domestic and international clients.

metal marquee letters-production-process

Metal Marquee Letters Application Showcases

Metal Marquee Letters are bold, attention-grabbing signs often ised in decor signage, often associated with a vintage or retro aesthetic. They're typically made of metal and illuminated from within, perect for adding a stylish touch to spaces like cafes, event venues, or homes.


Details About Metal Marquee Letters


Customizable and Durable Metal Marquee Signs

LITASIGN’s metal marquee signs are constructed using the highest quality materials. We ensure that they will live longer than many other signages, withstanding weather conditions such as excessive heat or rain. Furthermore, we offer a range of designs that can be customized to suit your needs.

Additionally, we provide that these metal marquee signs are quickly erected without the assistance of an expert. It enables businesses to install their signs without needing an expert, especially if they lack prior experience erecting signage.

Sleek & Durable Metal Marquee Signs Manufacturing Process

LITASIGN's Metal Marquee Signs: What Makes Them Unique?

LITASIGN is a high-end metal marquee signs manufacturer located in China. For over 6 years of operation, we have built an extensive network to supply our marquee letters, lights, and other products to clients all over the globe. While our marquee signage can be used for various purposes, from real estate promotions to political campaigns, we are especially renowned for our ability to manufacture custom metal marquee letters.

Stylish Yet Affordable

LITASIGN's metal marquee signs can be custom manufactured with attractive, durable graphics for a distinctive look at an affordable cost.


LITASIGN's metal marquee signs were meant to be versatile. Customize your message and sign to fit your business or event's demands.

Better Visibility

LITASIGN's metal marquee signs may be seen from a long way away. As a result, anyone can understand what your custom marquee signs are saying, even from a distance.

Easy to Install

LITASIGN's Metal marquee signs come with comprehensive documentation and video instructions that make installation simple even for non-technical users.

Energy Consumption

LITASIGN's metal marquee signs are lit by energy-efficient LED lamps. Aside from that, handmade marquee signs are unlikely to impact your electricity bill, saving you money significantly.

Low Maintenance

Metal marquee signs by LITASIGN are made of high-quality materials and are easy to maintain. They also guarantee a return on investment because they require no repairs or maintenance for so long.

Elegantly Constructed Metal Marquee Signs

Custom metal marquee signs are a great way to draw attention to your business, product, or event. A metal marquee sign can be used inside or outside. Many business owners use a marquee sign for advertising a sale or promoting an upcoming event. Metal marquee signs can also be used at weddings and other celebrations.

Metal Marquee Letters with Light

Metal marquee letters with light are vintage-inspired decorative pieces made of durable metal and featuring built-in lighting. These letters often emulate and industrial or retro style. They're available in various sizes, fonts and finishes, offering customizable options.

Metal Marquee Letters No Light

Metal Marquee Letters No Light offer the same vintage-inspired style and durable metal construction as their illuminated counterparts but lack of built in lighting. Comes in various sizes, fonts and finishes allowing versatile use in decorating homes, businesses, events or special occasions.

Metal Marquee Bar Light

A decorative piece featuring individual letters spelling out "BAR" and illuminated with built-in lights. These light typically emits an inviting glow, perfect for creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere in home bars, restaurants, pubs or entertainment areas.

Red Metal Party Marquee Lights

Are a bold, eye-catching decor pieces featuring individual metal letters spelling out "PARTY". Crafted for fetive occasions, these lights infuse spaces with an energetic and celebratory atmosphere, perfect for parties, events or adding a lively touch to any settings.

Metal Cursive Marquee Sign

Embodies elegance and style with its flowing, script-like letters crafted from durable materials. These signs often features cursive writing, adding a touch of sophistication and charm to any space, be it homes, weddings, events or businesses. They come illuminated or without lights, providing versatility in decor options.

Personalized Metal Marquee Light

A personalize metal marquee lights is a custom-designed decorative piece This lights are tailored to specific preference, allowing for unqiue personalization in various fonts, sizes & finishes. They often include in built-in lighting, adding a personalized touch to homes, events, or special occasions.

Wedding Metal Marquee Letters

Wedding Metal Marquee Letters are the perfect wedding or bridal shower accent for your special day. They're perfect for displaying your names, wedding date, message, or monogram. Ease of assembly and disassembly ensure that these marquee letters are simple to move where needed.

Birthday Metal Marquee Sign

Our fun Birthday Metal Marquee Sign adds a beautiful touch of nostalgia to any party or special occasion. The sign is available in a rustic, distressed brown for a more vintage look or a silvery metallic finish for a more modern touch.

Beer Metal Marquee Letters

The Beer Metal Marquee Letters are perfect for hosting a party and reminding everyone of the theme or name of your event. Easily hang from the ceiling or wall to add an extra touch of style and character.

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Marquee Letters

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Outdoor Marquee Sign

It was developed to give a professional touch to any outdoor event. Perfect for weddings, business promotions, and trade shows.


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Why Consider LITASIGN as Your Manufacturer and Supplier of Metal Marquee Letters?

LITASIGN is a professional marquee signage manufacturer in China. Our company is well-equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, enabling it to manufacture any custom-made metal marquee letters. We specialize in one-stop-shop solutions for customers by offering high-quality products and on-time delivery at competitive prices.

1. Capabilities

You can always rely on LITASIGN’s experienced engineers, quality control, and sales teams’ knowledge and proactive approach. It takes time and effort to provide the best quality.

With 6 years of experience and extensive knowledge, we can help you choose the best metal marquee sign for your needs.

2. Highly Skilled Professional Team 

LITASIGN provides a skilled team of professionals. In addition, it includes documentation and instructional videos. Our experienced technical staff is always here to assist you if you encounter any difficulties.

3. Achievements 

LITASIGN has successfully executed around 1,500 projects every year. Among our most noteworthy endeavors are the Taipei Arena Sky Screen, Harmony Times Square, the Taipei Arena, and the Mexico City Arena, to name a few.

We have certifications from organizations such as CE/EMC, CE/LVD, ROHS, ETL, FCC, CB, IECEE, KC, and PSE.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Metal Marquee Letters


Metal marquee letters are big, bold, and beautiful. These metal marquee letters are an excellent addition to any business, from retail spaces to restaurants. Having your logo or name on marquees outside of your business is a great way to grab the attention of clients going by and potential clients that may drive past the store. Many businesses are looking at marquee letters for signs for their business.

Introducing The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Metal Marquee Letters. If you are looking to buy your metal marquee letters to help you spell out your company’s name. Or, if you’re a custom builder and want to learn the ins and outs of marquee letter installation, this guide is for you.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Metal Marquee Letters?

Metal marquee letters are a great way to make a statement. Making the perfect addition to any business, restaurant, or real estate signage, they will help draw attention and create excitement. Metal marquee letters are made of sturdy stainless steel. This means they are strong enough to withstand bad weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, and even extreme heat

Figure 1 - Metal Marquee Letters

2. I Want to Have a Metal Marquee Letters Made for My Business - Can You Do This?

Yes, we can have metal marquee letters made for your business. We make all types of marquee letters and welcome the challenge of making any one-of-a-kind sign when our customers request it. Yes, we can have metal marquee letters made for your business. We make all types of marquee letters and welcome the challenge of making any one-of-a-kind sign when our customers request it.

3. Do You Use LED Bulbs for the Metal Marquee Letters?

Yes, we have chosen to utilize 3W LED lights – we have committed to using these LED bulbs since they are more efficient, safe, and appealing to the eye.

Figure 2 - Metal Marquee Letters 3W LED Bulbs

4. Are Your Metal Marquee Letters with Lights Stable When Set Up?

Yes, we take the safety of our customers very seriously. Our highest priority is creating products that bring them joy and delight. Every lighted metal letter we create is designed to be straight and sturdy and provide peace of mind for safety.

5. Can We Sit on the Metal LED Marquee Sign?

No. Metal marquee letters with lights are not designed to withstand additional weight, even a child’s weight.

6. Are the Metal Marquee Sign Weatherproof?

Our metal marquee sign can endure mild rain/drizzle and other weather conditions. However, we do not advocate using the product outside in extreme weather, such as high winds, heavy rain/hail, or snow/sleet.

7. Where Are Marquee Letter with Lights Usually Applied For?

Metal marquee sign letter light is generally employed as the newest ins style goods for wedding party event decorating backdrop. Hundreds of businesses utilize marquee letters, which can be found in stores and on internet, to assist users to create an outstanding ambiance.

8. May We Custom Own Metal Marquee Letter with Lights Design?

Yes. We welcome custom design requests. Our team has experience in producing hundreds of different designs and products.

9. What Are the Plug Option for the Metal Marquee Letters?

We offer a variety of serial plug adapters. You may choose a country standard plug or ask us to assemble different country standard plugs.

Metal Marquee letters PLUG-OPTIONS
Figure 2 - Metal Marquee Letters Plug Options

10. Can I Get a Double Rim Metal Marquee Letters?

Yes. We can certainly work with double-rimmed metal marquee letters. However, their cost is higher than that of single-rimmed metal marquee letters.

Figure 3 - Metal Marquee Letters Rim Options

11. Do The Metal Marquee Letters Available in Any Language?

Yes, you can design your metal marquee letters in every language.

12. What if the Metal Marquee Letters Arrives Broken or Defective?

Please notify us if you receive a damage order, and we will replace or repair the sign at no cost to you.

13. Can I Get Colored Bulbs In My Metal Marquee Letters?

Sure! Our faceted LED globe bulbs come in various hues, including red, pink, purple, blue, green, orange, and yellow. They may add a splash of color to your metal marquee lettering. Even an ombre effect is possible!

metal marquee letters bulb color option
Figure 4 - Metal Marquee Letters Bulb Color Options

14. What Symbols Are Available in the Metal Marquee Letters?













15. Are the Metal Marquee Letters PAT Tested?

Yes, All our metal marquee letter with lights undergoes regular PAT testing to ensure safety.

16. What are the Sizes of Metal Marquee Letters?

You may make your metal marquee letters whatever size you like, such as —

17. What Are the Benefits of Metal Marquee Sign?

Metal marquee signs provide a number of advantages, including:

  • Advertising and Public Awareness
  • Uses Less Energy
  • Quick Recognition
  • Less Maintenance Costs

18. What Are the Factors to Consider When Selecting Metal Marquee Letter with Lights?

It is critical to search for characteristics in metal marquee letters with lights while purchasing them. Importantly, be sure that the model type you select is appealing to your target audience and can be seen from a certain distance within your budget.

Some of the variables to consider when choosing a metal marquee letter with lights are:

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Viewing distance
  • Placement type you prefer
  • Usage of life
  • Weather-resistant or not
  • It’s a warranty/guarantee
  • Customizing options

19. What Are the Applications of Metal Marquee Letter with Lights?

Metal marquee letters have a wide range of applications, including:

  • Branding
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Decorative Purposes
  • Wedding Ceremonies
  • Photoshoots Backdrop
  • Party & Events

20. What Customization Options Are Available in Metal Marquee Signs?

Metal marquee letters provide a wide range of customization options to meet the needs of every customer.

More customization choices are available to make your metal marquee letters more customized.

The best thing about the metal marquee letters is the custom-made option, which allows you to customize and pick the right light.

The list is as follows:

  • Design in every language 
  • Quantity of letters per line
  • Alignment of letters
  • Design and dimension of fonts 
  • Font, backing, and background colors 
  • Preferred power plug style 
  • Cable type 
  • The color and size of the cable 

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