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Founded in 2015, LITASIGN has accumulated more than 6 years of experience. LITASIGN has purchased advanced SMT equipment for LED chips, imported silicone material, and machines, combined with its professional research & development team. Our high-quality signs offer customers a competitive price. Because of reasonable cost, superior quality, and our experienced team, LITASIGN’s products are sold worldwide with a good reputation.

LITASIGN provides an excellent solution to any supply chain concern, eliminating the long cycle time of ordering, freight delivery, and setup time. It is the perfect fit for your growing business.

LITASIGN – Your Reliable Partner for Quality Miller Lite Neon Signs

LITASIGN manufacture and exports high-quality neon signs for business owners, retailers, and wholesalers. The experience in the neon sign business has given LITASIGN a reputation for delivering quality products and being an industry leader.

LITASIGN manufactures an exquisite sign that comes in the form of a neon sign. The neon sign has been produced to the highest quality and is certified to meet international standards. LITASIGN’s neon sign uses luminous efficacy class 5050SMD, and 2835SMD led chips, as well as high-quality silicone jackets.


Most Trustworthy Manufacturer to Find the Best Quality Miller Lite Neon Signs.

LITASIGN has the best quality Miller Lite neon signs on the market today. We offer excellent customer service and quality assurance methods at LITASIGN, so you can rest assured that your neon sign will be made with the highest quality materials and attention. We also provide a variety of customizable alternatives to meet your specific requirements.

LITASIGN is a team of dedicated design professionals and engineers committed to crafting the best products on the market today. They have mastered the art of producing eye-catching, high-quality Miller Lite Neon signs that all customers will love. Insured, safe, and reliable shipping methods ensure that your Miller Lite neon sign arrives without any damage. The additional guarantee allows you to rest assured that a comprehensive warranty policy protects all neon signs.

You dream it, we make it

LITASIGN Neon Signs are Made with the Highest Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

pcb design

PCB Design

A professional PCB can help minimize the number of virtual soldering or off-soldering problems a manufacturing facility faces. The light components are durable after bending and shaping during the manufacturing process.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

After completing PCB board testing, LITASIGN will achieve 100% testing of the sample, equipped with LED chips. The selection will then be sent to the next phase of production. Since the final product is an LED-powered neon sign, it is essential that LITASIGN test the raw materials used in production.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN owns SMT machines, which it uses to manufacture LED light sources for LED strip lights, LED neon flexes, and LED neon signs. Currently, it can produce 2,000 meters of LED lights per day. By using SMT technology to create its lights, LITASIGN prevents the problem of the solder ball coming off an LED chip during the soldering process that sometimes occurs in signs and other products.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

LITASIGN’s integrated virgin silicone LED neon flex is manufactured high using the LITASIGN extrusion machines. This method can produce large quantities of waterproof and weather-resistant LED Neon strips in a concise period.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

LITASIGN carefully designs and engineers each sample. All details, including light color, jacket color, design, LED adaptor power, plug type, and dimmer version, are carefully checked throughout the whole production process. Mass production will not begin until you give us your final approval.

Backplate Engraving

LITASIGN, with its advanced engraving equipment and a select group of skilled craftsmen, can produce 200–300 LED neon signs a day while maintaining the highest precision, producing no smoke or odor.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

LITASIGN handcraft neon signs to the original design per export regulations. Our quality of artistry determines the sign’s ability to fit in with the design and its attractiveness. It is especially true for our clients, who value excellent quality in any sign they purchase.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

LED strip lights are subject to aging tests to check their efficiency, brightness, current, and other factors. The lights are turned on for 12 hours during this test cycle to check that they are working correctly. If a problem arises during this test, troubleshooting is performed to resolve it before mass-production is complete.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

LITASIGN uses packaging machines in its production process. Such equipment can create various label styles, making it easier for customers to order the correct items. LITASIGN’s packaging also contains testing mechanisms that reduce the risk of damage to the exterior packaging during shipping.

Miller Lite Neon Sign with High-Quality Raw Materials

In creating neon signs, LITASIGN has used a variety of raw materials. These materials have been assembled with expert craftsmanship to make this innovative product. LITASIGN raw materials are designed to last for years of regular use and require little to no maintenance. Here is a list of the materials used to create your Miller Lite Neon Sign:

LED Neon Flex

LITASIGN Integrated extrusion process allows heat to dissipate more evenly, which helps the neon signs to be more flexible and more resistant to water and dust. It increased neon signs' useful life by 50%.

Silicone Jacket

Carefully crafted from food-grade silicone, it is odorless and anti-aging. Fireproof to make the sign safe enough to use inside your business.

LED Chip

The high brightness 2835SMD and 5050SMD LED bulbs are fixed to the PC board with alloy brackets that serve as heat sinks. This design helps avoid the problem of false soldering or dead lights.

Acrylic Backboard

Taiwan Hertz is a brand of acrylic material made from 100% pure acrylic, durable, and transparent than PS or PVC.

Power Supply

CEC/EMC/LVD/UL/CUL/C-tick certified, our high-energy-efficiency inverter supplies a completely safe surge-protected power source.

AC Plug

LITASIGN carries various UL-certified power cords designed and manufactured in the US, EU, Japan, Australia, and the UK, including high-performance copper materials models.

DC Cable

The cable has a 2mm thick copper core and is made of transparent PVC. It can handle extreme temperatures and can be customized with various lengths.

Male and Female Connectors

The connector measures 12 mm in diameter and has a copper core that conducts electricity immediately after connection.


Neon Signs can be controlled with remote dimmers or touch dimmers. The controllers and remote controls can be coded to each other to not misfunction with each other or any electronic devices.

Mounting Screws

Stainless steel of high quality can maintain stable and long-term installation.

Hanging Ropes

It is made of high-quality stainless steel, break-proof ropes for long-term and stable installing, not plastic or iron material.

LITASIGN's Extensive Selection of Miller Lite Neon Signs

LITASIGN’s Miller Lite Neon Signs are a fun way to brighten up a business, bar, or house. Miller Lite Neon Signs are available in various finishes and mounting options. Miller Lite Neon Signs can be manufactured in any size, and if you want something more distinctive, we can work with you to create bespoke artwork or design.

Chicago Bears Miller Lite Neon Sign

This Chicago Bears Miller Lite neon sign is one of the best tailgating items you can buy. The neon lights are a work of art, making every room look fabulous. The detail on the neon sign itself is perfect, and the colors are vibrant. This product is what true football fans must have in their man cave.

Dallas Cowboys Miller Lite Neon Sign

Take home the action of the game! This Dallas Cowboys Miller Lite Neon Sign lights up in brilliant, glowing team colors. It's perfect for your game room, garage, or sports bar.

Miller Lite Racing Neon Sign

With its premium artwork and neon glow, this Miller Lite Racing Neon Sign brings alive any room- the garage, man cave, or dorm. The slim design is perfect for a dorm. Perfect for hanging on walls or sitting on desks.

Miller Genuine Draft Neon Sign

This Miller Genuine Draft neon sign makes an excellent piece for a Game room, Man cave, Garage, Office, or simply as a Collector's item. Add this neon to your bar decorations today.

Miller Lite Beer Sign

Experience the feel of a sports bar every time you enter your man cave with this authentic Miller Lite Beer neon sign. Perfect for the beer drinker or collector

Miller Lite Can Neon Sign

This Miller Lite Can Neon sign will liven up any empty wall space as the perfect complement to a bar and game room. From alluring imagery to a flashing backlight, this is a unique wall accent that fans of all ages will love.

Miller Lite White Sox Neon Sign

The Miller Lite White Sox Neon Sign is a dazzling addition to any game room, bar, or sports-themed restaurant and lends fun and nostalgia to your decoration all at once. This sign will delight the senses of those around it for years to come.

Welcome to Miller Time Neon Sign

Let your favorite bar's sign light up the room. This neon Miller Time sign is sure to impress your friends and family. Now you can recreate Miller Time at home with this exclusive sign.

Miller High Life Neon Sign

This neon sign shines a light on this classic American beer. Miller High Life Neon Sign lights up any room above your bar, pub, or game room. Be the hit of your gathering with this great neon sign.

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What Can You Get When Choosing LITASIGN as Your Neon Sign Supplier?

At LITASIGN, we are dedicated to offering our clients top-class quality and service. We know that Neon light signs are the best way to advertise a brand, business, or product of any kind. Every neon sign is 100% unique, handcrafted, and produced with care.

1. Longer Warranty Period

LITASIGN offers you a two-year warranty indoors and a one-year warranty on outdoor neon signs, reducing the need for post-sales service and allowing you to focus your attention on other areas of your business.

2. Good Product Quality

Good product quality and customer satisfaction with customer complaints will help you build a solid brand reputation and increase customer flow and return order rates.

3. Integrated One-Stop Service

LITASIGN offers customers an integrated one-stop service, from product design to production, to delivery and after-sale service. Thus, customers can be free from supply problems and pay more attention to their brand marketing and market development.

4. Stable R&D Team

LITASIGN has a stable engineering research and development team and thousands of satisfied client partners—all of which contribute to LITASIGN’s ability to consistently stay ahead of the game in the LED neon signs industry.

5. Variety of Customized Solutions

LITASIGN can tailor a perfect and stable variety of customized solutions to meet your needs, helping you better dominate the market while expanding your share of this competitive business environment.

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