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LITASIGN is your source for unique and exciting neon signs to give your business, organization, or living space a little extra charm. We offer a large selection of neon sign styles to choose from, including business signs such as automotive neon signs and service neon signs, decorative neon signs including vintage bar door signs, and hand-crafted neon signages.

LITASIGN is committed to providing high-quality, detailed design personalized text and image welcoming neon signs. Our experienced team and quick turn-around times are what set us apart from our competitors.

LITASIGN - Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Neon Sign Requirements

LITASIGN provides the highest level of craftsmanship and functionality with our services. Our staff is skilled in their ability to fabricate, assemble, and perform any task necessary to create a unique neon sign that will be sure to stand out. We use only the highest quality materials, including neon lights that glow brilliantly, to ensure years of maintenance-free service.

Whether you need to advertise special sales, create a welcoming environment, or emphasize crucial public safety notices and equipment, our experience in product design allows us to offer you innovative products and expert advice that will ensure the success of your business venture.


LITASIGN Brings You To Experience the Best Quality Moon Neon Signs

Founded in 2015, LITASIGN is a leading neon sign design and manufacturing company in China. LITASIGN has a team with experience of more than 6 years in the neon signs field. We have substantial experience with neon sign design and fabrication and customers’ requirements on sizes, colors, and fonts for customizing the output.

LITASIGN, as a professional designer and manufacturer in China, offers high-quality neon signs. We offer fast lead times with no minimum order quantity. Our LED light sources offer a wide viewing angle, which promises clear readability from every angle.

You dream it, we make it

Top of the Line Moon Neon Sign Manufacturing Process

pcb design

PCB Design

PCBs are built for the schematics of LITASIGN’s silicone jacketed light-emitting diode (LED) neon signs to provide optimal heat dissipation and light effects. Limiting the amount of rework that may occur during off-wafer soldering improves product quality while also lowering costs.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

Before production and the final product, quality assurance (QA) checks the raw ingredients. In terms of quality, this procedure ensures that the final product satisfies the consumer’s expectations. After PCB testing is done, LITASIGN undertakes QA testing on the total amount of LED chips, creating a sample for a second QA test. We’ll go on to the next stage of the operation of the final test passes.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LED light sources are made using LITASIGN’s SMT equipment. The company currently manufactures about 2000 meters of LED light strips every day. By using SMT machines, LITASIGN overcomes two problems in manufacturing LEDs: virtual soldering and off-soldering LED chips.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

LITASIGN uses its in-house extrusion technique to make high-grade silicone neon flex that is integrated into the product. Cold extrusion, which other manufacturers of silicone neon flex use, produces a more consistent and substantial material.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

Our in-house designers professionally designed our LED neon signs, ensuring that the final result is equal to the sample design. We double-check the details of each order before manufacture, including color, jacket color, design, and plug type.

Backplate Engraving

Hundreds of signs are carved every day by LITASIGN’s skilled engravers, which use precision, speed, and efficiency technology. Their job is more precise and efficient because they make clear, readable cuts without mixing.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

With an average of 5 years of experience, artisans create each neon sign. You can be confident that your neon sign will blend in seamlessly with the design while highlighting the beauty and artistry of neon, thanks to our master artisans’ attention to exceptional craftsmanship.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

Each LITASIGN neon sign is aged before being packaged and shipped to customers. A typical aging test takes 24 hours, but we age them for an extra hour as a precaution. Our LED chips and PCBs can be detected ahead of time, ensuring that our customers obtain high-quality products.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

More robust than typical packaging, LITASIGN packaging comprises a 10mm honeycomb paper board. Paper corner protectors are used to safeguard the merchandise within for enhanced safety. Dropshipping services are also available from LITASIGN, which allows you to have your logo printed on a corner of the packaging as a branding tool.

Features of LITASIGN's Moon Neon Signs

LITASIGN neon signs are a new way to make a lasting impression. When you want to catch the eye of your target market, LITASIGN's high visibility outdoor neon signs are your best option. LITASIGN's custom-made handmade neon signs feature top-quality materials and craftsmanship for a display your product deserves.

Virgin Silicone Jackets

PVC or fake silicones, which are known to deteriorate over time and generate potentially toxic fumes, are not used in the jackets of LITASIGN, which employs high-quality 100% silicone materials. Virgin Silicon is also anti-aging, anti-yellowing, and fire-resistant.

More Attractive Lighting

LITASIGN uses a high-light-transmittance silicone jacket and LED chips with remarkable brightness and low light decay rates to create appealing neon signs.

Enhanced LED Neon flex

LITASIGN used a cutting-edge PET film to maintain LED neon flex, which allowed customers to create signs in any shape they wanted without sacrificing quality.

Integrated LED Neon flex

LED neon signs with integrated LED light sources can be more colorful due to better heat dissipation. As a result, problems with the embedded LED neon sign, such as jacket deformation or acrylic deformation, can be avoided.

Brand Acrylic Backboard

Acrylic backboards created from Taiwan joint-stock brand acrylic material might be more transparent and rigid than polystyrene or PVC boards on the market. They are less prone to scuffing and yellowing and are more resistant to fading.

High Quality Power Supply

LITASIGN uses a power supply that is CE/ROHS/FCC/UL/CUL/C-tick/PSE/KC/PSE/KC/PSE/KC certified and has a high conversion efficiency. It ensures that the power used is following the laws of your nation.

High Quality Accessories

LITASIGN uses stainless steel screws and ropes instead of plastic or steel counterparts, preventing rusting and providing a more long-lasting product. Even after years of exposure, the sign will not show signs of wear that could threaten its safety.

Double Protection Technology

If the electrical components of a neon sign's center area are broken, the remaining portions of the neon sign will continue to function normally due to the dual protection mechanism.

Well-fitting Packaging

We can make your packaging as unique as you want it to be. It's a great way to minimize space while traveling and matches the neon signs. There are also fewer necessary supplies. Hand-crafting containers are more time-consuming and costlier than this method.

Moon Neon Signs: Remarkable, Portable Decoration for Home, Parties and Events

Our selection of moon neon signs offers a wide range of cute and beautifully designed designs. They make an excellent choice for any occasion with their vibrant lights that shine through each letter. These fun neon signs also come with unique fonts and design themes, which allow you to choose one that’s as unique as your party or event.

Blue Moon Neon Sign

Blue Moon Neon Sign makes a bold and undeniable statement. Playful in form, its undulating script inspires an air of whimsy. Of course, it's no secret why this neon sign has such appeal. Just look at that gorgeous blue moon! So realistic is its sky-like backdrop that you might believe the glowing orb, to be honest, until you reach out a hand to touch it.

Crescent Moon Neon Sign

Our Crescent Moon Neon Sign will illuminate your bar, game room, or restaurant. Energy-efficient neon requires much less power than equivalent incandescent light sources, saving you both time and money.  

Fly Me To The Moon Neon Sign

This classic Fly me to the moon neon sign adds a fun accent to any decor. The sleek design is sure to stand out in any room, from the kitchen to the game room. The strong and lightweight acrylic construction makes it durable and easy to hang, while the flickering light gives off an incredible glow.

Moon & Bat Neon Sign

The Moon & Bat Neon Sign is a fantastic addition for restaurants, studios, and home bars. Whether you're looking to give your space a pleasant neon glow or add some retro décor to your home or commercial location, this sign will do the trick.

Moon & Stars Neon Sign

The Moon & Stars Neon Sign will make a statement in any room. Whether a bedroom or garage, the Moon & Stars Neon Sign adds a unique accent that brightens up any location. Each Moon & Stars Neon Sign is hand-wired and hands crafted by one of our talented artists to ensure quality and longevity.

Purple Moon Neon Sign

Be the centre of attention at parties, in restaurants, or on your patio with our classic Purple Moon Neon Sign. The natural and manufactured materials used to create this piece create an aesthetic that references space age and retro chic—a timeless classic with a universal appeal.

Sailor Moon Luna Cat Neon Sign

Showcase your love for Sailor Moon with this Sailor Luna Cat Neon Sign. The vibrant colours and charming details make this a must-have item for any anime fan. In addition to indoor use, it can also be easily mounted on a wall outdoors.

Sun & Moon Neon Sign

Add some retro flair to your wall with this Sun & Moon Neon Sign. This unique light features a blended shape in the sun and moon. The signs are very detailed and colourful; they stand out amongst the rest.

To The Moon And Back Neon Sign

The To The Moon And Back Neon Sign is unique to any bedroom or dorm room. This modern piece of wall decor will imbue your space with galactic flair and add a subtle touch of visual interest.

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Why Choose LITASIGN's Moon Neon Signs?

LITASIGN LED signs are neon signs made from extruded silicon and LED light sources. They offer benefits over traditional glass neon signs. They are made from extruded silicon, and the silicone-coated face allows LITASIGN’s LED signs to be used in any weather and even exposed to water without damaging the product. Also, their extra-long life span of up to 50,000 hours makes them more resistant to frequent changes in temperature and very easy to maintain.

1. Multi – Color Effects

Light-emitting diode (LED) technology on transparent silicon may provide a wide range of vibrant colors. The neon signs from LITASIGN are 12mm wide and come in various colors.

2. Versatile

For businesses that still desire the look and feel of conventional neon signs, LITASIGN’s LED-lit neon sign is a safer and more cost-effective choice.

3. Easy Fitting

LED signs from LITASIGN are quick and easy to install, consume less energy, and produce less heat than neon signs. Ongoing maintenance expenses are further reduced with LEDs, which can last over ten years without needing to be replaced.

4. Fast Turn Around

Because LITASIGN Neon Signs are made by hand, it can take up to seven days to create a custom order. If you need your item urgently, you can choose expedited shipping; our priority express service takes two days to arrive. Depending on the destination, door-to-door shipment can take anywhere from two to four weeks. As a result, it will take about 13 days for your item to arrive.

5. Affordable Costs

Our business produces neon signs that are customized to meet the needs of specific customers. We can manage costs and pass the savings on to our customers by shipping in bulk because we make all of our neon signs in-house.

6. Maintenance

Compared to glass neon signs, LITASIGN neon signs consume up to 92 percent less electricity and last 14 times longer on average. Because there isn’t much maintenance, you’ll save money on repairs and replacements.

7. Safety

Neon LEDs are shock-resistant, generate less heat than other light-emitting diodes, and are entirely safe.

8. Accessibility

LITASIGN neon signs are suitable for continuous operation, enabling businesses to advertise more effectively.

9. Warranty

Indoor LED signs from LITASIGN to come with a two-year warranty, while outdoor LED signs come with a one-year warranty. If a lousy neon sign is discovered, it will be changed as soon as possible, at no additional cost to you, so you can concentrate on increasing your market and selling your brand.

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