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LITASIGN, a neon signs manufacturer in China, has rich experience producing signs with high-efficient and low-power consumption. All neon signs are handcrafted. Our designers make neon sign designs of every size and color according to customer demand. We work directly with individuals and companies to create the highest quality neon sign products at the best prices.

LITASIGN is a neon signs company with its factory, proud of its advanced technology and quality. Our primary goal is to provide the best neon sign at a reasonable price as a manufacturer. You will get first-class customer service and technical support, which will always be at your disposal.

Driven by Quality, Powered by LED

LITASIGN’s focus on new technologies, coupled with high-grade raw materials and trusted manufacturing, results in products with quality that you can feel. Our research and development team is dedicated to searching and tracking the latest technologies so that your charging experience is second to none. With their combined technical expertise, our research and development team brings you products meant to last.

LITASIGN provides you with an affordable, quality version of the real thing while still providing all the benefits of a high-quality product. Our signs are constructed with long-lasting LED flex lighting that ensures longevity, durability, and low-cost maintenance.


Limitless Design, Styles, and Colors of Neon Signs

LITASIGN’s neon signs bring a whole new performance class to the neon signs. LITASIGN’s neon signs are purposed to be modern, durable, and attractive; it offers a complete portfolio of interior and exterior neon signs for every application requirement. Our expert designers will facilitate fixing the best design, color, and style; all neon signs feature consistent brightness, the most extended durability ever in neon signs.

You dream it, we make it

High-Efficiency Neon Signs Made Using a Standardized Manufacturing Process

pcb design

PCB Design

The LED neon flex circuit diagrams are designed by experts in electronic engineering with more than 20 years of expertise. Using your lighting specifications, they come up with the optimum PCB design.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

The LED neon light PCB boards are tested by LITASIGN’s QC department, which employs experienced professionals. They only send qualified boards on to the next production stage.

smt processing

SMT Processing

The stability of LED neon signs is ensured by using the most advanced SMT technology and machinery. Using this cutting-edge technology, trained neon sign specialists produce neon signs that are reliable and long-lasting.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

The silicone extrusion procedure uses a high-end extruder and competent employees. To ensure the most significant quality neon signs, LITASIGN owns its silicone extruder machines.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

With our 3D design technology, you can see how your bespoke neon signs will look before making them. As a result, you can meet your clients’ needs by providing a wide range of customization options.

Backplate Engraving

Skilled employees groove the acrylic backplate using an engraving machine to ensure LED neon strip assembly accuracy. As a result, you can expect the highest level of craftsmanship and precision for the fittings.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

Backplate measurements are used to cut the neon flex stipe to the desired length accurately. Assembling the neon flex strip is the next step, and expert employees inspect every connection.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

For LITASIGN’s quality check, each neon sign is burned for eight hours. Neon signs are sealed with a quality mark once they’ve been checked for all of their quality requirements.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

As a client, you can’t go wrong with LITASIGN. We employ thicker carton packing systems for small signs and wooden boxes for large ones to reduce the damage rate.

LITASIGN LED Multicolor Neon Signs are perfect eye catching Addition to Your Business and Events

LITASIGN offers various neon sign options and affordable advertising methods commonly used by small to large businesses. It has the power to attract people in a specific area, and with its vibrant light and pleasing colors, the LITASIGN LED neon signs are provided with thousands of LED chips capable of emitting light.

High Visibility

Signs are an essential part of every business, large or small. It may help any business increase its visibility, effectively communicate its message, and leave a lasting impression on its target market. LITASIGN's handmade business neon signage is illuminated by vibrant LED lights and an eye-catching design.

Design Freedom

LITASIGN offers a variety of designs for custom neon signage. You can choose a neon sign for a particular product or build a custom message with our custom sign maker service. This service enables you to select from various color schemes and designs for custom business signs.

Nighttime Functionality

Neon signs are a popular method of advertising a business or brand. It is crucial for firms that anticipate most of their clients arriving at night. Customers will be able to identify and recall a business's location. The human eye is naturally drawn to bright objects in the dark.

Wide Operating Range

Neon signs are incredibly resistant to power surges and burnouts and durable. They rely on a single power source and operate at a single voltage. We can rule out the possibility of neon signs blowing up due to excessive voltage because neon signs utilize electrodes rather than filaments, which do not generate heat. After all, they do not generate heat.

Long Lifespan

LITASIGN's neon sign is built to last. It has no features that would require frequent maintenance because there are no filaments that would continually burn out at regular intervals. As a result, its electrodes endure between 10 and 12 years, giving it a more cost-effective option than most others.

Attract More Customers

A customized neon sign is an excellent method to showcase your business. This neon sign is no exception because signs are an excellent method to illuminate a structure and draw attention to a business. LITASIGN's storefront neon signs are a cost-effective and stylish method of attracting the public's and potential clients' attention. This magnificent neon sign is expected to last a long time.

Energy Efficient

LITASIGN's neon signs have unlimited design options, but they also consume very little energy, making installation and maintenance a breeze. The electricity used by present signage will be reduced by half when using neon signs.

Consumer Conditioning

Neon signs have a long history of advertising. Consumers are conditioned to notice neon signs. Customers look for neon signs to see if a store is open and if any deals are available. It can benefit a business. A neon sign will immediately draw the attention of anyone passing by a company.

Easy Set-Up

It is not necessary to have any technical knowledge in order to install a neon sign. Custom  neon lights may greatly increase foot traffic during the day by illuminating dark areas at night, which can assist to increase sales.

A Wide Range of Choices of Multicolor Neon Signs with LITASIGN

LITASIGN is a leading provider of custom-designed neon signage, from simple neon letters to murals and feature walls. Our work is exclusive because our signs are custom-made for each project — not just designed off a shelf. We design your sign right here in-house, cutting the cost․

Multicolor Open Neon Sign

This Multicolor Open Neon Sign will be an excellent addition to your retail space. The open design makes it easy for anyone to read, even from a distance - the perfect way to ensure that more customers enter your location! And the multicolor option gives you the flexibility you need to match your existing decor.

Blue & Pink Hello Beautiful Neon Sign

Bring light to your living space with the Blue & Pink Hello Beautiful Neon Sign. Suitable for outdoor or indoor use, this sign features a fun, colorful design and perfectly fits any space. This neon sign can be hung on a wall or placed on a tabletop.

Multicolor Name Neon Sign

Light up your space with this multicolor name neon sign. The sign comes with a 3.5’ cord and has an on-off switch for easy use, making it easy to light up your space in no time flat. You can customize it to spell out your name or a special message, making a great gift for yourself or someone you love.

Multicolor Have A Nice Day Neon Sign

This stylish Have A Nice Day sign features multi-color tubes that add a colorful twist to any room; perfect for your bedroom, living room, garage, or man cave. With the classic design and durable construction, this neon sign will liven up any room no matter where you place it in your home or business. The bright and vibrant color combination will make it an eye-catching conversation piece.

Multicolor Beer Neon Sign

Solve those boring drab walls and light up your home bar with this Multicolor Beer Neon Sign. It works great as a nightlight in bright LED neon tubing or use it to advertise your store or pub. Guaranteed to be a hit at any party or gathering, this sign will provide endless entertainment in any place you wish to decorate with neon lighting.

Happy Birthday Neon Sign

Our Happy Birthday Neon Sign is a bright neon light that will attract attention and impress your guests. With all of the fun colors, shapes, and characters to choose from, you can be sure to find a neon sign for any age, party, or holiday!

Multicolor Welcome Neon Sign

This Neon Sign is the perfect addition to any room or home decor! This sign's high-quality LED lighting gives it a real neon look, with no bulbs to replace. With plug-and-play capability, this sign is easy to set up and start enjoying. The low energy draw means that this sign won't even put a dent in your electricity bill!

Multicolor Coffee Neon Sign

Bright neon light will create a bright and eye-catching focal point for your coffee, bar, or your restaurant; coffee lovers just can't resist the appeal of this vibrant and striking coffee cup—a great way to elevate the ambiance of your business. Add an energetic touch to any space with this sign's precise lighting design; it attracts viewers' attention while adding extra color to any space—ideal for hanging on walls, window displays, bars, and so on.

Multicolor Wedding Neon Sign

The Multicolor Wedding Neon Sign is a beautiful addition to any wedding photos and can be hung on an existing wall or from the ceiling to create a dramatic backdrop for your special moment. This gorgeous sign will look amazing as you say your vows in front of it and make for incredible wedding photos for years to come.

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Custom Neon Letters

The Custom Neon Letters are a great way to brighten up any occasion. The letters come in 22 colors for you to choose from, and you can string them together using the included stainless steel hardware. The neon sign can be plugged into a wall, or we can use battery packs so that they are portable.


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This Is Our Happy Place Neon Sign

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Vodka Neon Sign

Turn on the bright lights with this vodka neon sign! Perfect for your home bar, this fun neon sign will light up any room and is an ideal addition to your man cave. Nearly three feet tall, this one-of-a-kind piece will give your space an authentic feel.


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Happy Anniversary Neon Sign

The Happy Anniversary Neon Sign is a strong and vibrant product that adds warmth to any party venue or event. It is the perfect combination of glamour, sophistication, celebration, and fun.


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Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal

A festive holiday greeting is a great way to share the joy of Christmas with your family and friends. Our customizable Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal text will make everyone you know smile. Share the good cheer with personalized greetings.


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Storefront Neon Signs

A bright color scheme and a classic font add just the right amount of urban vibrancy to this Storefront Neon Sign. With a rainbow of cool colors and fonts from which to choose, your sign will look perfectly unique to you


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Outdoor Neon Signs

These luxurious outdoor neon signs are a great addition to any establishment. The main features include a built-in power supply. Every sign is UL listed for commercial use and manufactured under strict guidelines, ensuring superior quality and reliability.


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What Sets LITASIGN Multicolor Neon Signs Apart from the Rest?

Over the past 6 years, LITASIGN has been a leader in creating the highest quality neon signs available. Our dedicated and experienced team is involved from start to finish, from the initial installation to servicing the neon sign for years after it is installed. Whatever your custom neon sign needs, we are proud to be your partner in this project.

1. Uncompromised Quality

Rather than risking your money on low-quality neon, get a sign that will last. To ensure that our customers receive the highest quality signs at the most affordable prices, LITASIGN employs a 10-step quality control procedure.

2. The Best Quality at a Price That’s Affordable

The LITASIGN team manufactures all of the neon signs we sell. To get the best deal on the best neon sign for your business, we’ll work with this high-quality company to negotiate both the price and the specifics of your business signage.

3. Long-Term Warranty

With regards to our signage, we provide both a 12-month exterior guarantee and a 24-month interior warranty. If something goes wrong, we’ll either fix it or give you a new sign for free.

4. 24/7 Sales Service

Before they quote us as a top neon sign company, we take pride in providing customers with a quick response and a quotation service.

5. Fast Production and Delivery

We offer a quick manufacturing and shipping process to assist you in reducing the capital turnaround timeframe. It takes 5-7 days to make a product. One is reserved for urgent orders. International priority express shipping takes roughly 4-6 days from door to door. As a result, it will take 11-13 days for your item to arrive.

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