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LITASIGN: A Reputable Sign Manufacturing Company

 LITASIGN, a sign manufacturing company founded in 2015, has proven to be a reputable manufacturer of signs. The company provides its clients with functional, integrated, and advanced sign solutions. It gives a basic turnkey service in all ranges of the signage market and specializes in custom signage requirements and benefits. From its corporate headquarters at its China sign manufacturing facility to in-house project management teams with over 120 employees, LITASIGN can take on any project, no matter the size and scope.

Channel Your Way to Success with Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

Non-illuminated channel letters are the ideal addition to your company. You have the option to customize any sign you require. Our sturdy letters are solid brass or thick stainless steel and are designed exclusively for industrial applications. They are designed to withstand corrosion from industrial fluids, including water, oil, and chemicals.

Non-Illuminated Channel Letters are designed to be fastened directly to the fascia, the smooth plaster wall, or a nearby surface. Non-illuminated channel letters usually are mounted off the wall with pins, as opposed to Face Lit Signage, which is typically flush-mounted or studs, giving an additional dimension to your display without the extra cost.


Bring Your Business to Life with Non-Illuminated Channel Letters from LITASIGN

For the past 8 years, LITASIGN has designed and produced non-illuminated channel letters. We have the design that will make your building stand out, whether for the inside, outside, metal, business, or anything else you can think of. With over 8 years in the industry and experience serving numerous firms across the globe, our staff is skilled at providing customers with signage that will meet all their needs.

Depending on the substance they are made of and the purpose for which they are to be used, non-illuminated channel letters are available in various designs (interior vs. exterior designs). They can be composed of materials like steel and acrylic and are designed to withstand the harsh elements of nature.

You dream it, we make it

Innovative and High-quality Manufacturing Processes of
Non Illuminated Channel Letter


Creating Design & Production File

Before beginning production, the design will be confirmed by the customer. Then, each department will establish the dimensions, processes, and specific design requirements before production. A machine-identifiable file will be created from this work and sent to each department for production.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

Cuts and engraves acrylic, steel, and other materials according to the production file.



Fold the side portion that has a slot, then bend the other side portion with a curved edge.



Weld the surfaces of the channel letters, and then weld the side/return to the face.



The weld joint connecting the return and face should be polished until it is smooth and free of gaps.



Painting the channel letter thoroughly and evenly using the painting reference confirmed by the customer.



 After the letters have been painted, they should be placed in a drying room to harden.


Overall Quality Checking

 During the assembly stage of production, craftsmen control the quantity and quality of each piece based on a template. They place the letters and other details on this template before final inspection, taking photos for an archive.



LITASIGN is a sturdy, three-ply hardwood shipping box. Polystyrene doesn’t shift during transport; bubble wrap protects fragile items. LITASIGN offers inner layers to protect delicate items. Wrap fragile goods with paper or plastic before placing them in the box.

Benefits of Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

Non-illuminated channel letters are a great alternative to the old, traditional illuminated channel letters; They have been available for 50 years and can be found on most new construction projects. Non-illuminated channel letters will save you money by eliminating the need for lighting and maintenance on your signs. Plus, they're easier to install than traditional illuminated channels and aren't affected by weather fluctuations. When choosing non-illuminated channel letters, there are several things you'll want to consider before making your final decision.


These are the best budget-friendly signage options since they do not use electricity to operate. This makes them ideal for outdoor locations where conservation is vital.

Flexible Style and Design Options

Non-illuminated channel letters deliver flexibility and style, allowing your campaign to adapt to different needs. The choice of colors, fonts, shapes, and sizes means you can create a unique look customized to your brand.


Non-illuminated channel lettering offers the ideal flexibility for businesses since no one person must be on-call or available to address emergency calls. Non-illuminated letters are also brighter in color and more extensive than those with lights, enabling them to be viewed from a greater distance.

Sleek and Professional

Non-illuminated channel letters are an attractive and professional solution for displaying your brand indoors and outdoors. They feature a custom cut to fit every application, so there is no wasted or unused space.

Various Applications

Non-illuminated channel letters are the ideal outdoor signage solution for various applications. They can be used as directional signage and for temporary promotions in multiple settings – permanent signage inside or out or temporary promos at trade shows.

Easy to Maintain and Relocate

Non-illuminated channel lettering are easy to maintain and reposition. When it comes time to modify the aesthetic of your business or relocate, these versatile buildings may be simply relocated to any location of your facility with no work and no loss of production.

Our Most Popular Non Illuminated Channel Letters - What We Can Do For You

It would be best if you worked with professionals to get the most effective non-illuminated channel letters at the best price. Chances are that you want to get a good product at a great price, but there are other things to consider. If you want professional help and advice when choosing your non-illuminated channel letters, then LITASIGN can help you.

Brass Channel Letters

Brass channel letters are used in interior signs and are guaranteed to last a lifetime outside. Professional offices and high-end shops look for brass channel letters to convey tradition and permanence. A beautiful vertical grain runs down the face of each letter, catching the light and making it appear to glow. The brass channel letters are cut with a water jet that uses a fine stream of water to follow the contours of the path with extreme precision.

Aluminum Channel Letters

These letters are made of high-quality aluminum, making them durable and long-lasting. Plus, they're easy to install and come with a lifetime warranty. They're weather-resistant, so they'll look fabulous no matter the weather. They're affordable, so you can get the look you want without breaking the bank. They come in various colors and styles to find the perfect look for your business.

Stainless Steel Channel Letters

These letters are made of high-quality stainless steel. They are available in several sizes and fonts to meet your specifications. They're also simple to install and incredibly durable, so you can be confident that your signs will look fantastic for years to come. They are weather-resistant. Thus they can tolerate any form of weather. They are rust-resistant, so that they will seem brand new for years. They are simple to install so you can get your signs up quickly.

Metal Channel Letters

Metal Channel Letters are great for sign projects and custom wall art. Custom cut in 1/4" or 1/2" thickness, these lettering pieces can be shaped and bent to fit your space. They have the unique ability to hang flush, even with no mounting tape. The letters are cast in plastic molds that hold their shape. So nothing is holding them up like you would get with welded, riveted, or welded together metal letters.

Foam Channel Letters

Foam channel letters are a cost-effective alternative to acrylic or aluminum signs. They can be laminated with a choice of faces, so they can be viewed from a distance or an elevation without being seen as cheaply made. They may be ideal for companies with little money to invest in new signs today but have the potential for logo change or relocation.

Flat Cut Out Acrylic Channel Letters

Flat-Cut-Out Acrylic letters are typically more economical than painted aluminum letters. Choose from a standard set of pigmented colors or have the letters painted to match your exact corporate colors. We offer smooth, laser-cut edges for a rust-free finish that remains beautiful for years to come.

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Illuminated Channel Letters

Illuminated channel letters offer an appealing and professional look to the front of your business during the day and maximum contrast and visibility at night. Numerous font and customization options are available to make your signs one-of-a-kind and attract customers to your door.


Price from $160.00

Indoor Channel Letters

Our Indoor Channel Letters are durable, lightweight, and easy to install. They’re made from the same materials as outdoor channel letters with a more professional look that can be easily customized for any business.


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Outdoor Channel Letters

Outdoor Channel Letters are built of rigid materials that can resist the outdoors and the roughest conditions. These channel letters are an excellent option for outdoor use. Outdoor Channel Letters can be utilized in various outdoor applications such as exterior signage, windows, and cabinets.


Price from $170.00

Building Channel Letters

These building channel letters are designed to bring any regular or commercial business to a level of sophistication. These can be used either as addresses or keys to unlock doors. Our steel letter signs are durable enough to withstand your area's weather and harsh environments. This allows you to promote your business uniquely, making it stand out amongst its competitors!


Price from $167.00

Day Night Channel Letters

Day and Night channel letters are used to create lit signs. They have one hue during the day and another color at night. Because black lacks light, these letters are ideal for companies with black logos. In this situation, the only alternatives for illumination are backlit illumination or a day and night effect. The first choice is impossible when it comes to signs and channel letters mounted on rooftops.


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Neon Channel Letters

Neon Channel Lettering makes a tremendous difference in how people view your business. As a brand, your words are powerful and speak volumes about how important you consider your business. Technology has made it easy to have a beautiful led neon channel sign that projects a professional image.


Price from $177.00

Side Lit Channel Letters

Illuminated Channel Letters in a professional, sturdy and attractive design. They are unique in their look, made to provide an all-around 360° of illumination. Enhances the appearance of your illuminated sign and gives it a sophisticated look.


Price from $150.00

Halo Lit Channel Letters

Halo-lit letters are designed to project the projection of light to the wall. Halo Lit Letters, also known as Reverse Channel Lit Letters, consist of aluminum faces and sides (returns) mounted onto standoffs away from the wall. Projects LED's or neon Illumination to the wall surface, giving the sign a halo effect.


Price from $150.00

Why Choose LITASIGN as Your Non Illuminated Channel Letter Supplier?

As an industry-leading supplier of non-illuminated channel letters, LITASIGN has grown to become a global leader in the industry. Regardless of your business and size, we can provide you with the appropriate numbers, designs, and quality to meet your needs. Our aim is to make the signage process as simple as possible for you.

1. We Are A One-stop Shop

LITASIGN ensures that everything is done in-house. From the design and fabrication of signage and management, our experts deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end process that allows our customers to focus on growth.

2. Innovative Signages

LITASIGN is a leading supplier of non-illuminated channel letters. We have an impressive array of non-illumination sign solutions for your commercial and industrial signage needs. Our team at LITASIGN has the proven experience to assist you with all aspects of your sign project, from design through delivery, installation, and maintenance

3. Excellent Quality and Customer Service

LITASIGN is a leading supplier of all things related to Non-Illuminated Channel Letter Supplies. We stand behind our products with excellent customer service and high-quality signage at competitive prices.

4. High-Quality Channel Letters with Our Expert Fabrication

Our top priority is quality, which cannot be achieved without our facilities. We utilize high-quality raw materials and other materials to produce our metal products. Therefore, we can create with the industry’s highest standards of fabrication and finishing.

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