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LITASIGN is a high-tech manufacturer specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and marketing safety and emergency signs. We are committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers. The company has a 6000-square-meter factory, 120 skilled workers, and advanced production and testing equipment.

LITASIGN has been deeply involved in safety and emergency signage, and we have also designed and developed many commonly used emergency and non-illuminated exit signs. Our products are used at home and abroad in roads, bridges, tunnels, office buildings, residential buildings, shopping malls, cinemas, schools, industrial places, and other fields.

Simple, Economical Non Illuminated Exit Signages

Non-illuminated exit signs don’t need batteries or ac power to operate. Installation is effortless and requires no access to conduit, outlets, or the services of an electrician because wireless exit signs don’t connect to a building’s AC power. Which translates to low installation costs. There is zero lifetime power consumption cost because no power is needed! These signs have zero lifetime maintenance costs because they lack electronics and batteries.

High-quality acrylic creates Non-Illuminated Exit Signs, which come in various sizes and hues. Pick either the red or green color option to get the authentic look.


Dedication, Innovation and the Pursuit of Best Quality Non Illuminated Exit Signs

LITASIGN is dedicated to rising to the position of the premier global supplier. The group’s guiding principle of “Honesty, Quality, and Safety” has always inspired each member to offer our partners high-quality goods, expert advice, and first-rate after-sales support to help them maintain their continuous power of development.

LITASIGN always prioritizes product quality because it is the foundation of the growth of our business. To guarantee product quality, we have set up a sophisticated testing system based on ISO9001:2008 international quality management system standards. We also have a strict internal management system to control and inspect the quality of our products.

You dream it, we make it

Non Illuminated Exit Sign Production Process



The designer will create a template for the sign, which includes all relevant information and design elements. Materials used to make the sign are chosen based on the needs of the client and the aesthetic of their building or space.


Printing Luminous Powder

Printing luminous powder is a process used to create an exit sign. This process involves printing ink onto a band of plastic that has been coated with luminous powder. The ink is then cured using ultraviolet light, which causes the ink to adhere to the plastic.



Cutting the material to create the necessary shapes. They are then precisely trimmed to size and shape. Depending on the project’s complexity, several different tools are used to complete this step.


Placing of Adhesive and Accessories

The adhesive and accessories are placed on the exit sign, which is then sealed with a material that protects it from moisture, dirt, and other contaminants. The adhesive is placed in a way that ensures that it will not interfere with the functioning of the exit sign.


Quality Checking

Quality Checking is an essential part of our production process. Each of our products is inspected to ensure that it meets our high durability, reliability, and quality standards.


Exit Sign Packaging

Exit sign packaging is used to protect the product during transport. It also helps to prevent damage during the transportation of the product. Exit sign packaging is available in different sizes and shapes.

Reasons to Choose Non Illuminated Exit Sign By LITASIGN

When choosing a non-illuminated exit sign, you'll find plenty of options available on the market. But little do you know quite how many options are out there. Below are the top reasons to choose non-illuminated exit signs from LITASIGN.

No Electricity

Unlike traditional exit signs, our non-illuminated signs don't require any electricity to operate. This is a massive benefit for businesses that don't have access to an electrical outlet or can't afford the cost of running an electrical line to their storefront.

No Carbon Emissions

By changing to a non-illuminated exit sign, you are reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs. While other exit signs use battery power, non-illuminated signs do not require any power.

No Need for Batteries

Since our exit signs are not illuminated, you will never have to worry about replacing batteries. This means you can confidently install your non-illuminated exit sign without worrying about the cost.

No eWaste

Non-illuminated exit signs are better for the environment than their illuminated counterparts. They contain no electronics, so they don't produce any eWaste. Even when damaged, they can be recycled into metal or plastic products instead of ending in a landfill.

Less Maintenance and Inspection Costs

The Non-Illuminated Exit Sign by Litasign is a great way to reduce maintenance and inspection costs. That's because it has been designed to be highly durable and reliable, so it will last for years without needing major repairs.


Our non-illuminated exit signs are compliant with the IBC (International Building Code) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). They also comply with NFPA 101, Life Safety Code. In addition, they meet UL 924 safety standards.

Non Illuminated Exit Signs | Wide Range Available To Suit Any Interior

Adding an exit sign to your exterior or interior has never been easy. With our range of non-illuminated exit signs, you can choose from indoor press studs, and self-adhesive and magnetic options too. Our non-illuminated exit signs are available in various sizes and finishes to match any decor.

2-Sided Exit Sign Wall Mounted

This Exit Sign offers a classic look in a modern format. It’s made with a high-quality frame and has been designed to fit perfectly in your business. Each sign is equipped with an easy-to-install mounting bracket, making it simple to hang wherever needed.

1-Sided Exit Sign Installed Flush on the Wall

This Exit Sign offers a classic look in a modern format. It’s made with a high-quality frame and has been designed to fit perfectly in your business. Each sign is equipped with an easy-to-install mounting bracket, making it simple to hang wherever needed.

1-Sided Exit Sign Ceiling Mounted

This 1-sided architectural exit sign features a standard frame and mounting bracket, both of which can be removed for easy installation. The mounting bracket can be placed at the top or side of the frame on how you plan to mount the sign.

1-Sided Exit Sign with ELP (Extra Low Profile) Architectural Frame

Add safety and security to any environment with a 1-Sided Exit Sign with ELP (Extra Low Profile) Architectural Frame. The stylish exit sign features long-life ELP (Extra Low Profile) geometric thermoplastic housing that helps maintain the professional look of your facility.

2 -Sided Exit Sign with Aluminum Frame Hanging

The sleek and elegant Non-illuminated range of stylish and beautifully engineered exit signs with silver anodized aluminum frame. Available in a variety of finishes that perfectly match the needs of your property or business.

Suspended Exit Sign (2 Sided)

The Suspended Exit Sign is commonly used to mark exit and fire doors. However, they may be used to warn of an emergency in any area. The signposts efficiently use a wire hanger for convenience. The material itself is non-glare and meets code requirements for outdoor use.

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Why Choose LITASIGN as Your Non Illuminated Exit Sign Supplier?

A non-illuminated exit sign supplier must be chosen carefully. You have many options to consider, and you don’t want to buy something that won’t fulfill your needs. High-quality products, outstanding customer service, and prompt staff responses are the main priorities of LITASIGN. We strive to ensure your non-illuminated exit sign perfectly suits your needs, and we’re always happy to answer any inquiries.

  •  We will provide you with the images, videos, and descriptions of physical signs you need for your promotion and presentation on your website.
  • Our standardized procedures and testing ensure our product’s reliability. We will provide a 2-year warranty and more excellent product stability.
  • We have a short production time and shipping time. We also ensure the orders are delivered on time, so you can start making cash on your products immediately.
  • We have a short production time and shipping time. We also ensure the orders are delivered on time, so you can start making cash on your products immediately.
  • Neat and compact packaging is an essential factor when it comes to the success of your product. We believe that a good package can contribute to the overall experience of using your product, which is why we keep things neat and organized.
  • We offer drop shipping services that allow you to add your logo, brand name, a manual, or other information about the product into the box. It can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring they know whom they’re buying from and what they can expect from their purchase.
  • We’re committed to helping you provide quick feedback to your clients. Our design team will send you the mock-up in 2 hours, and our sales representative will offer you a quote within 1 hour. Our sales team is available 24/7, even on weekends and holidays so that we can offer immediate responses to your clients. We’re always here to help.

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