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LITASIGN is a customized sign company that specializes in business and commercial signage. China’s Shenzhen is home to our office and manufacturing plant. We have been creating outdoor channel letters and exporting them worldwide for over 8 years. Our specialties include custom signage, LED neon signs, outdoor channel letters, marquee letters, illuminated signs, non-illuminated signs, table letters, and more. Complete solutions, including custom sign design, manufacturing, and exporting, are provided by LITASIGN.

A building’s address is not the only thing an outdoor channel letter serves. It increases brand recognition, demonstrates enduring success in the marketplace, and exudes pride in your company and community. An efficient marketing plan must include a well-designed sign.

Outdoor Channel Letters: The Most Requested Sign

Outdoor channel letters are getting more requests than any other type of sign. These decorative metal letters, images, and, yes, even logos feature a three-dimensional design that offers an appeal that can’t be found in different sign types. Creating them involves cutting metal to create lettering, images, and other elements. These elements are then securely aligned to a backing frame or mounted directly to a building with an acrylic top covering the letters.

Using outdoor channel letters can be made in different colors and sizes. To finish these signs, they require hand-forming custom icons and images. Locations such as churches, schools, stores, malls, and office buildings are more likely to choose channel letter signs for their needs


Quality Outdoor Channel Letters, Illuminated or Non-Illuminated

LITASIGN guarantees the quality of our outdoor channel letters and artistry, from design to installation. Consequently, you’ll have long-lasting exterior channel letters that make a good impression on your customers and actively promote your business. Our outdoor channel letters are available worldwide.

LITASIGN can construct any form of custom outdoor channel lettering your company, event, or group could require! Suppose you need illuminated outdoor channel letters for your business’s exterior. In that case, we have the knowledge, resources, and experience to provide the high-quality, eye-catching signage you require.

You dream it, we make it

The Fabrication Process of Outdoor Channel Letter


Creating Design & Production File

To ensure quality, the design must be prepared before production begins. The customer will confirm dimensions, processes, and specific requirements before production. Then create a machine-identifiable file and divide the result among departments for production.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

Engraves, cuts, and buries acrylic, stainless steel, and other materials according to the production file.



Fold the side portion that has the slot, and then bend the side part that has the curve.



Welding the surfaces of the channel letters, precisely weld the side/return to the face.



The joint between the return and the face should be polished to ensure a smooth, seamless connection.



Painting the channel letter thoroughly and evenly, following the customer’s painting reference.



 After they have been painted, the letters should be placed in a drying room so that the paint can harden.


LED Module Assembly

Install the LED module, place the LEDs in a configuration that will work, and distribute them evenly. Ensure that each wire is connected to a letter’s LED, so the lighting effect is even.

Light Up-Testing2

Light Up Testing

Once the letters are wired and tested, they are ready to ship. After passing quality control at the factory, each sign is stamped with approval before being packed for delivery.


Overall Quality Checking

The letters’ quality, quantity, and design are all controlled by their stage in the process. Place the letters on a 1:1 scale template for final inspection by an inspector, and take photos for archiving purposes.



LITASIGN works well for shipping fragile items. It is 3ply hardwood and does not shift during shipping. Bubble wrap prevents scratches on delicate items. Delicate items may need extra layers of protective packaging. Wrap fragile goods with paper or plastic, then place them in a box with LITASIGN inner layers.

Features of LITASIGN's Outdoor Channel Letters

LITASIGN's Outdoor Channel Letters offer a great way to make your next outdoor advertising campaign stand out from the crowd. These retail traffic channel letters are durable and stand up to the elements in even the harshest environments. The features of LITASIGN's Outdoor Channel Letters are listed below.

3D Sense of Style

The 3D design brings attention to your message. LITASIGN provides a strong sense of style with its outdoor channel letters. These outdoor channel letters are available in different sizes for outdoor use.

High Grade Materials

High-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship ensure a long life for your Outdoor Channel Letter. The letter is carefully crafted of high-grade steel and aluminum, treated with a powder coating for rust protection, with a brushed satin finish to improve the appearance.

Weather Resistance

The Outdoor Channel Letters are durable and weather resistant, making them the top choice of signage. High-quality printing is an excellent addition to your business.

Energy Saving LED's

LITASIGN's Outdoor Channel Letters are the energy-efficient choice for your crucial signage. They use our Energy Saving LED's and multi-color to ensure your customers will be seen while being more environmentally friendly than traditional spotlights.

Very Easy to Install

The letter is easy to install, with pre drilled holes and included mounting hardware for a secure install nd the tough construction will hold up for years.

Eco Friendly

They are manufactured using eco-friendly materials, such as recycled and recyclable resins, and some bio-degradable products. Furthermore, this keeps the pollution level down as well.

Weatherproof and Durable Outdoor Channel Letters

Having weather-resistant letters with channel lettering is an excellent way to convey your message to the public. With this, you will withstand harsh weather conditions, sun, rain, and snow, whether a sign must remain on a fantastic day or should be removed during rainy weather. LITASIGN’s Outdoor Channel Letters can be mounted on flat surfaces or free-standing posts for maximum versatility and accessibility.

Outdoor Building Channel Letters

Outdoor building channel letters are dimensional letters that provide a lasting, impactful part of any visual communication solution for businesses, establishments, and outlets. They are designed and installed by LITASIGN to help you accomplish your visual communication challenges.

Outdoor Day Night Channel Letters

During the day, the channel letters appear dark gray—but to the human eye, they appear black. At night, LED lighting breaks through the thousands of micro-perforations, illuminating them in white. Using different light sources—such as RGB LEDs—can decorate the letters with other colors that change through time (by using RGB LED modules).

Outdoor Neon Channel Letters

Outdoor neon letters are open letters whose light source is an exposed neon light. The exposed face of this letter type typically has a clear acrylic cover. However, it may also come without an acrylic cover. Outdoor neon letters come in many styles and fonts, with or without illumination from outdoor neon lamps.

Outdoor Metal Channel Letters

Outdoor metal channel letter signs are made of bent channels welded to a custom shape. They are commonly used for exterior signage, above business storefronts, and on the sides of corporate office buildings. They can be illuminated with backlights or front-lit so that their entire face shines at night.

Outdoor Front and Back Lit Channel Letters

Front and backlit channel letter signs create a slightly different and more dramatic illumination than just side illuminations. This can be very effective in creating impact around large areas or where you need to draw attention to specific locations.

Outdoor Back Lit Channel Letters

Outdoor backlit channel letters are an excellent way to improve your company's branding. Our clients have used them for storefronts, as part of more prominent monument signs or pylon signs, and for indoor signs in commercial spaces. Outdoor backlit channel letters can also be used in lobbies, reception areas, waiting areas, and building foyers.

Outdoor Side Lit Channel Letters

Side-lit channel letters are designed so light shines through both the front and side of the sign. Thus, they create an all-around 360-degree glow that enhances their appearance and gives them a sophisticated look.

Outdoor Reverse Channel Letters

Outdoor reverse channel letters, also called halo-lit channel letters, are individual letters with illumination behind their shape. These deliver a wonderful ambiance with a soft, muted glow that’s never too overpowering. They also shine and illuminate the wall behind them for easier reading.

Outdoor Halo Lit Channel Letters

Outdoor halo-lit letters are composed of aluminum faces and sides mounted onto standoffs away from the wall, which projects either LED's or neon illumination onto a surface to create the halo effect.

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Why Outdoor Channel Letters Are So Popular For Advertising?

Many business owners use outdoor channel letters to hang signs on the sides of their businesses. Outdoor channel letters are so popular for advertising that you will find these signs everywhere in your community. And while they are most commonly used for advertising real estate, they can also be used by local businesses, schools, and third-party planners.

The outdoor channel letter is crucial to nail down as this will often be the first thing potential customers will see when passing by or entering your business. LITASIGN offers various outdoor channel letters to fit your needs and budget.

1. Increase Your Visibility And Be Seen

Companies may want to consider outdoor channel letters to stand out above the crowd and compete for customers. These lettering options are most effective at catching customers’ attention due to their physical depth and size—making them stand out more than traditional signage. Additionally, your business will be seen day or night if you choose to illuminate your signage.

2. Unique Customization Abilities

Customers are starting to overlook most of the advertising clutter around them in today’s cutthroat industry. Businesses must do more than offer a product or service to attract customers. Customized outdoor channel letters are a fantastic method to attract customers and build brand identification.

3. The Best Value for Your Money

Outdoor channel letters are a one-time investment that will produce a high return on investment for your business. These signs have a sturdy construction and LED bulbs, which are very energy efficient.

4. Continuous Marketing

Outdoor channel letter signs are an effective way to advertise your business around the clock. Illuminated signs are more noticeable at night and during early morning hours when your business will be competing with other businesses. The presence of this kind of signage can also encourage potential customers to visit your location, which increases brand recognition as well as sales.

5. Various Illumination Styles

You can choose to have outdoor channel letters that do not illuminate at night. However, we recommend lighted letters for businesses that want 24-hour visibility.

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