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Since 2015, LITASIGN has been a leading force in the advertising industry, specializing in crafting marquee signs. Our large 6,000sqm facility is a home to a dedicated team of 120 skilled professionals. Client choose us for our cutting-edge technology and the refined quality of our products.

With top notch equipment and a team of experts, we’re confident in our ability to create custom products that cater to global consumer demands.  We firmly believe that our ongoing success relies on maintaining ethical standards and consistently delivering excellence in everything we offer.

Professional, High-quality Outdoor Marquee Signs

Backed by more than 6 years of expertise covering R&D, production, manufacturing & sales of marquee signs. Our manufacturing excellence stems from extensive experience, top-tier quality and cutting edge technology, ensuring we continually meet clients’ visual needs through advancements in digital & production processes.

Our superior products & services enjoy high regard from both domestic and international customers. We are dedicated to your satisfaction, moving forward with the confidence inspired by our clients’ trust. Guided by principles of diligence and vigilance, we prioritize delivering top notch, quality products and professional services to uphold your market leadership.

welding process

Outdoor Marquee Sign Application Showcases

An outdoor marquee sign is a versatile and eye catching display designed for outdoor spaces. These signs use bright lights & bold lettering to showcase messgaes, information and logos. They're commonly seen outdside theaters, businesses, events and public areas.


Things You Need to Know About Outdoor Marquee Signs


Elegant, Reliable, Durable Outdoor Marquee Sign

LITASIGN fabricates outdoor marquee signs from high-quality raw materials that are resistant to corrosion, water, and rust, among other things. It is used in surface treatment to provide a deep color to the finished product and prevent paint from running off the surface.

LITASIGN has extensive experience manufacturing signage and will do everything possible to fulfill your specifications. We have an excellent sales team that excels at communicating with and understanding people. Additionally, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide you with the most accurate and economical pricing information.

Production Process of High Quality Outdoor Marquee Signs


Stainless Steel Punching

The entire sheet of stainless steel plate is punched using machine tools to create a nice hole, and the aperture is determined by the size of the LEDs installed in it.


Soldering the Solid Edge

After punching a hole in the plate, solder the solid edge together to create a strong bond.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Ensure that the letters’ edges and corners are free of burrs by polishing them.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

By painting the surface of the plate, you may create a robust and visually appealing marquee sign.


Installation of LED Bulbs

Install LED bulbs, and insert the completed LED bulb into the corresponding hole; if used outside, in addition to using a waterproof LED bulb, it is necessary to do the waterproof treatment.


Marquee Sign Packaging

Packaging is usually a critical stage in exporting products. LITASIGN, an exporter of marquee signs, places a premium on this phase to avoid damage during the exporting process.

What Makes LITASIGN's Outdoor Marquee Signs Distinct?

Many businesses throughout the nation have already trusted us to help them create a strong presence regardless of their size. Since 2015, LITASIGN has manufactured and supplied high-quality marquee signs for commercial spaces such as restaurants and retail stores. Here are some of the reasons that marquee signs from LITASIGN have become so popular:

Proper Awareness

LITASIGN outdoor marquee signs prominently display information about your business, such as your vision, logo, mission, and other characteristics. It enables consumers to identify your business and assess whether it is a good fit for their needs.


LITASIGN outdoor marquee signs are composed of highly durable materials that will not rust or chip and will not be affected by extreme weather changes. At no point will a letter or detail be omitted from your content.


When you utilize an outdoor marquee sign from LITASIGN, the eye-catching display will help you capture customers' attention. It will raise public knowledge of your firm, resulting in higher revenue.

Energy Consumption

LITASIGN's outdoor marquee signs are illuminated by LED lamps that utilize extremely little power. As a result, it is improbable that bespoke marquee signs will substantially impact your electricity account, hence lowering your electricity expenditures.

Great Source of Advertisement

LITASIGN's outdoor marquee sign is the most effective approach to showcase your brand to potential clients in a unique way. These signs are one of the most eye-catching ways to advertise your business outside, as they feature logos and various characteristics of your organization.

Low Maintenance

LITASIGN's outdoor marquee signs are simple to maintain and, in most cases, do not require routine maintenance because they last for years. Typically, care will consist of simply replacing a single LED bulb.

LITASIGN's Best Custom Marquee Sign in The Global Market

LITASIGN produces outdoor marquee signs for all applications, including advertising and decoration. We use high-quality materials to make the product more durable. The marquee signs come in different sizes, with various fonts and designs.

Wedding Marquee Letters

Celebrate any special occasion with these personalized wedding marquee letters. Perfect for use at an engagement party, rehearsal reception, or anywhere you want to make a big statement!

Love Marquee Sign

Have you ever dreamed of your engagement party with a perfect decoration introducing the Love Marquee Sign? This cinematic sign is excellent for any event, especially if you're getting married. Everyone will love it and create memories that last forever.

Coffee Marquee Sign

Enhance your coffee business with our stylish coffee marquee sign. This illuminated sign gives an elegant design that will help draw in customers. The marquee sign can be hung wherever you like. Let your business boom with this trendy, affordable sign!

Metal Marquee Letters

Affordable, high-quality signs and banners can transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Use them indoors or outdoor to direct people where to go or spell out welcome messages for your customers or guests. With these Metal Marquee Letters, you can spell out any message or name.

Marquee Neon Sign Letters

Marquee Neon Sign Letters are perfect for your home or office. Each number is powered by large, shatterproof neon tubes that produce a bright light. They're weatherproof and full of retro style Vintage Look.

Marquee Sign Arrow

Marquee Sign Arrow is durable and waterproof material; it can fit directly on the ground or be posted on your wall or door! It's perfect for business owners who want to grab potential customers' attention.

Open Marquee Sign

Conveniently hang this lightweight, waterproof and fire-resistant outdoor marquee sign on any wall or fence. The large, bold block letters are easy to read from a distance. Fire-retardant material is ideal for outdoor use.

Cactus Marquee Sign

Keeping this Cactus marquee sign near your dining area or patio will make your guests feel welcomed and at home. The versatility of the cactus sign makes it able to be used for a wide range of decorating themes, making it a great way to personalize any space.

Bar Marquee Sign

Our metal marquee sign is made of high-quality material, durable enough for indoor and outdoor usage, perfect for restaurants, hotels, bars and other business places.

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4ft Marquee Letters

4 foot tall marquee letters, decorativ alphabet often used for events, weddings or storefront displays.


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5ft Marquee Letters

5ft tall marquee letters commonly used for events, businesses or weddings to create a bold eye cathcing display.


Price from $262.00

Black Marquee Numbers

Stylish and attention grabbing numeral characters for décor, events, parties & businesses.


Price from $258.00

Marquee Number 4

Decorative numeral character typically crafted with lights, used in event, celebrations, or displays, adding a charming ambiance.


Price from $274.00

Coffee Marquee Sign

A decorative display shaped like the workd "coffee" often illuminated with lights, commonly used in cafes, kitchen, coffee shops, to add a inviting touch to ambiance.


Price from $195.00

Bar Marquee Sign

Featuring the word "bar", sullay illuminated, commonly used in pubs, homebars and entertainment spaces to create and inviting atmospeher


Price from $259.00

Marquee Table Numbers

Marquee table numbers are illuminated number displays used in weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. Stylish and easy visible, adding a touch of elegance to the decor.


Price from $167.00

36 Inch Marquee Letters

Marquee letters approximately three feet tall, commonly used for decortative purpose at events, parties of in storefronts, providing a noticeable & charming display.


Price from $180.00

Why Choose LITASIGN as Your Outdoor Marquee Sign Manufacturer and Supplier?

As a professional marquee signage manufacturer in China, LITASIGN has an experienced team that is experienced in dealing with marquee signs. It is well-equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, enabling it to manufacture any custom-made sign.

1. Capabilities  

LITASIGN’s customers can always rely on their team of expert engineers and proactive employees and their in-house quality control and sales teams. We invest time and effort to ensure that you receive the best possible product.

We have 6 years of experience and much knowledge to draw upon when assisting you in locating the most appropriate outdoor marquee signs for your needs.

2. Highly Skilled Professional Team 

LITASIGN offers a team of professionals with a high level of expertise. In addition, it contains documentation as well as instructional videos. If you run into any difficulties, our helpful technical team is always available to assist you with any problems.

3. Achievements

LITASIGN has completed approximately 1,500 LED installations per year with great success. Some of our most notable initiatives are the Taipei Arena Sky Screen, Harmony Times Square, Taipei Arena, and the Mexico City Arena, to name a few.

We have certificates from organizations such as CE/EMC, CE/LVD, ROHS, ETL, FCC, CB, IECEE, KC, and PSE.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Outdoor Marquee Sign


Marquee signs are one of the most popular forms of signs used to advertise events and locations. Outdoor marquee signs can be seen anywhere; in sports arenas, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, and even retail stores. Marquee signs are an effective marketing technique for promoting unique events and locations. It’s easy to build a mob with a variety of exciting marquee sign types from which to choose. However, there are still questions that are asked about marquee signs.

Below are a few questions that are frequently asked questions and some basic information about outdoor marquee signs.

Table of Contents

1. What Is an Outdoor Marquee Sign?

Outdoor marquee signs are one of the most popular types of marquee signs. They are typically used in restaurants, hotels, and other businesses that want to attract patrons to their establishments. 

Marquee signs come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs and want for the marquee sign, but all marquee signs have one common thread: they try to attract attention and make a great first impression on people driving by walking by your business.

Figure 1 - Outdoor Marquee Sign

2. How Does an Outdoor Marquee Sign Work?

Typically, an outdoor marquee sign consists of letters spelling out the event, establishment, or business name. When utilized in public spaces such as theatres, they display the title of a play or film and the presence of artists.

Outdoor marquee signs can resist winds of up to 140 miles per hour, and typical cabinet depths are 7 inches for single-sided signs and 12 inches for double-sided signs. Each side of the retainer for the vintage marquee sign face is hinged for easy access to bulbs and mounting points.

Each outdoor marquee sign is equipped with UL-listed electrical components that come with manufacturer warranties, a wire-way cover, an exterior safety switch, and a single 3-wire pigtail that is ready to connect to your 120V power source.

3. What Are the Applications of an Outdoor Marquee Signs?

Outdoor marquee signage informs potential clients about impending business or event offerings. In addition, they boost brand awareness by attracting the attention of individuals passing by your business or event and allowing for the transmission of information.

Several applications for outdoor marquee letters include the following:

Outdoor marquee letters are frequently used to enhance the atmosphere of important occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, special ceremonies, and similar events. They elevate special occasions by adding an enticing aspect for your guests.

Figure 2 - Outdoor Marquee Sign For Event


Large outdoor marquee signs are ideal for branding. They are an excellent investment for any business that wants to stand out from the crowd. Light letters will always catch passers-by’s attention because of their intense LED illumination. So consumers will start to associate your outdoor marquee sign with your business and recognize it instantly.

Figure 3 - Outdoor Marquee Sign Branding

Restaurants And Bars

Most restaurant and bar owners use outdoor marquee signs to create a nostalgic ambiance in their establishments. Outdoor marquee signs will be able to meet the aim of branding and décor in restaurants and bars due to their eye-catching appearance and vibrant color.

Figure 4 - Outdoor Marquee Sign Restaurants and Bars


Personalized outdoor marquee signs are becoming increasingly popular for branding. For example, outdoor marquee signs make offices look more professional.

In addition to advertising, these flashing signs have entered people’s homes and businesses. Outdoor marquee signs with replaceable lettering are ideal for tailoring your home’s décor.

Figure 5 - Outdoor Marquee Sign Decorative


An elegant alternative for displaying the bride and groom’s initials is a free-standing outdoor marquee letter. When illuminated by LEDs, historic marquee signs have the power to attract and excite onlookers.

Their bright radiance is a surefire way to commemorate your special occasion.

Figure 6 - Outdoor Marquee Sign Wedding

Photo Shoots

Outdoor marquee signs make a stunning backdrop for any photo shoot you’re planning, especially if you want to capture a moment in time. The massive lettering on these signs allows you to show any statement you want. These outdoor marquee signs will bring back a vintage feeling for any creative group.

Figure 7 - Outdoor Marquee Sign Photoshoots

4. How Do I Mount the Outdoor Marquee Letters?

Metal keyhole brackets with strengthened hooks are included on the back of every marquee letter. To hang your marquee letters, you need to nail or screw them in a place like a picture frame.

5. What Are the Popular Types of Marquee Signs Which Are Perfect for Outdoor Use?

While outdoor marquee letters have a vintage movie sign style, there are a few subtle differences to consider while shopping. The following are some of the most common outdoor marquee sign styles:

Marquee Letters and Signs

They are a popular style for any event. They are ideal for branding, birthdays, weddings, and other festive occasions. Marquee letters and signage can be made to order. To maximize efficiency, choose a marquee font that best suits your needs. These can be installed on walls, freestanding, or attached to unique buildings.


Retro Marquee Signs

They have wall-blade displays with light bulbs on the sides and typical marquee signs. These streetlights draw attention and display your message 24/7.

Manufacturers may manufacture vintage marquee signs in whatever design you want. The marquee signs are constructed with the newest technologies and have a traditional look.


Cinema Marquee Boxes

These are distinct from lit boxes, which are custom-made. Beyond the lit box, a frame of light bulbs creates the old-fashioned cinema sign appeal.

Stainless steel, copper, bronze, acrylic, and Lexan are common materials used in marquees. In addition, custom marquee signs with dazzling LED lights are ideal for attracting clients day and night.


Readerboard Marquee Sign

If you require an outdoor marquee sign with editable text, readerboard marquee signs are perfect for you. In addition, LED marquee signs allow you to refresh the board as often.

Marquee letters are lovely for attracting customers from afar. Gas stations, drive-thrus, pubs, and beauty salons are examples of such enterprises.

Generally, marquee letters are smaller. Therefore, decorate with little marquee boards. Reader board marquee signs also come with interchangeable letters that can be removed and replaced to display your preferred message.


6. What Is Outdoor Marquee Sign Made Of?

Outdoor marquee signs are mostly made from 20 gauge stainless steel materials. In addition, 18-gauge stainless steel is used to make marquee signs more than 5 feet tall. These signs are strengthened by rods at the rear.

In constructing a light-up outdoor marquee sign casing, stainless steel is heavy-duty and waterproof. With welded corners and steel hardware, its thickness can range from 0.90 to 0.90, depending on the size of your outdoor marquee sign.

7. How Much Do Custom Outdoor Marquee Signs Weigh?

The following are some examples of weight measurements for customized outdoor marquee signs:

  • The weight of a 12-inch customized outdoor marquee sign is 5lbs.
  • The weight of an 18-inch customized outdoor marquee sign is 7lbs.
  • The weight of a 24-inch customized outdoor marquee sign is 10lbs.
  • The weight of a 36-inch customized outdoor marquee sign is 15lbs.

8. Can I Get Colored LED Bulbs in the Outdoor Marquee Sign?

Yes, if you want to add some color to your outdoor marquee sign, manufacturers provide faceted light-up marquee signs in various hues. Red, pink, purple, blue, green, orange, and yellow are among these colors.

Manufacturers can even create an ombre appearance for your illuminated marquee sign.

9. What Are the Factors to Consider When Selecting an Outdoor Marquee Sign?

When purchasing letter lights, it is critical to consider their qualities. Additionally, you should ensure that the model type you select is engaging to your audience and visible from a viewing distance within your budget.

Several variables to consider when selecting an outdoor marquee sign include the following:

  • Viewing distance
  • Placement type you prefer
  • Usage of life
  • Weather-resistant or not
  • It’s a warranty/guarantee
  • Customizing options

10. What Are the Advantages of Outdoor Marquee Sign?

Among the numerous advantages of customized outdoor marquee signs are the following:

Awareness and Promotion
Every business plans and executes events, which is why customized outdoor marquee signs enhance inefficient marketing. They make it impossible to forget about your business by visually presenting statistics.

It’s difficult to miss these vibrant panels with eye-catching slogans at your business’s entrance.

Energy Savings
Electronic devices and equipment require a great deal of energy, making it difficult to pay the prices and support their installation. All custom outdoor marquee signs, on the other hand, have LED lighting. In comparison to previous signage boards that utilized costly traditional bulbs, these serve the opposite purpose. Utilizing bespoke outdoor marquee signs in your business will have little effect on your electricity expenditures. As a result, even on a shoestring budget, adding bespoke marquee signs to your business will not break the bank.

Custom outdoor marquee signs are a common method of informing visitors and passersby about a public institution. Those who are familiar with a structure, on the other hand, notice indicators that are both lovely and unique – every time they visit or pass by. This means that if you use unique outdoor marquee signs, they will be visible to every potential customer.

As a result, the dazzling light letters would make an excellent first impression on prospective clients. You may easily communicate event updates and other information to visitors or customers with these signs.

As a result, it is an excellent approach for readily attracting any potential buyer.

Reduced Maintenance
If you believe that complex technology with more benefits requires more maintenance, you are incorrect this time. Due to the ease with which custom outdoor marquee signs may be maintained.

They require little maintenance regardless of where they are installed. Even if these signs require periodic maintenance, you may only need to replace the LED bulbs after years of use.

They are capable of working for 10,000 hours, which ensures efficiency. Thus, even if you run your business for 12 hours a day, your marquee signs will most likely survive 10-11 years.

11. What Is the Best Packing System for an Outdoor Marquee Sign?

Regardless of the style or type of your outdoor marquee sign, you will always require a unique packing container made of cardboard or foam. Manufacturer’s practice of pacing marquee lettering is critical in comparison to their packing systems.

You should ensure that outdoor marquee signs are packaged securely to withstand any adverse weather conditions. This ensures that your product is secure and does not include any loose packing material when applied pressure.

If the outdoor marquee sign you’re importing have frames made of glass, wood, or metal, pack them in the newspaper. Double boxes lined with crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap safeguard the safety of your outdoor marquee sign throughout shipping.

12. How Big Should the Letters Be on an Outdoor Marquee Sign?

The required letter height for your Outdoor Marquee sign is determined by the uppercase letter in the font that you pick. Depending on the font you’ve chosen, some capital or lowercase letters may be higher or shorter than the set height, but will appear proportional to one another.

As a result, you may receive portions of your outdoor marquee sign with different dimensions than the letter height specified. If all lettering was specified in lowercase, manufacturers may still scale the text to an uppercase style.

However, this typically results in a smaller outdoor marquee sign that was purchased. If you require a different size for your outdoor marquee sign than what is standard, it is critical to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

13. What Is the Cost of an Outdoor Marquee Sign?

When estimating the cost of an outdoor marquee sign, it is critical to consider numerous things. Consider the size of the letter lights, the materials utilized, the complexity of the installation, and the style of illumination.

Once the maker of outdoor marquee signs has ascertained your specifications and requirements, they will provide you with a complimentary personalized quotation.

14. Is a Remote and Dimmer Required for the Outdoor Marquee Sign?

Yes, you’ll need a remote and dimmer to adjust the brightness, toggle between ON and OFF, and activate party modes that cause the letter lights to flash, pulse, and flicker. Additionally, they enable you to reduce the brightness of your sign, which aids in exposure reduction.

This is appropriate when photographing in front of your outdoor marquee sign or when incorporating it into a photo shoot as a feature. Manufacturers typically include the remote and dimmer with your personalized letter light order, or you may purchase them separately.

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