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LITASIGN’s party marquee sign provides an inexpensive yet stylish way to communicate, market new arrivals to a business, and make an impression they won’t soon forget. They are versatile during times of business and party prep, but they can also be a great decorative item during any season or holiday. They’re great for weddings and anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas parties.

LITASIGN is a professional manufacturer of party marquee signs, and we have been doing this business for more than 6 years. We have our R&D team and sophisticated production lines that fit your every requirement.

High-quality Party Marquee signs at Affordable Prices

LITASIGN is your provider of high-quality party marquee signs at affordable prices. We are proud to manufacture and distribute the most widely used party marquee signs in the industry, including decorative indoor and outdoor party marquee signs and a wide selection of lighted commercial displays.

Our party marquee signs are developed considering all applicable laws and regulations, and we adhere to all laws governing the production of party marquee signs.


High Quality Products and Excellent Craftsmanship

LITASIGN is a manufacturer of a variety of sign products, including neon decorative words and shapes, LED signs, outdoor LED signs, led channel letters, LED signs, marquee letters, acrylic letters, light-up letters, stainless steel marquee signs, outdoor and indoor signs, and other unique signage.

With our professional staff and a combined production experience of 6 years, we guarantee excellent craftsmanship and high-quality products for all of our customers. Our products have been certified by UL, FCC, and CE standards.

You dream it, we make it

Party Marquee Signs are Composed of Premium Materials and Produced Using Cutting-edge Technology

Stainless Steel Punching

A hole must be drilled in the stainless steel sheet to allow light to pass through. The size of the holes drilled depends on the size and number of LEDs used to power this device.


Soldering the Solid Edge

To solder metal together, heat the edges with a torch until they are red-hot and then flow solder onto the hot surface.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Before a coat of paint is applied, it is essential to smooth the edges and corners of each letter to ensure that there are no small, sharp protrusions remaining.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

By covering the surface of a plate with paint, you can make a marquee sign that is both durable and attractive.


Installation of LED Bulbs

To install a light-emitting diode bulb, insert the bulb into the appropriate hole and secure it with the screw. To use an LED bulb outside, it must be treated first with a waterproof sealant and then inserted into a waterproof socket.


Marquee Sign Packaging

Packaging is an integral part of the export process; items can be damaged while in transit if not handled correctly. LITASIGN, a marquee sign exporter, pays special attention to the packaging process.

LITASIGN's Party Marquee Signs Features

LITASIGN is a leader in party marquee signs. The signs come with everything you need to set up a party or event. Our marquees are a simple way to create a customized look that helps a party stand out. We specialize in wedding marquee signs, birthday party marquee signs, and other unique event marquee signs.


The most excellent aspect about party marquee letters is that you can purchase them once and reuse them multiple times instead of buying new ones. Additionally, they are pretty simple to replace at no additional expense, saving you a lot of money.

Low Maintenance

LITASIGN party marquee signs do not require regular maintenance in most cases because they are built to last for many years. Therefore, a simple LED bulb change will be the only thing needed most of the time.


Because of its eye-catching design and brilliant colors and designs, a LITASIGN party marquee sign will assist in attracting people to your event or party.


Party marquee letters from LITASIGN allow you to display anything at any time. The party marquee letters can be easily rearranged and customized to meet your specific requirements.

Energy Consumption

LITASIGN's party marquee signs are illuminated by LED bulbs, which consume very little electricity and are ideal for outdoor use—because of this, putting event marquee signs is unlikely to produce significant savings on your electricity consumption in the long run.


The raw materials and procedures used by LITASIGN in producing its party marquee letters ensure that they are incredibly sturdy, light, and of excellent quality. Because of this, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making them weather-resistant.

Make A Party Stand Out At with LITASIGN's Party Marquee Signs

LITASIGN makes it simple to create a party that stands out. Our high-quality and economical party marquee signs are an easy way to add something exciting and enjoyable to a party. We provide customizable marquee signs that are easy to assemble and print in full color. Take a look at LITASIGN’s party marquee sign collections.

Wedding Marquee Letters

Light up your wedding, party, or any occasion with lots of fun! We provide marquee letters and numbers, the first choice for a birthday party, celebration, and ceremony. They can be used as a photo prop in pictures too. Our letters and numbers give off a warm light that will last for years.

Marquee Letter Tables

Make your celebration extraordinary with these dazzling marquee letter tables for the party. It’s fun and easy to create a name or word to light up your party or wedding reception.

Happy Birthday Marquee Sign

Make your party shine with our Happy Birthday Marquee Sign! Our beautiful, bright, nostalgic, lighted sign is the perfect addition to any party. This stylish sign is ideal for photo props and can be placed in any place at your party. Cake table, food tables, dessert table, candy table, or gift table!

Birthday Balloon Marquee Letters

The Birthday Balloon Marquee Letters sign is perfect for adding personalization to your birthday party. In honor of an adult or a child, this sign can be hung on a wall or as part of a photo backdrop.

Name Balloon Marquee Letters

Name Balloon Marquee Letters will make the perfect addition to your event. Personalize the decoration with any name. Vast letters will give your party a glamorous look in a fraction of the time.

Lets Party Balloon Marquee Letters

These eye-catching balloon marquee letters are perfect for photo ops at any event, from birthdays to weddings. They spell out "L E T S P A R T Y," which is tip-top for any party, as you know! In addition, it's an excellent backdrop for photos guests will post on social media and share with friends long after the party ends.

Love Balloon Marquee Letters

Light up your party by adding a small set of Love Balloon Marquee Letters. It adds a playful charm to your events and creates an excellent ambiance for any occasion. Display it at the entry to your event, on a dessert table, or as part of your photo booth decorations!

Holiday Marquee Letters

Holiday Marquee Letters for a party, lighted marquee letters have several different fonts to choose from and include everything you need for a fun, festive look at your event. Bring a vintage feel to any celebration with this Marquee Letter Light. With various letters and numbers to choose from, you can personalize any party to spell out any particular message.

Event Light-Up Letters

Add a little “Extra” to your party, wedding, or event with Event Light-Up Letters! They are a beautiful lead-up to any occasion and enhance your space with style. Place them on tables, on the floor, against a wall - they look fabulous no matter where you choose to display them.

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Outdoor Marquee Signs

Great for business or personal use, these Outdoor Marquee Signs are functional yet stylish. Looks great at any storefront, and each includes ground wires and stakes for easy installation. Bring attention to your business in a friendly, welcoming manner with an illuminated sign.


Price from $130.00

Indoor Marquee Signs

Bring the magic of a vintage roadside motel sign into your home with this indoor marquee sign. In the style of old theater marquees or the neon signs found outside roadside motels, this metal sign adds a touch of modern, nostalgic charm to an entryway or living space.


Price from $110.00

Cursive Marquee Letters

The perfect solution to add your message to every occasion. Use our Cursive Marquee Letters in weddings, celebrations, and other decorating projects. The letters can be used free-standing alone or combined with the numbers and symbols.


Price from $110.00

Marquee Letter Stands

Marquee Letter Stands are the perfect accent piece to complete your wedding, baby shower, or party celebration. Crafted of premium stainless steel, they come pre-drilled with holes and ready for easy attachment of your letters as you tie them together with twine or rope.


Price from $105.00

USMC Neon Sign

Show your support for your fighting men and women with this USMC Neon Sign. This Marine Corps neon sign features bright, energy-efficient neon tubes that are cool to the touch and can be mounted in any room or window.


Price from $84.00

Glasses Neon Sign

Light up your home, business, or event with this Glasses Neon Sign! This fun sign features a classic "glasses" design with bright neon tubing to create a striking display. In addition, it is easy to hang, making it ideal for parties.


Price from $71.00

Spuds Mackenzie Neon Sign

Add a fun and unique touch to your home decor with the Spuds Mackenzie Neon Sign. This one-of-a-kind sign features Spuds' (aka - The Original Party Animal's) face, in bright neon lights, in front of a blue background. Perfect for a bar area or game room, this wall light will stand out!


Price from $64.00

Wine Neon Sign

Wine Neon Sign is an excellent piece for any wine drinker. The sign is lighted using LED flex, which uses less energy than traditional glass tube neons. It comes on and off with the ease of a standard light switch and includes wall mounting hardware for hanging.


Price from $68.00

When Choosing a Supplier of Party Marquee Signs, You Should Consider the Following Factors:

A significant amount of effort is required to choose a supplier of party marquee signs who is both efficient and dependable. Choose a supplier after carefully considering several factors to ensure that you discover one who is efficient in their work.

1. Expertise In the Lighting Industry

You should check if the provider you’ve chosen has any experience working in the lighting business. So is since the quality of the party marquee signs will be manufactured depending on the manufacturer’s expertise.

2. High-Quality Raw Materials

Because high-quality materials are used to produce durable party marquee signs, the supplier will be successful. Remember that raw materials such as LED bulbs and stainless steel are crucial in the manufacturing process and must be used in large quantities.

3. After-Sale Service

Ascertain if the vendors offer after-sales services for your party marquee signage. At times, you may have challenges that demand support from the supplier, so they should be able to assist 24/7.

4. Warranty

Determine how long your party marquee sign supplier will provide a warranty. Because having a more extended warranty period is usually beneficial to your project. Choose a vendor who can provide at least a 12-month free replacement guarantee for your party marquee signs and 24 months of free maintenance of spare parts.

5. Price

Party marquee sign prices are a vital consideration when choosing a vendor. However, the total quality of the marquee signs should be considered, not just the price.

The lighting effect and the stainless steel housing quality of party marquee signs should be checked to determine the quality and price.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Party Marquee Sign


The Party marquee sign is one of the most popular unique event signs to promote a corporate gathering, charity fundraiser, or community festival. These fun and functional signs are often the most popular party signs at an event.

Here’s the ultimate guide to learning more about the party marquee sign. Whether planning the next block party or putting together your company holiday bash, this guide will prepare you for your party marquee sign design.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Party Marquee Signs?

A Party Marquee signs are an essential element in the party decoration. It transforms your event into a much more cheerful and beautiful atmosphere that impresses guests. They are available in various sizes and designs, so opt for one of these premium party marquee signs to maximize your advertising efforts.

The display is decorated with elegant designs on the front, which will indeed become the topic of conversation among people.

Figure 1 - Birthday Party Marquee Signs

2. What Are the Average Cost of a Party Marquee Signs?

The cost of a party marquee sign is determined mainly by the size and shape of the letters, the letter quantity, and the height of the letters. In addition to these factors, the price depends on whether you need waterproof material or any other unique features such as backing shade or rush delivery. The average cost for a party marquee sign ranges from $70 to $700.

3. How Long Does a Party Marquee Signs Last?

High-quality party marquee signs stay longer. Custom light-up letters’ durability depends on their LEDs and fabrication style; The lifespan is 45,000 hours. You’ll need to repair and maintain inexpensive party marquee signs in a few years.

4. What Are the Popular Sizes Available For Party Marquee Signs?

The customization option may differ from individual to individual. However, some common sizes for party marquee signs are:

5. Does a Party Marquee Sign will Make My Electricity Bill High?

No, certainly not. When you utilize party marquee signs, you do not have to worry about a hefty electric bill. The party marquee signs consume less fuel than the conventional lighting system. Thus, it will not result in a higher electric cost.

As bright, low-wattage, energy-efficient LEDs illuminate the party marquees. Therefore, its operation is economical.

6. Can You Use the Party Marquee Sign Outdoor?

Yes, you can. The party marquee signs are versatile enough to be utilized both indoors and outdoors in a variety of settings.

7. What Are the Factors to Consider When Selecting Party Marquee Sign?

When purchasing party marquee signs, paying close attention to their features is vital. Importantly, you should ensure that your design is appealing to your audience and can be viewed from a budget-friendly viewing distance.

Among the factors to consider when choosing party marquee signs are the following:

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Viewing distance
  • Placement type you prefer
  • Usage of life
  • Weather-resistant or not
  • It’s a warranty/guarantee
  • Customizing options

8. Can I Choose a Color for the LED Bulbs in My Party Marquee Sign?

Some manufacturers provide rainbow-colored faceted light-up marquee signs that may be used to inject color into the appearance of your party’s marquee signs. The colors red, pink, violet, blue, orange, and green are included.

9. Do Party Marquee Sign Require Power?

Yes, party marquee signs are wired and require a power supply to perform their intended function. As needed, extension cords are utilized to link them to require a conventional 120V power outlet.

10. How Much Do Party Marquee Sign Weigh?

  • 12-inch personalized marquee sign weighs 5lbs
  • 18-inch personalized marquee sign weighs 7lbs
  • 24-inch personalized marquee sign weighs 10lbs
  • 36-inch personalized marquee sign weighs 15lbs

11. Do Party Marquee Sign Stand on Their Own?

When utilizing party marquee signs with a smaller, flat base, they can stand independently. However, if the party marquee sign is large or tall, standing by itself will be more challenging. Manufacturers can provide you with information about consumer demand for their products.

Figure 2 - Freestanding Party Marquee Signs

12. What Is Party Marquee Sign Made Of?

20 gauge cold-rolled stainless steel and aluminium are used to make party marquees. Larger than 5-foot-tall party marquee signs are composed of 18-gauge stainless steel reinforced with rods. Party marquees are usually made of 20 gauge stainless steel and aluminium. 5-foot-tall party marquees are made of 18-gauge stainless steel and reinforced with rods.

Party marquee casings are made of sturdy, water-resistant metal. Depending on its size, your party marquee sign features welded corners and steel fittings. The cases are made of heavy-duty, water-resistant metal; It has welded corners and steel hardware, depending on the size of your party marquee sign.

13. Can I Customize Party Marquee Sign?

Yes. You can customize your party marquee sign by choosing a font style, color, material and other elements from a wide range of options offered by manufacturers.

14. Can the Bulb be Change if it Breaks or Burns Out?

Yes. The LED bulbs that are utilized in the party marquee signs do not get particularly hot, although they can become warm and occasionally go out.

Keep in mind, however, that in the event that the light bulb needs to be replaced at your venue location, you will require the assistance of a trained specialist.

15. What is the Proper Way of Taking Care of the Party Marquee Signs?

Maintaining your party marquee signs properly will ensure optimal performance, safety, efficiency, ambiance, ease of maintenance, and long life.

Use soft cloths, vacuum, towel, soap, or light detergent to clean party marquee signs. Follow these procedures to maintain your party marquees:

  • Read the user manual properly
  • Clean your marquee letters on a regular basis
  • Try to avoid high temperature and humidity
  • Perform occasional inspections

16. Are the Party Marquee Signs PAT Tested?

Yes. A PAT test checks electrical items for safety. It also prevents electrical accidents at events. PAT-tested bespoke party marquee signs are safer to use.

17. How Much Space Do You Need for the Party Marquee Signs?

The width of the party marquee signs may vary, with 3 feet being the standard measurement. It will ensure the total duration of your contract to plan and put correctly. Stacking is preferable for limited places.

Figure 3 - Stacked Party Marquee Signs

18. Are the Party Marquee Signs Weatherproof?

The party marquee signs are resistant to mild precipitation and other outside factors. However, it is recommended that party marquee signs not be used outdoors during inclement weather, such as strong winds, thunderstorms, heavy rain or hail, snow, or sleet.

19. What are The Materials of the Party Marquee Sign?

The impressive party marquee sign will captivate your guests’ attention. It is now common to utilize a party marquee sign to adorn parties and festivities.

The party marquee sign comprises Canvas (MDF, plywood, mirror, or metal), LED bulbs, print, stretcher, and lights.

20. What Are The Key Features Of The Party Marquee Sign?

The major features of the party marquee signs are listed below –

  • Freestanding
  • 5 to 6ft tall
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to handle
  • LED bulbs
  • Includes own power lead and plug
  • Stunning wedding backdrop
  • Perfect for home decor, lobby areas, or wedding backdrop

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