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LITASIGN - Your Reliable Pink Marquee Letters Manufacturer

LITASIGN is a professional manufacturer of pink marquee letters in China, specializing in printing and supplying high-end commercial signs. With more than 6000 square meters and more than 150 workers, LITASIGN has advanced production equipment and a substantial investment capacity.

We focus on excellent quality, innovative design, and production efficiency. Our professional design team provides creative solutions for different types of commercial signs and lighting products.

Create the Perfect Event with Our Pink Marquee Letters

Add flair to your next venue or party with our Pink Marquee Letters. You’ll find the perfect spirit to accent your event with various styles. Made from durable materials and powered by remote controls, these letters are weatherproof and safe to use indoors or outdoors. You can even add them to your wedding accessories or catering. These custom letters are an excellent way to make your event stand out, especially when paired with our other products.

They are safe to use in all weather conditions, and you can add them to catering or staging services. Whatever your needs may be, these letters will help transform your venue into a truly memorable experience.


Modern and Consistent Signage Solutions

At LITASIGN, we understand the importance of brand recognition and building a solid foundation for your business. We offer pink marquee letters, which are custom-designed, manufactured, and installed to emphasize your brand values. Our production team members are technologically skilled and experienced. We provide a complete set of operation process management methods to help you realize the maximum brand value.

We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and operation experience with the help of our team members. Who are successful in their work with increasing production efficiency and improving quality control. Our production line employs state-of-the-art equipment and ensures that each product is 100% safe and reliable to meet your deadline requirement.

You dream it, we make it

Complete Manufacturing Process of Elegant & Durable Pink Marquee Letters

Plate Punching

Machine tools perforate the entire plate sheet to create a perfect hole. The size of this hole is determined by the LEDs inserted into the machine tool. It makes a high-quality body with exceptional qualities such as compact size, lightweight, and high brightness while maintaining an elegant appearance.


Soldering the Solid Edge

Solder is applied to both sides of a plate, creating a solid bond between the plate and the sign. It prevents the plate from flexing, which helps prevent breaks and cracks. As a result, your sign will last for several moves.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Polishing keeps the letters of marquee signs free of burrs and gives them an excellent finished appearance. Polishing also protects your custom marquee signs from rust, corrosion, and other forms of damage.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

Painting a plate’s surface can create a visually appealing and robust tool, making it ideal for creating a marquee sign. The custom marquee sign can be used at events or other places to make an impression.


Installation of LED Bulbs

To ensure that your custom marquee sign will withstand weathering, add a waterproof coating to the LED bulb when inserting it into the corresponding hole.


Marquee Sign Packaging

 When shipping our custom marquee signs, we carefully pack them to protect them from damage and ensure they are free of loose packing materials. Our marquee signs are shipped in two boxes with newspaper or bubble wrap between each box.

LITASIGN's Pink Marquee Letters Are a Great Choice for Any Event

When planning an event, you must make sure it looks lovely and has style. That is where LITASIGN's Pink Marquee Letters are a great choice. The pink marquee lettering is our best choice for any event.

Elegant and Affordable

Whether a party or event, we at LITASIGN understand that every event is different and requires a solution that can easily accommodate that. We provide our customers with the right style choices and the best quality to fit the occasion and your budget. Our Pink Marquee Letters are made from high-quality materials and durable enough for long-lasting effects.


Our LITASIGN Pink Marquee Letters are a versatile product perfect for any event. With various configurations, you can use them as a large backdrop, double-sided tent signage, or display advertising along walkways and windows. These letters are also great for wedding decor, holiday party decorations, and more.

Easy to Install

Pink marquee letters are a fun and creative way to announce your special event. Use them to give a whimsical feel to your party or wedding invitation. A nice touch is an easy installation, so you'll be planning how to display it right away.

More Awareness

A considerable advantage of LITASIGN's pink marquee letters is that they come with your choice of color. This can be used to bring attention to your brand or event and will increase awareness, which leads to a higher ROI.

Portable Design

LITASIGN's Pink Marquee Letters are an excellent choice for any event. These portable letters are easy to set up and store away when not in use so you can use them year-round.

Right Information

Our Pink Marquee Letters are an excellent choice for any event. They will ensure accurate awareness of your audience with their large size, bright color, and glittery effect.

LITASIGN's Elegant Pink Marquee Letters in The Global Market

From high-quality display products to personalized corporate gifts and elegant, personal signs, LITASIGN provides people worldwide with professional signage products. Our Elegant Pink Marquee Letters is one of our signature products which organizing groups and individuals have used for personal ads, weddings, and more.

Pink Marquee Letter A
Pink Marquee Letter B
Pink Marquee Letter C
Pink Marquee Letter D
Pink Marquee Letter E
Pink Marquee Letter F
Pink Marquee Letter G
Pink Marquee Letter H
Pink Marquee Letter I
Pink Marquee Letter J
Pink Marquee Letter K
Pink Marquee Letter L
Pink Marquee Letter M
Pink Marquee Letter N
Pink Marquee Letter O
Pink Marquee Letter P
Pink Marquee Letter Q
Pink Marquee Letter R
Pink Marquee Letter S
Pink Marquee Letter T
Pink Marquee Letter U
Pink Marquee Letter V
Pink Marquee Letter W
Pink Marquee Letter X
Pink Marquee Letter Y
Pink Marquee Letter Z

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Why Should You Use LITASIGN for Your Needs in Pink Marquee Letters?

LITASIGN is a leading company in the field of high-quality writing products. We can customize our pink marquee letters to meet the needs of any event. Undoubtedly, our products will bring your business to the next level by attracting customers with our pink marquee signs in various types and sizes.

  • We are a direct manufacturer of pink marquee letters with over 8 years of experience in the industry. Our export services eliminate the need for an intermediary trade company to share benefits with clients.
  • We provide a one-stop shop for pink marquee letters, which can save money and time by allowing you to purchase all types of marquee letter supplies in one location.
  • All our marquee letters are CE / RoHS / UL compliant and of the highest quality, ensuring that your customers have access to high-quality products.
  • LITASIGN has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility designed to increase productivity.
  • Pink marquee letters are shipped by sea rather than air or express. They are individually packaged, and the outer carton box protects the product.
  • We will provide you with marketing materials for the pink marquee letters, which will assist you in promoting your product online.
  • We have the capabilities to meet any customized requirements you may have and also possess strong research and manufacturing capabilities.
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