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Make Statement Signs with LITASIGN's Plastic Marquee Letters

LITASIGN’s plastic marquee letter is manufactured from sturdy, flexible plastic. It is constructed to withstand the elements and be noticeable from a distance. It has holes for straightforward mounting or installation on any structure.

It can be used indoors and outdoors, including hotel and party decorations, music festivals, weddings, and birthday parties. Simply affixing these letters to a wall or placing them above your bed, desk, or window will give any place the ideal amount of joy and character.

Your One-stop Plastic Marquee Letter Supplier Made of High-quality Materials

LITASIGN is a high-tech plastic marquee letter manufacturer that integrates designing, producing, and installing. To create China’s most significant domestic plastic marquee sign, we have established a modernized plastic marquee production base. It is 6,000 square meters with advanced design production equipment and qualified personnel.

Our plastic marquee signs are made with electronic components that are CE, and UL-certified. LITASIGN has a professional operation and rapid expansion, which has earned a significant global clientele. We will work together to build a fantastic future based on honesty, sincerity, and mutual support.


LITASIGN, Leading Plastic Marquee Sign Manufacturer in China

LITASIGN is a Shenzhen, China-based plastic marquee sign manufacturer and supplier. We offer plastic marquee letters in multiple styles, designs, materials, and sizes. We can handle all your bespoke plastic marquee letter sign needs,  including R&D, tooling and production, quality control before shipping, and on-time delivery.

You can depend on LITASIGN to bring your ideas to life, build unique signs for your firm, or give your existing signage a creative boost because we have more than 6 years of experience in the sign industry. We provide comprehensive customization services to fulfill all of your plastic marquee letter requirements.

You dream it, we make it

The Process of Producing Plastic Marquee Letters


Cutting of Plastic Letters

The Marquee letter parts are cut to size and then accurately assembled together to make a perfect shape.


Painting of Plastic Marquee Letters

Painting is a technique in which the surface of a plastic marquee letter is painted to create a durable and visually beautiful sign. Painting each layer hardens at different times, then once all the layers have set, the marquee letters can withstand even the harshest elements without fading or breaking apart.


Installation of Bulbs and Wirings

Placement of any lighting and its corresponding wiring into their appropriate holes, if applicable to an outdoor sign. Then, we apply a waterproof coating to protect the sign’s components from moisture.


Packaging of Plastic Marquee Letters

We take extra precautions to ensure that your marquee signs arrive safely. Therefore, you will find that your custom-made marquee sign is protected from loose packing material when pressed and wrapped in the newspaper before the cartons are sealed and shipped.

Benefits You can Enjoy with LITASIGN's Plastic Marquee Letters

Plastic marquee letters are a great alternative to metal or wood letters, providing the same high-quality look at a much lower price. Plastic letters offer many benefits, such as:

Cost Efficient

When compared with their metal counterparts, plastic marquee letters can be anywhere from 50 to 75 % less expensive.


It will be much simpler to adjust the position of these letters without causing any damage to the construction of a building because these letters are constructed from plastic.


You may find them in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs. Plastic marquee letters allow you to change the message on your home or business. They are perfect for temporary displays because they are lightweight.

Easy Installation

Installing these plastic letters is simple and requires no special tools. The letters include sturdy feet that grip the ground and a molded hook that can be pushed into the ground or hung on a wall.


Plastic marquee letters are highly sturdy, don't rust and will last a lifetime! As they are constructed of plastic, painting and chipping are unnecessary considerations. Marquee lettering are resistant to temperatures as low as -40 °.

Low Maintenance

Easy to clean, do not rust or corrode! so you can get an excellent result and make the most perfect sign without any hassle.

Latest Design Best Quality Plastic Marquee Letters

The latest plastic marquee letters are the newest advertising to hit. These products are versatile, adaptable, and available in different colors and styles. They can be used for a variety of promotions and events. The best thing about them is that they are great value for money and can be bought in bulk.

Happy Birthday Marquee Letters

Our Happy Birthday Marquee Letters are an affordable way to add a decorative touch to your special event. Made of flexible plastic and designed to stand upright, these letters can be set in a straight line or curved to create a more customized look – perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or other birthday celebrations!

Love Marquee Letters

Love Marquee Letters has the perfect gift for valentines day, wedding, or anniversary. These letters will set the mood and be a keepsake that can be used year after year. These letters are made from the highest quality material and last for years. They are easy to install and remove daily yet strong enough for years of use.

Wedding Marquee Letters

Create a festive backdrop for your day with our Wedding Marquee Letters. Perfect for creating a custom welcome sign or adding a colorful accent to your wedding or party decor, these letters can be arranged in any order you choose.

Holiday Marquee Letters

Read your holiday message in light of our Holiday Marquee Letters. These lighted letters are on a black marquee sign, which provides a perfect backdrop for your holiday greetings. The included stakes make it easy to display your letters in the front yard or on your deck with style.

Bar Marquee Letters

Bar marquee letters are an affordable and simple way to dress up your bar, pub, nightclub or even your home bar. These popular designs include illuminated signs that use a variety of fonts, sizes and logos of your favorite local sports team or business to help accentuate any room.

Baby Marquee Letters

Our baby marquee letters are a perfect gift for any new parent. The classic characters and adorable designs will look great in any nursery, playroom, or bedroom. Each letter is made from plastic that is safe for your little one to play with.

Xmas Marquee Letters

Create a festive and bright display for holiday parties and other events with a set of Xmas Marquee Letters. The letters are designed to be lighted up individually, or as a whole, so you can customize the look and feel of your display.

Marry Me Marquee Letters

Add a pop of romance and sweetness to your wedding with our “Marry Me” Marquee Letters! These are perfect for your ceremony, reception, and honeymoon. Choose from our collection of letters available in various sizes and customize them with the color of your choice.

Happy New Year Marquee Letters

Add a festive touch to your New Year's celebration with these Happy New Year marquee letters. This set of five letters will make any party stand out in the crowd. Whether you're using them to spell out greetings or decorative lighting, these letters will add an extra festive touch to any event.

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Cursive Marquee Letters

These cursive marquee letters will add a personal touch to your home, office, or business. Designed to be placed on the wall like a traditional sign, this set of letters can spell out anything you want.


Price from $260.00

Party Marquee Signs

Party Marquee Signs are a simple yet effective way to announce an upcoming party and set the tone for a special occasion. Made from high-quality materials, Party Marquee Signs are designed to last and provide years of enjoyment without fading or looking worn.


Price from $235.00

Event Light-Up Letters

These multi-colored Event Light-Up Letters are ideal for creating a custom sign for your event. These LED lighted letters are made of plastic and are the perfect accent for any celebration.


Price from $255.00

Wedding Marquee Letters

Make a bold statement at your wedding with our Wedding Marquee Letters. Our Marquee Letters are available in different colors and have LED lights, so you can still see them even when it is dark!


Price from $250.00

Marquee Christmas Lights

Christmas is the most beautiful time, and we have the perfect lights to decorate your house. The marquee Christmas lights are great for adding a bit of extra fun to your Christmas decorations. These marquee lights are easy to install and can be hung or stood up!


Price from $200.00

Holiday Marquee Letters

Add a festive touch to your front door with our marquee letters. Create an eye-catching holiday scene with all of the notes you need to spell out your family name or holiday message, then place it along the fence, gate, or deck for maximum impact.


Price from $250.00

Decorative LED Marquee Lights

Our decorative LED marquee lights are perfect for parties, decorative lighting, and more. Using a low-voltage transformer (included), plug in this brand new light, and you're ready to go! It can be used as a sign or for any other decorative purpose.


Price from $190.00

Indoor Marquee Sign

The Indoor Marquee Sign is a great way to advertise your business or provide a welcoming message to guests. Place it at the entrance of your office lobby, in a storefront window – anywhere you want to make an impression.


Price from $280.00

Various Applications of Plastic Marquee Letters

There are a wide variety of applications for plastic marquee letters. They are made of lightweight materials and come in vibrant hues; They can be utilized for many purposes, such as advertising, presenting information, or adding color to a wall.

1. Branding

Large plastic marquee letters work well for both interior and outdoor branding. They are an excellent investment for any business that wants to stand out from the crowd. Plastic marquee lettering with LED lighting will always be able to attract passers-attention. People will start to associate your brand’s unique appearance with your plastic marquee sign and recognize it instantly.

A plastic marquee letter will act as an art installation for interior branding by creating a stimulating ambiance.

2. Restaurants And Bars

Most restaurant and bar owners use plastic marquee letters to create a more nostalgic environment in their establishments. Because of their eye-catching look, plastic marquee signs will be able to serve both the function of branding and as decorative elements in eating establishments and drinking establishments.

3. Decorative

Plastic marquee letters are gaining popularity for interior branding in most businesses. Companies employ plastic marquee lettering to give their offices a professional appearance.

These flashing signs have also made their way into homes and businesses to complement interior decor and advertising purposes. Plastic marquee letters with replaceable writing are ideal for personalizing your home’s décor.

4. Weddings

Standing plastic marquee letters are a classy choice that may be utilized to display the bride and groom’s initials. Plastic marquee signs equipped with LED lamps can engage and thrill spectators.

They are a reliable solution for marking your memorable event with their luminescent brilliance.

5. Photo Shoots

Plastic marquee letters will make a beautiful backdrop if you need a unique and distinctive environment for a photo shoot; They allow you to show any desired messages in huge letters. These plastic marquee letters will lend a retro air to any creative setting.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Platic Marquee Letters


Plastic marquee letters are a fantastic way to draw attention to your business, service, or product. Depending on what kind of lettering you are interested in, there are numerous sizes, colors, and styles of letters available today.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Plastic Marquee Letters is a reasonably extensive list of questions that many people ask themself when purchasing marquee letters.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Plastic Marquee Letters?

Plastic marquee letters are an excellent solution for businesses, especially signage companies. Plastic marquee letters are available in numerous colors and designs. They’re highly durable with a long shelf life. If used creatively, they can help attract customers to your business or special event.

Figure 1 - Plastic Marquee Letters

2. Is it Possible to Customize the Plastic Marquee Letters?

Yes, it is possible to customize the plastic marquee letters. You can choose the number of letters you need and their sizes. Their height and width are flexible. You can also request a different font style that suits your style and preference. You may also choose the color that you want to have them in.

3. What Kind of Bulb is Used in the Plastic Marquee Letters?

 We used the 3-watt LED bulb for the plastic marquee letters, and it emits a wide range of colors.

plastic marquee letters 3w-LED-Bulb
Figure 2 - Plastic Marquee Letters 3w LED Bulb

4. How to Change the Bulbs of the Plastic Marquee Letters?

Changing a light bulb in a plastic marquee letter is not as difficult as you might think and can be done in minutes.

  • Unplug the light to prevent it from turning on while changing the bulbs, then remove any screws holding the casing in place.
  • Pull the cover apart gently, disconnect the wiring harnesses from their sockets, and pull the bulb straight out.
  • After that, insert a new light bulb into its corresponding socket until it clicks into place.
  • Finally, before testing, close your fixture and reconnect it to power.

5. Are the Plastic Marquee Letters Safe to Operate?

Yes, Our LED lights are low-wattage and do not get hot like regular light bulbs. Therefore, it makes them extremely safe.

6. What Safety Standards are the Plastic Marquee Letters Compliant With?

We perform routine preventive-maintenance checks on all items. Certificates of these checks are available on request, and all of our things are U.L, Rosh, and CE-certified.

7. Are the Plastic Marquee Letters Powered by Batteries?

No, the plastic marquee letters are not powered by batteries. Instead, they are LED lights that operate from an AC wall socket.

8. Do Plastic Marquee Letters Increase The Electric Bill?

Plastic marquee letters use less energy than traditional lighting systems, are cheaper, and are more energy-efficient. They contain low wattage, vivid, and energy-efficient LEDs.

9. Do You Take Individual Orders or Just Wholesale for the Plastic Marquee Letters?

Our plastic marquee letters are available in both individual and wholesale packages.

10. Do You Take Individual Orders or Just Wholesale for the Plastic Marquee Letters?

 We provide the following symbols: letters, numbers, symbols (#, &, $, @, -, +), and shapes (star, arrow heart, anchor, peace sign, and crown).

11. What is the Period of the Warranty of the Plastic Marquee Letters?

LITASIGN offers 1 year warranty on the plastic marquee letters.

12. Do You Offer International Shipping on the Plastic Marquee Letters?

Our plastic marquee letters are available for international shipping. However, there will be an additional charge depending on the weight, size, and destination. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or phone to request an international shipping quote.

13. What Words Can be Made from Large Marquee Letters?

Large marquee letters come in various styles, allowing you to express any word or sentiment.

Numbers, exclamation points, question marks, hashtags, @, and ampersands are also available (&).

14. Do the Light Bulbs of the Large Marquee Letters Get Hot After Continuous Use?

No, light bulbs do not get hot. They get warm like all light bulbs because they generate heat and produce light.

15. How to Get the Quotation for the Large Marquee Letters?

Please email or call us to create a design with large marquee letters for your event. Prices are calculated using the broadest point; if the length and width exceed 1 meter, they will be calculated using square meters.

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