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LITASIGN is your reliable partner for your neon sign requirements: whether you want to start, upgrade or expand your business with a neon sign, or whether you want a sign that is attractive, has high visibility, and reliability, let LITASIGN be your reliable partner. Our signs are made to order for your business and are durable for life.

LITASIGN is a trademarked brand for a variety of high-quality neon sign products. Excellent customer service, competitive prices, and quick turnaround time are always guaranteed.

You Can Trust on LITASIGN for Affordable Neon Sign Manufacturing

LITASIGN is your Neon Sign Manufacturing Partner of Choice. It is LITASIGN’s mission to provide the most affordable custom neon sign manufacturing in the industry. All of our neon sign collections are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and to meet or exceed your expectations.

LITASIGN is here to provide you with not only the lowest possible cost but also the highest possible quality of service and advice.


The LITASIGN PlayStation Neon Sign Makes a Statement for Your Business

The LITASIGN PlayStation Neon Sign makes a statement for your business. This neon sign is beautiful, and bright, and offers a decorative touch to your business space. Each neon light is handmade and backed with industrial-quality materials.

Let folks know you mean business with a bold and authoritative neon sign. This LITASIGN PlayStation Logo Neon Sign is sure to draw attention from across the street or room. Ideal for your business.

You dream it, we make it

Creating, Designing, and Producing Your PlayStation Neon Sign

pcb design

PCB Design

Virtual soldering and off-soldering difficulties can be minimized by PCB design professionals, who have the appropriate resources to assist production facilities. The PCBs’ light components are able to withstand the bending and shaping that takes place during manufacture.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

Sample boards fitted with LED chips will be tested by LITASIGN after PCB testing. This is followed by testing of the raw materials utilized in manufacturing. LITASIGN must ensure that the raw materials used in the fabrication of LED-powered neon signs are thoroughly tested.

smt processing

SMT Processing

To produce LED light sources for LED strip lights, neon flexes, and neon signs, LITASIGN has SMT machines. One problem with neon signs and other items is that the solder ball comes off an LED chip during the soldering process. These machines prevent this from happening.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

When it comes to LED neon signs, nothing beats LITASIGN’s extruded neon signs constructed from incorporated virgin silicone. Large volumes of waterproof and weather-resistant LED Neon strips can be produced in a short amount of time thanks to these technologies.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

In order to meet your needs, LITASIGN creates a custom prototype for you. The light color, jacket color, design, LED adapter power, plug type, and dimmer version are all meticulously checked during the production process. Only after your final approval will we commence mass production.

Backplate Engraving

It is possible for LITASIGN to make 200–300 LED signs each day utilizing innovative technology and employing a select team of expert craftsmen to maintain the highest level of precision, with no smoke or smell, thanks to our advanced equipment.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

Using the original artwork as a guide, we meticulously construct each neon sign. Whether or not a sign can blend in with the overall design and be visually appealing depends on the level of our artistry. For those of our customers who insist on only the highest-quality signs, this is especially true.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

An aging test is required for LED strip lights used in advertising displays to assure efficiency, brightness, and defect-free operation. During the course of the experiment, the lights are left on for a total of 12 hours. Before mass manufacturing can begin, any issues that come up during this test are fixed.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

Using packaging machinery, LITASIGN is able to produce a wide variety of labels based on the type of products consumers order. Exterior packing is less likely to be damaged while in transit.

LITASIGN Creates a PlayStation Neon Sign Using High-Quality Materials.

A variety of raw materials were used by LITASIGN to produce the PlayStation neon signage. This novel product was created by assembling these components with the utmost care. Because of their durability and low maintenance requirements, the raw materials can be relied upon for many years of regular usage. The following materials go into the construction of each PlayStation neon sign.

LED Neon Flex

As a result of the improved heat dissipation provided by the LITASIGN extrusion process, neon signs are now more resistant to water and dust damage. It extends the life of the neon signs by 50% over other models.

Silicone Jacket

Food-safe silicone is used to construct the sign's components. It is odorless, anti-aging, and fire-resistant. This implies you don't have to be concerned about its security when using it in your organization.

LED Chip

The 2835SMD and 5050SMD LED bulbs are attached to the PC board using alloy brackets that serve as heat sinks. False soldering or deadlights, in which lighting don't turn on at all, can be avoided with this approach.

Acrylic Backboard

Acrylic Backboard Taiwan Hertz is an acrylic brand that is 100 percent pure because it is more durable and transparent than polystyrene or polyvinyl chloride, which are other acrylic materials.

Power Supply

The CEC/EMC/LVD/UL/CUL/C-tick-certified high-energy-efficiency inverter provides a surge-protected power source that is completely safe.

AC Plug

Its AC Plug LITASIGN line includes UL-certified power cables made of copper from the United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

DC Cable

The cable's copper conductors are 2 millimeters thick. It's composed of PVC, which is heat-resistant and translucent. Requests for custom sizes can be accommodated.

Male and Female Connectors

The copper core of the connection, which has a diameter of 12 mm, immediately begins drawing power from the wire when it is connected.


It is possible to dim the neon signs remotely or with touch-sensitive buttons. Neon signs can't be operated by controllers or remote controls that conflict with other electrical equipment.

LITASIGN - Neon Sign Manufacturer with the Largest PlayStation Neon Signs Collection

There are PlayStation neon signs from LITASIGN in stadiums, bars, and restaurants all around the country. To illuminate any indoor or outdoor event, select from our vast range of designs with high-quality neon components and LED flex.

Gamer Neon Sign

Need an eye-catching sign for your game room, or maybe to throw a neon themed party? This cool gamer neon sign is fun and a great talking point.

PlayStation Logo Neon Sign

The PlayStation Logo Neon Sign is the perfect addition to your gamer's cave. Create some glorious ambience with this logo styled neon sign. Not only will it light up everything around it, but it will put everyone in a good mood since they're getting ready to play some video games.

PlayStation Icon Neon Sign

Add some bright neon color to your game room, bedroom or office with this striking PlayStation Icon Neon Sign. Mount to your wall with included hanging chains, or choose an optional tabletop base. An ideal gift for any gamer!

PlayStation Controller Neon Sign

PlayStation Neon Sign Your room will come alive with this amazing PlayStation Neon Sign. Use it to light up your room, bar, garage or anyplace of choice. It makes a great gift for anyone on any occasion.

PlayStation 5 Neon sign

Playstation 5 neon sign is all handmade, Great decoration for game room, man cave. All neon signs are 100% handcrafted and designs by our creative team to create unique and creativity neon light signs.

PlayStation 4 Neon Sign

Transform any room with this sizable and bold PlayStation 4 Neon Sign. Recalling the original PS4, Sony's iconic button symbols are boldly colored in a original neon style, making this the perfect addition to any bedroom or game room.

Playstation 3D Neon Sign

Neon sign of Playstation symbol is a great addition to your warehouse, restaurant, or office. The sign will catch the eye of visitors and bring them into your establishment or product!

PlayStation Game room Neon Sign

This PlayStation Game room Neon Sign is a great addition to your game room, man cave, home bar or bedroom. The eye catching pattern and design will stand out in any room that you choose to display it.

PlayStation 2 Neon Sign

PlayStation 2 Neon Sign is a cool light that kids and teens will appreciate. Plug it in at home or the office for retro fun. The neon sign is a great collectible for fans of the video game console system. Accent piece adds a blast from past to any room.

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Playstation Sign Personalization with LITASIGN

A wide range of customization choices for LED neon signs is available from LITASIGN, who will work with you to create your personalized neon signs. From concept to completion, the skilled designers at LITASIGN can create a unique neon sign that serves a practical purpose. Quality materials and expert workmanship ensure that your personalized neon sign will last for many years to come!

1. Size

Sizes for neon flex range from 816 millimeters to 5.12 millimeters to 12.19 millimeters. To guarantee that your design looks precisely how you want it, you can change the typeface design’s proportions to meet the height of each substrate.

2. Text and Font

Using LITASIGN’s online neon sign builder, you can transform your message into an eye-catching neon sign. You can upload a logo image or fill in whatever text you wish to appear on your neon sign with this tool. For additional lines or bespoke designs, please contact our customer service.

3. Color

Eleven neon hues are available from LITASIGN, including white, yellow (orange), red (pink), purple (purple), green (blue), and deep (green). Other color variations are available. Please contact us for details.

4. Dimmer and Controller

High-power, low-power, and colored controllers can all be used to fade a remote control’s function. Infrared remotes (control distance of up to 6 meters) and radio-frequency wireless remotes are the two most prevalent remote control controllers. The most popular dimming modes are FPC, thyristor, and Frontier Phase-Cut.

5. Backboard Option

Signs and fittings made of acrylic have been shown to be useful and adaptable. Acrylic is available in square, rectangular, and spherical forms. Aesthetics and practicality go hand in hand when it comes to acrylic boxes and acrylic display stands.

6. Power Adapter

An adapter licensed to function in the EU, the UK, Australia, and the United States is included with the neon sign’s 3.5-meter cord/plug combo. Upon request, an adapter for use in another country can be procured.

7. Indoor and Outdoor Usage

For both indoor and outdoor use, the neon sign from LITASIGN is a great choice. A waterproof grade of IP65 allows it to be used in adverse weather conditions.

8. Installation

LITASIGN neon signs come with pre-drilled holes that make installation simple. For shopfront and ceiling installations, they can be screwed or hung using the hanging wires that come with the package.

9. UV Printing

Ultraviolet (UV) printing can produce high-definition color and texture on smooth, high-quality materials. Use this printing method to create eye-catching neon signage.

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