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Illuminate a storefront, home our office with our mesmerizing psychic neon signs, designed to captivate customers and create a welcoming atmosphere. Whethere for a trendy cafe, boutique shop or modern home, these eye-catching signs are perfect for setting the mood and boosting a brand’s visibility. Check out LITASIGN’s diverse range of psychic neon signs and bring a touch of mystique to any space.

Astrology Neon Sign

Express your cosmic vibe with our astrology neon signs, crafted to alight with your star sign. These vibrant signs are perfect for personalizing a home, office, or studio.

Fortune Teller Neon Sign

Bring the allure of fortune-telling to any space with our enchanting neon sign. Perfect for psychic studios, mystical shops, or themed events, this vibrant neon sign creates an inviting atmosphere that draws in curious minds.

Palm Reading Neon Sign

Transform a establishment with the mystical palmistry. Ideal for spiritual shops, holistic wellness centers or themed events, this vibrant sign adds a touch of intrigue and allure that invite passerby to explore their destiny.

Spiritual Advisor Neon Sign

Guide passeby with our Spiritual Advisor Neon Sign. Perfect for psychic studios, holistic healing centers or spiritual advisor's offices, this vibrant sign creates a serene atmosphere.

Tarot Cards Neon Sign

Add a touch of mystery and magic with our captivating neon sign. Perfect for tarot readers, mystical shops, or themed events, this vibrant sign draws attention and sets the mood.

Psychic Open Neon Sign

Invite customers with our eye-catching Psychic Open Neon Sign. Ideal for psychic studios, spiritual shops, or holistic centers, this vibrant sign creates an inviting atmosphere and welcome seekers with style.

Psychic Reader Neon Sign

Create a captivating atmosphere with our Psychic Reader Neon Sign tailored for psychic readers. Perfect for spiritual studiod, psychic fairs, or holistic wellness centers, this vibrant sign draws attention and sets a mystical tone and attract clients with a touch of magic.

Psychic Evil Eye Neon Sign

Ward off negativity and enhance any space with our striking neon sign. Perfect for spiritual shops, holistic healing centers, or themed events, this vibrant sign adds a touch of mystique and protection.

Psychic Crystal Ball Neon Sign

Embrace mystical vibes with our captivating neon sign. Perfect for psychic studios, spiritual shops, or themed events, this neon sign adds a mystical youch to any setting.

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An All-In-One Process for Psychic Making Neon Signs

psychic neon sign production process

The Advantages of Psychic Neon Signs

The neon signs’ primary benefits are their spectral qualities, eye-appealing appearance, and nostalgic appearance. You can choose from various colours and styles for your advertising, weddings, retail establishments, and bedrooms. Advertising agencies employ these customized LED neon lights to capture the attention of potential customers.

Flexibility In Lighting

You may reduce your energy use by placing personalized LED neon signs in advertising, weddings, parties, retail locations, and bedrooms. On the other hand, you can customize these neon signs in an infinite number of colors, forms, and designs. Business groups can use these customizable LED neon signs to create logos, billboards, and interior and exterior signage.

Energy Efficiency

LED neon signs are extremely cost-effective to operate, using only 12 volts. As a result, you won't have to worry about paying an annual electric bill.


sychic neon signs are a diverse type of illumination. You may customize the designs, colors, sizes, and forms to meet your specific requirements. Each project manager, advertising agency, and wedding planner requires tailored designs to meet their lighting requirements. For any project, project planners can choose from over 100 colors, countless designs, and forms.


You need not be concerned about the longevity of personalized neon signs. It will survive more than 50,000 hours if purchased from a reputable seller and installed properly.


Custom LED neon signage are environmentally friendly on both a direct and indirect level. Due to the fact that damaged LED neon signs may be repurposed, they are environmentally beneficial. On the other side, they contribute to environmental protection by consuming less energy. The less energy consumed, the less carbon dioxide is produced.

Easy Installation

Installing customized LED neon signage is a simple process. You can self-install in modest projects. However, you should use pros to avoid dangers associated with prominent advertising, weddings, and celebrations.


20 Years of Manufacturing Experience To Customize Unlimited Creativity Solutions

LITASIGN is a joint venture of JASIONLIGHT INDUSTRY CO., LTD, created in 2003. Since its establishment, LITASIGN has been dedicated to developing, designing, and manufacturing LED neon signs. With nearly 20 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we have established a perfect and stable supply system, a mature production management team and a team of skilled production line workers, and a strict quality control system.

LITA SIGN is committed to being the leading sign and lighting manufacturing company in the industry by providing a complete package of products and services that surpass our customers’ needs.

Excellent Quality Psychic Neon Sign

LITASIGN’s psychic neon sign comprises integrated extrusion virgin silicone neon flex, Taiwanese joint venture acrylic backboard, brand LED driver, multi-function controllers, and stainless steel mounting accessories. The integrated extrusion process makes the virgin silicone neon flex cut as you like. 

With a long lifespan of up to 50000 hours, it has good heat dissipation, which is corrosion-resistant and flame-retardant because of using high-purity raw materials. With brand drive power that passed certification requirements: CE, UL, PSE, and ROHS meet the world’s certification requirements; it meets your personalized needs!

psychic neon sign 002

An All-In-One Manufacturing Process with Exceptional Quality Assurance

LITASIGN is specialized in manufacturing and selling personalized neon signs. From PCB design to LED chips SMT process, reflow-soldering process, Lightboard connection process, integrated silicone extrusion process(180-200℃ high-temperature tunnel equipment), precise laser cutting, and surface treatment Aging test, integrated virgin silicone LED own machines to manufacture neon flex.

Following the idea of “Excellent value, quick shipment,” so we are committed to providing every customer with exceptional customer service and high-quality signs. From the production design acrylic cutting process to hand-made craftsmanship, each sign will go through the strict inspection step to make sure that every sign are perfect.

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What Are the Classifications Between Neon and LED Lighting?

A few different lighting options are available to businesses that want to create attention-grabbing signs. Neon and LED are the two most popular categories, with each offering some distinct advantages over the other. Consider these differences to choose the best lighting option for your sign.

1. Cost

LED neon signage is frequently 10% less expensive than equivalent neon signage.

2. Space Utilization 

Despite the fact that LED signs are only about 1/3 to 1/5 the thickness of neon signs, neon signs are often wider and higher than LED signs. The majority of business owners are unconcerned about having signs in their windows or on their walls. The primary distinction is in terms of depth. A neon sign is between three and five inches deep, as the glass tubing must extend away from the backing.

3. Installation 

Compared to neon signs, LED signs are slimmer and lighter. LED is more cost-effective to transport and install than neon.

4. Brightness 

At 210 Lm/m, LED flex neon is brighter than standard glass neon. A warmer light is emitted by a glass neon sign with a lumen density of 197 Lm/m.

5. Affordability 

LED neon signs are substantially less expensive than glass neon signs and significantly easier to replace light tubes, but glass neon signs are more expensive to install and maintain.

6. Durability 

LED Neon Flex is lightweight and flexible, with flame-retardant silicone jackets. Glass neon signs are made of fragile, breakable glass that is prone to shattering.

7.  Energy Efficiency 

LED neon sign has low power consumption and a 24V/120V input voltage resulting in cheaper electricity expenses and excellent safety. The 3KV-18KV input voltage of a glass neon sign results in greater energy consumption and increased safety risks.

8. Safety / Suitability 

Due to the lower voltage, LED signs do not become hot and do not contain glass. Due to the dangers of breakage, mercury, and neon gas, it is not advised for families with children.

9. Lifespan 

A typical LED neon sign has a lifespan of around 50,000 hours. Simultaneously, the glass neon sign has accumulated nearly 10,000 hours of use.

10. Energy Savings 

An LED sign is the obvious choice here, as it has the potential to save up to ten times the energy of a neon sign consisting of glass neon tubes.

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