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LITASIGN - The Red Marquee Letter Specialists

LITASIGN has specialized in marquee and lettering solutions for over 8 years and offers the world’s most comprehensive range of bespoke and standard Red Marquee Letters. We offer you the best products guaranteed to meet your needs and requirements. Our skilled team of sign makers will help you choose the correct size, material, backlighting options, and surface finish. More as they work closely with you to design a perfect marquee lettering system.

At LITASIGN, our mission is to develop the best Red Marquee Letters solutions and ensure that we are constantly continuing to innovate new ideas and technologies.

LITASIGN Customized Red Marquee Letter

LITASIGN’s custom red marquee letter will provide life and flair to any environment. Each letter is a rigid yet flexible material to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is made with holes for easy mounting on a building or surface and may be personalized for any occasion.

Each letter is designed to withstand the environment and be visible from a distance, providing you with the space required for any event. The notes are quick and easy to place on a wall or window and compatible with our classic canvas letters for long-term installations away from power outlets.


Your MOST Reliable Red Marquee Letter Partner

At LITASIGN, our quality meets the needs of all customers. We are a large-scale lighting factory that integrates independent research and development, production and manufacturing, and sales service. Our continuous innovation in digital technology and production technology allows us to investigate updated materials that satisfy the visual requirements of our consumers.

We have a 6,000-square-meter plant and 120 qualified employees; UL, CE, and RoHS certifications guarantee our inventive activity, quick turnaround time, and tight quality management. These characteristics enable us to become one of China’s top suppliers.

You dream it, we make it

Production Process of Red Marquee Letters that are Durable and High Quality

Punching the Plate

Perforating machines create a perfect hole in a plate by punching the entire plate. The size of the hole is dictated by the LED inserted. Hence, a high-quality stainless steel plate body provides exceptional weight, brightness, and an elegant yet functional appearance.


Soldering the Solid Edge

Soldering the metal edge to create a strong bond prevents the sign from flexing and keeps it in place. Making it more durable than a sign with only one layer of metal. This technique results in a sign that will last through several moves.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Polishing the edges and corners of large marquee letters keeps them smooth. It prevents burrs, which adds a nice finishing touch to your top-of-the-line, durable marquee letters.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

Paint the surface of a plate, and you’ll create a visually appealing marquee sign. This is because painting the letters in large, bold strokes will be long-lasting and can be used for various events and locations.


Installation of LED Bulbs

Insert the completed LED bulb into the corresponding hole, if it is used outdoors, cover it with a waterproof coating to ensure that the large marquee letter will be weatherproof.


Marquee Sign Packaging

We carefully pack our red marquee letters in weather-resistant packaging to ensure they arrive intact. We ship your order with newspaper wrapped around each glass, wood, or metal frame to prevent damage from occurring during transit.

What Makes LITASIGN Red Marquee Letters So Appealing and Effective?

Red marquee letters are more than just adornments to your building or business address. They're a sought-after detail that makes an establishment stand out and elevate its profile in the public eye. There's a considerable demand for these red marquee signs across the globe. This level of popularity makes our red marquee signs such a prized asset amongst our customers. Here are some reasons why LITASIGN Red Marquee Letters are so appealing and effective at getting your message across.

Elegant Style

LITASIGN's red marquee letters are an excellent choice for personal and professional use, with various stylish designs that suit a variety of industries.

Excellent Visibility

The red letters on the LITASIGN marquee are visible from a distance, making it easy for your customers to read the message that you wish to send.

Excellently Constructed

The Red marquee letters are manufactured with the highest standards, using durable, water-resistant, and high-quality materials.


Red marquee letters are inexpensive to replace, and you can reuse them multiple times without purchasing new ones. In addition, they do not need to be purchased each time you create a marquee sign.

Low Maintenance Costs

LITASIGN's red marquee letters are made of a durable material that will last for many years, so they do not require frequent cleaning and maintenance.


Using LITASIGN's red marquee letters as part of an attractive display can help your business stand out from the crowd, increasing awareness of your event and revenue.

LITASIGN's Stunning Red Marquee Letters

 LITASIGN has created a stunning red marquee letter that is eye-catching and an excellent tool for your advertising campaigns. The LITASIGN’s red marquee letter is an outdoor sign which makes it even more effective. If you want to attract customers to your business, then LITASIGN’s Stunning Red Marquee Letters are here to help you.

Red Marquee Letter A

This Red Marquee Letter A is the perfect addition to your home décor. Made of sturdy aluminum, this product is durable and built to last. The rustic design is ideal for any living area style, whether using it on your front porch for holiday decor or inside your home as a decorative touch.

Red Marquee Letter B

The Red Marquee Letter B is a B-type letter featuring a red marquee. Great for adding to your amusement park or carnival decor, these letters are also suitable for adding to the top of your ride vehicles.

Red Marquee Letter C

Put your name on the marquee with a personalized C letter sign. This eye-catching sign will make a statement in any space, perfect for naming a room or spot.

Red Marquee Letter D

Display a beautiful, bold letter D on your wall with the Red Marquee Letter D. This red letter is sure to add character to whatever room you place it in and makes for a unique gift!

Red Marquee Letter E

Our Red Marquee Letter E is perfect for a festive event. The letter pops up on a black sign stand, bringing a pop of color to any event. The white font gives this sign some additional flair.

Red Marquee Letter F

The red marquee letter F is a highly versatile and customizable sign to display any message or word in the interior of your business or establishment, especially if it needs to stand out.

Red Marquee Letter G

The Red Marquee Letter G is your best bet when you need a marquee. The modern design of this sign will help keep your business visible at night while also providing a company name that's easy to spot day or night.

Red Marquee Letter H

Red Marquee Letter H. The shiny red marquee h is perfect for your next big event. Whether creating a Hollywood-themed party or throwing a birthday bash, these letters make the perfect decorations!

Red Marquee Letter I

Add style and sophistication to your desk, shelf, or console table with our Red Marquee Letter I. We offer a wide range of vibrant colors. Our Marquee Letters are large enough to make a statement but not so big that they become overwhelming.

Red Marquee Letter J

Simple and elegant, this Red Marquee Letter J will add a stylish touch to any room. The smooth beveled edges and glossy finish give this marquee letter a clean look.

Red Marquee Letter K

This Red Marquee Letter K is the perfect way to display your monogram or project. It is lightweight, easy to store, and easily carried around. It also makes a great gift if you give it as a housewarming present.

Red Marquee Letter L

Red Marquee Letter L-L is perfect for any occasion, event, or event. This Marquee Letter L will look beautiful on stage, in your living room, and the garden. It's a great decoration piece to have around the home.

Red Marquee Letter M

Our Red Marquee Letter M is perfect for any venue—home, party, or special celebration. Made with lightweight plastic and a removable black fabric center so you can hang it up wherever you like, this marquee letter is the perfect addition to your next event.

Red Marquee Letter N

This life-size Marquee letter N is perfect for enhancing your home, business, or special event. The Red Marquee Letter N will surely be the center of attention wherever you put it. It comes complete with a black metal frame and black fabric.

Red Marquee Letter O

Our Red Marquee Letter O is the most modern of all Marquee letters. The letter is LED lit so it can change colors and strobe patterns in sync with music or as a spotlight. The Red Marquee Letter O is also easily mounted on a wall, fence, or railing.

Red Marquee Letter P

This red marquee letter P will inspire everyone who sees it to reach new heights and make something great. The three-dimensional look of the P will draw attention and make a bold statement in any home or office.

Red Marquee Letter Q

This marquee letter Q is acrylic and ideal for all occasions. The letter is red and will be sure to stand out whether you are hanging it in your living room, kitchen, or other areas of your home.

Red Marquee Letter R

This Red Marquee Letter R is the perfect way to add a touch of red color to any occasion. With its portable design, this marquee letter is excellent for use as a backdrop or party prop. The LED lights inside the letter are waterproof, so they won't leak or break while in use.

Red Marquee Letter S

Our Red Marquee Letter S is the perfect addition to any home or office, especially during the holiday season! Whether you’re looking for a fun Halloween decoration or a way to create brand awareness for your small business, this marquee letter will get the job done.

Red Marquee Letter T

Red Marquee Letter T is a trendy, stylish decal for your home, office, or local business. This bold text is outlined in red for a modern and chic look. The letter T is perfect for displaying anything from the name of your business to your favorite saying or phrase.

Red Marquee Letter U

This Marquee Letter U is perfect for adding a personal touch to your garden or backyard. Made of lightweight aluminum, this red marquee letter is designed to be durable and weather-resistant so that it will last year after year.

Red Marquee Letter V

Our Red Marquee Letter V is made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum. It's obvious and quickly identifies your home, store, or business with its bright red color.

Red Marquee Letter W

Elevate your space with the Red Marquee Letter W, the essential graphic sign. Its bold letter adds a pop of color and modern style to any room in your home or office.

Red Marquee Letter V

The Marquee Letter V is made from durable, flexible vinyl and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Each letter can be staked into the ground to create a stunning display at an event or used as a decorative feature on banners, signage, and more.

Red Marquee Letter Y

The Red Marquee Letter Y is ideal for your next event or celebration. This unique marquee letter will illuminate your party and make it truly memorable!

Red Marquee Letter Z

Red Marquee Letter Z is designed to be mounted on a wall and is best suited for large spaces. It features a single Red Marquee Letter Z made from high-quality extruded plastic. Since it's not an LED sign, it won't require any recharging or have any additional running costs.

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Black Marquee Letters

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The style of Orange Marquee Letters is perfect for a business' signage, or any decor. It's modern, colorful and will make your company stand out from the rest.


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Prom Marquee Letters

Prom Marquee Letters is a staple of any modern prom. Low-maintenance, easy to use, and built to last – this sleek disc is a must for any prom attendee.


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Rose Gold Marquee Letters

A stunning statement piece for your next wedding, or other special event. The elegant rose gold design will add the perfect touch of elegance to any venue.


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Peace Marquee Letters

Peace marquees bring a sense of calm and serenity to any event by creating an all-encompassing ambiance. Peace marquee letters are perfect for all occasions: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, corporate events, and more. They are affordable but have an incredible impact!


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Metal Marquee Bar Light

This metal marquee bar light is super simple, clean, and beautiful. The eye-catching design looks great in any room. It is perfect for home improvement or interior decorating projects, only from the finest materials and craftsmanship.


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Hello Marquee Sign

The Hello Marquee Sign is a beautiful, high-quality, durable sign. That will make your café or bar stand out on the busy high street—featuring our exclusive range of customizable colors. This sign will surely draw the attention of passing traffic, customers, and passersby.


Price from $160.00

Why Should You Pick LITASIGN for Your Red Marquee Letter Needs?

LITASIGN has built its reputation for quality, durability, and on-time delivery. When you buy a LITASIGN marquee letter, you will get a product with years of proven performance and outstanding customer support.

  • We complete the export process ourselves as a direct manufacturer with over six years of experience in marquee letters. We do not rely on intermediary trade companies to share benefits with clients.
  • A one-stop shop for marquee letters could save you money and time by allowing you to purchase all types of lettering supplies in one place.
  • Red marquee letters and accessories comply with CE / RoHS / UL standards. As a result, we always select high-quality accessories over low-cost ones.
  • LITASIGN provides complete and advanced equipment to increase production efficiency, quality control, and product sustainability.
  • Large marquee letters are packaged individually and securely, with EPE inner protection and a carton box on the outside. Because of their bulk, they are shipped by sea rather than air or express.
  • We will provide you with images and videos of the red marquee letters for your use in online advertising.
  • We can meet your customized requirements and possess strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities.
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