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Since 2015, LITASIGN has been the leading manufacturer of reverse channel letters. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing process and highly trained staff, we are dedicated to keeping our clients satisfied with our high-quality reverse channel letters and competitive pricing.

Specializing in reverse channel letters – allows us to implement a more cost-effective manufacturing process that increases efficiency and reduces turnaround times. Enabling us to meet our deadlines.

At LITASIGN, we value the respect and trust of our clients, and we are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products and services.

Make a Statement With Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse channel letters are an exceptional choice for businesses looking to make a statement with their signage. Their bold and bright designs are sure to grab the attention of passersby and help draw them in. Making reverse channel letters excellent for any business looking for new customers.

Businesses can choose reverse channel letters for their attention-grabbing appearance but also because of the extensive customization options. Whether your business is local or global, you can use reverse channel letter signs to create custom-designed graphics that match your requirements.


Impactful, Creative and Strategic Reverse Channel Letter Solutions

We at LITASIGN have a complete range of professional graphics, design, and signage services for reverse channel letters to meet your needs. We can provide you with any reverse channel letters you require for any project. With our experienced team of designers, we can create eye-catching signs that will immediately impact potential clients.

The range of reverse channel letters we offer can be used for many applications. It will add a touch of elegance and class to your business.

You dream it, we make it

State-of-the-art Fabrication Process of
Reverse Channel Letters


Creating Design & Production File

It is essential to prepare the design before beginning production. First, confirm the design with dimensions, processes, and specific requirements with your customer before production commences. Then, create a machine-identifiable file, divide the result, and send it to each department for production.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

The laser engraver cuts and engraves acrylic, stainless steel, and other materials according to the production file.



 Fold the side portion with the slot to match the curve on that same side, then bend the other side with the slot to fit its curvedness, as specified in the production file.



Carefully weld the side/return to the face of the channel letters.



The weld joint connecting the return and the face must be polished until it is smooth, with no gaps.



The channel letter will be painted thoroughly and evenly using the painting reference provided by the customer.



The painted letters should be placed in the drying room to allow the paint to harden.


LED Module Assembly

Install the LED modules by design, select the appropriate LEDs, and distribute them equitably. Ensure that the wiring between letters is even brighter by installing a resistor in series with each LED.

Light Up-Testing2

Light Up Testing

We test the letters after wiring to ensure each sign meets our high standards. We stamp approval on every reverse channel letter before it leaves our factory. The channel letters are ready to ship after passing quality control.


Overall Quality Checking

Craftsmanship, quantity, and quality are all controlled based on the production stage. Place the letters on a 1:1 scale template for final inspection and take photos for the archive.



 LITASIGN is 3ply hardwood. It does not shift during shipping, thanks to polystyrene and bubble wrap; this protects the item from scratches. If your item is fragile, more layers may be required. LITASIGN gives additional inner layers to protect your goods. The package will be bar-coded and packed for safe transport.

What are the Reverse Channel Letters' Specifications?

Suppose you plan to commission reverse channel letters. It would be best if you understood how reverse channel letters are built and the proportions of a standard sign. That should make discussing your design a lot easier. A list of some of the components, along with their specifications, follows:


Utilizes typically colorfast acrylic sheeting that may be painted any color desired. In addition, using elements such as a routed face that use acrylic push-through can boost customization capacity.


This is an alternative term for "the sides of the channel letter." The standard depth of a stainless steel reverse-illuminated channel letter is between 3 and 8 inches. Returns are welded to the face and then painted to match the color of the face or any other color specified by the manufacturer.

LED Modules

LED modules come in some colors, although white is most commonly used to highlight lettering and artwork. It is also feasible to add color to lights by adding a vinyl film on the back of the letter through which the light shines.


White paint is used on the interior of the channel letter so that the reflective surfaces are increased.


The rear of reverse-lit channel letters is transparent. LITASIGN employs galvanized steel or pvc. To color plastic, vinyl films may be applied.

Power Supply

This is what provides electricity to each letter's LED modules. If applicable, you can choose from a range of choices, including a remote power supply or wiring through the raceway mount.

Beautiful and Stunning Reverse Channel Letters from China

Reverse Channel Letters are a unique and powerful tool for business exposure. LITASIGN has created a new design that is appealing to the eye and can draw attention to your name and business. Ideally, reverse channel letters combine bold lines with bright colors to catch the eyes of passersby. Enticing them to look more closely at the sign and discover what it offers.

Raceway Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse channel letters for raceway application. The low profile of these reverse channel letters makes them ideal for environments where maximum visibility and uniformity are needed. They are suitable for raceways or recessed mounting and are available in sizes from 3" to 30".

Brushed Aluminum Reverse-Channel Letters

Brushed aluminum reverse channel letters are great for highlighting your company name, logo, and any text. High quality brushed aluminum finish provides maximum protection from elements such as weather, dust, and scratches so that your sign will last much longer. In addition, these reverse channel letters are easy to read in any lighting conditions!

Colored Light Reverse Channel Letters

These letters are designed to be mounted to a channel with the colored light source facing the back. They can be used as architectural markers or any other application where you want bright. Vivid letters but do not have the room for a complete channel letter.

Gold Finish Reverse Channel Letters

These gold finish reverse channel letters are available in a range of classic and contemporary fonts. Perfect for any business that needs to display its name or slogan in an eye-catching manner.

Mirror Finish Reverse Channel Letters

Mirror Finish Reverse Channel letters are ideal for use in the front of retail stores, restaurants, and bars. Designed with a modern style and complete with a mirror finish to give them a sleek and shiny appeal, these letters are perfect for enhancing the look of your business.

Stainless Steel Reverse Channel Letters

Stainless steel reverse channel letters are a frequently used way to display information. It's easy to install and ensures the recipient sees your message. We have many sizes and styles of stainless steel reverse channel letters to suit your application.

Bronze Reverse Lit Metal Channel Letter

This Bronze Reverse Lit Metal Channel Letter adds a special touch to your establishment. This piece features an exclusive bronze finish that lends elegance to any wall. In addition, the reverse-lit LED light is energy-efficient and cool to the touch making it an ideal addition to any space without sacrificing safety or aesthetics.

Opaque Face Reverse Channel Letters with Acrylic

The Opaque Face Reverse Channel Letters with Acrylic are ideally suited for retail, trade show, corporate, and hospitality environments. This set of letters showcases a flat surface on one side and a reverse channel to enhance its visual impact. The channel provides a three-dimensional effect while remaining bold, strong, and solid.

Acrylic Reverse Channel Letters

Acrylic reverse channel letters are a great way to advertise your business and make the most of the available space. They are also stylish and can be used in both office and retail environments. However, most people do not realize how easy it is to install these acrylic signs.

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Benefits of Utilizing a Reverse Channel Letter on Your Business or Establishment

Selecting the ideal signage solutions for your organization’s building or grounds might be difficult. However, the use of reverse channel letters is rapidly becoming one of the most popular solutions available to companies worldwide. Reverse Channel Letters offer a broad variety of benefits, including the following:

  1. Unique Look

The smooth feel contrasts with the harsh lighting given by reverse-lit choices, creating a one-of-a-kind solution for any setting.

  1. Customizable

Another prominent advantage of reverse channel signage is that it is fully adjustable, allowing you to choose any backlight color and the size, design, and color of the sign itself.

  1. Luxurious Appearance

The major advantage of the reverse channel letter is that it may give any building an upscale and luxurious appearance.

  1. Distinctive

Reverse channel letters are not typical type letters because their faces are not illuminated at night. The illumination is instead focused behind the letters and reflected. In other words, reverse channel letters come to life and emit an iridescent glow at night. This distinguishes you from numerous businesses with ordinary signage.

  1. 3D Effects

3D signs are one of the best ways to draw attention. Reverse channel letters can significantly improve the 3D effects of your letters. First, channel letters have advantages, which provide depth to the sign’s design. Next, by illuminating the light at the back, the letters accentuate and stand out against the sign’s background. As a result, these signs can significantly improve the way your business is presented.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Reverse Channel Letters


Reverse Channel Letters are a great way to attract customers you would otherwise not be able to reach. Use them for roadside signals, store signage, billboards, or just in front of your business to attract customers. These lights will make your business stand out from the crowd. They are one of the most effective forms of advertising because they can be seen at night and day, even during poor weather conditions.

Here’s everything you should know about these lights, the people who make them, and the best places for businesses to use them.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Reverse Channel Letters?

Reverse channel letters (backlit, halo lit, rear illuminated, or reverse pan channel letters) are illuminated from behind by a light shining through the back door. This means they are mounted slightly away from the building’s wall, allowing light to shine through and illuminate the letters, creating a halo of light.

Figure 1 - Reverse Channel Letters

2. What are the Specifications of Reverse Channel Letters?

  • Face: Typically made of aluminum, it can be painted any color you want. Customization can be increased using a routed face, which uses acrylic push-through. Talk to your sign company for more information about what they offer.
  • Return: The sides of a channel letter are called returns. A reverse-illuminated channel letter typically runs around 3-5 inches deep and is constructed of 0.063 aluminum. Returns are welded to the face and then painted to match the face color or whatever color you desire.
  • LED lights: are used to illuminate reverse-lit letters. Reverse-lit letters are often made with white light to make the lettering or graphics more visible. Colored films can also be added to the back of reverse-lit letters to use colored light instead of white light.
Figure 2 - Reverse Channel Letters Parts

3. What are the Benefits of Reverse Channel Letters?

  • Reverse channel letters are incredibly light, making installation a breeze.
  • The materials are strong, weather-resistant, and long-lasting.
  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • LED lighting is both environmentally friendly and energy efficient.
  • Your company is more visible during the day and easier to find at night.
  • Channel letters can be customized in countless ways. Choose the best size, color, font, mount, and light effect for your business.
  • The halo effect of reverse channel letters pleases the eye and creates a classy, warm ambiance.

4. How Do Backlit Channel Letters Work?

Reverse channel letters use an external power source to light up the lettering. This type of lettering is often made up of several panels that form the letters, with lights arranged in a grid pattern behind them. Reverse channel letters can run on AC or DC, depending on the power they need.

5. What Are the Pros of Reverse Channel Letters?

Why use reverse channel letters for your business? There are many different types of exterior signs. However, reverse channel letters offer several advantages for companies seeking to attract attention.

  • These letters are lightweight as a result of the materials. This dramatically simplifies mounting and handling.
  • The signs hold up well. They endure for a long time and are weatherproof.
  • They are appropriate for outdoor use.
  • A storefront has a cozy atmosphere, thanks to the halo effect.
  • LED bulbs can be a great green option because they are energy-efficient.
  • Numerous customization options are available.
  • No matter what time of day, the lighting offers superb visibility.
  • They are portable.

6. What Are the Customization Option for Reverse Channel Letters?

Reverse channel letters can be customized, one of their best qualities. You can design the perfect signage solution by utilizing this to its full potential.

For designs to be truly exceptional, they must be unique. You must put all the necessary components together to create a particular whole. 

Here  the sign’s most important characteristics are listed below:

  • Typography – The typography of channel letters is undoubtedly its most important component, as you probably already guessed. After all, the sign is all about the words. Therefore, attention to the font, spacing, and letter size is essential.
Figure 3 - Reverse Channel Letters Typography
  • Branding – Brand identity is only helpful if it is consistent. That’s why your signage should reflect this too. Your iconic typeface, color combinations, and other elements of your brand should be used consistently to help customers recognize your business from a mile away.
Figure 4 - Reverse Channel Letters Branding
  • Mounting – Reverse channel letters are not attached directly to a wall. If the letters were attached straight to the wall, you would have trouble creating the “halo” effect.

Manufacturers usually use raceway mounting to create this effect; when using raceway mounting, you should house the electrical wiring and power supply in a metal boxAsk your sign company if they have more than one option for mounting. You may be able to choose whether your raceway blends into the building or the channel letters.

7. What are the Best Mounting Options for Reverse Channel Letters?

  • Backer Panel Mounting – Backer panels, board onto which individual backlit letters are pinned. Spacers create room between the backing and the reverse channel letters, allowing light to get through. These “deck cabinets” house electronic components for each reverse channel letter; they are a part of the backlit letter sign design.
Figure 5 - Reverse Channel Letters Backer Mount
  • Wall Mounting – Wall-mounted channel letters are affixed to the wall individually. Spacers and pins create space between the wall and the reverse channel letters; The junction box should be placed in or behind the fence. Additional drilled holes will be required for this backlit channel letter mounting option.

Figure 6 - Reverse Channel Letters Wall Mount

8. What are the Halo and Reverse Channel Letter Differences?

Halo-lit channel letters have returns or sides lit up, creating a halo effect in the letter shape. In contrast, halo-lit channel letters are installed directly onto walls to reverse channel letters, spaced away from the wall.

Figure 7 - Reverse Channel Letters vs Halo Lit Channel Letters

9. What Materials are Used for Making Reverse Channel Letters?

Fire code regulations limit the choice of materials used in backlit channel letters. It is common for the back box of backlit channel letters to be made of aluminum or another metal to ensure safety and block out light from the front. The rear of the back box usually consists of translucent acrylic or Lexan to provide durability and light transmission.

10. What Installation Methods are Available for Reverse Channel Letters?

Each reverse channel letter is mounted on a wall or backing surface. Additional space is left between the reverse channel letters and the surface behind to let the light shine through. The wider this space is, the brighter the light that emits.

11. Where are Reverse Channel Letters Used?

Reverse channel letters are used as an effective way to create brand recognition and increase visibility. Reverse channel letters are effective on the facade of a business property, which is applicable across all industries.

12. Do You Work with Wholesalers?

Yes, we do. Contact us for more details.

13. What is Your Warranty Period for the Reverse Channel Letters?

LITASIGN is guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and artistry for one year from the original date of purchase.

14. How Long Does it Takes to Make Reverse Channel Letters?

LITASIGN is guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and artistry for one year from the original date of purchase.

15. How Much Does a Reverse Channel Letter Cost?

The cost of a sign depends on how many letters and what size. We will provide you with the most cost-effective option unless you specify otherwise. Many factors affect the price of the sign, so providing as much information as possible in the beginning helps us reduce any additional costs from being added.

16. Does the Reverse Channel Letters Has a High Energy Consumption?

The cost of a sign depends on how many letters and what size. We will provide you with the most cost-effective option unless you specify otherwise. Many factors affect the price of the sign, so providing as much information as possible in the beginning helps us reduce any additional costs from being added.

17. Are Reverse Channel Letters Always Lit?

Reverse channel letters are not always lit. They are lit only when there is a need for them to be. For example, suppose you have a store that is open 24 hours. In that case, the reverse channel letter will be lit at all times because you want it to be visible so customers can notice it. However, suppose you have another store that is only open during certain hours of the day. In that case, you may want to turn off the reverse channel letter after closing so that it does not draw attention away from other things in your store. Such as other signs or products on display.

18. What Size of Reverse Channel Letters Should I Use?

Please refer to the letter visibility chart below:

Letter Height

Max Impact

Max Readable Distance


































19. What Kind of Electrical Junction Do the Reverse Channel Letters Need?

The lighting is supplied by low-voltage LED lamps. A typical 120V line is sufficient for the sign; we recommend that you have a dedicated line for the sign.

20. How Long Does the Reverse Channel Letter Last?

The lifespan of a reverse channel letter depends on various factors, including frequency of use and environmental conditions. Most warranties cover the letters for five years after installation; some offer coverage for up to 10 years.

21. How Long Does it Takes to Install Reverse Channel Letters?

Installing a lighted marquee is a process that takes one day and involves drilling holes in brick or concrete walls and fastening each letter with screws or bolts. Electrical wiring is then connected to each letter so that electricity can flow through them when turned on by flipping a switch inside an electrical box.

22. What is the Difference Between LED and Neon Lighting for Reverse Channel Letters?

Although neon lights are typically used in channel letters, there are some disadvantages. They start by using a high-voltage transformer, which needs to be installed by an electrician. They’re not very bright, so you’ll need to replace them more frequently than LED lights, which is another drawback. Finally, if you don’t handle neon lights carefully, they can easily break.

Neon lights are less long-lasting than LEDs, which can be installed by the average homeowner. They can also be installed by you without the need for special training or experience. Additionally, they last longer than neon lights!

23. What Should I Consider Before Purchasing Reverse Channel Letter?

There are a few things you should take into account before purchasing a reverse channel letter:

  • size
  • shape/style
  • type of material (acrylic vs. metal)
  • installation procedure (post mount vs. ground mount)

24. What Color Should I Choose for the Reverse Channel Letters Channel Letters?

The choice of color for a company logo depends on the needs and preferences of that company. Some companies use bright colors because they want their logo to stand out above everything else. In contrast, others choose neutral colors so that it blends in with the rest of their building or office environment.

25. Can Reverse Channel Letters Be Applied To Uneven Walls?

Reverse channel letters work best on flat surfaces. Getting the right lighting on uneven surfaces like wood panels, shingles, or corrugated metal. Reverse channel letters can be installed on these surfaces if you use our backing system designed to ensure the best possible results.

26. What are the Payment Terms for the Reverse Channel Letter Order?

We accept bank transfers, credit cards, PayPal, and Western Union payment terms. A 50% deposit is required before production, and the balance must be paid before the order is shipped.

27. How Durable Are Reverse Channel Letters?

We accept bank transfers, credit cards, PayPal, and Western Union payment terms. A 50% deposit is required before production, and the balance must be paid before the order is shipped.

28. Do Reverse Channel Letters Safe to Use?

Yes, reverse channel letters are safe to use. They have all been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and meet or exceed all local and national electrical codes.

29. How Can I Get a Quote for a Reverse Channel Letters?

Please provide us with your budget and specifications for the letter sign you’d like to purchase. We’ll send you a quote based on our prices and the features you require for your sign. Email us at or click the button below.

30. What is the Best Way to Clean the Reverse Channel Letters?

Reverse channel letters can be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge and warm water. Do not use abrasive cleaners on reverse channel letters, as they tend to scratch the surface.

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