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With over 8 years of industry experience, LITASIGN is proud to offer high-quality custom Letterboxes made to order. We’ve collaborated with clients from all over the world to design unique Letterboxes for their projects. Our expert team has access to a wide range of materials and designs, so if you’re looking for something specific or one-of-a-kind, we can assist you!

LITASIGN’s goal is to provide you with the best customer service possible while ensuring that your custom Letterbox meets your needs and expectations. We believe every project deserves exceptional quality, Which is why we take pride in all our products.

We Create a Unique Piece of Art for Each Rusted Metal Letterbox

LITASIGN specializes in rusted metal letterboxes that fit seamlessly into your home and yard. It blends with the house’s structure to which it belongs, and its shape can be adapted to suit your needs.Our creativity is drawn from our surroundings—from your house’s structural elements and the horticultural elements of nature itself. We use this creativity to inspire all our products so that each is unique and one-of-a-kind.

We can make them in any shape or design you want—they can be more sculptural if you prefer, or they can be a simple parcel box if that suits your needs better.


Premium RustedMetal Letterbox, Quality Service, Thats LITASIGN

LITASIGN’s team offers high-level, reliable service and quality manufacturing of rusted metal letterboxes. At LITASIGN, we’re more than just manufacturers. We provide expert consulting advice and utilize long-length folding machines and folder-cutting systems best.

Our 6,000 sqm manufacturing facility is located in Shenzhen, China, producing high-quality products for residential, commercial, industrial, and retail use.

You dream it, we make it

Rusted Metal Letterbox Fabrication Process



Designing is the first step in our letterbox manufacturing process. We produce a model of your design and then take it to our engineers, who will make a 3D model of it. This allows us to see how the letterbox will look in real life and to make any necessary changes before we start the manufacturing process.


Cutting the Metal Sheet

The cutting process begins with a laser cutter using an infrared beam to cut through the metal. The cutter is controlled by a computer, which receives instructions from our engineers and directs the laser beam to make accurate cuts.


Polishing Edges

The polishing process involves grinding the edges of the letters and fixing any bumps or dents in the metal. This ensures that all corners are smooth.


Attaching Accessories

Our skilled artisans do the process of attaching accessories to a letterbox. The process involves both hand and machine work, ensuring that each accessory is attached securely and neatly.


Quality Checking

Quality checking is the final step in the manufacturing process. This is where we ensure that each letterbox is up to our high standards before it goes into the world. We’ll visually inspect each letterbox to ensure no dents or scratches. Then we’ll check that every component of the letterbox is appropriately installed and fits properly.



Packaging is customized to fit the shape of the sign. All packaging is manufactured from 10mm thick honeycomb paper board for extra strength and includes paper corner protectors for safety.

The Importance of Owning a Metal Letterbox

Although most people receive electronic mail in the twenty-first century, there are still some advantages to owning a letterbox. Although it is not just nostalgia talking, there is no reason not to have a letterbox. And many of them to install one that complements your home's exterior design. One of my favorite designs for a letterbox is the flair of white ones—simple, elegant, and oh-so practical. Let me give you a few more reasons to get this beauty for your home or business.

Serves as an Address Sign

The street number is usually written on a house's letterbox. This means that, in a way, your letterbox marks your house's number. Unlike an address plaque, a letterbox serves two functions: It can be used to keep your address, and it can also be used for receiving mail.

Keeps Your Mail Secure

To ensure your mail is secure and protected, you need to have a metal letterbox. Metal letterboxes are made out of robust and durable metal that can withstand the weather, as well as any attempts at tampering.

Protects Your Privacy

A metal letterbox is a great way to protect the privacy of your mail and packages. These boxes are sturdy and durable so that they can be used in many different settings. You can install them in your home or business, and they will withstand weather and other elements that might damage a wooden mailbox.


Metal letterboxes come in various sizes, so they can be customized according to what you need (e.g., for mail delivery only or packages too). They’re also easy to install and maintain because no moving parts are involved in their operation; all you need is a hammer!


A metal letterbox is built to last and will not rust or decay over time. It can be left outside without maintenance for years and still look as good as it did when you first bought it.

Easy to Install and Use

Anyone can install the metal letterbox. You need to find a suitable spot for it, and then you are ready to start using the metal letterbox. The design of the metal letterbox makes it easy to use. A person needs to insert a letter into the slot, then slide their fingers across the opening to receive their mail.

LITASIGN's Rusted Metal Letters Boxes - Rusty Look

Rustic and industrial, these hand-forged metal letterboxes will bring a classic touch to your home. Perfect for displaying a name or house number, LITASIGN’s Rusted Metal Letterboxes allows you to get creative with the front of your mailbox. Add multiple letters to your address or display a vintage design.

Custom Letterbox With Package Facilities

This chic personalized letterbox with package capabilities is made of sturdy solid steel, has a rustic finish, and is available in multiple sizes. While the bottom compartment is perfect for storing mail or newspapers, the door swings open to reveal an interior where small household items can be stored. The weather-resistant coating on the letterbox helps to keep it from deteriorating, and the lockable design ensures that your possessions are safe from theft.

Custom Wall Mounted Letterbox

The Rusted Custom Wall Mounted Letterbox will give your house a rustic feel. This heavy cast iron letterbox has a tan finish that gives it an aged appearance and is perfect for a cabin or farmhouse decor. This object can also be used as decorative furniture when not in use.

Letterbox Plate

Beautifully crafted letterbox plate, made using natural raw steel and unique patinas that have been achieved through traditional techniques. Each item has a distinctive character and will age beautifully over time, creating a special piece for your home.

Basic Box And Door With Additional Trim Letterbox

This Rusted Basic Box And Door With Additional Trim Letterbox is ideal for finishing a rustic home or outdoor space. This box and door combination has been left in a weathered matte finish, which gives it an aged look and feels that is sure to add character to any decor.

Standard Back Plate Letterbox

The Rusted Standard Back Plate Letterbox features an aged look that will add character to your home. Crafted from steel and finished with a rustic coating, this letterbox is perfect for homes built in historic districts or neighborhoods with preservation rules.

Free-standing Letterbox

This free-standing letterbox features a rusted finish to give your garden that extra touch of individuality. Its free-standing design makes it easy to move and position wherever you like. The letterbox has a helpful lock and key, so it’s ideal for keeping your post safe and secure on your property.

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Why Trust LITASIGN with Your Rusted Metal Letterbox Requirements?

At LITASIGN, we are a team of a highly trained and experienced manufacturers who work with various materials. We were founded on the credo: “Satisfaction Comes from Understanding; Understanding comes from Knowledge.”

1. One-stop Shop

We at LITASIGN recognize that you have limited time to devote to the numerous tasks necessary to keep your company operating efficiently. Because of this, we provide a thorough service for the design, production, and installation of rusted metal letterboxes. We can offer a comprehensive internal solution thanks to our expertise in this field, allowing our clients the freedom to concentrate on achieving growth.

2. Innovative

LITASIGN is committed to the development of innovative products. We believe in the power of new ideas and constantly strive to improve on old ones. Our goal is to provide our customers with a product that will exceed their expectations.

3. Excellent Product Quality and Customer Service

At LITASIGN, we take the quality of our products very seriously. We know that the best way to ensure you are happy with your purchase is to have a well-made item. We only use top-notch materials in our products and put them through a battery of tests before delivering them to customers.

4. High-Quality Rusted Metal Letterbox with Our Expert Fabrication

Your rusted metal letterbox will be able to withstand the elements and last for many years, thanks to our skilled fabrication process. Your rusted metal letterbox will continue to look brand new even after years of use, thanks to our fabrication team’s use of only the highest quality materials and workmanship.

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