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LITASIGN offers a variety of rustic light-up letter patterns made from premium materials; These signs are designed for commercial, industrial, and residential locations. They can endure extreme weather conditions such as intense heat and rain.

Our rustic light-up letters have customizable designs and are constructed to endure weather conditions and survive longer than most other signs.

Quality Signage, Professional Service

LITASIGN is committed to providing the highest quality signage and service to every customer. With years of experience in the industry and a talented team of specialists, we create innovative solutions that meet your needs.

With the advancement of society, we combine the constant innovation of digital technology and production technology to investigate updated materials that satisfy the visual requirements of our consumers. LITASIGN is a large-scale lighting factory that integrates independent research and development, production and manufacturing, and sales service and has experience of over 6 years in this industry.


LITASIGN, Reliable and Professional LED Letter Manufacturer

LITASIGN, as a direct professional manufacturer of Marquee letters since 2015 and mainly engaged in designing, producing, installing, and exporting all kinds of marquee letters. We have accumulated rich experience in customized making, mass production, and shipping shipments.

We have more than 120 excellent staff and advanced facilities to ensure that all marquees are high quality and well-finished. Our compliance with the CE ROHS FCC certificate indicates the compliance of our factory.

You dream it, we make it

Process of Producing Stylish and Durable Rustic Light-Up Letter


Metal Punching

Using punching equipment, a spectacular hole is created in the metal plate. The type of LED bulb put into stainless steel determines the size and position of a hole punched into the material.


Soldering the Solid Edge

Soldering the solid edges together will create a stronger joint than soldering the hole alone. You will have considerably more robust hardware that will not bend or break and last much longer.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

Polish the letters’ edges and corners to eliminate any burrs that might have formed during the printing process. In addition to making the light-up letter look better, getting rid of the sharp edges makes it easier to handle.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

By painting the top surface of a plate, it is possible to produce a light-up letter that is not only long-lasting but also aesthetically beautiful.


Installation of LED Bulbs

LED bulbs must be placed in the correct orientation into their sockets. If they are to be used outside, a waterproof sealer must be applied. Use only LEDs with an IP67 rating, which indicates they can withstand severe weather.


Marquee Sign Packaging

As an exporter of light up signage, LITASIGN focuses on the packing step of the exporting process to guarantee that rustic light up letter is adequately packaged to prevent damage during shipment.

LITASIGN's Rustic Light-up Letter's Features

Rustic Light-up Letters can be used in a variety of ways. LITASIGN's rustic freestanding light-up letters can also be used on a table and the floor with a solid and stable structure. Widely used for various occasions: rustic weddings, party decorations, new-born baby nursery, shop advertising signs, and any other events you want to decorate

Proper Awareness

LITASIGN's rustic light-up letters have been designed to fit your business's branding and message seamlessly. They create a display that is easy for consumers to see from a distance and effectively communicates your business's vision, logo, mission, and other characteristics.

Energy Consumption

LITASIGN's rustic light-up letters are illuminated by LED bulbs, which use energy more efficiently than regular ones and emit very little heat. It is unlikely to significantly impact your electricity bill, saving you money on electricity expenditures.

Low Maintenance

LITASIGN's rustic light-up letters are ideal for outdoor use, composed of high-quality materials, and easy to clean. In addition, with their guarantee that they won't need to be repaired or maintained, they provide a return on investment.


LITASIGN sources high-quality materials for the production of its rustic light-up letters. These materials are meant to be durable and weather resistant.


LITASIGN's rustic light-up letter is designed to be versatile and aesthetically pleasing to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

Lightweight Design

Rustic light-up letters are crafted from lightweight materials so that they may be moved to your desired location without difficulty.

Easy to Install

LITASIGN provides complete documentation, installation guides, and video tutorials to install the rustic light-up letter without expert help.

Stylish Yet Affordable

LITASIGN’s rustic light-up signs are custom-made with attractive graphics and cost less than comparable options.

Better Visibility

LITASIGN's rustic light-up letter signs are highly visible—at long distances, people can read your rustic light-up letters.

LITASIGN's Rustic Marquee Letters in a Wide Variety of Styles

LITASIGN’s marquee letters feature retro, rustic-looking plates that reliably draw the eye and maximize the impact of your message. More Letters can make more meaningful works! It is excellent for decoration, especially for cafes, bars, restaurants, museums, etc. LITASIGN’s Rustic Marquee Letters are the perfect gift idea! We have many kinds of letters you can choose from. LITASIGN offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Rustic Mr & Mrs Light-Up Letters

Our Rustic Mr & Mrs. Light Up Letters are a beautiful yet simple addition to any wedding. Beautifully crafted from wood, these unique letters offer a one-of-a-kind light decor that can be used as centerpieces and table numbers or seating cards.

Rustic Love Light-Up Letters

Transform a room or wedding venue with these beautiful rustic light-up letters! These Rustic Love Light-Up Letters are perfect for your indoor or outdoor wedding. They are handcrafted from wood and metal, so no two will ever be alike.

Rustic Bar Light-Up Letters

Enhance your home or business decor with these Rustic Bar Light-Up Letters. Each letter is crafted from solid wood and comes with a metal hanger. The letters project different colors onto the wall or ceiling, making them perfect for any bar or man cave.

Rustic Open Light-Up Letters

Open Light-Up Letters are the perfect way to make a grand entrance! These flawless open light-up letters are handcrafted to appear weathered and worn. The simple yet intricate design has a rustic charm that provides an instant focal point in any room decor.

Rustic Park Light-Up Letters

These rustic park light-up letters make perfect accents for any space. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, install them to create a personalized entrance for your home, make fun signs for kids' rooms, or create unique lighting arrangements!

Rustic Wall Light-Up Letters

Add decorative wall letters to your home using our Rustic Wall Light-Up Letters. These light-up letters are perfect for the entrance of your home and make great gifts for birthdays and weddings, especially for newlyweds. They also work great in closets, above doors, or anywhere else.

Custom Rustic Light Up Letters

Custom rustic light-up letters are a great way to add personality to your home or business. These beautiful, handmade signs make a statement wherever they're displayed! They can be hung from the ceiling, used as wall decor, or added to your front door.

Business Rustic Light Up Letters

These rustic light up letters will illuminate any business establishment. With their vintage design, these letters will provide a warm feel to any room they are in.

Colored Rustic Light Up Letters

Stunning rustic light-up letters that you can use in the home or out. You can customize these to fit your needs, business or personal. They look grand lit up and even better unlit for a more subtle effect. Each letter comes with an LED bulb inside and a battery pack which makes them easy to use and plug into any outlet.

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Wooden Marquee Letters are the perfect addition to your home or business. With their handcrafted solid wood construction and authentic steel finish, the classic beauty of these letters will transform your space into a center of attention.


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Metal Marquee Letters

Our metal marquee letters are the perfect way to add extra style to your home, office, or event. With a range of styles and sizes available, we’re sure you’ll find one that matches your design requirements perfectly!


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Marquee Wall Letters

Our Marquee Wall Lettering will transform any room into an exciting environment. The lightweight material can be easily installed with our pre-cut application. Choose from a wide variety of colors and customize it today!


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Decorative LED Marquee Lights

Decorative LED Marquee Lights are perfect for creating an ambiance for any party or gathering. These marquee lights can be used as wedding and event lighting, holiday decoration, and more! The quality of these marquee lights is top-of-the-line yet affordable.


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Wholesale Marquee Letters

Shop wholesale marquee letters and buy the perfect logo sign for your business. We have a great variety of wholesale marquees that can fit any business's size and budget.


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Marquee Letters

Add a personal touch to your special event with our Marquee Letters. Our marquee letters are available in multiple fonts and sizes, quickly finding the perfect fit. Lightweight and easy to carry, these letters are ideal for outdoor or indoor events.


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Holiday Marquee Letters

Holiday Marquee Letters are a great way to add holiday decoration to any home. These letters have the necessary hardware and lights to create your dazzling seasonal display. Their classic design makes them ideally suited for year-round use as well.


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Event Light Up Letters

Event Light Up Letters is the perfect way to add some drama and excitement to any event. The letters are designed with an illuminated back-light, featuring multiple design possibilities, delivering a cost-effective solution


Price from $250.00

When Choosing a Rustic Light Up Letters Supplier, Consider the Following Aspects:

When choosing a Rustic Light Up Letters supplier, you need to consider some aspects. It is the case because there are a lot of them, so you will be confused about which one would be the best for you. Here is how to go about choosing your supplier.

Knowledge and Experience in the Lighting Industry

Check to determine if the provider you’ve chosen has any experience in the lighting industry. It is because the supplier’s prior experience will solely determine the rustic light-up letters produced.

Superior Quality Raw Materials

The supplier will create a long-lasting rustic light-up letter if they use high-quality materials. It is critical to recognize that raw materials play a crucial role in manufacturing.

After-Sale Service

Check with the suppliers to see whether they offer any after-sales support for your rustic light-up letters. To avoid contacting the supplier every time you have a problem, they should be ready to help you at all hours, seven days a week.


Determine how long your rustic light-up letters supplier will guarantee. Their products are because a more extended warranty duration is usually advantageous to your project.


Check whether the source can customize your rustic light-up letters for you.


Considering the cost of rustic light-up letters while selecting a supplier. It would help if you based your decision not only on the price of the rustic light-up letters but also on their entire quality.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Rustic Light-Up Letters


Rustic light-up letters will help you get the proper appearance whether you’re searching for a romantic way to label a wedding site or want a rustic touch to one’s home décor!

You can construct rustic light-up letters that look fantastic and are simple to install with the Ultimate FAQ Guide for Rustic Light-Up Letters. So you may succeed with your project, we address your most frequent questions on how to design, install, and light up great signage.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Rustic Light-Up Letters?

Rustic Light-Up Letters are a fun, adaptable way to brighten up a house, company, or event in whatever way you like. Add a personal touch by selecting from our large variety of colors, fonts, and patterns. It’s simple to create unique lighting that shows a style and personality with these rustic light-up letters. Our hues are likely to delight even the pickiest person, whether you’re buying for yourself or for your project.

Figure 1 -Rustic Light-Up Letters

2. How Rustic Light-Up Letters Works?

Rustic light-up letters add an eye-catching style to any event. Customize your rustic light-up letters with a name, monogram, date, or short message. The preprinted face of a custom rustic light-up letter can be designed to mirror a traditional sign or marquee design or showcase a unique style that has been created just for you.

3. Where Are Rustic Marquee Letters Usually Used?

  • Music Venues
  • Restaurants

4.. What Colors of Lighting Are Available for the Rustic Marquee Letter Lights?

The primary hue of lighting that has been used and selected is warm white (dimmable). Depending on your tastes, you may also select lights in colors such as cold white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, or green. The RGB lighting is used in all rustic light-up lettering.

However, you must choose a color – which hue complements any occasion or theme? You may also use different colors, such as a red heart, a different color for each character, lines of colored letters, or a mix of colors.

5. What Are the LED Bulbs Used in the Rustic Marquee Letters?

LED filament bulb or a ball lamp which consumes a maximum of 3 watts or less than 30 watts per illuminated letter.

Figure 2 -Rustic Light-Up LED Bulb

6. How Much Does a Rustic Marquee Letters Cost?

These factors influence the price of rustic marquee letters –

You may choose the number of characters and the arrangement.
The light bulbs you choose

The rustic marquee letters typically range from $200 to $735.

7. How Much Space Do Rustic Light-Up Letters Require?

The width of the rustic light-up letters may be adjusted, with an average width of 3 feet. However, when designing, it is critical to consider overall length and letter placement to avoid running out of room on your marquee.

8. What is the Size Available for Rustic Light-Up Letters?

  • 5ft rustic light up letters
  • 4ft rustic light up letters
  • 3ft rustic light up letters
  • 24 rustic inch light up letters
  • 12 rustic inch light up letters

9. How Heavy Are the Different Custom Marquee Letters?

  • 12-inch rustic marquee sign weighs 5lbs
  • 18-inch rustic marquee sign weighs 7lbs
  • 24-inch rustic marquee sign weighs 10lbs
  • 36-inch rustic marquee sign weighs 15lbs

10. What Kind of Power Needed for the Rustic Light-up Letters?

Rustic marquee lights on letters are linked and can be powered by a single power source (120V), often a wall socket. Once connected, only one or two of the outlets are typically used.

11. Do You Ship the Rustic Marquee Lights Internationally?

Yes, we do transport rustic marquee lights globally.

12. How Do You Ship the Rustic Light-Up Letters?

We send retail or sample orders by UPS/DHL/EMS/FEDEX according to weight and volume. Wholesale orders are sent by sea or air.

13. Are the Rustic Marquee Letter Lights Safe to Use?

Yes! We utilize low-wattage LED lights, which do not heat up like ordinary light bulbs and are thus relatively safe.

14. What Safety Standard Do the Rustic Light-Up Letters Meet?

PAT testing is performed on all goods on a regular basis. On request, PAT test certifications are available. Furthermore, all of our products are UL-listed.

15. How Long Do Rustic Marquee Letter Lights Last?

The average lifespan of rustic marquee letter lights is 45,000 hours.

16. Do the Light Bulbs of the Rustic Light Letters Get Hot After Continuous Use?

No,the light bulbs of the rustic marquee lights do not become hot, but they do become warm, as do all light bulbs.

17. What is the Warranty You Offer for the Rustic Light-Up Letters ?

We offer a 1-year warranty for the rustic light-up letters.

18. What is the Working Temperature of the Rustic Light-Up Letters?

It can work at temperatures ranging from -40 to 60 degrees Celsius.

19. Can You Produce Rustic Light Letters in Custom Shapes, Designs, and Colors?

Yes, we can create shapes, designs, logos, and colors based on your specifications.

20. How to Get the Quotation for the Rustic Marquee Letters?

Send your design information to our email or contact our online trade manager. All rates are computed from the broadest point; if the length and width exceed 1m, they will be calculated by square meter.

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