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LITASIGN – Rustic Metal Letters | Handmade Industry

Since 2015, LITASIGN has been a market leader in producing unique rustic metal letters, signs, and other items. Our company specializes in providing high-quality metal items that can have a significant impact on both your personal and professional lives.

You may be guaranteed the durability and longevity of our handmade rustic metal letters and other goods since we only work with the best materials. We can provide you with just the highest-quality, most durable products at competitive rates because of our expertise in metal manufacturing. We fully adopt and create new procedures that enhance the competitiveness and value of our client’s products.

Rustic Metal Letters: Vintage, Hand-made and Premium Quality

LITASIGN’s rustic metal letters are high-quality and sturdy. They come in various 100% bespoke alternatives, ranging from small to huge. They offer a selection of fonts and sizes. You can use it to spell out your company name, your team name, your display initials, or any other wording you wish to make distinctive. Additionally, they have a wide range of uses, including both indoor and outdoor decorative displays and signage.

To offer more weather resistance, you can choose to have an additional clearcoat applied. Every letter has holes for quick and simple installation and connection.


Creating One-of-a-Kind Rustic Metal Letters For Home and Business Use

The rustic metal letters from LITASIGN are the perfect choice for anyone looking to achieve a vintage appeal. We offer rustic metal letters for commercial and industrial uses, and you can choose your size and font style.

Our items are packed with mounting hardware so you can quickly attach them to your walls. Each letter is shaped by our professionals using high-tech machines, so you can be sure that it’s made with the utmost care. We keep you satisfied by ensuring that all our high-quality items will be shipped in good condition. We have a quality team that thoroughly checks each package before shipping it out.

You dream it, we make it

Extensive Production Process of Rustic Metal Letters


Creating Design & Production File

We will work together to create a working file, which we will review and approve. We will send the files to our factory for production.

Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

The process involves using a laser to cut through the material’s surface. This allows us to create highly detailed designs that can be used for a wide range of applications.



The measurements and calculations that metalworkers perform to ensure the integrity of a piece of metal, especially when working with metals bent at precise angles, are essential.



Welding metal letters together, then attaching them to a sign is a method of manufacturing lettering that ensures every letter is perfectly straight. It eliminates gaps between letters and provides a seamless appearance.

polishing process


A polishing machine is used to smooth the weld between the letter’s return and face of metal signs.



The letters are hand-painted, so each one is unique. From a distance, a viewer may see that the color on one side of a letter is different from the other if they stand close enough.



Once a metal sign has been painted. It must dry thoroughly before it is placed in a drying room for several hours so that the paint does not chip or flake off and proper adhesion occurs.


Overall Quality Checking

We make every effort to ensure the quality of the letters we send to customers. Letters are carefully inspected before being sent out, and any imperfections or defects are replaced with new letters.



Our hardwood shipping box is constructed of three-ply hardwood. The exterior is made of hardwood, and the interior is lined with polystyrene.

About LITASIGN's Rustic Metal Letters

LITASIGN was established in 2015, offering the best rustic metal letters for commercial, residential, and business purposes. We are now marking a distinctive presence in the graphic arts industry. We provide designs for businesses and individuals that can enhance their space.

Rustic Finish

LITASIGN's rustic metal letters are the perfect choice for individual seeking a simple, yet elegant, decoration.


LITASIGN produces all of its rustic metal letters from lightweight material. This makes it easy to hang the small rustic letters on walls without worrying about them being too heavy.

Protective Coating

LITASIGN applies a protective coating to its rustic metal letters. Therefore, it is well-suited for use in outdoor signs.

Multiple Font Style Options

Our rustic metal letters are available in a range of font styles. LITASIGN also accepts custom orders for our rustic metal letters and offers a range of font options.


LITASIGN, where we produce rustic metal letters using efficient machines and sell them wholesale, is open for bulk orders of its products.

Trendy Designs

Our rustic metal letters come in a variety of styles. LITASIGN manufactures rustic metal letters in various designs.


LITASIGN, a metal letters company, specializes in creating rustic-style letters. Each letter is designed with the versatility to suit the needs of different individuals.

Made to Order

When you places an orders, LITASIGN makes the item according to their specifications. LITASIGN also offers customized rustic metal letters.


We offer affordable rustic metal letters that are perfect for any home or office. Our large selection includes letters, numbers, and even custom designs.

LITASIGN Fabricates Top-Rated Rustic Metal Letters from High Quality Materials

LITASIGN makes rustic metal letters to ensure your home, building, or signage fits well with the setting. In designing quality guttering and fasteners, LITASIGN offers value and comfort in knowing that we will deliver your complete project as promised. We take pride in our reputation and never compromise the integrity of our business.

Small Rustic Metal Letters

These small metal letters are the perfect addition to your rustic theme. They're made of metal and come in various colors, so you can choose one that matches your decor perfectly. These letters are great for making a statement on your wall or can be used as decorative pieces in many other places.

Rustic Metal Letters Wholesale

Our rustic metal letters are available at wholesale rates, allowing you to choose the ideal style at a reasonable cost. Numerals, capital letters, lowercase characters, and numbers are available in various sizes and styles. Even have our designers and artists develop custom designs for you!

Rustic Metal Letters Hobby Lobby

Rustic metal letters are the perfect addition to any home decor project. Whether you're looking for a way to personalize your space or need a new sign for your front door, these rustic metal letters are sure to add some character and charm. From modern farmhouses to traditional country, there's something here for everyone!

Brass Metal Rustic Letters

These brass metal rustic letters are the perfect way to add a touch of industrial style to your home decor. These letters are available in various fonts and sizes to choose the right look.

Rustic Faux Metal Letters

These Rustic Faux Metal Letters are perfect for any rustic, country-inspired space. They're made of a lightweight but durable metal that looks like real metal but won't weigh down your walls and will last for years!

Cast Iron Rustic Letters

These letters are hand-crafted from solid cast iron and finished with a rustic brown color that will make any space pop. They're perfect for adding a bit of character to your home, store, or business.

Aluminum Rustic Letters

These letters are made from high-quality aluminum and then finished with a rustic appearance. These letters are available in several different sizes and can be used for various applications.

Galvanized Rustic Letters

Our galvanized rustic letters are perfect for any rustic-themed room or area. They are made of high-quality material to ensure durability and are easy to install.

Painted Rustic Metal Letters

This set of letters features a distressed finish and bold lettering that will make any project pop. Whether using them as decorative accents on a mantle or as part of your business signage, these metal letters are sure to stand out from the crowd.

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Metal Letters for Building

Metal Letters for Building are a great way to impact any project or building. They are made from high-quality material, and each letter is individually made by our artisans, who specialize in making them.


Price from $120.00

Metal Mailbox Letters

Transform your mailbox into a unique piece of outdoor art with our high-quality metal mailbox letters. These letters can be used to personalize your address or any word you want. They're made of highly durable, weatherproof steel and are available in various decorative finishes.


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Rusted Metal Letterbox

This letterbox is designed to look like it has been sitting outside for years and years but still works perfectly. It features a sliding lid and inner compartment holding standard-sized letters, envelopes, and cards.


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Metal Letters for Gravestone

These metal letters for gravestones are great for adding the final touch to a personalized headstone. These metal letters are made of high-quality materials. They have been hand-painted by skilled craftsmen, resulting in beautiful, decorative patterns.


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Industrial Metal Letters

Industrial Metal Letters can be installed on virtually any surface, including walls and ceilings. They’re available in various materials and custom colors to get the perfect look for your space.


Price from $115.00

Metal Letters for Concrete

Metal Letters for Concrete are a perfect addition to any of your concrete projects, from residential driveways to commercial sidewalks and storefronts. Available in various sizes, colors, and styles, our selection of metal letter tiles will suit any project.


Price from $78.00

Metal Address Letters

Our Metal Address Letters are great for anyone who wants to make their home or business stand out from the crowd. Our address letters can be used to decorate your front porch, patio, or inside of the house: mess-free installation, easy cleaning, and maintenance.


Price from $60.00

Metal Letters for Garden

Metal letters for the garden are designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions. They are easy to install, mount them on the ground with a hammer, and can be used as the perfect DIY project in your garden area. Our metal letters for the garden can come in many fun colors and will spice up your outdoor space!


Price from $77.00

What Are Some Advantages of the Rustic Metal Letters?

Rustic metal letters bring new life to any sign, and these old-fashioned store signs are sure to grab a customer’s attention. Rustic metal letters make an excellent choice for design or renovation projects. There are some benefits of using rustic metal letters that you will want to take into consideration.

  • The metal letters rustic is durable
  • The metal letters rustic can withstand Harsh weathers conditions
  • The metal letters rustic has no harm to the environment and the human
  • Also, the metal letters rustic is affordable and the cost of replacement is also affordable
  • The metal letters rustic is cheap to maintain
  • Lastly, the metal letters rustic is portable and easy to carry with 
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