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LITASIGN is a manufacturer with over 6 years of history, combining development and design with production. We specialize in all sorts of custom-made neon signs. Our workshop covers an area of 6,000 square feet and is equipped with 7 professional production lines, as well as 7 ageing lines which can produce 500 sets of neon signs each day under strict quality control by our QC team.

Our workers are skilled and experienced in manufacturing the largest range of various neon signs. No matter what your lights and signs requirements entail, our team is ready to handle your job.

LITASIGN, Makers of Distinctive Neon Signs

At LITASIGN, we specialize in designing distinctive, handcrafted neon signs that bring a location to life. We work with the most excellent quality materials and technology in the business, ensuring that our neon signs are manufactured perfectly from start to end. 

Our team of creative professional designers crafts your unique neon sign designs in-house. Each neon sign is made right by you and for you from concept to completion!

seafood-neon-sign-design team

Quality Products and Services at Wholesale Prices

LITASIGN seafood neon signs are high quality and handcrafted to meet your expectations. We are here to provide you with a sign itself and all of the information you need for installation before purchasing a custom neon sign.

LITASIGN can meet your demands, providing even one piece of seafood neon sign at a wholesale rate. It supports all payment systems and delivers products in the safest packaging systems.

You dream it, we make it

Professional Manufacturing of Seafood Neon Signs

pcb design

PCB Design

Silicone jacket construction, lighting effect, and heat dissipation are all taken into consideration when designing the PCB. Virtual soldering and off-soldering problems can be significantly reduced with the assistance of an experienced designer. The light component will be strong enough after bending and shaping during the production process.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

After PCB testing, LITA will manufacture a single LED chip sample for further evaluation. It is the following step after completing the test. The quality of raw materials must be tested to produce LED neon signs efficiently.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LED strip lights, LED neon flexes, and LED neon signs are all manufactured in-house by LITASIGN using two SMT machines. The machines can produce 2000 meters of LED neon flex a day.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

LITASIGN employs integrated pure silicone LED neon flex, a neon lighting kind. Hot extrusion is utilized to make this form of neon lights, a procedure distinct from cold extrusion (used in the production of artificial silicone).

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

LITASIGN places a high value on the design of its LED signage. Our sample design will be 99.9% identical to our final output. Every aspect of the product, including the light color, the jacket color, the design, the power supply, the plug type, and the dimmer version, will be thoroughly inspected during production.

Backplate Engraving

There were no odors or smoke from LITASIGN’s work, which was done quickly. A variety of materials can be etched with a variety of equipment configurations. Because it prevents mixing, the process maintains its efficiency and accuracy.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

All our neon signs are manufactured by skilled artisans who have been in the business for at least five years. Clients, who want only the highest level of creativity in their signage, place a high value on craftsmanship when considering how well they’ll work with your design and how visually appealing they’ll be.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

All of LITASIGN’s neon signs are subjected to a 24-hour aging test. The neon signs are aged for an additional hour after being tested by hand to ensure that any problems with LED chips and PCBs are found before shipping.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

Thanks to our unique packing, you can rest assured that your product will arrive in perfect condition. We employ a honeycomb paper board of 10mm thick, corrugated cardboard, and paper corner protectors for our packaging. You may improve your company’s branding by having your labels customized by us.

LITASIGN Offers Various Benefits to Help You Run the Business More Efficiently

LITASIGN is a professional manufacturer with international certifications and a strong reputation in the market. Our upgraded LED neon signs and neon signs are precision-engineered, energy-efficient and easy to install. We provide custom solutions for various applications like real estate, bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants. Find out more about the benefits you can enjoy when choosing LITASIGN as your partner.


LITASIGN only produces neon signs of the highest quality and durability. They make their items more visually appealing by using vibrant colors and paying close attention to the smallest of details. With LITASIGN, you'll get a sign that looks great and does exactly what you want it to.


For example, LED neon signs consume less energy than incandescent or fluorescent lights. Because of the low voltage, the colors are more vibrant without generating heat. LEDs are suitable for use in a variety of commercial and residential settings.


This indicates that LITASIGN's neon signs are safe for the environment because they are constructed of non-toxic material. We were able to secure your business because of our dedication to the future of our planet.


LITASIGN's neon signs are made of high-quality materials and are built to last. Because LITASIGN devices are designed to last for at least 50,000 hours and can be used indoors and outdoors, businesses can make the most of their advertising budgets.

High Visibility

In addition to neon signs, LITASIGN specializes in neon signs that can be mounted nearly anywhere and illuminated from all angles.

More Design Freedom

LITASIGN offers complete creative control to its clients. We'll work with you to make sure your signage are distinctive and true to your company's identity. Using neon signs, you can construct any image you can conjure up in your mind's eye.

Longer Warranty

To ensure that your neon brand will never go out of style, consider investing in LED neon signs, which are more durable and come with a more extended warranty. In addition to the one-year warranty for outdoor signs, we also offer two-year warranties for indoor signs; if there is a problem, we'll replace the neon sign with a new one as soon as feasible.

Outdoor and Indoor Usage

This neon sign can be used indoors and out, depending on the weather. It has an IP65 waterproof rating, making it suitable for outdoor applications such as landscaping.

Easy Installation

The backs of LITASIGN's neon signs are pre-drilled, and the neon signs come with hanging wires. Installing LED signs on walls is made more accessible with screw kits, and LED signs are great for retail shops or any other site where they may be suspended from the ceiling, such as a restaurant.

Premium Quality at Affordable Prices Seafood Neon Signs

Are you looking for seafood neon signs with a gorgeous designs? LITA is the leading manufacturer of seafood neon signs, which offers high-quality materials and precision machinery to ensure that the products are of the highest possible quality. We offer you a wide range of colors and words to choose from, and they can make your space stand out.

Crab Neon Sign

With this fun and festive neon sign, nightclubs, restaurants, and businesses that cater to crab lovers can't go wrong. The Crab Neon Sign is an excellent way to advertise sales promotions, grand openings and other events.

Shrimp Neon Sign

Whether running a cafe or restaurant, advertising your brand is key to attracting customers. It's an effective way to let shoppers know what you have to offer and the types of products you specialize in. What better way to draw attention than a neon sign? This shrimp neon sign is perfect for any kind of seafood restaurant!

Lobster Neon Sign

Invite customers to your eatery with this vibrant, eye-catching neon sign. The lobster neon sign creates a bright visual display that will catch customers' attention. It is simple, straight-to-the-point and easy to read, allowing onlookers to understand your cuisine immediately.

Fish Neon Sign

Put this iconic neon sign, Fish Neon Sign, in your Lakes cabin, lodge or rustic restaurant. This Fish Neon Sign is hand-crafted by the artist and comes on a clear acrylic backboard to hang on your wall.

Octopus Neon Sign

Add some stylish flair to your game room, and get ready to reel in the compliments with this stunning Octopus Neon Sign. The vibrant colours bring out the personality of this piece and give it a vintage feel. The high-quality neon lighting will last for years and will add a warm, soft light to any room in your home.

Squid Neon Sign

This squid neon sign will draw attention to your business—a great addition to any store, office, garage or recreation room.

Fresh Seafood Neon Sign

Fresh Seafood Neon Sign features a colorfully animated design and compact, space-saving size, making it well suited for just about any location. The sign looks great in restaurants, bars, retail stores and more.

Seafood Market & Restaurant Neon Sign

This Seafood Market & Restaurant Neon Sign features a contemporary design that makes it a vibrant and attractive addition to any business. The sign comes with red and blue neon tubing, offers two mounting options, and can be mounted on a wall or window.

Open Fish Neon Sign

Illuminate your favorite hangout with the Open Fish Neon Sign. Perfect for art galleries, restaurants, or retail store windows, this neon sign adds eye-catching illumination and ambience to any space.

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LED Signs vs. Traditional Neon Signs

There are many reasons why custom LED neon signs are much better than traditional glass neon signs. LED neon signs have significant advantages over conventional glass neon signs.

1. Cost

Because silicone tubing is used instead of glass in LED neon signs, they are typically less expensive than regular glass neon signs.

2. Durability

LED neon signs are typically made of flame-resistant silicon materials, which are more robust than glass neon signs and can last for several years. These signs are made of delicate glass and are therefore susceptible to breaking

3. Energy Consumption

LED neon signs are powered by a lower voltage, usually between 12V and 24V, to save electricity costs. Because of the lower input voltage and reduced usage cost, these neon signs are more energy-efficient than traditional neon signs. Classic glass neon signs, which are frequently powered by high voltage, require a significant amount of energy.

4. Installation

Because of the fragility of conventional glass neon signs, they are notoriously tricky to install and might represent a risk to one’s health if not handled properly. On the other hand, LED neon signs are simple to install due to their lightweight and long-lasting nature.

5. Brightness

Compared to traditional glass neon, the luminance of LED flex neon lighting is 210 lumens per square meter, whereas conventional glass neon has a brightness of 197 lumens per square meter.

6. Safety / Suitability

Because LED signs do not function at the same voltages as classic neon signs, they cannot generate the same amount of heating. When it comes to the production of LED signs, non-fragile materials are used. Because LEDs do not heat up, they do not pose a safety issue in the event of glass shatter.

7. Lifespan

LED bedroom neon signs have an estimated life expectancy of 50,000 hours, which is nearly twice as long as their glass neon counterparts.

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