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Send Nudes Neon Sign Manufacturer with a Large Production Capacity

LITASIGN has a large production capacity which can complete 500 signs per day; we have seven production lines and seven aging lines. An SMT machine for LED chips, an integrated silicone extrusion machine, and acrylic cutting machine, and surface treatment are all used to manage each particular sign. LITASIGN completes the entire manufacturing process from raw material to finished neon sign in-house. It dramatically improves the efficiency and quality of the neon sign.

LITASIGN has the capacity, personnel, and manufacturing experience to support your expanding market. Whether on small or big requirements, We are ready to handle it for you.

Customized and Quality Assured with Professional Production Team

LITASIGN offers a wide range of services to meet your sign-making needs. You can always be confident that we will organize the customization and production of your signs well, giving you more time to concentrate on market development and brand marketing.

Advanced testing equipment and in-depth testing technology are available in the quality control department. Our expert personnel has perfected standardized quality checks after more than 6 years of experience.

send nudes neon sign quality-testing

Offers Excellent Send Nudes Neon Signs With Efficient Manufacturing and Cost-effective Service

LITASIGN is an experienced neon sign manufacturing company that designs and makes a variety of large-scale neon signs. Our team has 6 years of advertising and decoration experience. We give prompt service to ensure that your visions are achieved; professional staff will go all out from start to completion until you are satisfied.

LITASIGN offers excellent custom neon signs with quality, cost-efficiency, and professional lighting design features. If you want to order a custom neon sign, LITASIGN will be your best choice.

You dream it, we make it

Production Process of Send Nudes Neon Signs

pcb design

PCB Design

The PCB design is based on the physical structure of the silicone jacket, the lighting effect, and heat dissipation. With the help of a qualified designer, virtual soldering and off-soldering issues are significantly eliminated. The light component will be suitably robust after bending and shaping throughout the manufacturing process.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

We will test 100% after PCB testing, and LITA will create one sample with LED chips for further testing. After completing the test, it will proceed on to the next step. For the efficient production of LED neon signs, it is necessary to test the quality of raw materials.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN uses 2 in-house SMT machines to make light sources for its LED strip lights, LED neon flexes, and LED neon signs. The machines can produce 2000 meters of LED neon flex per day.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

LITASIGN uses a particular type of neon lighting, called integrated virgin silicone LED neon flex. This type of neon lighting is created through hot extrusion, a process different from cold extrusion (used in the production of fake silicone).

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

LITASIGN considers the design of its LED signs to be of great importance. We will ensure that our sample design will be 99% identical to our final product. We will check every detail during production, including light colour, jacket colour, design, power source, plug type, and dimmer version.

Backplate Engraving

LITASIGN engraved the backboard in high precision, smoke, and odour-free, fast, and efficient manner. Different materials are engraved using different configurations of equipment. It preserves the efficiency and accuracy of the process by preventing mixing.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

All our neon signs are handmade by master craftsmen with over 5 years of experience. Craft directly impacts how well they fit into your design and how beautifully they are made; this is especially true for your clients, who want only high-quality artistry in their signage.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

All LITASIGN’s neon signs undergo an ageing test lasting 24 hours. After being tested by hand, the neon signs are aged for an additional hour, ensuring that any issues with LED chips and PCBs will be detected before shipping.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

We offer customized packaging to prevent damage to all orders. We use a 10mm thick honeycomb paper board, corrugated cardboard, and paper corner protectors. With our customization of labels, you can enhance your branding effects.

Various Customization Options for Your Send Nudes Neon Sign

A send nudes neon sign will never go unappreciated! All of our signs come with a fully customizable design, so you can be guaranteed that the sign will look perfect. We have a large selection of materials, colours and options to make your sign custom-made and unique for your home/business decor.


We offer a variety of neon flex sizes from 8 x 16 mm to 5 x 12 mm and 12 x 19 mm. Our neon flex sizes are proportional to the font size, letter height, and lines. You can choose the exact size you require.

Text and Font

You can create your custom neon sign by using our online builder. Write your message or upload a logo image to create a single-line message. For multi-line messages or custom designs, contact us to get a quote.

Neon Sign Color

We have 11 neon lights available in a selection of bright, energetic colours. These colours are white, warm white, lemon yellow, golden yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, ice blue, green and deep green. -Contact us for more information about RGB neon signs.

Indoor or Outdoor Usage

This sign can be used both indoors and out, with a rating of IP65 weatherproof protection.

Installation Methods

Different installation methods are available for our neon signs, including suspending mounting, surface mounting, grid fixing, and floor fixed upright installation.

UV Printing

UV printing makes neon signs more "real" looking and appealing. UV printing is an excellent choice if you want your custom sign to stand out.

Dimmer and Controller

Each remote control's colour-changing settings are controlled by three options: high-power, low-power, or varied colours. The infrared remote control (control distance up to 60 feet) and the radio frequency universal remote are two remote control controllers. Remote RF dimming modes include phase-cut front lighting (FPC) dimming, thyristor dimming, and FPC dimming.

Easy Installation

LITASIGN's neon signs are easy to mount, with pre-drilled holes and provided screw kits. The hanging kit is ideal for installing signs over shop fronts or suspended from the ceiling. Please let us know if you require hanging cables for an LED neon sign installation.

Power Plug

The LED neon sign comes with a 3.5-meter transparent chord that fits into a licensed adapter in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and the United States. If you want to order an adapter for another country, please specify this when placing your order.

Huge Selection of Send Nudes Neon Signs

Send Nudes Neon signs are perfect for bars, saloons, and other adult businesses. They will attract visitors’ attention, and the combination of these unique neon signs with other interior elements can create a great atmosphere and help you increase your sales.

Naked Lady Neon Sign

Naked Lady Neon Sign. Sure to get some attention in the room! Indulge your weird sense of humour. The bright colours on this neon sign give it a high-quality look that will please and impress.

Lady Back LED neon Sign

Open the door to a new world of enjoyable leisure activities, and adventures with this lady back led neon sign. It is constructed for easy hanging and will surely add a touch of lightness and lively atmosphere wherever placed.

Send Nudes and Tacos Neon Sign

Send Nudes and Tacos Neon Sign. Send this special style gift to a loved one for a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas, wedding or housewarming! Or keep it for your man cave or game room!

Send Nudes with Naked Lady Neon Sign

Send Nudes with Naked Lady Neon Sign. Take a playful approach with your home decor! This sign will add a playful touch to your bedroom, basement or kitchen. During the day, it will look like a regular decorative sign. But at night, when the lights are off, the Nude Lady will come to life and illuminate the room with her neon fire!

2 Color Send Nudes Neon Sign

Are you looking for a naughty gift for the special someone in your life? Liven up their office at work or make a statement in their living room by bringing this 2 color Neon sign home today.

Send Nudes Love Neon Sign

Send the right message with this neon sign featuring authentic vintage tube letters. This sign is bound for conversational bliss, so help your loved ones get their point across by sending them this "Send Nudes Love" neon sign!

Live Nudes Neon Sign

The Live Nudes Neon sign has stylish bright neon that lights up a room and makes it more unforgettable. The ladies are dancing, waving and calling you over. Signage professionals produced it with great attention to detail, top-tier craftsmanship and quality materials for a laugh-out-loud reminder in your home or bar to have a good time!

Naked Lady Sitting Neon Sign

The Naked Lady Sitting Neon Sign will shoot a hole in the darkness on any dull wall. This sign features a naked lady sitting down. It's usually dark in the nighttime, and this neon sign will light up the darkness of your home and add to its decor.

Girls Neon Sign

The classic Girls neon sign is a great way to add inspiration and fun to any space. Bring some colour and life to an old garage or man cave with this vintage sign. Whether you are chatting with buddies after a round of golf, entertaining guests at home, or just enjoying a cold beer, our Girls Girls Girls neon sign will look great anywhere.

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  • Batfide

  • Beliya

  • Franxurter

  • LittleDays

  • Marthane

  • OpenHeart

  • Random

  • Rembank

  • Rochester

  • Rusty

  • Snoorks

  • Parisienne

  • Morena

  • Neoneon

  • Amanda

  • Angelina

  • Arenq

  • Argentina

  • Blackjar

  • Blackout

  • Caviar

  • Cetary

  • Christmas

  • Geosans

  • Handw

  • Ihatcs

  • Maytra

  • Moonstar

  • Nalika

  • NeonSans

  • Ostrich-B

  • Paul

  • Pixies

  • Roustel

  • Rumpi

  • Stay Classy

  • Steelfish

  • Street

  • Super Mario

  • Thats

  • Thesignatures

  • Waterman

  • Warm White

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Golden Yellow

  • Light Orange

  • Orange

  • Light Red

  • Red

  • Water Pink

  • Light Pink

  • Deep Pink

  • Purple

  • Deep Purple

  • Deep Blue

  • Ice Blue

  • Lake Blue

  • Green

  • Deep Green

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Benefits of LITASIGN's Send Nude Neon Signs for Your Business and Projects

LITASIGN’s send nudes neon sign is the perfect addition to bars, restaurants, dart rooms and pubs, and your home or business. Send nudes neon signs are ideal for turning heads. The bright and sexy designs are eye-catching, even from far away. You can buy single neon signs or a whole collection. Businesses commonly use neon signs for advertising their products and services.

1. Complete Light Control

It comes with remote control, letting you adjust brightness, turn the lights off and on, and choose from various modes with ease. Available in a variety of fun styles and colors.

2. Appeal

A fun send nudes neon sign perfect for bars, restaurants, retail stores, and wherever else you want to bring a little humor. LITASIGN’s neon signs are energy efficient and attractively illuminate your message. Strung for simple hanging or available in-store for a custom mounting option to best fit your space.

3. Superior Lighting Quality

Make your business stand out with neon signs from us. We have a wide range of custom-designed neon signs that are affordable and can achieve superior lighting quality. We can customize the neon signs to suit you and your business’ needs as we have a more comprehensive range of colors and features you can choose from, including 5050SMD led chips that allow the signs to last longer while they remain bright.

4. Visibility

These neon signs help you communicate a message loud and clear. With our large selection of fonts, vibrant colors, and small to large size signage, including our send nudes neon sign, With these neon signs, the information is always conveyed correctly. They withstand all common weather conditions, so they will remain equally effective at providing you with visibility during the summer and winter.

5. Low Maintenance Requirement

LITASIGN offers neon signs that are composed of the finest materials. They are built to last and powered by LED lights. We guarantee you can avoid frequent maintenance. Choose our neon signs if you are looking for a sign that you can use every day. They come in various styles and brightness levels to suit your needs.

6. Affordability

LITASIGN offers reasonable cost, high-quality neon signage. Since 2015, our team has been supplying neon signs to our consumers. We manufacture neon signs in-house. Our neon signs are manufactured, designed, and sold directly to our customers. We only utilize materials and components of the most outstanding quality. We provide excellent value for money without sacrificing quality or service.

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