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welding process

Professionally Designed Silver Marquee Letters

LITASIGN has been in the business for over 8 years, offering the finest silver marquee letters at low prices. We have a diverse product line, including plastic materials, fireproof materials, etc.; Our skilled team manages the entire process, from design to manufacturing to distribution. Quality is tested at each stage following high international standards.

With a factory size of 6000 square meters and 120 professional employees, our primary focus is on inventive activity and tight quality control. All signs are UL, CE, and RoHS approved; as a result, we ensure that all letter details meet the certificate’s requirements.

Quality and Reliable Silver Marquee Letters

LITASIGN’s silver marquee letters are constructed using the highest quality materials. Our fixtures are made using high-grade metals that ensure they will last longer than many other signs. Withstand weather conditions such as excessive heat or rain, and offer a wide range of designs.

Furthermore, we provide our customers with exceptional service and support. This is why we have been able to help several businesses that have no prior experience erecting signage.


The Leading LED Signs Manufacturer in China

LITASIGN is an advanced lighting factory that combines independent research and development, production and manufacturing, sales service, and the ideal solution. As society develops, we combine the ongoing innovations in digital and production technology to look into new materials that meet the demands of our customers in terms of appearance. LITASIGN has grown to be a global force in this sector.

We take all the required procedures to complete your project, from conceptualization to the finished article. To deliver clients with expert services and unrivaled aesthetics, our in-house design team makes use of cutting-edge technology and market-leading software tools.

You dream it, we make it

Sleek & Durable Silver Marquee Letters Manufacturing Process

Plate Punching

Machine punches create a hole in the plates. The type of lighting fixture attached determines the size and location of each punch mark.


Soldering the Solid Edge

Soldering the solid edges of a joint is more reliable than soldering the hole itself. You will have a much more substantial piece of hardware that will not bend or break and will last much longer.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

 To eliminate burrs that may have formed during the painting process, polish the edges and corners of the letters. Polishing will improve the aesthetic of the marquee, as well as make it easier for you to handle the marquee by eliminating sharp burrs.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

Painting the surface of a plate allows you to create durable, attractive signs that can be easily read from a distance.


Installation of LED Bulbs

LED bulbs must be inserted into their sockets in the correct orientation. To prevent them from being damaged, use a waterproof sealant. Only LEDs that have been rated IP67 can withstand inclement weather.


Marquee Sign Packaging

 LITASIGN, an industry leader in metal marquee letters, packages its products to avoid damage during transit by focusing on the packaging phase of the exporting process.

Silver Marquee Letters by LITASIGN: What Sets Them Apart?

Silver Marquee Letters by LITASIGN is the perfect title for your next business promotion. These silver letters are sure to attract attention and turn heads, just like they did at our demo in the past couple of months. This brand has proven itself as a leader in choice lettering options, providing customers with designs that will make their message stand out above the rest.

Stylish Yet Affordable

The letter style features a modern, clean and elegant look. They are made of aluminum with a die-cast model and an ornament design that gives your signage a classy feel. Giving your business an authentic look of elegance will appeal to customers and boost brand recognition.

Easy to Install

These silver marquee letters are easy to install and position over your letters. Choose from various shapes, sizes, and styles for optimal visibility in any location.

Low Maintenance

The unique design of our letters is their low-maintenance nature. You won’t need to worry about them falling off your fence, or getting ruined by harsh weather conditions.


Silver marquee letters are the most versatile of all lettering styles. This type of display can enhance any business brand with a wide range of applications.

Low Energy Consumption

The LED light source project a variable white light correlated with ambient light conditions to provide excellent visual performance. The LED light source has a highly efficient design, consuming only 9 kWh per 8 hours of operation at full brightness.

Better Visibility

LITASIGN’s silver marquee letters and the competition is their high visibility. With a high-contrast color scheme, the letters stand out from the background of your event space.

Elegantly Constructed Silver Marquee Letters

LITASIGN believes every business should have a great sign to help spread its name and message, which is why we’ve designed our silver marquee letters. Our sleek yet elegant design reflects the importance of our products at every given opportunity.

Silver Marquee Letter A
Silver Marquee Letter B
Silver Marquee Letter C
Silver Marquee Letter D
Silver Marquee Letter E
Silver Marquee Letter F
Silver Marquee Letter G
Silver Marquee Letter H
Silver Marquee Letter I
Silver Marquee Letter J
Silver Marquee Letter K
Silver Marquee Letter L
Silver Marquee Letter M
Silver Marquee Letter N
Silver Marquee Letter O
Silver Marquee Letter P
Silver Marquee Letter Q
Silver Marquee Letter R
Silver Marquee Letter S
Silver Marquee Letter T
Silver Marquee Letter U
Silver Marquee Letter V
Silver Marquee Letter W
Silver Marquee Letter X
Silver Marquee Letter Y
Silver Marquee Letter Z

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Why Consider LITASIGN as Your Manufacturer and Supplier of Silver Marquee Letters?

 LITASIGN has been a long-time manufacturer of silver marquee letters and has gained popularity in the market. The company has been working relentlessly to gain new clients through various means. However, the most impressive means is trustworthiness. Let’s find out what makes LITASIGN unique in its business dealings and excellent customer service.

1. Capabilities

LITASIGN has a long history of providing customers with high-quality silver marquee signs. Our experienced engineers, quality control, and sales teams offer proactive advice on choosing from our extensive product line.

2. Highly Skilled Professional Team 

LITASIGN offers a skilled team of professionals. In addition, it provides documentation and instructional videos to help you start working with our product. Our experienced technical staff is always on hand to assist you if you encounter any difficulties.

3. Achievements 

LITASIGN has executed over 1,500 projects every year. Some of our most noteworthy accomplishments include the Taipei Arena Sky Screen and Harmony Times Square, the Taipei Arena, Mexico City Arena, and other venues throughout Asia.

We are certified by organizations including CE/EMC and CE/LVD standards, as well as ROHS, ETL (Electronic Equipment Lease), FCC (Federal Communications Commission), CB (Central Business Entity), IECEE (International Electrotechnical Commission on Electrical Equipment), KC (Korea Computer Emergency Response Team) and PSE (Professional Society for EMC).

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