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LITASIGN is a professional manufacturer of LED neon signs. We use durable, eco-friendly materials and the latest technology to create premium LED products for our customers. We have accumulated 6 years of experience and developed a professional R&D team to ensure that we continually improve our signs and offer the best quality products on the market.

LITASIGN is a custom product that can be tailored from the ground up to fit your needs precisely. From sign design, adhesives, substrates, and packaging, to trade show display systems, LITASIGN is an elegant solution to your needs.

Neon Sign Manufacturer & Industry Leader

LITASIGN is a leading neon sign manufacturer specializing in custom-made neon and LED signs. Our wide range of neon signs, including neon beer bar signs, medical signs, shop window signs, commercial indoor neon signs, with high quality and competitive prices. 

We place a high value on craftsmanship, which means we avoid using low-quality materials to fabricate our signs. Instead, with an eye for detail, we collaborate with only the most trustworthy and competent designers to develop our one-of-a-kind signage. In addition, our cutting-edge technology lets us make long-lasting neon signs at highly competitive pricing.


Committed to Providing Durable, Quality Neon Signs with Superior Customer Service

LITASIGN is a leader in the neon wall art and decor industry. We offer an extensive selection of products, customized options, and affordable prices that fit within any budget. In addition, our products are made with durable materials to last several years and provide excellent customer service to all clients.

Our extensive selection, affordable pricing, and superior customer service make us a trusted choice for companies of all sizes.

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Manufacturing Soccer Neon Sign: From Design to Delivery

pcb design

PCB Design

PCB design specialists have the tools necessary to assist manufacturing facilities in minimizing the occurrences of virtual soldering or off-soldering throughout the manufacturing process. Additionally, the lightweight components utilized in PCB manufacture are durable to bend and mold throughout the production process.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

After finishing PCB board testing, LITASIGN will test all sample boards equipped with LED chips. And will then move on to the next stage of production, which includes testing the raw materials used. Due to the nature of the finished product and LED-powered neon sign, LITASIGN is required to evaluate the raw materials used in manufacturing.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN owns surface mount technology (SMT) equipment that it utilizes to manufacture LED light sources for LED strip lights, LED neon flexes, and LED neon signs. These gadgets enable the company to produce 2,000 meters of LED flex per day while also mitigating a problem during the soldering process of neon signs and other products: the solder ball falling off an LED chip.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

LITASIGN LED neon signs are made of integrated virgin silicone extruded on their manufacturing equipment. These techniques enable LITASIGN to produce large quantities of waterproof and weather-resistant rapidly LED Neon strips.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

Each sample is designed and engineered to your specifications by LITASIGN. Throughout the manufacturing process, we rigorously evaluate elements such as light color, jacket color, design, LED adaptor power, plug type, and dimmer version. Mass production will begin only after you have given your final approval.

Backplate Engraving

LITASIGN can produce 200–300 LED signs each day using cutting-edge technology and a professional craftsman team to ensure perfection and no smoke or odor.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

We manufacture neon signs by hand by the original design. The capacity of neon signs to blend into the design and be visually appealing is decided by the artistry’s quality. It is mainly dedicated to our clients, who place a high premium on the quality of every sign they purchase.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

LED strip lights used in advertising displays must be aged to ensure efficiency, brightness, and defect-free operation. Therefore, the lights are left on for 12 hours as part of the testing procedure. If an issue arises during this test, it is resolved before the start of mass production.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

LITASIGN’s manufacturing process incorporates packing machinery, enabling it to create various label styles that correspond to the type of items purchased by clients. As a result, it reduces the likelihood of the outside packing being damaged during shipment.

What Makes LITASIGN a Superior Neon Sign Manufacturer?

LITASIGN's LED neon signs are manufactured with the latest LED sign production technology and materials to provide our customers with the best value. We use high-quality LEDs and acrylic to achieve a more effective bend radius than glass neon. Acrylic is more flexible than glass neon, and LITASIGN LEDs are cooler. We can offer more colour options because we employ LEDs as the light source. We are constantly developing new designs and implementing your ideas. We are always accessible to assist you before and following your purchase.

Reliable and Durable

LITASIGN's neon signs combine superior quality and durability at an affordable price. The makers employ cutting-edge technology and the traditional handicraft skills they have been practising since 2015.

Easy to Use

LITASIGN includes complete assembly and installation instructions, ensuring that you have no difficulty mounting the LED sign with crisp lines and superior design quality.

Safer to Use

LITASIGN neon signs consume a small amount of electricity and do not overheat. They are safer to use because of intensive quality control and stringent criteria for the components utilized in production.

Lightweight Design

All of our neon signs are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be lightweight, which makes installation and maintenance a breeze.


LITASIGN offers a diverse selection of neon signs crafted from the highest-quality raw materials. It is not only dazzling but also has a long life. LITASIGN can easily alter them to fit your specifications by adjusting the sizes, colours, fonts, and patterns.

Longer Warranty Period

It enables you to efficiently promote your brand and business while concentrating on market share growth. A two-year warranty covers indoor LED neon signs; a one-year warranty covers outdoor LED neon signs. In the event of a problem, neon signs will be replaced free of charge as long as the issue occurs within the warranty period.

Short Production and Shipping Time

Neon signs are typically produced in 5-7 days and shipped via international priority express delivery in 4-6 days. If your order is urgent, delivery will take two days. As a result, your order will be delivered in approximately 11–13 days.

Double Protection Technology

Double Protection technology ensures that even if a breakdown happens in any section of the neon sign, such as a broken PCB, the neon sign continues to function normally.


LITASIGN's energy-efficient LED neon signs include a one-of-a-kind and innovative design that enables more vibrant colour, stable brightness, and lower power consumption.

All Kinds of Neon Signs Designed and Manufactured to Suit Your Business and Event Requirements

Custom Neon Signs are our speciality. Our trained neon sign builders can create any form of custom neon sign to meet your company’s requirements. Additionally, we provide a wide range of indoor/outdoor business signs built of high-quality materials to ensure their longevity, flexibility, and efficiency.

Soccer Ball Neon Sign

A soccer ball neon sign creates the perfect atmosphere for a sports bar or cafe. Comes with an easy-to-use on/off switch and power cord. Use included mounting chain to hang up in windows or from ceilings. It would also look great as part of a collection with other signs. The neon light is durable and vivid even in daylight.

Modelo Especial Soccer Neon Sign
Modelo Especial Soccer Neon Sign

The Modelo Especial Soccer Neon Sign is the ultimate for your home or bar. The sign is made up of bright silicone tubing that is hand bent and takes many hours to create. Impress your friends, family, and guests with this great sign while cheering on your favourite team!

Heineken Soccer Neon Sign

The perfect gift for any sports fan! Add international appeal to your sports bar or man cave with the Heineken Soccer Neon Sign. This gorgeous sign is crafted of high-quality materials and features a professional design that will have your patrons order a cold one in no time.

Corona Soccer Neon Sign

Bring the ball to your wall with our Corona Soccer Neon Sign if you love the world's most fantastic sport. Inspired by vintage soccer balls, this sign is handcrafted with real neon. It promises fun times with friends, cold beers, and good games. Run it on a dimmer to pick your favourite colour mode: warm white, green and yellow, or alternating between them.

Miller Lite Soccer Neon Sign

This Miller Lite Soccer Neon Sign is a throwback to the good ole days when neon was cool and Miller. Lite was the beer with great taste. The sign features a frosted soccer ball and the classic Miller Lite logo. The timeless design will look fantastic in your game room, garage or man cave and provide you with many years of enjoyment.

Guinness Soccer Neon Sign

Show your pride for Ireland on a bar or game room wall with this Guinness Soccer Neon Sign. The neon is securely mounted to the metal sign and plugs into any regular outlet to give your home space some extra energy.

Michelob Ultra Soccer Neon Sign

This Michelob Ultra Soccer neon sign has a few rare features; it is a highly versatile neon sign that will work in different settings. Its feel is classic, not overbearing. It's perfect for a small or medium-sized room or establishment's interior or as an exterior wall display. It is the real thing, a true neon sign and not just binge lights in the shape of a neon sign.

soccer ball and shoe neon sign
Soccer Ball & Shoes Neon Sign

Soccer Ball & Shoes Neon Sign adds a pop of color and a touch of glamour to your space. Handcrafted with pure silicone, this fixture features a striped soccer ball and shoe design perfect for your game room, man cave or bedroom. The glowing neon creates a warm, soothing mood that can help you relax after a long day.

Blazing Soccer Ball Neon Sign

Feet on the ground, head to the sky with this blazing soccer ball neon sign. If you are a fan of America's sport, the perfect collectable, soccer neon signs are a great way to decorate your home bar or game room.

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Wrigley Filed Neon Sign

Fans of the Cubs will love having this neon sign on display as a tribute to the historic Wrigley Field. The neon sign is also great for any sports fan, and neon lights add a nice touch to any decor.


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Different Customization Options to Enhance Your Customized Neon Sign

Make your customized neon sign even more unique with these added customization options. Select a wall mount to keep it easily visible on your wall and customize the shape of your sign’s border to fit in well with your specific environment. Your personalized neon sign will enhance any space you put it in.

1. Size

The height of each design is determined by the typeface and amount of lines of text used in the neon signage. The dimensions of your sign can be provided to us, and we will make sure that it fits in the location you have selected for it.

2. Text and Fonts

You may design your neon sign with the help of our online sign creator. Create or upload a logo image with a single line of text. To acquire a price for additional lines of text or a different design, please get in touch.

3. Neon Sign Color 

22 neon light colors are available from LITASIGN. It is available in various hues ranging from warm white to lemon yellow to golden yellow to orange to red to pink to purple to ice blue to green. If you have any queries or want to place an RGB neon sign order, please feel free to contact us.

4. Dimmer and Controller

High-power, low-power, and colored remote controls fall under the same fading category. Infrared remote control and RF wireless controllers are the two types of remote control controllers; Frontier Phase-Cut (FPC) dimming, thyristor dimming, and FPC dimming are the most prevalent techniques.

5. Packing Style

Our neon signs’ backboards are made of acrylic, which is the material of choice for us. To create a sign, we can use acrylic that has been cut into letters, squares, or shapes. Acrylic boxes can be packed for shipment if you’d like. Acrylic stands and boxes are also available.

6. Power Plug

The LED neon sign can be plugged into a European, British, Australian, or North American outlet using an approved converter. Specify whether you need an adaptor for another country when you order.

7. Indoor and Outdoor Usage

LITASIGN’s neon signs are IP65 rated for both indoor and outdoor use. The lights have a beautiful effect when used indoors. Rain or sprinkling from the outside isn’t a problem because the product is waterproof.

8. Installation Methods

Installations might be very different from one another. You can place the sign on the floor or hang it on a wall. Another type is mounted, while another is dangling from a grid or hanging from the ceiling.

9. UV Printing

LITASIGN provides a UV printing solution that enhances the signs’ realism and beauty when illuminated by the light. Using the UV printing process, each sign is given a natural glow effect while the colors remain vibrant over time.

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