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LITASIGN is Dedicated to Providing You with Quality Products and Services

LITASIGN, a leading manufacturer of bespoke neon signs, is committed to offering high-quality goods and services. We have built a team of product designers and developers who employ cutting-edge technology to deliver the best results for our clients. We strive to please our customers, from helping you design your neon signs to creating a bespoke production line. Our goal is to build long-term connections that provide value to each project.

LITASIGN’s flexible processing line provides innovative products and excellent service, in-house design and manufacture, quality assurance, and product testing.

Professional Designer and QA, High Quality and Modern Design

LITASIGN is a group of designers and QA who are hard-working and professional. Prime concerns for us are always the high quality and great design. LITASIGN products are original and in line with this concept. Our lights can be used in a large or small project and can design led neon lights to your desire or requirements.

LITASIGN products are designed and made to satisfy our customers; professional artistry, good quality, and modern design are the strengths of our neon lights. We can make the light to your design and requirements; we are happy to help you illuminate your idea.


LITASIGN - Your Customized Neon Sign Solution

LITASIGN neon signs are hand-made with customers’ needs in mind. Our innovative technology lets you create and order the brightest personalized neon sign at an affordable price and deliver it to your doorstep. Whether you want to light up your business space or plan to start a bar, restaurant, game room, billiard house, garage, or just want some neon decor, LITASIGN is the right choice.

With our wide selection of fun, bright, and colorful signs and designs, LITASIGN makes it easy to customize your very own custom neon signs for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for home decor, garage signs, poker room signs, or a statement piece for your event – we can help you light up the night with a personalized neon sign that gets you noticed!

You dream it, we make it

LITASIGN's One-stop Production Process of High-Quality Sports Neon Signs

pcb design

PCB Design

With cutting-edge computer systems, LED neon flex circuit designs are created by experts. Before making the neon sign, the correct PCB size is determined.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

For further testing, LITASIGN will manufacture one LED chip sample. Raw materials must be tested for quality to produce LED neon signs efficiently. Before going on to the next step, the QC department ensures that all LED neon light PCB boards are the highest quality. It also provides the required level of quality in the final output.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN employs the most advanced SMT production line, which has a high production rate, high efficiency, and high precision, among other characteristics. This method ensures the high quality of the LED chips patch. Virtual soldering and off-soldering of LED chips are now possible thanks to the company’s own SMT processing equipment.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

Professional workers and a high-quality silicone extruder must be used to complete this critical virgin silicone LED flex extrusion technique. LITASIGN uses silicone extruders to produce neon signs of the best possible quality.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

LITASIGN focuses on the LED sign’s design. All details, including the light color, jacket color, design, LED adaptor power, plug type, and dimmer version, will be examined adequately during the product design. The sign cannot be submitted to production until the final approval. Finally, you will get precisely what you purchased from LITASIGN.

Backplate Engraving

Professionals use an engraving machine to groove the acrylic backplate for the neon flex strips. Neon signs are carved precisely, rapidly, and without smoke or smell; various engraving machine settings cut different backing materials. It preserves the cut’s efficiency and precision while reducing waste.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

All neon signs are made by skilled artisans with over 5 years of expertise, following conventional export requirements. They cut flex strips to the size of neon sign designs. The neon flex stipe is then assembled. Determining how well they blend with the original design and how appealing they are.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

LITASIGN ages the neon signs 24 hours before shipping to ensure brightness stability and longevity. A one-hour aging period follows the hand test to reduce manufacturing mistakes. Virtual soldering errors with LED chips and PCBs can be detected considerably earlier.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

To save money on shipping, all shipments are personalized. The packaging is appropriate in size and neatness; all boxes are composed of a 10mm honeycomb paper board for extra strength and shipping safety. We safeguard the box by repacking it with paper corner protectors. For drop-shipping, we may personalize the packaging with your branding, which can help you boost your brand’s impact.

LITASIGN's Sports Neon Sign is Your Best Choice. Here's why:

As a successful sports neon sign manufacturer, LITASIGN acknowledges that its success is about customer service and satisfaction as product sales. We take this commitment to heart and strive to produce industry-leading customer service. Our professional-grade neon signs are vital, durable, and impressive, and if you require vintage direct-mouthed neon signs or anything in between, we can offer solutions to fit your needs.

Integrated LED Neon Flex

As a result of the LED neon flex, the sign appears more colorful. There will be no problems with the jacket coming off or the acrylic on the embedded LED neon sign deforming.

High-Quality Virgin Silicone Jackets

Virgin silicone jackets are far superior to those made of PVC or synthetic silicone. As a result, it is resistant to yellowing and the effects of time. It's risk-free to utilize this.

Double Protection Technology

The central piece of the sign may fail to owe to an improperly installed PCB, but the whole neon sign will continue to function normally.

Improved LED Neon Flex

The LED neon flex is protected by a unique PET film, which allows you to adapt any form for your customers without sacrificing the LED sign's illumination quality.

Branded Acrylic Backboard

LITASIGN uses an acrylic backboard from a Taiwan joint-stock company, which is more precise and durable than the PS or PVC board currently available on the market. It has more excellent scratch resistance and is less likely to yellow than other types of plastic.

High-Quality Power Supply

LITASIGN is equipped with a power supply that is CE, ROHS, FCC, UL, CUL, C-tick, PSE, and KC certified. It has a high transition efficiency, and it meets the import regulations of any country while also saving on energy consumption.

More Attracted Lighting

When high-brightness, low-light decay LED chips are paired with a high-light transmittance silicone jacket, the result is a more visually appealing product in any context.

High Quality Accessories

Stainless steel advertising screws and hanging ropes are used in the production of advertisements. Unlike plastic or iron, these materials will not rust and will last for a more extended period. Even though the sign has been in use for a lengthy period, it will appear brand new. It ensures that your installation is always in a safe state of operation.

Well-Fitting Packaging

A range of neon sign sizes was used to create personalized compact packaging. It can save you a significant amount of money on shipping and will be more neat and clean than handcrafted goods, among other benefits.

Dedicated to Quality Sports Neon Signs

LITASIGN’s focus on quality and the commitment to customer service has made us a top provider of sports-themed neon signs. Whether you manage a sports bar and want to wow your customers or are hunting for the perfect gift for a fan or player, our signs remind everyone that you care about quality.

Basketball Neon Signs

Make your business stand out with Basketball Neon Signs for wall decoration, perfect for bar, Diner, man cave, pool room, garage, etc. Brighten up a space with colorful, attractive Basketball Neon Signs.

Football Neon Signs

Light up your man cave with this fun, stylish Football Neon sign. LED neon makes it long-lasting, energy-efficient, and safe to touch. It will surely be a conversation starter no matter where it is placed!

Soccer Neon Signs

Bring the fun and excitement of soccer to your sports bar, restaurant, or business with unique and affordable soccer neon signs and led signs. We’ve got every kind of soccer sign you could ever need, whether you want to represent a specific league like FIFA or show off your favorite team entirely personally and one-of-a-kind.

Baseball Neon Signs

Whether it is your man cave or your very own sports bar, these neon signs are a great way to show support for your favorite team—the Baseball Neon Signs Bring Alive Classic Baseball Memories.

Boxing Neon Signs

Boxing Neon Signs is a kind of excellent lighting for your homes, bars, shops, and gaming zones. It has bright color, is eye-catching and good looking. The fantastic, bright color illuminates the room and adds charm to your rooms. If you are fond of boxing, this perfect sign will make you feel fabulous.

Golf Neon Signs

This Golf Neon sign is attractive enough to put in a shop window or on a wall. It's made for indoor use only and has a convenient on and off switch at the top. Be sure to light up your business or home with one of our many neon signs.

Hockey Neon Signs

Hockey Neon Signs is a decorative sign perfect for your home, bar, or game room. This neon sign will be directly wired in. You can direct wire the neon to the wall or get a universal power transformer to display the neon sign in any room and plug it into any outlet. The universal power transformer is optional and not included in the purchase.

Surf Neon Signs

This Surf Neon Sign will look great in any room, shop, or office. It's the perfect size to add some of your styles: retro, indie, or urban. Whether for your man cave, garage, or game room at home, brighten up your workspace or storefront window with this neon sign - your business will certainly stand out!

Billiards Neon Signs

Billiards neon sign is perfect for your pool room. It's a beautiful neon sign; let it work for you as a fantastic addition to your business. The neon sign is used as a logical and emotional purchase tool that is cost-efficient, long-lasting, and highly effective. Make your business stand out with our neon signs.

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Why Choose A Sport Neon Sign from LITASIGN?

LITASIGN is a reputed company engaged in manufacturing and trading the best quality Neon Sign and other related products. We offer a variety of neon signs like sports signs, advertising neon signs, shop neon signs, commercial signage, etcetera. Each of our customized Neon Signs is made using the latest technology with safe and secure features and various attractive designs.

1. Inexpensive Costs

For the most economical and competitive LED neon sign marker in China, go no further than LITASIGN!

2. Durability 

Lighting with LEDs is often lighter and more durable than traditional neon lighting. LEDs are less prone to be damaged because of their silicone coats. In addition, they may be dimmed and don’t use much power.

3. Efficient Use of Energy

Event neon signs from LITASIGN use less power, are more cost-effective, and are better for the environment. Using less energy than glass neon means saving money on your electric bill. To power the LED neon signs, 12 volts is all that is required. There’s no need to stress over the yearly electric bill.

4. Safety

Acrylic and LED are used to make LITASIGN event neon signage. You won’t have to worry about our event neon signs overheating because of the LED lights.

5. Easy To Install

A pre-drilled hole in the back of each of LITASIGN’s event neon signs makes it simple to hang or place the sign on a wall or other surface.

6. Lightweight

LITASIGN has a wide variety of neon signs for events. Our goods are easy to carry for weddings, home decor, parties and present unique ideas.

7. Environmentally Friendly

LITASIGN’s event neon signs are both ecologically friendly and helpful in the immediate and long-term. Repurposing damaged LED neon signs to make new ones is positive for the environment. On the other hand, they contribute to environmental protection because they use less energy. The less electricity is used, the less carbon dioxide is emitted.

8. Create Special Impression

The use of neon signs can enhance an event’s lighting. They help to create a more evocative and enveloping environment. The same logo or language on event neon signs can be used to transform the venue’s ambiance from day tonight.

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