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At LITASIGN, we are committed to manufacturing and exporting top-quality tin light-up letters. Our unique manufacturing facilities enable us to provide customized tin light-up signs that adhere to your design requirements and the highest quality control standards. We have 6 years of experience producing and exporting our tin light-up letters worldwide, with no less than 120 staff in our well-equipped factory with an area of 6,000 sqm.

Quick communication, fast production, shipping, and professional tin marquee lettering design, make LITASIGN a reliable partner for your project.

Quality Products, Good Price and Best Service

LITASIGN is committed to integrating independent research and development, production and manufacturing, and sales services. The core competence is to take advantage of digital technology and production techniques to study and develop new material that meets your visual requirements.

After years of effort, we successfully developed many excellent products in different categories, such as indoor/outdoor light-up signs, LED neon signs, etc. We are full of confidence in the prospects for our company based on our continuous innovation in product quality and service capabilities.


Professional and Reliable Tin Light-Up Letters By LITASIGN

LITASIGN’s tin light-up letters are constructed using the highest quality materials, ensuring that they will live longer than many other signages. We ensure that we produce our tin light-up letters using only the highest quality materials so they can weather rain and sun without holes or rips. Additionally, we provide a variety of designs to help save you time when creating your new signage.

LITASIGN offers quick-to-assemble tin light-up letters that require no prior experience in erecting signage. Making it perfect for businesses that want to install their marketing materials quickly.

You dream it, we make it

State-of-the-art Construction of Tin Light-Up Letters


Hole Punching

Punching machines create a hole in the tin plate filled with a light-emitting diode (LED) bulb. The amount and location of the hole are based on the type of LED lamp inserted into the tin plate.


Soldering the Solid Edge

Soldering together the solid edges of a piece of hardware will make it much more robust. Ensuring a part of much more powerful hardware that will not bend or break as easily.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

To remove any sharp burrs that may have formed during the printing process, polish the edges and corners of the letters. It improves the aesthetic of the marquee and makes it easier to handle.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

Painting the surface of a plate makes it possible to create a marquee sign that is both durable and attractive.


Installation of LED Bulbs

LED bulbs must be inserted into their sockets in the correct orientation. In addition, they need to be treated with a waterproof sealant if used outside. Finally, LEDs should carry the rating IP67, meaning they can handle inclement weather.


Tin Light-Up Letter Packaging

LITASIGN, a marquee signage exporter, ensures that its tin marquee letters are protected during transit by focusing on the packaging step of the exporting process.

How Do Tin Light-Up Letters from LITASIGN Benefit You?

Light-up letters are a great way to advertise and attract your business or brand attention. People will likely notice light-up letters placed outdoors in front of a store or building due to the flashier nature of the lights compared to other signs. The numerous benefits of using Tin Light-Up Letters from LITASIGN for you are:


LITASIGN's tin light-up letters allow you to display messages or logos. It is easy to change and rearrange the letters, and you can customize them according to your needs.


LITASIGN's tin light-up letters are made of raw materials that ensure they are very strong, light in weight, and high quality. This makes them resistant to weather changes and thus suited for indoor and outdoor use.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

The light-up letters produced by LITASIGN are made of durable material that should last for their entire lifetime. Therefore, you will only need regular checks and services to ensure that the parts continue to work well.

Simple To Setup

LITASIGN allows you to install its pre-assembled tin light-up letters without engaging a technician since it is easy. Furthermore, LITASIGN provides a manual to guide you in installing its tin light-up letters.


LITASIGN's tin light-up letters use large, bold lettering for advertising a business or event to all passersby. This makes it easy for a business owner to control what is displayed, thus reaching a large audience.


The best thing about LITASIGN's light-up tin letters is that they can be reused many times, thus saving you money. It is also easy to change them at no additional cost.

Stylish Tin Light-Up Letters By LITASIGN

LITASIGN are tin light-up letters that can create numerous designs. They provide a unique way of enhancing any space. They would be ideal for businesses wishing to display their name/branding in an original and eye-catching manner.

Love Tin Light-Up Letters

The perfect wedding or housewarming gift, the Love Tin Light-Up Letters will add a special touch to any bedroom or office. Add a thoughtful and personal touch to their room by displaying one of our many inspirational messages, or personalize the tin with your message.

Bar Tin Light-Up Letters

Whether you're offering a drink or hosting a party, the Bar Tin Light-Up Letters are a fun addition to your barware collection. The letters are easy to affix and use; simply turn on the light switch and place them wherever you please! These letters make a great gift for your hostess or bartender. 

Joy Tin Light-Up Letters

The Joy Tin Light-Up Letters are a well-made decorative product that will add life to your current décor. These letters are perfect for any wall, mantle, or mantel in your home.

Alphabets Tin Light-Up

Illuminate your wall with this tin light-up. The delicate alphabet letters, as well as the decorative swirls and dots pattern, create a beautiful canvas for the candlelight to shine through. This cute piece is a must-have for any room that needs a little more elegance. It works especially well in nurseries and bedrooms.

Beer Tin Light-Up Letters

These beer can light-up letters are great for your next party or just to add some fun in the man cave. They come with everything you'll need and they're easy to install.

BBQ Tin Light-Up Letters

These BBQ Tin Light-Up Letters are a fun way to add more ambiance! Included in the set is a tile in the shape of a classic BBQ grill with matching lettering to spell out any word you want.

Holiday Tin Light-Up Letters

Enjoy a little lighthearted fun this holiday season with our Holiday Tin Light-Up Letters. Made of sturdy tin, these letters are sure to brighten any home. Put them on display from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve for a special treat that lasts all season long.

Open Tin Light-Up Letters

These Light-Up Letters boast a beautiful vintage look. Each letter has a metal casing with a glass front and features an LED lighting system. Each letter comes in its own open tin, which serves as the perfect storage container for the letters.

Custom Tin Light-Up Letters

Add your own personal twist to any room with the Custom Tin Light-Up Letters. These metal letters can be displayed in any craft room, kid's room, or living room, making it easy to express yourself in a stylish way. The letters are designed to be mounted on the wall, but you can also stand them on your desk or mantelpiece to create a focal point where you need them most.

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Plastic Marquee Letters

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Acrylic Marquee Letters

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Galvanized Light-Up Letters

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Wooden Marquee Letters

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Foam Marquee Letters

Foam Marquee letters are an easy way to get your message noticed. These letters can be used as a large sign to attract attention or simply as an elegant finishing touch to any room.


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Indoor Marquee Sign

The Indoor Marquee Sign has a stylish modern look perfect for any event, wedding, party or celebration. This marquee sign is made from durable materials, durable, weather-resistant and sturdy enough to withstand windy conditions.


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Outdoor Marquee Signs

Outdoor marquee signs are used to display your messages in various ways. These signs help spread a brand name, sell products or services and provide direction. An outdoor marquee sign like this can be used indoors. They are used widely with LED lighting to be seen even at night.


Price from $200.00

Top 4 Reasons To Install Tin Marquee Letters To Your Business Or Establishment

People are rediscovering the vintage charm of tin marquee letters as they are currently seeing a resurgence in popularity. If there is any question as to why you would want such letters, here is the answer. Here are the top 4 justifications for why investing in a marquee sign is a brilliant idea.

1. Excellent Settings, Create Excellent Memories

Good service and atmosphere are key to giving people a memorable experience. Personalize a business to make it pleasant, inviting, and comfortable.

Our high-quality tin light-up letter has endless business uses. Your product will be unique for customers. Customize your original idea. We offer rust treatments, powder coat paint colors, and a clear coat.

2. Something to Remember in an Establishment

With colorful typefaces, it will be easy to remember a business. If an establishment needs a smaller, cozier sign, have no fear; the flashing lights of our tin light-up letters are just as captivating. You can trust that our light bulbs are safe because they are UL-listed. They are also available in standard, round, and even colorful varieties.

3. Create a Strong Brand Trademark

From restaurants to distilleries, every business requires a trademark to help customers remember them. Outdoor tin light-up signs may scream a business’s name to the globe while keeping it visible at night when customers seek a relaxing evening activity. A brand must last. Thus we ensure that each tin light-up letter is as resilient as possible.

Installation is as simple as putting the bulbs and sockets into place and plugging the product into an outlet. Freestanding tin illuminated letter lights are also more apparent to pedestrians. Therefore we can incorporate bases into your sign to make it stand.

4. Always the Center of Attention

Because events provide additional awareness, restaurateurs and hotels must always book their establishments for events. Of course, it must be documented when an event is held in a venue. Our illuminated tin letters can undoubtedly help with that.

Imagine a tin light-up letter as the highlight of an event, all you event planners out there. Spell out “love” or “forever” during weddings or the celebrant’s name at birthday parties! These illuminated tin letters will ensure that no one forgets the event’s purpose.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Tin Light Up Letters


Do you want to get tin light-up letters but aren’t sure where to begin? Perhaps you’ve already purchased your initials and are unsure how to care for them. Maybe you’re still undecided about which ones look best or how to install them. If that’s the case, keep reading. The Tin Light Up Letters Ultimate FAQ Guide will answer all your questions. These popular displays provide you with the knowledge to decide which one is right for you.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Tin Light Up Letters?

Tin light-up letters are eye-catching and make for an excellent way to add colorful art to any space. The construction of light-up tin letters is durable, so you don’t have to worry about any damage from handling or movement over time. You can enjoy them on a wall or create a backdrop on the floor. These tin lights are weather-resistant steel and have a led bulb in them.

Figure 1 - Tin Light Up Letters

2. How Does a Tin Light Up Letters Work?

Traditionally, tin light-up letters have been used to illuminate the name of a business or play. Modern uses include publicizing films and theatrical productions. Each sign is made with a 7/8 in. depth for single-sided signs and 12 inches for double-sided signs. The retainer that holds the letters onto the sign face has hinges to access the bulbs and mounting points easily.

In addition, each tin marquee sign comes equipped with UL-listed electrical components that come with manufacturer warranties. A wire way cover, an exterior safety switch, and a single 3-wire pigtail are ready to connect to your 120V power source.

3. Do Tin Marquee Sign Require Power?

Yes, tin light-up letters are wired and require a connection to a power source to function correctly. Extension cables may be used to connect them as needed.

4. What Are the Factors to Consider When Selecting a Tin Light Up Letters?

The following are some factors to consider while choosing tin light up letters:

  • Viewing Range
  • Preferred Placement Type
  • Lifespan
  • Is it weather-resistant?
  • It’s a guarantee/warranty.
  • Options for personalization

5. How Do You Make a Tin Marquee Signs?

Step 1: Using machine tools, punch a suitable hole in the full sheet of tin plate, based on the size of the LEDs to establish the aperture.

Step 2: After punching the hole, weld the plate’s solid edge.

Step 3: Polish the edges and corners of the letters to eliminate burrs.

Step 4: Paint the surface of the plate.

Step 5: Install LED bulbs in the proper holes.

6. What Colors of Bulb Are Available for the Tin Light Up Letters?

The bulb is available in various colors. The most commonly used and favored color is warm white (dimmable). Other options include cold white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, or green light for your convenience. In addition, each letter of the event has an RGB lamp.

Tin Light Up Letters LED-Bulb Color Ortions
Figure 2 - Tin Light Up Letters LED-Bulb Color Options

7. If the Tin Light Up Letters' Bulb Burns Out or Breaks, Can I Replace It?

Yes. Simply unscrew the bulb from the base of the Tin Light Up Letters, and replace it with a new one.

8. Do the Tin Light Up Letters have a PAT Test?

Yes. It is standard practice to conduct a PAT test on electrical equipment before using it. It protects both the user and the venue from electrical accidents. LITASIGN’s tin light-up letters have passed a PAT test, so they are safe to use.

9. Do the Tin Marquee Letters' Bulbs Get Hot?

Our tin marquee letters contain bulbs that do not get hot, although they can be warm to the touch. The bulbs are safely housed within the letter to be ideal for any occasion.

10. Are the Tin Marquee Letters Weatherproof?

The tin marquee letters can withstand outdoor elements. However, it is not recommended to use them in poor conditions like high winds, thunderstorms, heavy rain or hail, snow, or sleet.

11. What  Factors Determines Tin Light Up Letters Cost?

The following factors have involved the pricing of tin light up letters:

  1. The number of letters and the design you choose
  2. The type of bulbs you choose
  3. Your indoor or outdoor event’s location.

12. Can the Tin Light Up Letters be Customized?

Yes. LITASIGN provides a wide range of options for tin light up letters, including a variety of fonts, colors, materials, and sizes.

13. Are Tin Marquee Letter Durable?

Yes, our marquee letters are built to last. They’re constructed from high-quality materials and finished with excellent craftsmanship. We also offer a one-year warranty covering LED and power supply failures.

14. What is Your Payment Methods for Tin Marquee Letters?

  • PayPal

  • Western Union

  • Telegraphic

  • Transfers

  • Alibaba

  • Other payment methods.

15. Is a Deposit Required Prior to the Production of Tin Marquee Letters?

Because each product is custom-made, all orders require a deposit. For small orders, the deposit is 100% TT; for large orders, 50% of the deposit is required upfront, and the remaining 50% will be due before delivery.

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