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LITASIGN: A Manufacturer of Highly Efficient Travel Neon Signs

LITASIGN is a renowned neon signs manufacturer in China with over 6 years of experience in the industry. Skilled workers, technicians, and designers work together to manufacture highly efficient neon signs that are beautiful, practical, and cost-effective. Currently, we supply many worldwide customers, including hotel chains, worldwide department stores, large international exhibitions, and public places. 

LITASIGN offers good quality and durable neon signs. Due to the reasonable price and significant effects, our neon signs are popular among local business people. In addition to the domestic market, our products can be exported worldwide.

Manufacturer of Neon Signs with a 100% Quality Assurance

LITASIGN constantly innovates to be at the forefront of research and development to ensure the quality of the neon signs. The development team closely follows the latest innovations and trends in the market; we strive to find new ways to make the neon signs better meet customer needs.

LITASIGN offers unique designs and competitive pricing for wholesale neon sign businesses. Our experienced engineers, quality control specialists, and talented craftspeople work together to produce a wide variety of custom signs at the lowest prices in the industry.


Professionally Customized Neon Signs

Quality is the foundation of LITASIGN. Our neon sign’s quality and service are always at your service! We have established ourselves as one of the leading neon signs manufacturers worldwide. With our no-compromise attitude, we have built a good reputation in the international market since 2015.

Our objective is to be the best neon sign manufacturer globally, which ensures that doing business with us will always be a satisfying and memorable experience. You can rely on our expertise. We know that when customers and LITASIGN work collaboratively, amazing things happen.

You dream it, we make it

The Reliable Travel Neon Sign Manufacturing Process

pcb design

PCB Design

Our objective is to be the best neon sign manufacturer globally, which ensures that doing business with us will always be a satisfying and memorable experience. You can rely on our expertise. We know that when customers and LITASIGN work collaboratively, amazing things happen.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

Because LED neon light PCB boards are critical components of neon signs, the quality control department guarantees that they are of high quality before moving on to the following procedure.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN employs the most sophisticated SMT machine available, with high speed, high efficiency, and high accuracy. A patch was created to ensure that the LED chips were excellent quality.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

The success of this essential extrusion procedure is dependent on the ability of the personnel and the quality of the silicone extruder. LITASIGN offers the highest possible quality in neon signs through silicone extruders.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

Our design team visualizes the final product using innovative 3D design technologies before being mounted on the backboard. As a result, they can exactly match their customers’ designs, styles, and colors while eliminating any possibility of error.

Backplate Engraving

An engraving machine is used to groove the backplate of the acrylic backboard, which allows trained employees to position the neon flex strips on it. By grooving the backboard, it is possible to reduce the amount of waste produced by the neon flex strip.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

Highly skilled professionals with exquisite craftsmanship measure the design of neon signs and cut flex strips following the measurements. After that, they attach the neon flex stipe to the appropriate accessories.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

Using an 8-hour burn cycle on each neon sign, we verify that the brightness and durability of the finished goods are stable before they are packaged. To maintain zero production error, they monitor several quality factors during this process.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

During the exporting process, neon sign packages are loaded and unloaded from trucks several times. As a result, LITASIGN devotes additional attention to the packaging process to maintain a zero-damage rate.

Why Choose LITASIGN Travel Neon Sign?

If you're looking for travel neon signs, there are various things to think about. It may be challenging to identify the proper manufacturer to get the best deal on high-quality signs at a reasonable price. Consider a few reasons why LITASIGN Travel Neon Sign is a wise investment. Highlighted below are a few of them.

Custom Designs

Have a great idea for a bespoke travel neon sign? Professional designers and engineers at LITASIGN will work with you to create a unique design. If you need custom indoor neon signs in various sizes and configurations, our sign makers can satisfy your needs.

Energy and Cost-Effecient

LITASIGN's custom travel neon signs are an eye-catching alternative to traditional advertising media. Additionally, LITASIGN's travel neon signs consume relatively little electricity, lowering the power supply cost. Due to the low power consumption, travel neon signs have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours, making them a more secure and prudent investment.


LITASIGN's travel neon signs are available in various materials and technological techniques. These materials and procedures contribute to our custom indoor neon signs' strength, lightness, and portability. It enables them to resist various weather conditions while maintaining their aesthetic appeal.

Low Maintenance Cost

Apart from the low price, wholesalers choose to purchase custom indoor neon signs from LITASIGN due to their ease of maintenance. The materials utilized are incredibly durable, which reduces the expense of periodic maintenance replacement.

Unique Display of Contents

LITASIGN travel neon signs are an efficient method of displaying information in the most visible location feasible. You can put any message or data and tailor their appearance to your specifications.

One - Stop Production

LITASIGN has been manufacturing custom neon signs for six years and continues to produce flawless goods. We offer a one-stop-shop for manufacturing, from raw materials to finished products, and quick delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. Whatever we manufacture, we always strive to provide that our consumers are delighted.


Indoor LED neon signs are warrantied for two years, while outdoor LED neon signs warrant one year. If an item is damaged, we will promptly replace it with a new one using our shipping and import VAT.

Supply Capacity

LITASIGN employs 50 people experienced in hand-crafted signs and has a daily manufacturing capacity of more than 500 pieces. Additionally, we have a complete set of silicone extrusion equipment, allowing us to meet the capacity requirements of big volume orders.

Affordable Price

Purchase your travel neon signs straight from the factory. Direct from the factory, customizable products at wholesale pricing. Products tailored to your specific requirements offer the highest quality at the most competitive price. LITASIGN can offer our customers lower pricing since we ship in large quantities, which minimizes the company's operating costs.

LITASIGN's Broad Collection of Neon Travel Signs

LITASIGN’s broad collection of neon travel signs provides the ultimate in retro advertising. Whether you have a country store or a vintage vehicle to promote, our signs are the perfect way to turn heads and let your business be seen in the distance.

Enjoy The Journey Neon Sign

This enjoyable neon sign will light up your living room, bedroom, or garage, whether you're on a road trip with friends or just taking the scenic route home. A fantastic gift for anyone who enjoys life's journey and appreciates the journey, not just the destination.

Mountain Neon Sign

With this classic Mountain Neon Sign, you'll be a hit in any den, garage, bar, or shop. This neon sign features sharp lines and an excellent, brushed steel finish to add some western style to your decor.

To Travel Is To Live Neon Sign

This original To Travel Is To Live Neon Sign is a beautiful addition to any home. This high-end decorative sign has been crafted in a rustic style out of durable materials to ensure long-lasting use.

Plane Window View Neon Sign

Turn any windows into an airplane window view with the Plane Window View Neon Sign. This neon sign is perfect for boarding rooms, pilot lounges, and more. It is easy to decorate your space and fills any room with fun.

Airplane Neon Sign

Every pilot needs an Airplane Neon Sign in their hangar or office; This airplane sign is perfect for the aviation enthusiast or pilot. It adds an authentic feel to any decor. An ultra-realistic 3D airplane design and eye-catching colors will make this plane sign stand out from all the rest!

Travel Map Neon Sign

Travel Map, perfect for hanging on any wall. This holiday season, spread cheer and nostalgia as you decorate with this vibrant neon sign. Vibrant colors make this piece a great centerpiece in any room or office.

Paris Eiffel Tower Neon Sign

Add a touch of whimsy to your home or garden with this beautifully detailed replica of the Parisian landmark. Crafted from metal and coated in crackled paint, this sign offers the most realistic representation of the Eiffel Tower at night, complete with neon effects. From a distance, this sign appears to be nothing more than an exciting sculpture - but upon closer inspection, you'll see the details, color, and style that bring it to life.

Globe Neon Sign

The Globe Neon Sign creates a stylish ambiance in your home and is an excellent addition to any restaurant, bar, or pub. The striking features of the sign and its impressive lighting effects create a trendy aura that can complement your home's interior or exterior design.

Traveler Neon Sign

The Traveler Neon Sign is probably the ideal sign that you can use in your home to provide your visitors with valuable information. Numerous individuals have considered the chance to buy this excellent sign. Different goods have the same kind of design for this kind of neon sign.

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The Travel Neon Signs by LITASIGN Have the Following Benefits:

LITASIGN is a manufacturer of high-quality, long-lasting neon signs, working closely with clients to ensure that every element of each product is excellent. We go to considerable efforts to deliver a high-quality product, from superior packing to a faultless finish. These are the most distinguishing characteristics of LITASIGN’s Travel Neon Signs.

1. Integrated LED Neon Flex

LITASIGN’s travel neon signs are constructed with integrated LED neon flex to aid in cooling. There are no concerns about the jacket collapsing or the acrylic deforming, as is the case with typical neon signs.

2. Virgin Silicone Jackets of Superior Quality

In comparison to PVC or synthetic silicone, virgin silicone jackets are of superior quality. It is of extremely good quality, in contrast to merchants that use PVC or synthetic silicone that is not as safe to use. This neon light is suitable for indoor usage, anti-yellowing, anti-aging, odorless, and fire-resistant.

3. Dual Protection Feature

The trip neon sign is an excellent addition to any house, company, or special occasion. The entire sign can continue to function normally even if the PCB in the central section is broken. This is due to the technology’s dual protection.

4. Increased LED Neon Flexibility

A patented PET coating is applied to the LED neon flex to prevent it from breaking and to protect it from desoldering and bad connections caused by bending. Which enables you to customize any shape for your clients without sacrificing the LED sign’s quality.

5. Branded Acrylic Backboard

LITASIGN utilizes acrylic boards manufactured in Taiwan because they are more clear and durable than PS or PVC boards. Additionally, they are more scratch- and yellow-resistant.

6. Power Supply of Superior Quality

CE/ROHS/FCC/UL/CUL/C-tick/PSE/KC certifications apply to the power supply used in LITA signage. They have a high conversion efficiency, which means they will also meet your country’s power supply criteria.

7. Attractive Lighting

Our trip neon sign is manufactured with LED chips that are extremely bright and have a low light decay rate. The luminosity spreads evenly over the characters, revealing the vibrant lettering beneath the light source.

8. High-Quality Components

LITASIGN’s travel neon signs are constructed with stainless steel screws and hanging ropes. This prevents corrosion and increases the endurance of the material as compared to plastic or iron. Even if the sign is in use for an extended period of time, it will retain its new appearance. This ensures that your installation is always secure.

9. Packaging That Is Perfectly Fit

LITASIGN’s travel neon signs will be more structured and packaged according to their dimensions, making them better suitable for long-distance shipping. The critical factor is that your custom neon sign is not destroyed during transit, and you may also save money on shipping.

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