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Trim Cap Letters Make Your Business Stand Out

Trim cap letters are those that emphasize your subject individually, creating a completely personalized impression. These trim cap letters exist in various variations, the most common of which is acrylic trim cap letters, which produce an image that cannot be erased. One can only wonder at this entity’s efficiency because it evokes something nice in the observer that cannot be explained. Another option is the aluminum trim cap letter, which is cost-effective and does the job. 

We at LITASIGN created these trim cap letters to assist others in growing their businesses. We enjoy taking on new challenges and ensuring you get what you need.

LITASIGN - Your First Choice for High-end Trim Cap Letters

LITASIGN is based in Shenzhen, China, and was founded in 2015. It is a modern trip cap letter manufacturer that integrates design, research and development, production, sales, and administration. 

As a professional high-end quality trim cap letter manufacturer, LITASIGN has an advanced technical team, a stable R & D team, and many scientific and technological CNC production equipment. With strict management and the pursuit of excellent quality, to meet high-quality custom products with high specifications and multi-purpose, according to user needs.


Providing First-class Trim Cap Letter and Services to You

LITASIGN has built more than 6,000 square meters of modern factory buildings and high-tech production equipment, such as polishing machines, CNC machines, laser cutting machines, etc. With the industry’s top technical talent team, first-class management team and advanced hardware equipment, strict quality policy, and perfect after-sales service,

LITASIGN has a high reputation in the industry. Through more than 8 years of production technology and management, it has become a manufacturer with innovative ideas and development. While accumulating many customer resources and trust, we dare to break the traditional trim cap letter design and production mode. Independently develop an innovative sign service management system.

You dream it, we make it

Modern Fabrication Process of Trim Cap Letters


Creating Design & Production File

Before production begins, the customer will review the design in terms of its dimensions, methods, and unique requirements. And will deliver a file easily recognizable by machines and one copy to each department.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

Acrylic, stainless steel, and other materials are engraved and cut according to the template provided.



The production file specifications require that the piece of the side containing the slot be folded before bending the portion of the side having the curvedness.

smt processing


 When welding the side of a channel letter to its face, be sure to weld their surfaces as well.



 It is important to grind down the weld connection that links the face and the return until it is smooth and free of gaps.



After a painting reference is confirmed, the channel letter should be painted completely and uniformly.



Once the letters have been painted, they should be placed in a drying room to allow the paint to dry and harden.


LED Module Assembly

Install the LED modules according to the manufacturer’s instructions, choose the proper modules for your design, and spread them evenly. Then, make sure the wiring between letters is even brighter.

Light Up-Testing2

Light Up Testing

After completing the installation of LED modules, we evaluate the overall quality of each sign. Our seal of approval is given only to those letters that meet our stringent standards. Upon passing an evaluation, the channel letters are ready for shipment.


Overall Quality Checking

Quality, efficiency, and craftsmanship are all governed by stages of work, including preliminary procedures, production phases, and final procedures. Finally, take photos of the completed letters and any additional details, and place them on the 1:1 size template for a final inspection.



Trim cap letters are available in various sizes, giving you options for compact packaging. This can save you money on shipping and help keep your product organized and clean.

Best Features of LITASIGN's Trim Cap Letters

Trim cap letters are a popular choice for logos and eye-catching headlines. You've probably seen them before. If you've ever been to a major food chain or a popular shopping outlet, you've likely seen trim caps on the sign outside the door. This is because they look great! Let's take a closer look at LITASIGN's trim cap letters and why they have become so popular.

High-Quality Materials

LITASIGN's trim cap letters feature high-quality materials that make them an excellent choice for your next business promotion. These top of all brands in the industry. Trim cap letters are sure to impress your customers and clients.

Hi-intensity LED Bulb

The letters have a consistent glow with HI-intensity marked LEDs, which provide a nice light from afar. This constant glow can illuminate various color options, and the brightness makes it easier to identify your business.

Highly Durable

LITASIGN Trim Cap Letters are highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. In addition, the material is weather-resistant, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. Not only that, but unlike other similar products, LITASIGN Trim Cap Letters won't crack or fade when exposed to sunlight.


LITASIGN's Trim Cap Letters are versatile and can produce any size, shape, or color lettering reasonably priced. They can be used indoors or outdoors, ideal for small or large projects.


These Corrosion-free letters work with all spray can paint and are long-lasting. In addition, the robust and flexible design withstands the harsh elements of the outdoors.


The LITASIGN's Trim Cap Letters are waterproof and feature an IP67 rating. In addition, the letters easily withstand the most adverse environments, keeping your sign looking its best without fading or cracking!

LITASIGN's Elegant Trim Cap Letters

The LITASIGN’s Elegant Trim Cap letters offer quality and exceptional design at an affordable price. These letters provide a timeless look that will be used long after your project is complete. This trim lettering is an excellent option for business and commercial uses. Each letter can be customized with multiple colors to match your design perfectly.

Mirror Silver Channelume Trim Cap Letter

This aluminum profile trim cap with PC & foam is made of good quality channelume aluminum strip. The channelume aluminum strip is more durable. It has excellent weather resistance and can be bent into a wide range of shapes to create beautiful outdoor signs that help bring your business to life.

Flat Folded Aluminum Trim Cap Letter

Trim Cap Modern Aluminum Trim is one of the most affordable and versatile trim materials. It's available in various colors and profiles. However, it's also easy to cut into any desired shape, so there are virtually no limits to what can be created. Trim Cap can be used for any indoor or outdoor projects, including shop, awnings, window headers signs.

Rubber Letter Trim Cap

The Rubber Letter Trim Cap is easy to operate, easy to seal, easy to stick, good waterproof, and corrosion-resistant. It is made of soft and durable materials, which provide a firm hold on the lettering. The trim cap offers high quality with a laminated latex backing that protects against deformation and fading.

3D Pass Trim Cap Letters

3D Pass Trim Letters are durable, professional-looking, and easy to install. With the variety of shapes and sizes, with 3D Pass Trim Channel Letters, you can create your style and design the total engagement! It is ideal for most applications requiring a clean, uncluttered appearance.

J-Type Trim Cap Letter

The j-type trim cap is the perfect addition to the channel letters. It brings depth and structure to your labels and adds a glamorous finish to your products. J type trim cap adds a finishing touch to your label designs, heightening their appeal and improving your brand's visibility.

F-Type Trim-Cap-Channel-Letter2
F-Type Trim Cap Letter

The F-Type Trim Cap Letter is the professional and best aluminum trim cap strip coil for making lettering. It is used for custom acrylic lettering, and it can show off your handwriting style. The unique design gives you another texture attraction by solid color around. It has strength and excellent flexibility and good abrasiveness, and weather resistance.

Arrow-Type Trim-Cap-Channel-Letter2
Arrow Type Trim Cap Letter

The Arrow Type Trim Cap Letter is a high-quality trim light with high luminous efficiency to meet your lighting needs and save energy. This product is customized by color, size, and model number according to the customer's requirements.

Brass Trim Cap Letter

Our Brass Trim Cap Letter is a product that is carefully crafted and designed to last for years. It has been crafted from sturdy brass and stainless steel, making it durable and long-lasting enough for prolonged use. The brass trim cap letter is corrosion resistant.

Trim Plus Letters

The TrimPlus letter construction is a newly developed product with a transparent and low-profile design solution. A customized frame of choice is created around the insert, leaving the letter face clean, sleek, and highly visible. This product is available in stainless steel, brass, copper, and titanium; this product will enhance your client’s image and increase sales potential.

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Side Lit Channel Letters

Side Lit Channel Letters are a unique way to highlight your brand. This top-of-the-line combo is made of a premium, durable, long-lasting material. The side-lit letters create crisp and clean lines for your business or event.


Price from $280.00

Front and Back Lit Channel Letters

With our Front and Back Lit Channel Letters, you will have a professional look for any type of event. Whether you are looking for basic or detailed letters, this solution will meet all your needs with the proper lighting.


Price from $300.00

Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse channel letters provide a unique look for your company's logo. They are popular with airlines, car manufacturers, insurance companies, and many other businesses. Reverse channel letters help increase sales by targeting particular demographics, which is what we specialize in.


Price from $2750.00

Halo Lit Channel Letters

Halo Lit Channel Letters” is a modern and creative solution to lighting your home or commercial area. It features multiple beautiful haloes LED light that moves around the letter, adding a dramatic effect to the scene. This keeps things interesting without being distracting


Price from $287.00

Face Lit Channel Letters

With Illuminated Channel Letters, you can create a beautiful and unique message or simply accent your establishment with this eye-catching lighted display. The smooth lines of each letter give any venue an easy, clean look.


Price from $300.00

Front Lit Channel Letters

Our Front-Lit Channel Letters are an elegant way to ensure your message is always visible. Our letters feature a metallic gold finish and can be an excellent addition to any entrance or commercial space.


Price from $310.00

Back Lit Channel Letters

Back-Lit Channel Letters are the choice for high-quality applications. These channel letters are available with various backlight options and finishes such as foil, shine-through, or texture finish. They can be made in any shape, color, or size.


Price from $270.00

Marquee Letters

Display your brand's logo and letterhead confidently with Marquee Letters, available in various colors, finishes, and sizes. Marquee Letters are ideal for trade show booths, exhibitions, and signs in your office and home.


Price from $200.00

What Makes Good Trim Cap Letters?

 High-quality trim letters should be a smart choice for your business. Here are some things you should look for to ensure your letters are the best on the market:

1. Clearly Defined Curves

A trim cap letter will look more appealing if its forming is defined. This can be achieved by ensuring that the cutting and bending process produces defined shapes for your design. 

2. Visible Design

When using more than one color and opting for patterns, the text on the cap should have a visual design. Otherwise, there will be no point in designing detailed graphics. Note, though, that minuscule designs won’t fit well with trim caps if you make a large-sized 3D letter rather than a small one.

3. Durable

Durability is a critical factor in trim cap letter production. Your letter should be able to hold itself on signage boards. A trim cap letter’s durability will significantly depend on the kind of materials you use. To ensure that you get the qualities and more in your trim cap letters, make sure that your supplier uses high-quality bases for trim cap letters.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Trim Cap Letter


Trim Cap Letters are the best option for channel letters with the retro look you love seeing. They have a clean profile look and a wide variety of styles and sizes that go perfectly on the outside of any building.

With our Ultimate FAQ Guide, we want to answer all your questions about the Trim Cap letter so that you feel confident when you order and make the right decision.

Table of Contents

1. What Is Trim Cap Letter?

Trim cap channel letters are an excellent option for making signs stand out. Compared to other 3D signages, trim cap channel letters guarantee better visibility and durability. This makes them perfect for any business owner or the person using them for personal needs.

A trim cap letter is a decorative component placed in a letter’s corners. They come in various forms and colors, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, but this design feature can give a sign a distinctive flair.

A trim cap letter sign is a form of signage that uses an aluminum or plastic cap to cover the face of the sign. The cap can be made with various materials and finishes, including stainless steel, brass, or chrome plating. Trim caps are often used in commercial advertising because they’re durable and versatile enough to withstand outdoor elements like rain and wind.

Figure 1 - Trim Cap Letters

2. What are the Available Colors of Trim Cap Letters?

We provide several different bespoke aluminum color choices. In addition to plain aluminum, we also offer a range of painted and brushed aluminum finishes.

Figure 2 - Trim Cap Letter Colors/Finishes

3. What Are the Parts of Trim Cap Letters?

Figure 3 - Trim Cap Letter Parts

4. How Do I Choose the Right Size for the Trim Cap Letters?

The size of your trim cap sign will depend on how big you want your message to be and where it will be placed. If you’re looking for something more subtle, look at smaller sizes like 4″ x 4″ or 6″ x 12″. For larger messages or ones that need more attention grab some bigger sizes like 6″ x 18″, 8″ x 24″, or 10″ x 30″.

5. Where Are Trim Cap letters Suitable to Use?

Trim Cap letters are suitable for use in a wide range of applications. They are often used on signs, such as directional signs, to make the text easier to read. They can also be used for logos and other branding purposes.

Building Signs

Figure 4 - Trim Cap Letter for Business

Corporate Signs

Figure 5 - Trim Cap Letter - Corporate Signs

Food Establishments

Figure 6 - Trim Cap Letter - Food Establishment

6. Why Do We Need The Trim Cap Channel Letters?

A promising sign can make a big difference in your business. When people see the sign on your premises, they form an immediate impression of your business.

7. How To Order The Best Trim Cap Channel Letters Sign For Your Business?

Step 1: If you already have a vector file for your design in CDR, AI, EPS, or PDF, send it to us. If not, describe the font, color, and other details so we can create one for you.

Step 2: Please describe the size in 

Step 3: Talk over the specifics with you and select the best style for your sign.

Step 4: Determine the actual price and make an offer based on the information.

Step 5: Complete the transaction and payment.

Step 6: Begin manufacturing for you, send a completed image, and make arrangements for delivery.

8. What is Your Warranty for Trim Cap Letters?

All our signages are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase.

9. Does Your Trim Cap Letter have CE/UL Certificate?

Our products are CE/UL certificated, and we can also produce signs based on UL standards.

10. Are the Trim Cap Letter Suitable for Outdoors?

All our trim cap letters come with the trusted CE certification and are suitable for wet locations. LED modules we use are UL certified, and all letters are waterproof.

Figure 7 - Trim Cap Letter - Outdoors

11. What’s the Volt Required for Trim Cap Letters?

The volt required for trim cap letters is 12V or 24V. We have two different LEDs: one for 12V and one for 24V, but we usually use 12V.

12. How Much Do Trim Cap Letters Cost?

Trim cap letters cost anywhere from $50 to $200 per letter, depending on the size and quality of the letter. The larger a trim cap letter is, the more expensive it will be.

13. How Long Do Trim Cap Letters Last?

Trim cap letters last 8-10 years, but if you take good care of them by cleaning them regularly and turning off the lights when not in use, they will last longer.

14. How Do Trim Cap Letters Light Up?

Trim cap letters are typically illuminated by a group of LEDs embedded into the back of the acrylic or plastic panel and powered by an external power supply (either an AC wall outlet or battery). The sign’s brightness can be controlled with buttons or switches on it.

15. How Do I Choose a Font for the Trim Cap Letters?

When choosing a font for your sign, you must consider whether you want block letters or script. Block letters tend to be more contemporary and more straightforward for individuals unfamiliar with them to understand quickly. Scripts are easier to read from a distance since they have space surrounding each letter. We suggest asking us if you’re unsure which one will look best on your sign. We can assist you in making the best decision depending on what you want your sign to say and how big it will be on your building or storefront window.

16. How Long Does it Take to Receive the Trim Cap Letters?

Trim cap letters can take 7-10 days to produce, depending on the size and intricacy of the design. We’ll help you set expectations early in the project and make sure you have realistic timelines for your project.

17. Are Trim Cap Letters Energy-Efficient?

Trim cap letters can take 7-10 days to produce, depending on the size and intricacy of the design. We’ll help you set expectations early in the project and make sure you have realistic timelines for your project.

18. What is the Warranty Period of the Trim Cap Letters?

LITASIGN warrants its trim cap letters for 12 months against defects in materials and artistry.

19. What Makes Good Trim Cap Letters?

Defined Curves – A trim cap letter should be cut and bent to make its design visible. If it is not shaped correctly, the trim cap will look like a regular cut-out instead of appealing signage.

Visible Designs – When using a patterned background, the trim cap lettering should have a visual design. Otherwise, there would be no point in creating detailed graphics. However, designs should not be too small; otherwise, they will not stand out against large trim cap letters.

Durable – When choosing a trim cap letter, durability is vital, as these letters will often be used on signage boards. A trim cap letter’s durability greatly depends on its base material, so look for high-quality bases for your output. 

Figure 8 - Trim Cap Letter

20. How Do I Choose the Trim Cap Letter's Height?

You can choose the height of your trim cap letters by studying the chart below:

Letter Height 

Distance For Best Impact 

Max Readable Distance

















































Figure 9 - Trim Cap Letter Size & Viewing Distance

21. What is the Best Way to Clean the Trim Cap Letters?

Clean the trim cap letters with a soft cloth and warm water mixed with mild dish soap. Never clean the sign with abrasives or harsh chemicals.

22. Are Trim Cap Letters a Good Fit for A Business?

Trim cap letters make a company’s name and logo appear more prominent, giving the business an advantage over competitors. They can be used to draw attention to a storefront.

Figure 10 - Trim Cap Letter Business Signage

23. Can the Trim Cap Letters be Use Indoors?

You can use trim cap letters indoors if installed and maintained correctly. The number of letters that can be displayed indoors depends on the overall size of the lighting setup and location within your business/building (for example, near windows or doors). You should consult an electrician about these limitations before installing any lighting setup for indoor use.

Figure 11 - Trim Cap Letter - Indoor

24. Do I Need to Worry About Electricity Consumption When Using Trim Cap Letters?

Illuminated channel letters use a small amount of electricity, but the energy savings outweigh the cost of the sign. A standard sign uses a small enough amount of electricity to impact your monthly fee. Installing signs that can be seen during the day but aren’t lit at night allows customers to save energy while still using them as powerful marketing tools.

25. Can I Combine Trim Cap Letters With a 3D Logo?

Many clients want to install trim cap letters, which feature a 3D logo and eye-catching designs. You can combine a lightbox-style logo with intricate geometrical and graphic motifs with a trim cap letter array.

Figure 12 - Trim Cap Letter s with 3D Logo

26. How is the Placement of Trim Cap Letters Determined?

For effective signage, a business must consider both the visibility and the installation of its signs. Signs at eye level attract more attention than those hung above eye level. 

  • The angle of your trim cap letters affects how visible they are to passing pedestrians. Letters directly in front of passersby are more likely to be read than those placed away from them. 
  • Trim cap letters should be visible at all times; nothing should obstruct their view between the sign and its audience, regardless of whether it’s an outdoor or an indoor sign.

27. Are You Able to Manufacture a Rush Order for Trim Cap Letters?

For effective signage, a business must consider both the visibility and the installation of its signs. Signs at eye level attract more attention than those hung above eye level. 

  • The angle of your trim cap letters affects how visible they are to passing pedestrians. Letters directly in front of passersby are more likely to be read than those placed away from them. 
  • Trim cap letters should be visible at all times; nothing should obstruct their view between the sign and its audience, regardless of whether it’s an outdoor or an indoor sign.

28. What are the Payment Terms for the Trim Cap Letter Order?

We accept T/T, Credit Card or PayPal, and Western Union.

50% deposit before production, balance before shipment.

29. Are Design Services Available for the Trim Cap Letters?

Yes. Design services are provided as part of the proposal, so you don’t have to worry about added costs.

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