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LITASIGN is a professional trimless channel letter maker, and signages display solutions supplier based in Shenzhen, China. With 6000m2 of factory space, a variety of advanced professional manufacturing equipment, and 8+ years of production expertise, we can complete and offer a variety of sign system products, including design, estimate, and production.

Trimless channel letters for complexes, hotels, offices, buildings, residential areas, Gymnasiums, city environment projects, and chain stores, among other things. LITASIGN is committed to constant innovation and the pursuit of perfection and has grown to become a leading sign manufacturer in China, striving to serve customers better worldwide.

Trimless Channel Letters are Popular Among Businesses

Trimless channel letter signs are becoming more popular among businesses. A borderless channel letters sign is distinguished by the absence of a trim cap connecting the channel letters’ face to the sign’s body. As a result, the business sign is now cleaner and more inviting to the eye.

Trimless channel letters, recently added to our product line, have piqued the interest of customers looking for a more stylish alternative to regular front-lit channel letters. Thanks to a patented extrusion method, we can make these letters without the need for standard trim caps. Trimless channel letters are available in some sizes, typefaces, and colors and are designed for easy installation and maintenance.


Trimless Channel Letter Details

Crafted from a seamless, sleek appearance, these letters boast an innovative design that seamlessly integrates into any surface. With vibrant LED illumination, customizable fonts and a durable build, our Trimless Channel letter. Its simple yet generous design exudes sophistication, upgrading signage to a new level of elegance & visibility.


Premier Choice for Your Trimless Channel Letters Requirements

LITASIGN’s team closely monitors every step of the process, from the beginning of creation to the final destination of the trimless channel letters. Our teams, from engineering to manufacturing – collaborate diligently. Together, they ensure flawless, timely products. With expert craftmanship on our production line, handling each piece with precision and vigilance. We prioritize transit monitoring, guaranteeing damage-free, punctual deliveries. This steadfast dedication has forged our reputation for excellence and trust over the years.

Collaborating seamlessly with clients, our Production, Quality Control & Logistic divisions ebnsure timely delivery for scheduled installations, maintaining our legacy as a trusted partner in signage solution.

Comprehensive Trimless Channel Letters Fabrication Process


Creating Design & Production File

Before beginning production, the customer will validate the design in terms of dimensions, processes, and unique requirements. Also, create a machine-readable file and distribute one copy to each department.


Laser Cutting & CNC Engraving

On the basis of the production file provided, acrylic, stainless steel, and other materials are engraved and cut.



Fold the piece of the side that contains the slot first, then bend the portion of the side that contains the curvedness, according to the production file criteria.



Weld the side/return of the channel letters to the face of the letters while welding their surfaces.



Polish the weld connection between the face and the return until it is completely smooth and free of gaps.



With the painting reference agreed by the customer, carefully and uniformly paint the letter.



After painting the letters, place them in a drying chamber to ensure that the paint is completely dry.


LED Module Assembly

Install the LED module according to the design, selecting the appropriate LED module and uniformly spacing them, and ensuring that the wiring between the letters is even brighter.

Light Up-Testing2

Light Up Testing

We assess the overall quality of the letters after the wiring is completed. Before any sign leaves the factory, we give it our approval. The channel letters are now ready for dispatch after being tested and found to be up to specification.


Overall Quality Checking

Stage-by-stage protocols govern everything from quality to quantity to artistry. Finally, for the final inspection, take images of the completed letters, including all the screws, transformers, and other little details, and set them on the 1:1 scale template.



Trimless channel letters are available in various sizes, allowing for more compact packaging. It will save you money on shipping and keep your product clean and organized. The packing method will be determined by the letter’s shape and mode of transportation.

LITASIGN's Trimless Channel Letter Features

With a product like LITASIGN Trimless Channel Letter, the details matter. Here are the key features of our trimless channel letters:

100% Waterproof Surface

LITASIGN's trimless channel letter has been created to expand waterproofing applications by using a unique IP67 waterproof rating to the surface for both the front and rear covers. This new technology provides an excellent waterproofing package without sacrificing aesthetics.

Custom Colors and Sizes

Our trimless Channel Letters are the perfect way to add a touch of style to your space. We offer many options regarding the design and letter size, including custom color schemes and unlimited customization!

1.5 to 4.5-inch Aluminum Returns

Create a bold, distinctive, timelessly classic look with LITASIGN’s Trimless Channel Letter Details. These are perfect for small spaces, kitchen islands and more. Each colorway is available in 1.5 to 4.5-inch aluminium returns, so you can choose which one will suit your space best.

Rivet Nuts for Aluminum Bolts

As with our bolts, we use premium-grade aluminium in our rivet nuts. This helps keep the application costs down while maintaining the quality and integrity of your project.

UL Listed Marks and Components

LITASIGN's Trimless Channel Letter Details are UL Listed and environmentally friendly. Our products are designed for indoor and outdoor use, making them perfect for high-traffic areas such as malls, parking garages and retail stores.

Cost Efficient

This channel letter's cost-efficient materials and design are created to last with the most efficient, low-energy performance possible.

Energy Efficient Trimless Channel Letters

As a channel letter manufacturer, we aim to help you create a fantastic brand. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows our customers to choose from many types of fonts and even custom-made fonts. From there, we manufacture channel letters, which are fitted into your design to create your final product. We offer several options for channel letters depending on the desired look.

Painted Aluminum Face Lit Trimless Channel Letters

These Aluminum Face Lit Trimless Channel Letters are a great way to add an update to any establishment. The unique construction and glossy finish gives these letters an ultra modern look, while the led lighting adds an elegant touch.

Reverse Trimless Channel Letters

Channel letters are a popular choice for interior and exterior signage because they are straightforward to install and provide high visibility. The reverse trimless channel letter is typically used on a flat surface. However, it can also be used on curved surfaces if properly designed.

Front and Back Lit Trimless Channel Letters

The Front and Back Lit Trimless Channel Letters will add instant elegance to your next project. Constructed with a durable, high-quality steel frame and polished aluminium casing, these letters feature a clean silhouette that will continue to impress guests time and time again. Available in a variety of sizes.

Acrylic Face Trimless Channel Letters

These acrylic channel letters are ideal for adding a distinctive look to a space, for example, on front doors and other large openings. Available in various finishes and colors, these acrylic channels are an economical way to decorate your home or office space!

Trimless Facelit Resin Epoxy Channel Letters

Trimless Face lit Resin Epoxy Channel Letters are the most cost-effective solution to your signage needs. Trimless Facelit Resin Epoxy Channel Letters come in clear or frosted versions. A wide range of colors, sizes and applications can be used on facades, walls and premium architectural products.

Side Lit Acrylic Trimless Channel Letters

Side Lit Acrylic Trimless Channel Letters are an elegant solution for mounting into a wall. This letter's smooth, curved surface is a beautiful complement to built-in applications. Customize the look of your interiors by adding Side Lit Acrylic Trimless Channel Letters to any home décor project.

Trimless Aluminum Halo Lit Channel-Letters

Trimless Aluminum Halo Lit Channel Letters are an excellent service for businesses who want to add a touch of style to their establishment. Available in black, white, and bronze, our trimless aluminium halo letters can easily be installed in any location of your business. A halo light is also available for more complex applications where multiple letters must be illuminated simultaneously.

Trimless Stainless Steel Channel Letters

Our Trimless Stainless Steel Channel Letters are durable, high-quality mould design letters that will last a very long time. Each size letter is made with stainless steel material for high quality and longevity against corrosion expansion and contraction, even in harsh weather conditions.

Trimless Vinyl Overlays Channel Letters

Versatile and cost-efficient, Trimless Vinyl Overlays Channel Letters can be installed over your existing channel letters with minimal effort. These channel letters are an excellent choice for any business or organization. Make your business, office, or warehouse stand out with our Trimless Vinyl Overlays Channel Letters.

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Side lit Channel Letters

Side-lit Channel Letters take a classic design and modernize it. Designed for durability, these channel letters are made from a durable polymer material, making them weather-resistant and easy to repair.


Price from $260.00

Front and Back Lit Channel Letters

Front and Back Lit Channel Letters are ideal for outdoor or indoor use, and they can be personalized on the front to match your company name or logo.


Price from $240.00

Reverse Channel Letters

Reverse Channel Letter is a new way to deliver a professional finished look. By adding your logo and contact information, your existing graphics can be built into beautiful. Incredibly durable frames and offer a high-quality finished product for your customers.


Price from $260.00

Halo Lit Channel Letters

Halo Lit Channel Letters are the perfect set of channel letters for a touch of elegance. The simple choice is to use them as a decorative piece or on your bistro, bar or office desk. Truly an eye-catcher!


Price from $247.00

Face Lit Channel Letters

Highlight your business with these unique, eye-catching channel letters. They are ideal for restaurants, bars and other enterprises. The possibilities are endless! These channel letters provide a light show in front of your establishment and add depth to your building’s facade.


Price from $255.00

Back Lit Channel Letters

The Back-Lit Channel Letters are the perfect choice for a modern LED sign that needs light to shine above the display and doesn't require brightness. The letters are designated for indoor use only and are back-lit with red LEDs, creating a warm glow.


Price from $260.00

Trim Cap Letters

Trim Cap Letters are the perfect solution to your office needs. Each letter is designed and manufactured using a patented, high-speed laser cutting technology that provides uniformity, quality, and accuracy.


Price from $260.00

Marquee Letters

Marquee letters are one of your signage's most commonly used promotional features. They provide helpful information that is easy to see by visitors and also looks great when illuminated by light sources.


Price from $280.00

Trimless Channel Letters : Pros and Cons

Trimless channel letters are one of the most popular channel letter signs. They have many benefits and are widely used for large sign projects. The purpose of this article is to discuss some of the pros and cons of this type of sign. I explore the main characteristics, construction, and application-specific considerations and what you can expect from a trimless channel letter installation.


  • Removes the requirement for notched flanges on channel letter returns, resulting in a 40% increase in bending machine output capacity.
  • A high-end product necessitates a high-end price.
  • There is less market competition.
  • Improved appearance
  • Additional design options
  • One less major flaw


  • Manufacturing necessitates more advanced talents.
  • Installation may be more difficult.
  • Not recommended for larger letters
  • To prevent light leakage from the rear, letters must be sealed.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Trimless Channel Letters


Trimless channel letters are an excellent choice for businesses looking to get the most from their signage. You can take advantage of the wide range of customization options available and create a look that’s unique to your brand.

But we know that when it comes to trimless channel letters, there’s still a lot you’re wondering about—and there’s much information on the subject. We’ve put together this guide to answer some of the most common questions we hear about trimless channel letters.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Trimless Channel Letters?

Trimless channel letters are made without trim caps, producing a modern shape with sharp edges. Current trends in channel letter fabrication—used especially in architectural applications, malls, and airports—are pushing toward trimless or borderless letter faces that are illuminated, have a low profile, and are brilliantly lit. Our fabrication methods meet this need; we excel at it.

Figure 1 - Trimless Channel Letters

2. How Trimless Channel Letters Are Made?

Trimless channel letters are an innovation in the design and signage industry that has gained popularity. They are a variation of the traditional channel letter, which has long been a popular form of signage for its sharp, sleek shape and high visibility. 

Trimless letters lack the trim cap found on more traditional versions, which can cause fading and breaking over time. However, this variant is easier to produce and maintain. 

Different service providers extrude the material in various ways to create trimless letters with excellent quality. Some may use a handheld laser welder to ensure their products’ quality, while others rely on other methods. Despite the lack of a trim cap, these letters remain attractive, and sturdy-you may spot them in parks, malls, buildings, and other establishments.

3. What are The Costs of a Trimless Channel Letter?

Letters without trim caps cost more because of their sleek and minimalist appearance. The visual appeal adds value to the product, and fewer makers produce these products. Since the trim caps were omitted, the letters also weigh less. As a result, shipping fees are cheaper.

4. Why Do People Go on Trimless Channel Letters?

Trimless channel letters are an alternative to traditional channel letters with trimmed edges. The main reason people choose trimless channel letters over traditional ones is cost. 

Trimless channel letters do not need to be replaced frequently because their fabrication process is more streamlined. Clients do not need to replace their signs as frequently as before. 

Another reason people go for trimless channel letters is that design trends are more subdued these days. Gone are the days of bold and brash typefaces. People and businesses now prefer a quieter, down-low vibe to their designs. 

Trimless designs reflect this—they are less tacky than traditional trim cap letters. Since trimless channel letters have become more popular, the price gap between them and conventional trim cap letters has lessened.

5. What are the Details of Trimless Channel Letters?

  • Completely waterproof face
  • Option with dual or face lighting
  • Aluminum returns
  • Small countersunk screws on the side of the letters make the letters functional.
  • Aluminum studs and a template are included for simple installation.
  • LED lights and power supply with casings are among the sign’s UL-listed components.

6. Are Trimless Channel Letters Durable?

Yes! Trimless channel letters are built to withstand all weather conditions and last for years without wear or tear. They are made with durable materials like acrylic, aluminum, steel, and even plastic, so they will not rust or fade over time like other types of signs do when exposed to weather conditions like rain or snowfall over long periods.

7. What Are the Pros of Trimless Channel Letters?

  • It eliminates the requirement for producing a notched flange on the channel letter return, increasing the bending machine’s Output capacity by around 40%.
  • Premium goods demand premium prices.
  • Lower levels of market competition
  • Looks tidy
  • More design alternatives
  • One less significant failure point

8. What Are the Cons?

  • To produce, greater skill is required.
  • Larger letters should not be used.
  • Light escapes out the back of the letter, thus it must be sealed.

9. How Do I Choose the Best Trimless Channel Letter for My Business?

Trimless channel letters come in many different styles, so it’s important to know what kind of message you want to convey before choosing one. Some have words or phrases, while others have symbols or pictures. It would help to consider how long the message will be displayed before purchasing. The longer it takes for someone driving by to read your message, the less effective it will be at attracting new customers.

Figure 2 - Trimless Channel Letters Business Sign

10. Do Trimless Channel Letters Come with a Warranty?

Yes, we offer a 12-month warranty on all of our products.

11. How Long Do Trimless Channel Letters Last?

Trimless channel letters last for years with proper maintenance. They are made from durable materials. You’ll want to keep your trimless channel letters clean, so they don’t rust over time—we recommend using warm water and soap every few months or so.

12. What Are Some Applications for Trimless Channel Letters?

Trimless channel letters can be used for any application where you typically use channel letters or other typefaces. Such as on-site signage for businesses or advertisements or even as part of a more extensive branding campaign. They’re also highly customizable and allow multiple colors and materials to be used in their creation.

13. How Do I Know What Size Trimless Channel Letters I Need?

It’s essential to know precisely what you want and how you will use your trimless channel letters before you start looking for a company that sells them. The length of your sign will depend on how high above the ground it will be mounted and how far away from the road or sidewalk it needs to be visible. The lettering height will depend on where the letters will be mounted relative to the ground and how many letters are in your logo or company name.

To help you decide, please refer to the image below:

Figure 3 - Trimless Channel Letters Size & Viewing Chart

14. Can You Install Trimless Channel Letters?

Yes! Your trimless channel letters can be installed and repaired by our fully qualified specialists. Before installing the letters on your building, we will precisely measure each and ensure they line correctly.

15. How Long Does it take for the Trimless Channel Letters to Arrive?

We will usually ship your order within 7-10 business days.

16. How Do I Choose a Trimless Channel Letter Sign?

If you’re searching for a new sign for your company or group, you might be unsure how to make the best decision. Knowing where to begin might be challenging, given the abundance of alternatives. Following are some suggestions for selecting a trimless channel letter sign:

  1. What is your spending limit?
  2. Do you like something more conventional or something straightforward and contemporary?
  3. What kind of space do you have?
  4. Are there any unique features—like LED lights—that you require?

17. What's the Difference Between Trimless and Trim Cap Channel Letters?

Trimless channel letters have a smooth edge while trim cap channel letters have a trim cap edge around the top and bottom of each letter. The difference is mostly cosmetic—both types of channel letters look great in any location!

Figure 4 - Trimless and Trim Cap Channel Letters

18. What Kind of Light Source is Used for the Trimless Channel Letters?

Due to their higher energy efficiency than halogen lights and longer lifespan, LED modules are the preferred choice. Additionally, they are available in a range of hues, including RGB, allowing you to tailor the color of your sign to the aesthetic of your company or brand.

Figure 4 - Trimless Channel Letters LED Modules

19. What Does the Term "Trimless" Mean?

Trimless means that there are no visible outlines or borders around each letter. They appear to be cut right out of the material they’re made of. So they seem to be floating in space when viewed from far away. This makes them look more modern and sleek than their non-trimless counterparts.

20. How to Keep the Trimless Channel Letters Clean?

These signs are made of acrylic plastic, which means they can be cleaned with water and soap/detergent if they get dirty enough to warrant it. You should not use abrasive cleaners on these signs because they will scratch off some of the coating on top, which helps give them their shine!

21. What is LED Lighting?

LED lighting is a type of illumination that employs light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to provide high-quality, energy-efficient illumination for any application. These characteristics make them ideal for outdoor signage applications subjected to harsh weather conditions like rain or snow.

22. Can I Order Custom Color LEDs for the Front and Back-lit Channel Letters?

Yes, we offer custom colors on our LED lighting options. We can match your brand color scheme or provide a different look from white.

23. How to Get A Price Quotation for Trimless Channel Letters?

To get a price quotation for trimless channel letters, please email the details of your design to or use our online trade manager. Once we receive the elements of your design, we’ll be able to give you a quote right away.

24. How Do I Pick Out a Font That Will Look Good on the Trimless Channel Letters?

When picking out a font for the trimless channel letters, it’s important to remember that the font should match the style of your business. If you want a more traditional font, consider using something like Garamond or Times New Roman. If you’re going for something more modern, then Helvetica might be a good choice.

When choosing a font, it’s important to remember that the letters should be easy to read from far away. You want people driving by your store to see what your business is all about, so make sure they can read the words!

25. Does the Trimless Channel Letter Consumes High Energy?

Trimless channel letters made with LED lights consume less electricity, lasting up to 100,000 hours. This is because they are made of efficient LEDs and do not require much power to operate.

26. What are the Payment Terms for the Trimless Channel Letter Order?

Orders can be paid in full or partly via bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, or Western Union. 50% of the order amount must be paid before production begins, and the balance must be paid before the order is shipped.

27. What Kind of Electrical Junction Do the Trimless Channel Letters Need?

The sign is powered by low-voltage LED lamps. A typical 120V line is sufficient for the sign; it should be connected to a reliable power source.

28. Do Trimless Channel Letters Safe to Use?

Yes, our trimless channel letters have been certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and meet or exceed all local and national electrical codes.

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