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Glamorous and Stylish Wedding Marquee Letters

LITASIGN’s high quality wedding marquee letters are a stunning addition to any wedding, offering versatility for both indoor and outdoor settings. With our standard lighting options, these letters radiate brilliance, creating a captivating ambiance.

Select from array of letters and personalize its size and color to curate a truly unique statement piece for an event. Incorporation these customizable lettering options infuses a personal touch into a wedding décor, imparting an exquisite sparkle that adds an elegant finesse to any specials occasion, whether its a romantic evening reception or an enchanting daytime party.

A Perfect Wedding with LITASIGN's Marquee Letters

With a proud history spanning more than 6 years, LITASIGN remains steadfast in our core values of ‘people-oriented and quality centric practices. Our enduring dedication revolves around the meticulous design and construction of premium wedding marquee letters.

Our commitment extends to providing tailored solutions. This involves not only the intricacies of letter design and manufacturing but also encompasses our personalized service. We priorities every fact of the process, ensuring our clients receive comprehensive and unparalleled support in creating their perfect wedding ambiance through our exquisite marquee letters.


Wedding Marquee Letters Application Showcases

Transform a wedding into a luminous spectacle with our exquisite wedding marquee letters at LITASIGN. These stunning letters add a touch of brilliance and personalization to a special day. Crafted with precision, our customizable options allow you to select sizes, colors & lighting that reflects a unique style. Whether indoors or outdoors, these letters create acaptivating ambiance, infusing elegance and charm into every moment of the celebration.


Details About Wedding Marquee Letters


Professional Manufacturer and Supplier of Wedding Marquee Letters

Decorative and advertising lightboxes and marquee signs are the specialties of LITASIGN, a manufacturer and distributor. Our lighting decoration products are constantly being worked on by a dedicated research and development staff. In terms of technological resources, we have many highly trained technicians and product designers.

In addition, LITASIGN has a top-notch marketing team and a well-defined plan for product market development and after-sales service. As a result of our innovative and faultless sales service style, our products have become more popular and have a more significant market share domestically and internationally.

Professional Crafting Process of Wedding Marquee Letters

Why Use LITASIGN's Marquee Letters for a Wedding?

Due to the lightweight shape of the wedding marquee letters, they are relatively easy to use. Wedding marquees are a great way to personalize a wedding space. It's guaranteed to give a wedding an extra touch of elegance and class. When you need something that can instantly transform the venue and set the right tone for a wedding, these are why to choose wedding marquee letters from LITASIGN.

Stylish Design

You can choose LITASIGN's wedding marquee letters since they are exquisite, have an attractive design, and are reasonably priced.

High Visibility

From a distance, LITASIGN wedding marquee letters are evident. As a result, your customers will be able to read the wedding marquee letters and comprehend your message.

Highly Constructed

All of our wedding marquee letters are of the highest quality construction. In addition, our wedding marquee letters are made of high-quality materials that are waterproof and long-lasting.


The most excellent aspect of wedding marquee letters is that you can purchase them once and reuse them multiple times instead of buying new ones. Additionally, they are pretty simple to replace at no additional expense, saving you a lot of money.

Low Costs of Maintenance

LITASIGN's wedding marquee letters are made of a durable substance that lasts a lifetime. You will need to do essential maintenance to keep the parts in good working order.

Simple to Install

Our wedding marquee letters come with comprehensive literature as well as video demonstrations. Therefore, it may be installed without the need for specialized assistance.

LITASIGN Offers a Wide Range of Wedding Marquee Letters to Fit Your Style

Create a memorable statement for a wedding with personalized marquee letters. You can choose from many different fonts and designs to create the perfect look that’s all your own. Our marquee letters come with everything you need to display your message at reception.

Giant Love Marquee Letters

Love is grand, especially in the form of gigantic wedding marquee letters. Our Giant Love Marquee Letters are perfect for adding a festive and whimsical touch to your big day. These wedding marquee letters are the ultimate photo opportunity and make the unique guest book alternative.

Mr & Mrs Marquee Letters

These Mr & Mrs. Marquee Letters are ideal for your wedding. Customize the letters with your names and the date of your wedding day. It is a great way to add some interest to your photos, make slide shows, etc. They are easy to assemble and will remain standing due to their weight and shape.

Initial Marquee Letters

Bring some elegance to your wedding day with these elegant Initial Marquee Letters for the wedding. The letters can stand alone as centerpieces or combine floral arrangements, candles, and more to create beautiful table displays. They are available in a variety of different colors.

Forever Marquee Letters

Our Forever Marquee Letters are the perfect way to add a little GLAM to a wedding day! These letters are elegant and romantic with their ivory color, perfect for any beach, patio, or DIY wedding. Our marquee letters can be used alone or in two or more groups.

Lucky In Love Marquee Letters

The Lucky In Love Marquee Letters is a gorgeous addition to any wedding day. These letter signs, made from high-quality materials, will be sure to make your special day even more memorable and beautiful!

Bride Marquee Letters

Bride marquee letters for a wedding - make your big day extra special with these customized letters. Crafted from steel, they are rust-proof, weatherproof, and come ready to hang.

Wedding Marquee Letter Table

Our wedding marquee letter table is an affordable and easy way to make a special day even more memorable. Combine any letter with a symbol of your choice to create your unique design. Perfect for over an entranceway or even as decorations at the ceremony, reception, or bridal shower.

You & Me Marquee Letter

This elegant sign for your wedding will flatter the happy couple's name and title with the letter printed in white. It's a great alternative to those over-the-top wedding sign holders you see at every other event.

I Do Marquee Letters

Our I DO Marquee letters are a Wedding Statement that all will remember. Also, something that can be used for years to come at their next big event. Easy to set up and store, use our letters for your welcome or announce your special day. These letters will give everyone the flavor of your Theme. Perfect wedding gift idea.

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Cursive Marquee Letters

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Indoor Marquee Signs

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Outdoor Marquee Signs

Our Marquee Signs are weather-resistant to be used outside during all of your business hours. We also have indoor marquee signs that could be a more convenient option for festivals and other events that only take place one day at a time.


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Gold Marquee Numbers

These numbers often crafted in a gold finish are commonly used for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or other celebratory occassions. They come in various sizes and styles, providing eye catching centerpeice or accent piece for the decor.


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Why Acquiring a Wedding Marquee Letters?

Wedding marquee letters are special equipment designed to stand tall amidst the wedding reception. The letters are displayed when they are to be used, generally in illuminated form, to make a statement of the functions of the event. These letters create the branding and may be used for decoration and other purposes on these occasions. The possibilities of utilizing these marquee letters are endless, and it would be worthwhile to explore a few options at the outset.

1. Lightweight Design

The wedding marquee letters are made of high-brightness materials and are exceptionally lightweight. As a result, you will not have to deal with any additional hassles when utilizing them.

2. Durable

Utilizing cutting-edge technology ensures the longevity and dependability of wedding marquee letters. As a result, they can be used indefinitely.

3. Energy-Efficiency

Another essential factor to consider while selecting wedding marquee lettering is the cost. Again, the use of energy efficiency will lower your costs. They can produce high brightness without spending a lot of energy.

4. Customizable

It is pretty simple to personalize the wedding marquee letters. As a result, you have the option of customizing the sizes, colors, fonts, and patterns of the wedding marquee letters to meet your specific needs and preferences.

5. Safe to Use

PAT testing is performed on the wedding marquee letters. As a result, they are protected from any electrical shock. Additionally, they are energy efficient and do not generate excessive heat. As a result, they are entirely safe to use.

6. Easy to Handle

Due to the lightweight shape of the wedding marquee letters, they are relatively easy to use. You will have little difficulty erecting the wedding marquee lettering.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Wedding Marquee Letters


Wedding marquee letters are an excellent method to add beauty and flair to a venue for a celebration. Their refined lines and soft undulating curves create the ideal environment for any wedding. However, this depends significantly on how well they are displayed. The placement of the marquee lettering can make or break the overall effect of your event.

This comprehensive FAQ guide for wedding marquee letters answers the most frequently asked questions regarding wedding marquee letters. Please save this page as the most comprehensive resource on wedding marquee lettering.

Table of Contents

1. What is a Wedding Marquee Letters?

A marquee letter is a form of a sign placed on the exterior of the wedding venue. There are letters of various sizes, and they are ideal for attracting the attention of your guests as they arrive. Guests can take photos while waiting to enter the ceremony or reception site.

They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies. Typically exhibited over a background or dance floor, the marquee gives a decorative accent to the reception space.

Figure 1 - Wedding Marquee Letters

2. What are The Materials of a Wedding Marquee Letter?

Canvas (MDF, plywood, mirror, or metal), LED bulbs, print, stretcher, and lights are used to create the wedding marquee letter.

3. Can I Use 4ft Marquee Letters For Weddings?

Yes, the 4ft marquee letters can be used for weddings, and they can be a fantastic complement to the wedding location. The high-quality 4ft marquee letters can be used both indoors and outdoors.

4. How Does Size Affect The Price Of Wedding Marquee Letters?

The size and style of the letters can affect the cost of the wedding marquee. The size of the wedding marquee is a well-acknowledged element. The larger the size, the higher the price. Due to their size, larger ones demand more manpower and other resources.

5. How Many Types Of Wedding Marquee Letters Are Available In The Market?

The use of wedding marquee letters can improve a wedding event. Moreover, wedding marquee letters are relatively user-friendly and secure. Therefore, you can utilize these wedding marquee letters without risking electrical mishaps.

Today, various varieties of wedding marquee letters are available on the market, including the following:


Personalized Wedding Marquee Letters


I Do Marquee Letters


You & Me Marquee Letters


Marry Me Marquee Letters


Cheers To Love Marquee Letters


6. Can the Wedding Marquee Letters be Used Outside?

Yes, the wedding marquee letters can be used outdoors. But it would be preferable if you could conceal the light with a tent or tipi.

The wedding marquee letters can be used outside. However, it is best to bring them inside night or during inclement weather.

Figure 2 - Wedding Marquee Letters Outdoor

7. Do The Wedding Marquee Letters Are PAT Tested?

Yes, the wedding marquee letters of LITASIGN have been PAT-tested. A PAT test was conducted to determine whether the electrical appliances are safe for usage.

8. How Does Wedding Marquee Letters Work?

A wedding marquee letter is a large sign placed in a prominent wedding venue area; The letters are constructed of wood, steel, metal, or plastic, robust and flexible. These letters are available in many sizes, colors, and designs. They can be set on the ground and can stand on their own. Wedding marquee letters are a simple set to build and transport due to their lightweight. Additionally, it is simple to store due to its small storage dimensions and minimal space requirements.

9. What Types of Bulbs Are Included in Wedding Marquee Letters?

Your wedding marquee letters come with warm white or pure white faceted LED globe lamps that shine brightly in all directions. They are composed of acrylic resin rather than glass and are extremely unbreakable. Depending on where you use them, they are safe for you, your guests, or your customers.

LED marquee signs use the following bulbs:

Some LED bulb upgrading options to consider are:

  • C7/C9 bulbs: 50,000 hours.
  • G40/G50 round bulbs: 4,000-50,000 hours.

In most circumstances, you should contact the manufacturer and ask for a specific color bulb.

10. Can I Customize the Wedding Marquee Letters?

You are able to personalize your wedding marquee letters since the manufacturers offer a broad variety of font styles, colors, materials, sizes, and other aspects for you to select from.

11. How Much Do Wedding Marquee Letters Weigh?

  • 12-inch personalized marquee sign weighs 5lbs
  • 18-inch personalized marquee sign weighs 7lbs
  • 24-inch personalized marquee sign weighs 10lbs
  • 36-inch personalized marquee sign weighs 15lbs

12. Do Wedding Marquee Letters Require Power?

Yes, wedding marquee letters are wired, and they need to be linked to a source of electricity to perform the intended purpose. Extension cords are typically employed to connect them so that they can get the electricity they need from a single regular 120V outlet.

13. Can I Get Colored LED Bulbs in My Wedding Marquee Letters?

Yes, manufacturers offer rainbow-colored wedding marquee letters if you like to add a burst of color to your interior design. These hues include yellow, warm white, pink, red, blue, purple, orange, and green.

Plastic Marquee Letters Bulb Color Option
Figure 3 - Wedding Marquess Letters Bulb Color Option

14. What Are the Factors to Consider When Selecting Wedding Marquee Letters?

Some of the factors to consider when selecting a Wedding Marquee Letter:

  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Viewing distance
  • Placement type you prefer
  • Usage of life
  • Weather-resistant or not
  • It’s a warranty/guarantee
  • Customizing options
  • Raw materials
  • High-quality LEDs
  • Size and shape of the lighting system
  • Warranty
  • Efficiency
  • Installation
  • Affordability

15. What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Telegraphic Transfers 
  • Alibaba
  • Other payment methods.

16. Do You Give a Large Volume Discount?

Yes, we offer discounts on large volume orders. Please contact us to get more information about our discount program

17. Do The Wedding Marquee Letters Available in Any Language?

Yes, you are able to create your wedding marquee letters in any language you like.

18. What Are the Maximum Letters For Wedding Marquee Letters?

The amount of letters depends on the height of your wedding marquee letters and the lettering you choose. Most bespoke wedding marquee letter producers produce letters with up to 20 characters.

19. How Long Does a Wedding Marquee Letter Last?

Quality personalized wedding marquee letters will last longer; The LEDs and manufacturing method determine the letters’ lifespan. Their lifespan is usually 45,000 hours. If you buy inexpensive custom wedding marquee letters, you will have to fix and maintain them after a few years.

Cheap custom wedding marquee letters can use a lot of fuel, increasing your overall power costs.

20. Do Wedding Marquee Letters Have the Risk of Getting Burn Out?

No, they are not at risk of being burned. It conserves energy, does not overheat, and emits less heat.  Minimum heat is generated by the superior grade bespoke wedding marquee letters. Moreover, they have been PAT-tested. Therefore, custom wedding marquee letters are safer to use.

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