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LITASIGN is a professional manufacturer of custom neon signs, neon lights, neon artworks, and LED signs. We can offer you a better-personalized service for neon signs. At LITASIGN, we value our customers and their needs above all else.

Our neon signs are made using only the best materials and components. Our goals are a beautiful sign and years of worry-free use, so we pay close attention to the smallest details. Each sign is custom crafted by hand and includes a hanging kit for easy installation on your home, event, or business.

LITASIGN Standard in Quality, Service, and Dependability

LITASIGN’s team of designers, technicians, and neon-skilled workers have been professionally trained to create, reproduce, and handcraft any sign you can imagine. LITASIGN only delivers the highest quality products to our customers utilizing long-lasting materials, skilled technicians, and advanced design methods.

At LITASIGN, our priority is always quality. We know you’ll be entirely happy with a finished result that will last since LITASIGN has set the standard in quality, service, and dependability over 6 years.

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Quick Turnaround and High Quality Welcome Neon Signs

LITASIGN is a top neon design and manufacturing company in China with more than 120 employees. They do sign business for people in different countries and regions all over the world. We make a wide range of neon signs that can be made for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our neon signs are great for businesses that want to make their brand more visible. LITASIGN has a quick turnaround time and doesn’t have a minimum order amount. Our neon signs are made and come with a longer warranty.

You dream it, we make it

Procedure for Making a More Advanced Welcome Neon Signs

pcb design

PCB Design

To provide optimum heat dissipation and light effects, PCBs are created for the schematics of the LED neon signs manufactured by LITASIGN. Decreasing rework during off-wafer soldering improves product quality and lowers costs.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

QA examines both the raw materials used in production and the finished product to ensure its quality. For example, this method ensures client satisfaction in terms of product quality. Once the PCB testing is complete, LITASIGN conducts a second round of QA testing on the full batch of LED chips. We’ll go on to the next step if the final test passes.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LED light sources are made with the use of LITASIGN’s SMT equipment. About 2000 meters of LED light strips are produced each day by the company. Virtual soldering and off-soldering LED chips utilizing SMT machines are addressed by LITASIGN.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

It is LITASIGN’s in-house extrusion process that produces the high-grade silicone neon flex integrated into its products. Other silicone neon flex manufacturers utilize cold extrusion, but our extrusion process provides a more consistent and substantial material.

Design and Confirmation

Design and Confirmation

In order to ensure that the final result is an exact replica of the sample design, all of our LED neon signs are designed by our own in-house designers. Additionally, we double-check each order’s details before production begins in addition to color, jacket color, design, and plug type

Backplate Engraving

In order to cut hundreds of signs per day, LITASIGN’s skilled engravers use high-precision, high-speed technology. Because they don’t mix their cuts, they are more precise and efficient.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

Artisans spend an average of five years crafting each neon sign. Your neon sign will integrate perfectly into your design while highlighting the beauty and artistry of neon thanks to the attention of our expert artists.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

Each LITASIGN neon sign is aged for one additional hour before it is packaged and shipped to customers, a standard aging test takes 24 hours. Our LED chips and PCBs may be checked in advance for any potential flaws, allowing us to provide high-quality products to our customers.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

Unlike typical packaging, LITASIGN’s packaging is comprised of a 10mm honeycomb paper board, which is more durable. Using paper corner protectors, the product is further shielded from harm from the inside. As a drop shipping service, LITASIGN offers the option to place your company’s emblem on a corner of the box.

LITASIGN's Welcome Neon Signs Best Features You Can Enjoy

You may have LITASIGN produce a unique Welcome neon sign for you utilizing your original artwork, logo, slogan or message, and a team of experienced professionals to guarantee that no single detail is neglected in creating the perfect Welcome neon sign that will hold the public's attention. To ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations, the team works closely with you from the beginning to the conclusion.

Virgin Silicon Materials

Rather than using PVC or synthetic silicones, which are known to degrade over time and generate potentially hazardous fumes, LITASIGN employs high-quality 100 percent silicone materials for its jackets In addition to being fire-resistant, non-yellowing, and anti-aging, virgin silicon is also non-reactive.

More Attractive Lighting

LED chips with great brightness and low light decay rates, as well as a high light-transmittance silicone jacket, are used by LITASIGN to create appealing neon signs.

Enhanced LED Neon Flex

For LED neon flex, LITASIGN developed a unique PET film that preserves the flex's quality while allowing customers to build their own signs.

Integrated LED Neon Flex

LED neon signs with integrated LED light sources can be brighter thanks to better heat dissipation. Since the LED neon sign is embedded, problems like jacket falling and distorted acrylic are less likely to arise.

Branded Acrylic Backboard

Acrylic backboards made from Taiwan joint-stock brand acrylic material are more transparent and rigid than polystyrene or PVC boards on the market. In addition, they are more resistant to yellowing and scratching.

High-Quality Power Supply

Using a power supply that is CE, ROHS, FCC, UL, C-tick, PSE, and KC certified, LITASIGN is able to transform data at an incredibly high rate. This ensures that the power used is in accordance with your country's regulations.

High-Quality Accesories

LITASIGN uses stainless steel screws and ropes instead of plastic or steel counterparts, which prevents rusting and provides a more durable product. Even after years of exposure, the sign will not show any signs of wear that could threaten its safety.

Dual Protection Technology

When electrical components in the neon sign's central section are broken, it does not affect the rest of the neon sign because of the dual protection mechanism.

Perfectly Fitted Packaging

Packaging can be tailored to fit your specific requirements. When it comes to transportation, it works wonderfully with the neon signage and saves space. In addition, there are fewer resources needed. Hand-crafting containers is more time consuming and expensive than this method.

Welcoming Neon Signs: For Your Shop, Business and Events

These neon signs are a popular decoration for parties and other occasions because of their magnificent lighting effect. With a hook attached to the back, neon signs are often used to decorate walls or even doorknobs. Since they’re so little and light, you can easily transport them from one location to another. Regardless of the event, you can choose a welcome neon sign that fits your style and budget among the various options available on the market.

Welcome to Miller Time Neon Sign

Turn on the party! The bright, fun, and attractive Welcome to Miller Time Neon Sign will make a great addition to any game room, kitchen, or bar. Welcome to Miller Time Neon Sign:

Pink Welcome Neon Sign

Arriving home to your favorite neon sign is like a nice big hug". We happen to think that's true, but being able to bring a piece of neon with you wherever you go? Well, that's pretty cool too!

Welcome Hunter Neon Sign

You'll be sure to get a big "welcome" from those who feel right at home with this Welcome Hunter Neon Sign. This classic looking neon sign offers a welcome message in an authentic, old-school style.

Welcome back Neon Sign

Get ready to welcome back your customers with our signature Welcome Back Neon Sign! This replica of a 1950's neon sign will add a pop of color and light to the store, letting your customers know that it's good to be back at their favorite local shops.

Open Welcome Neon Sign

This Open Welcome Neon Sign is an eye-catching addition to your storefront window, or for displaying in a bar or cafe. The neon tubing is hand-bent and mounted on a clear acrylic backboard.

Welcome Home Neon Sign

The Welcome Home Neon Sign is a pink neon sign that features the words "welcome home" to greet guests as they enter your room or space.

Welcome To The Jungle Neon Sign

Give your restaurant or bar a recognizable look with this Jungle Neon Sign. Stand out and attract more business with the unique design of this sign. Your customers will appreciate the lighthearted brightness delivered by this neon sign

Walk - ins Welcome Neon Sign

Add a fun touch to your business with this bright neon sign. Perfect for an office, shop, or restaurant, it brightly displays the sign's message so everyone will know what they can expect when they step through your doors.

Welcome To The Good Life Neon Sign

Light up your home, office or restaurant with this bright neon sign. With its retro style, this bright neon sign is sure to be a hit whether you’re using it as a fun accent piece or as a lighting source.

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Our Welcome Neon Signs from LITASIGN Offer with a Host of Additional Benefits.

Instead of traditional Welcome neon signs, LED neon signs are a great option. LED signs are made of extruded silicon, which is resistant to weather and awkward shipment. You don’t have to worry about broken bulbs or replacing seal-coated faces with our Welcome neon signs, which have greater creative versatility than standard neon signs. Low-cost, low-maintenance LED neon signs are an excellent choice for businesses that want a high-impact message at an affordable price point. LITASIGN’s LED neon sign offers the following advantages.

1. Multi-Color Effects

The light-emitting diode (LED) technology may produce a wide range of colors when applied to translucent silicon. Neon signs by LITASIGN are 12mm broad and available in a wide range of colors.

2. Versatile 

LED-lit neon signs from LITASIGN are a safer and more cost-effective alternative to classic neon signs for companies.

3. Easy Fitting

In comparison to neon signs, LITASIGN’s LED signs can be mounted in a matter of minutes, use less electricity, and generate less heat. LEDs, which don’t need to be replaced for over ten years, considerably minimize the expense of continuous maintenance.

4. Fast Turnaround

Because LITASIGN Neon Signs are made by hand, delivery times range from three to seven days. If you need your order in a hurry, our priority fast service can get it to you in two days. Depending on the destination, door-to-door shipment can take anywhere from two to four weeks. As a result, it’ll take about 13 days for your order to arrive.

5. Affordable Price

At our factory, we produce neon signs tailored to the specific needs of our customers. In order to keep costs down, we produce all of our neon signs in-house, allowing us to export in quantity and pass the savings on to our customers.

6. Maintenance

Compared to glass neon signs, LITASIGN neon signs consume 92% less electricity and last 14 times as long. You save money on repairs and replacements because there is little to no upkeep required.

7. Safety

In comparison to other light-emitting diodes, Neon LEDs are shock-resistant and generate less heat.

8. Accessibility

Using LITASIGN neon signs, businesses are able to advertise more effectively because they can run at all times.

9. Warranty

Indoor LED signs come with a 2-year warranty from LITASIGN, while outdoor LED signs come with a 1-year warranty. No additional expense to you will be incurred if a subpar neon sign is discovered, allowing your company to use its marketing efforts on building its customer base rather than fixing a subpar neon sign.

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