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LITASIGN is a wholesale marquee letters manufacturer. We have been providing our services for more than 6 years with expertise and excellence in high-quality manufacturing wholesale, illuminated marquees, and signs.

At LITASIGN, we specialize in wholesale marquee letters crafted from the highest quality materials. Our prestigious clients have included businesses and event-hire companies around the globe. No matter what style, design, or dimension you require, you can count on us for high-quality lights that are both beautiful and functional.

High Quality Wholesale Marquee Signs for Maximum Customer Satisfaction

LITASIGN incorporates raw materials of very high quality in the production of wholesale marquee letters to ensure the quality of end products. Our research and development team stays updated with the latest technologies to produce wholesale marquee signs effectively. After every production step, our quality control department analyzes the wholesale marquee letters to make sure they pass all quality standards.

We specialize in providing the best quality products for our customers worldwide. Our main aim is to ensure that our high-quality products meet your requirements.


Variety Marquee Letters for Your Wholesale Business

LITASIGN has quickly established itself as the market leader in wholesale marquee letter lighting and the world’s largest wholesaler of marquee letters. LITASIGN’s exceptional marquee letters have been generating significant industry excitement as more and more event planners scramble to secure these incredible letters for one of their forthcoming events.

Wedding Marquee Letters

Wedding marquee letters are great for weddings, anniversaries, or parties. These letters are made from steel to be durable and rustproof. However, suppose you plan on having an event where lighting will be needed. In that case, you will want to invest in these unique marquee letters because they look more expensive than their actual price.

Party Marquee Signs

These Party Marquee Signs are a great addition to any party or event. The sign can be used for parties, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. A winning choice for your next event!

Holiday Marquee Letters

Spruce up your front porch, porch light, mailbox, and more with these Holiday Marquee Letters. This set of Holiday Marquee Letters includes all capital letters: A-Z and comes in an assortment of holiday themes so you can enjoy them for all of your holidays.

Marquee Letter Ornaments

Our Marquee Letter Ornaments are a fun way to personalize your Christmas tree. With multiple designs and colors to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your holiday decor.

Cheers Marquee Letters

Cheers Marquee Letters are a fun addition to any party or event! They can be easily installed at home and can be used again without any additional purchasing. These lighted letters will complement your celebration in a big way, from holiday events to outdoor parties!

Bar Marquee Letters

Our Bar Marquee Letters are used to create a visual representation of your bar and restaurant. These letters are illuminated by lights, making them more visible to guests as they enter your establishment.

Open Marquee Letters

Open Marquee Letters are the perfect way to create an elegant, memorable entrance. Made of lightweight stainless steel and available in various heights and widths, they can be permanently mounted or easily moved from event to event.

Cafe Marquee Letters

Cafe Marquee Letters is a set of four easy to install wall letters. They can be hung outside or inside, and they are weatherproof to last for years. The letters come in a wide variety of colors, so choose just the right color for your cafe sign!

Welcome Marquee Letters

Welcome Marquee Letters is a full line of personalized letters, numbers, lights, and signs. Welcome Marquee offers letters, numbers, initials, and words in various color combinations to meet your needs. We also carry outdoor wall mount letters and signs, lawn signs, etc.

Large Marquee Letters Application Showcase

Wholesale Marquee Letters at Cost-effective

LITASIGN has the largest selection of marquee letters in various sizes and colors. We can also make custom orders to suit your needs and tastes. Our skilled specialists ensure that every product meets LITASIGN’s high requirements.

With years of experience and rigorous production standards, we offer high-quality wholesale marquee letters at low costs. In addition, we also provide advice on installation, maintenance, modification, and other concerns that may arise during the use of our marquee letters.

You dream it, we make it

The Process of Professionally Crafting a 
Marquee Letters for Wholesale


Stainless Steel Punching

A cut must be made in the sheet to allow the LEDs to fit in the enclosure. The dimensions of the LEDs dictate the cut’s depth and width.


Soldering the Solid Edge

To create a surface with multiple highly secure holes, solder the edges of the sheet together.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

To remove any burrs that may have formed during the printing process, polish the edges and corners of each letter by hand.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

A plate is painted as an enduring, visually appealing, and sturdy symbol.


Installation of LED Bulbs

When installing LED bulbs, put them in the correct apertures. If they are to be used outside, waterproof the fixture and use water-resistant bulbs.


Marquee Sign Packaging

Packaging is just one part of exporting goods; LITASIGN assures that products are not damaged during the packaging process by focusing on this step of the export procedure.

Choosing LITASIGN's Marquee Letters Can Give You the Following Benefits:

If you're seeking economic and high-quality marquee letters, choose LITASIGN's wholesale marquee letters. Here's a complete guide on maximizing your money's worth.


LITASIGN's wholesale marquee letters allow you to display whatever you want, whenever you want. In addition, the wholesale marquee letters can be easily rearranged and customized to meet the specific needs of your business.


LITASIGN's wholesale marquee letters include large, bold lettering that effectively display your business to anyone who walks by. This enables the message to reach a big audience while also allowing for easy control over what is displayed.


LITASIGN manufactures wholesale marquee letters utilizing raw materials and procedures that assure they are incredibly sturdy, lightweight, and of excellent quality. As a result, they are resistant to weather fluctuations and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Stylish Yet Affordable

LITASIGN's wholesale marquee letters are a great choice since they are very fashionable, have an attractive appearance, and are available at an affordable price.


The attention-getting display of a wholesale marquee sign from LITASIGN is an excellent method to capture pedestrians' attention. Additionally, more individuals will become aware of the company or event, increasing revenue.

Energy Consumption

LITASIGN's marquee signs are illuminated by LED lighting, which consumes very little power and is environmentally friendly. As a result, it is unlikely that custom marquee signs will significantly impact your electricity bill, resulting in a reduction in your electricity expenses.

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Marquee Letter Table

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Marquee Letter Stand

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How To Import Wholesale Marquee Letters from Manufacturers in China?

Importing wholesale marquee letters from China has never been easier. However, to ensure that your marquee letters are imported successfully, you should understand the factors that affect the process.

1. Conducting Primary Research

Before buying marquee letters, do your homework on the maker. First, check if the company specializes in marquee letters and their brightness and durability; Next, compile a list of the best manufacturers after extensive investigation. Finally, examine both the price and the manufacturer’s shipping policy.

2. Reach Out to Customer Service Providers

It’s challenging to discover all the manufacturer’s information online for LED marquee letter lights. However, most manufacturers have internet websites. Contact information is available on the website or by contacting customer service. After the manufacturer ascertains your requirements and provides pertinent information, you should purchase the LED marquee letters.

3. Pay For Marquee Letters

Following that, you should pay for your marquee letters using the method specified by the manufacturer. Payment methods include credit cards, VISA, PayPal, and Mastercard, among others.

4. Shipment Of Your Marquee Letter Lights

Once the manufacturing of your marquee letter lights is completed, you should contact a shipping company that is suited to your needs. Depending on the urgency and cost of the package, you can choose from a choice of delivery services, including DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT, among others.

Maintain compliance with customs regulations to prevent having your marquee signs seized by customs officials.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Wholesale Marquee Letters


The Ultimate Frequently Asked Questions Guide for Wholesale Marquee Letters is centered on wholesaling marquee letters in bulk with wholesale marquee letters vendors who can sell custom signs at wholesale prices. Individuals interested in beginning anything new, particularly a business, may find these gorgeous and colorful letters helpful.

The fact that these marquee signs may be purchased in bulk is a beautiful feature and that they are of a very high standard in terms of their aesthetic quality. Compared to the retail prices, this indicates that you will be able to get them at a lower cost.

Table of Contents

1. Where Can I Purchase Affordable Wholesale Marquee Letters of High Quality?

When buying marquee letters for massive projects, quality and price are essential. If you want high-quality, economic wholesale marquee letters, choose China.

China’s marquee letter manufacturing involves high-tech procedures and equipment. China’s focus on technology has allowed it to develop high-tech marquee lettering for diverse uses.

China is the most excellent place to buy wholesale lighting items. To get the best products, do market research and choose the best manufacturer.

2. How Do I Import Marquee Letters from China?

The procedure of importing wholesale marquee lettering has, over time, gotten significantly simplified and is now reasonably straightforward. However, if you do not know the proper method to import wholesale marquee letters, you can run into various difficulties.

The steps that need to be taken when importing wholesale marquee letters from manufacturers in China are outlined in the following paragraphs for your reference.

  • Do a Primary Research

Before purchasing marquee letters wholesale, you must research the company or manufacturer. Determine whether the manufacturer specializes in the production of marquee letters and the brightness and durability of their products.

After conducting extensive research on multiple manufacturers, compile a list of the most acceptable options. Determine the cost of the marquee letter lights and the manufacturer’s shipping policy.

  • Communicate with Customer Service Providers

When conducting an online search, it isn’t easy to gather complete information about the producer of marquee letter lights. The majority of manufacturers have websites to enable online accessibility.

You will be able to find contact information on the website or reach out to customer service for additional information regarding the marquee letters you require. After the manufacturer has determined your demands and provided the appropriate information, you should purchase light-up marquee letters following your specifications.

  • Pay For Marquee Letters

Then, it would help if you used the mode of payment that the maker of your marquee letters recommends for you to pay for your marquee letters. Credit cards, VISA, Mastercard, and PayPal, are the forms of payment accepted here.

  • Shipping Of Your Marquee Letter Lights

After the manufacturing procedure for your marquee letter lights has concluded, you should contact a reputable shipping carrier. Depending on the urgency and cost of your shipment, you can choose between DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT, as these are among the available delivery couriers.

To prevent your items from being held at customs, you should always pay the appropriate customs duty.

3. What Considerations Should You Follow Before Buying Wholesale Marquee Letters?

Before purchasing a wholesale marquee letter, one should be familiar with the factors that affect selecting such a product such as the following:

  • Warranty
  • Material
  • Brightness

4. What is the Best Way to Pack Wholesale Marquee Letters for Import?

Regardless of the shape or type of your marquee letters, you’ll need a cardboard or foam packing container. Manufacturers must carefully consider space marquee letters relative to packing.

Ensure marquee letter lights can resist the elements. It will ensure that your cargo is secure when pressure is applied.

Ensure that glass, wood, and metal marquee letter lights are wrapped in newspaper. Double-boxed marquee letter lights with crumpled newspapers or bubble wrap for safe transportation.

5. How Do You Choose an Effective Wholesale Marquee Light Up Letters Supplier?

It takes a lot of time and effort to find a marquee light-up letter supplier who is efficient and trustworthy. The supplier’s efficiency can only be confirmed by looking at various aspects.

Choosing a marquee light-up letter supplier will necessitate consideration of the following.

  1. Expertise In the
  2. Lighting Industry
  3. High-Quality Raw Materials
  4. After-Sale Service
  5. Warranty
  6. Customization
  7. Price
Figure 1 - Wholesale Marquee Letters

6. What Is the Minimum Order Quantity for Marquee Letters?

Typically, the minimum order quantity for marquee letters varies between manufacturers. As a result, as a small project planner or retailer, you must know the specified minimum order quantity.

You can also import wholesale to save money on the mandatory fees linked with the importation of wholesale marquee letters.

7. Importing Wholesale Marquee Letters Comes with What Costs?

Manufacturers usually disclose the pricing for marquee letter lights. Thus project planners may have trouble estimating total expenditures. To determine the cost of your marquee light-up letters, you must add import costs from China.

These costs vary by country, so it’s crucial to examine your region’s costs. Importing wholesale marquee letters might be expensive.

Tooling Expenses
When manufacturers produce bespoke marquee letters, you will be responsible for the associated tooling costs. In many nations, tooling costs are typically included in the customs value, leading to an increase in import tariffs and other taxes like VAT.

Product Samples
Buying items in bulk in China is the best decision you can make. Instead, marquee letter samples serve as demonstrations of the capabilities of manufacturers, allowing you to make an informed decision.

The majority of vendors provide free factory samples. However, you will be required to pay a fee for custom samples of marque sign letters with lights

Services for Procurement and Product Development
Costs for procurement and product development services are often proportional to the intricacy of your illuminated LED letters. It also depends on how much of the product and procurement development process you can manage on your own and have time for.

Quality Control
Before shipping, make sure your wholesale marquee letters meet your demands and quality criteria. Before shipping, neon marquee lettering should be inspected.

Quality inspections assure high-quality marquee letter lights.

Product Processing Cost
When purchasing marquee light-up letters from merchandisers, the merchandise processing fee must be paid. This price will be based on the number of marquee letters being imported.

Note, however, that this expense can be avoided when purchasing marquee letters from manufacturers.

Costs for Shipping
Multiple fees are involved in transporting your marquee letter lights from the factory to their final location. Among the shipping expenses, you will spend for your LED marquee letter lights are the following:

  • Export authorization.
  • Delivery to the loading port
  • Freight charges between ports
  • Shipping documentation such as the bill of lading, commercial invoice, and packing list must be delivered.
  • Domestic transportation.
  • Local fees at the destination port, such as administration and offloading.

Duties and Other Taxes on Imports
Wholesale imports of marquee letters from China are always subject to import charges. Tariffs and the customs value used to compute customs charges and other taxes vary among markets and products.

8. Where is LITASIGN located?

Our office and factory address are in Shenzhen, China.

9. Do You Test All Marquee Signs Before Delivery?

Yes. Every single marquee letter is tested before it is shipped out.

10. Can I Have a Sample for Testing Quality?

Yes. You can buy a sample marquee letter for testing quality purposes.

11. Is LITASIGN a Manufacturer of Marquee Sign?

Yes. We are a manufacturer specializing in producing marquee letters and signages.

12. Can I Have a Sample Order of Marquee Letters?

Yes. We welcome sample orders for the purpose of evaluating our quality. Mixed samples are fine.

13. How Can You Send the Wholesale Marquee Letters?

If the quantity of the marquee letters is minimal, we can ship them via air express. If the amount is large, we recommend shipment by sea, as air express is rapid but costly, and sea freight is inexpensive but slow.

14. What are the Most Popular Marquee Letters for Wholesale?

1. Wedding Marquee Letters


5. Wooden Bar  Marquee Letters


7. LED Decorative Marquee Signs


8. Marquee Christmas Lights


10. Rustic Wedding Marquee Letters


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