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LITASIGN was founded in 2015 and is a professional and leading manufacturer of wholesale marquee numbers. We provide a comprehensive one-stop sign system solution. Over the past 8 years, we have 6000 square meters of R&D and production base and 120 professional and technical teams for design, research, development, and production.

Our years of experience have gained three advantages in the marquee numbers industry: superior quality, reasonable price, and best service for customers.

High Quality Wholesale Marquee Numbers for Various Applications and Organizations

LITASIGN has a staff of highly qualified and experienced designers; We create high-quality marquee numbers in collaboration with the best vendors for various applications and situations. Hotels, retail malls, clubs, government agencies, schools, and other businesses use our marquee numbers. In addition, our cutting-edge technology allows you to alter the font at any time and even rotate it, giving you nearly limitless design options.

We have unequaled marquee number production experience and have implemented a strict quality control system from raw materials to completed goods.


Be Stunning with Our Wholesale Marquee Numbers

The wholesale marquee numbers are famous for advertisements, shops, and wedding receptions in the commercial and private sectors. Our quality control department stringently tests these wholesale marquee numbers before leaving the factory, ensuring their quality. In addition, the modern design of these wholesale marquee numbers makes them perfect decorations for weddings, exhibitions, hotels weddings, offices, and bars.

LITASIGN strives to constantly improve our products and make our work better every day. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.

All Types of Marquee Numbers to Support You


The Details of Marquee Numbers from LITASIGN


A Sophisticated Production of Wholesale Marquee Numbers



Spot-punching machinery creates a hole in the plate used to mount the lamp. The size and location of this hole are determined by the type and size of the lamp itself.


Soldering the Solid Edge

Soldering the solid edges of two touching pieces of metal creates a stronger joint. In addition, this method of joining has a more substantial piece of hardware that will not bend or break and will last much longer.

polishing process

Polishing Edges and Corners

To eliminate any burrs that may be formed during the printing process, polish the letters’ edges and corners. A clean edge will improve the marquee’s appearance and make handling easier.


Painting the Surface of the Plate

 A plate can be painted to make a durable, attractive marquee sign.


Installation of LED Bulbs

Use a waterproof sealant to seal their sockets to ensure the LEDs don’t short out or become damaged during inclement weather. Only LEDs rated IP67 should be used outdoors to prevent water from entering the fixture.


Marquee Sign Packaging

LITASIGN’s innovative packaging process is ideal for our marquee numbers, which require special shipping and storage conditions. A sturdy foam-lined box is used to ensure that these products arrive undamaged.

What Are the Advantages of  Choosing LITASIGN's Wholesale Marquee Number?

Choosing Marquee Number is an important decision that you make for a business. Investing in marquee numbers can improve the promotional efforts and help gain more customers. It's important to find the right marquee numbers for a business, and LITASIGN has taken the uncertainty out of selecting. Here are the advantages of choosing Marquee Number from LITASIGN:

Easy to Set Up

These marquee numbers are easy to set up and can be placed on a carpet or tabletop. Made of high-quality materials, this set provides hours of fun.

Options for Mounting

The marquee numbers may be mounted in a variety of ways, in addition to altering the design, style, or typeface. For example, they can be hung, laid on the floor, or the wall.

Safe to Use

However, various lighting options are available to spruce up a home or company. But are they all safe to use? Unfortunately, the majority of lighting systems cause severe overheating. On the other hand, the marquee numerals are entirely safe and do not emit any harmful rays.

Visually Appealing

Because LED lights are used, the wholesale marquee numbers are brighter than any other lighting system. They are also noticeable from a distance.


Once erected, marquee numerals are incredibly low-cost to maintain. The cost-effectiveness and fuel efficiency are fantastic for cutting your power bills and saving money.


There are several applications for marquee numbers. Viewers may quickly identify themselves throughout the crowd. You may also change the lettering, fonts, and sizes to make them your own. They are also well-made and designed.

A Curated Collection of Marquee Numbers for Wholesale

LITASIGN has long been a pioneer in sign and display technology. Our marquee numbers are no exception, so we are the country’s most popular marquee number brand. As a result, you can be confident that each marquee number will be the highest quality, as you would expect from LITASIGN.

Marquee Number 1

Marquee Number 1 is the most accurate and reliable marquee lighting system ever created. In addition, it is fully customizable to meet your needs, with interchangeable parts that are easy to replace when needed.

Marquee Number 2

This Marquee Number 2 sign has the brightness and contrast that you need. In addition, it has a weather-resistant aluminum housing, perfect for indoor or outdoor use; It is excellent for any business or home entrance.

Marquee Number 3

Make a statement with Marquee Number 3, the simple and elegant way to send any message. This marquee sign uses LED lights for an eye-catching display in any location.

Marquee Number 4

Marquee Number 4 is the fourth version of our marquee typeface. It's a warm and friendly display face with a wide range of ligatures and alternates that let you create your bespoke letterforms to add extra character to your design.

Marquee Number 6

Marquee Number 6 perfectly complements your high-impact, low-energy marketing strategy. This marquee number's long, bright illumination is sure to catch eyes and stand out when people are searching for their seats at your event or venue.

Marquee Number 5

This marquee number is made from acrylic and includes an LED light. It is printed with your selected design and personalized to any color.

Marquee Number 7

The new Marquee Number 7 is a fun font with an old-timey look that is great for any occasion. The font is free for personal use, but if you want to use it commercially, buy the full version and help support my work!

Marquee Number 8

This premium number 8 marquee is an excellent addition to any home. Made of quality materials, this design offers a unique look that will turn heads.

XV Marquee Letters

XV Marquee Letters are a modern, high-tech design with a light and flexible mylar material. These letters look great when backlit and can be combined in any order to fit your needs.

30 Marquee Numbers

Our 30 Marquee Numbers work great in the tourism and business industries. These marquee numbers create a professional image and provide clear wayfinding while also adding style and elegance to any business establishment.

40 Marquee Numbers

Make a statement with our unique marquee numbers. Our small and large numbers are easily mounted on any structure and can be seen within any crowd. The 40 Marquee Numbers in a wide variety of styles and sizes; are perfect for any event!

16 Marquee Numbers

16 Marquee Numbers are a fun and trendy way of adding extra personality to your home. Crafted from metal, the numbers will stay looking sparkling new for years to come with minimal effort on your part.

50 Marquee Numbers

Our 50 Marquee Numbers are a great way to help your guests feel welcome and be part of the celebration. These marquee numbers are the perfect accessory for any outdoor party, water-resistant, weatherproof, and readily customized.

60 Marquee Numbers

Our 60 marquee numbers are designed to be used in your personalized 60 Marquee. They have a modern look, look great when backlit, and stand the test of time. These numbers were created for the person who has a love for numbers.

Large Marquee Numbers

Large Marquee Numbers are an elegant and easy way to express time, temperature, or other important information. Large Marquee Numbers cast a colorful glow across walls and ceilings with LEDs; they're perfect for parties, weddings, and sporting events.

6ft Marquee Numbers

It is a classic and distinctive design that makes quite an impact. Marquee numbers are popular because they provide a clear message to your customers, in this case, the address of your venue. The 6ft marquee number can be painted using our color chart, or we can match your corporate colors at no extra cost.

5ft Marquee Numbers

These 5ft Marquee Numbers are the perfect addition to any marquee or event. Their numbered design makes them a great way to display messages, time, prices, or your favorite sports team!

4ft Marquee Numbers

Our 4ft Marquee Numbers are great for adding a finishing touch to your marquee sign. The large numbers are perfect if you want to ensure everyone can see where your event is being held.

Balloon Marquee Numbers

Enhance your next party or event with Balloon Marquee Numbers. These numbers are printed on balloons to create glowing signs used as event décor and photo opportunities. Identify your table, accessorize your party space, or add a touch of style to any special occasion!

2022 Marquee Numbers

2022 Marquee Numbers is a revolutionary way to display and share your favorite player's statistics. It's a new way to learn more about your favorite player, study up on their stats, and track their career as it happens.

3ft Marquee Numbers

Our 3ft marquee numbers are ideal for creating an impact in any doorway, window, or wall. They are easy to install and made from durable, high-grade aluminum.

Wood Marquee Numbers

Our Marquee Letters combine unique designs with the highest quality materials. Handcrafted from natural wood, each letter is carefully painted to match the style and design of your home.

Metal Marquee Numbers

Metal marquee numbers are a decorative and functional wall element that can be customized to any size, color, and font style! It is an excellent accessory for creating stylish spaces and maintaining a consistent look throughout your business.

Gold Marquee Numbers

Gold Marquee Numbers are a classic décoration for your home, with elegant contrast. These numbers will help create a sophisticated and dramatic feel to any room in your house or office.

Black Marquee Numbers

Black Marquee Numbers are perfect for adding dramatic dimension and styling to your home, office, or business. These numbers were designed to be installed on a wall vertically. They would be ideal for a one-story house or an office building where the floor numbers are in view from the street but not from inside the building.

Marquee Table Numbers

Our marquee table numbers bring a unique touch to your event, whether an engagement party or a wedding table. Each number is created with a sleek white frame that is hand-painted. Marquee Table Numbers welcome your guests under the spotlight with style and class!

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Indoor Marquee Sign

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Party Marquee Sign

The Party Marquee Sign is the perfect addition to any party or celebration. Featuring a large sign in vibrant colors, it’s easy to hang and adds an instant atmosphere to any gathering.


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Decorative LED Marquee

Decorate your house with this decorative LED Marquee, a bold and bright accent for the season.


Price from $200.00

How Do You Choose an Effective Wholesale Marquee Numbers Supplier for Your Project?

Finding an effective wholesale marquee numbers supplier can be challenging, partially because of the enormous variety of numbers you can purchase for different projects. It’s also hard to identify an accurate marquee supplier from one merely selling on a platform designed to host wholesale business between suppliers and retailers.

These are some crucial concerns you’ll want to consider when selecting that marquee number supplier that can deliver what your event needs and make it easier.

1. Lighting Industry Experience

Determine whether the chosen supplier has experience in the lighting business. The marquee numbers will be created entirely depending on the supplier’s expertise.

2. Materials of Excellent Quality

If the seller uses high-quality materials, the marquee numbers will last long. However, it’s crucial to remember that raw materials like plates and LED bulbs are critical in production.

3. Warranty

Determine the warranty period provided by your marquee number source. Because having a more extended warranty period is usually beneficial to your project. Choose a vendor who can offer a 12-month warranty on your marquee number.

4. Customization

Determine whether the supplier can customize your marquee numbers.

After analyzing all of the customizations and establishing that a possible provider fits several criteria, you should choose that source for your marquee numbers.

5. Price

The cost of marquee numbers is a crucial consideration when choosing a supplier. However, you should decide based on the overall quality of the marquee numbers, not just the price.

The lighting effect and overall quality are two factors to determine the quality and pricing of marquee numbers with lights.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Wholesale Marquee Numbers


Wholesale marquee numbers are an excellent choice for many of your business needs. They can help create attraction and direct attention to an area of your business facility, indoor/outdoor events, and location. In addition, they can be used to promote products and services, allow you to brand your business, and increase revenue effectively. Marquee numbers should be manufactured by you or with the help of a professional installer and welder. This FAQ will help answer the most frequently asked questions regarding wholesale marquee numbers.

Table of Contents

1. How Do You Choose a Reliable Supplier of Wholesale Marquee Numbers?

Obtaining a reliable supply of efficient marquee numbers in its manufacturing process can be difficult, as there are numerous elements to consider. Therefore, the successful acquisition of a supplier of wholesale marquee lights depends on your ability to assess several aspects of the supplier.

If you are searching for a supplier of marquee numbers, consider these capabilities when evaluating companies.

Lighting Industry Experience

Determine whether the chosen supplier specializes in the lighting industry. The marquee numbers will be developed purely based on the supplier’s experience.

Superior Raw Materials

If the supplier uses high-quality materials, they will produce long-lasting marquee numerals. It should be noted that raw materials such as LED bulbs play an essential role in the manufacturing process.

After-Sale Support

Determine whether the providers provide after-sales services for your marquee numbers. This is because you may sometimes encounter problems that necessitate the supplier’s assistance. They should thus be available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Determine the warranty period provided by your marquee number source because a more extended warranty period is usually beneficial to your project. Choose a vendor who can provide a more extended warranty period for the marquee numerals.


The cost of marquee numbers is a crucial consideration when choosing a supplier. However, it would help if you based your decision not only on the price but also on the overall quality of the marquee numbers.

Figure 1 - Marquee Number Lights

2. What Are the Costs of Importing Wholesale Marquee Numbers?

There are considerable costs involved when importing marquee numbers. You might be aware of many, but there will also be some you are not. And those hidden costs can quickly add up to thousands of dollars if you aren’t careful.

So with the charges in mind, let’s go over some of the costs you can encounter in importing wholesale marque numbers and ways to avoid losing money.

Tooling Costs

You will be required to pay for the relevant tooling expenses when manufacturers produce bespoke marquee numbers. In many countries, the cost of tooling is included in the customs value, increasing import tariffs and other taxes like VAT.

Product Sampling

Buying wholesale products from China is the best move you will ever make. Instead, samples for marquee numbers serve as demonstrations of manufacturers’ capabilities, providing you the opportunity to make a decision.

Most providers will provide factory samples at no cost. However, custom samples of marquee number lights will require a fee.

Services for Procurement and Product Development

The intricacy of your marquee numbers entirely determines the price of procurement and product development services. It is also decided by how much of the product development and procurement process you can and have time to manage on your own.

Quality Control Inspections

Confirming that your wholesale marquee numbers comply with your standards and quality criteria before shipping them is critical. The best method to find out is to inspect the marquee numbers before they are dispatched.

Investing in a quality check is wise because it ensures that you receive marquee number lights of the highest quality.

Fee for Merchandise Processing

You must pay the merchandise processing fee when purchasing marquee numbers from merchandisers. Your pay depends on how many marquee numbers you bring in.

However, if you buy marquee numbers from a manufacturer, you can avoid this expense.

Shipping Expenses

Numerous charges are involved in getting your marquee number lights from the factory to their final destination. The following are some of the shipping expenses you’ll have to pay when shipping your marquee number lights:

  • Export clearance.
  • Delivery to the loading port
  • Charges for shipping from one port to another
  • Shipping documents such as bills of lading, commercial invoices, and packing lists are delivered.
  • Transportation on land.
  • Local charges(administration and offloading in the port of destination)

Other Taxes and Import Duties

Import tariffs must always be paid on wholesale marquee numbers coming from China. This is because tariffs and the customs value used to compute customs duties and other taxes tend to change between markets and products.

Fee for Harbor Maintenance

You should consider this significant fee when ordering marquee numbers for shipment. In addition, the harbor maintenance cost is typically 0.125 percent of the value of your illuminated marquee numbers.

3. Is there a Minimum Order Quantity Required for Wholesale Marquee Numbers?

 The minimum order quantity for marquee numbers varies among manufacturers. As a small project planner or retailer, you should know the minimum order quantity offered by different companies. You can save money by buying bulk to take advantage of lower compulsory costs associated with wholesale orders.

Figure 2 - Marquee Number Lights for Wholesale

4. Which Packing System Is Best for Marquee Numbers?

Regardless of the style or kind of your marquee number lights, you will always need a particular packing container made of cardboard or foam. Compared to other packing systems, manufacturers’ procedure of packing marquee numerals is essential.

It would help if you packed the marquee number lights so they can endure the elements. Applying pressure will ensure that your product is secure and free of loose packing material.

If the marquee number lights you’re importing include glass, wood, or metal frames, ensure they’re wrapped with newspaper before shipping. Your marquee letter lights are always safe and secure in double cartons with crumpled newspapers or bubble wrap.

Figure 3 - Marquee Number Lights Packaging

5. How Should I Import Wholesale Marquee Numbers from Chinese Manufacturers?

You have three options to consider when importing wholesale marquee numbers from Chinese manufacturers. These include the direct method, shipment consolidation, and line-by-line import. You will have to consider cost, time, and complexity when deciding which way is best suited for your needs.

6. What Are the Process in Importing a Wholesale Marquee Numbers from China?

The process of importing marquee numbers from China has been streamlined over time, and the process is relatively easy today. However, you may encounter challenges if you do not know the proper procedure to import wholesale marquee numbers from manufacturers in China. The steps involved in this process are outlined below.

  • Conducting Primary Studies

Before purchasing marquee numbers, you should do some research on the manufacturer. Determine whether the company specializes in manufacturing marquee number lights, as well as the brightness and longevity of the lights.

After an extensive study of numerous manufacturers, make a list based on which one is the best. Determine the cost of the marquee letter lights and the manufacturer’s shipping policy.

  • Contact Customer Service Representatives

When searching online, it is difficult to find all the information regarding the maker of marquee number lights. To guarantee that they are available online, most manufacturers maintain websites.

You can get contact information from the website or contact the customer service staff for more details on the marquee letters you want. You should then purchase the marquee numbers based on your need after the manufacturer has discovered your needs and provided all the relevant information.

  • Pay For Marquee Numbers You Ordered

Then, using the payment method suggested by the manufacturer, pay for your marquee numbers. Credit cards, VISA, PayPal, and Mastercard, are some accepted payment options.

  • Shipment Of Your Marquee Number Lights

You should contact a suitable shipping carrier once the manufacturing procedure for your marquee number lights is completed. DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT are some shipping couriers you can utilize, and you can choose between them based on urgency and cost.

To avoid your items being held at customs, always pay for custom duty.

7. What Importing Systems Are Convenient and Quick When Purchasing China Marquee Numbers?

Marquee number light project planners and retailers have three options for importing products: courier, air freight, and sea freight. Keep in mind that the quickest service has the most outstanding import fee. So let’s look at the three importation systems available to pick the best one.

Courier Service

Ali Express, DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, USPS, Royal Express, and DPD are some courier service providers. The turnaround time is 3 to 5 business days. They are ideal for small parcels and files but unsuitable for commercial use.


Air Transport

Air freight is less expensive than courier services and can transport bigger items. However, it takes longer than a courier service, typically 6 to 8 days.


Sea Freight

Sea freight is the most cost-effective way to import commercial goods. However, shipping from China to the United States or the European Union takes 15 to 25 days.


8. Where Can I Get Wholesale Marquee Numbers of Good Quality?

Price and quality are critical considerations when importing marquee numbers for large projects. Numerous countries throughout the world manufacture marquee numerals. However, China should be your first choice if you want high-quality marquee numbers at a low cost.

China boasts the most advanced technologies and people resources in the world. China’s businesses have been paying more attention to technology since joining the World Trade Organization in 1994. Around the world, producers are generating an increasing number of high-tech products.

You already know that China is the best country in the world to buy lighting. However, China is home to thousands of marquee number lights makers. Shenzhen and Dongguan are two industrial zones that specialize in lighting. In addition, there are numerous lighting research and development projects.

LITASIGN is China’s most well-known lighting manufacturer. It has been in the lighting business for over 8 years in Shenzhen and Dongguan. It is a company that specializes in various types of marquee numerals. Because it provides the most excellent lighting solution and assistance, LITASIGN may be the ideal partner in China.

9. Should I Order Samples of Marquee Numbers Before Placing Order Of Wholesale Marquee Number Lights?

Many project planners and internet shoppers report that they do not always get the expected quality. As a result, you should get neon sign samples before ordering wholesale neon signs. You can order at least one piece of predesigned in-stock marquee numbers from LITASIGN for sample verification.

10. What Factors Should I Consider Before Purchasing Marquee Number Lights In Wholesale Rate?

1. Cost

Because of the excellent efficiency and low cost, most sellers of marquee number lights buy from China. You don’t want to skimp on quality to save money. In a competitive market, however, marquee numbers with high values fail.

As a result, you should look into the local market pricing of marquee numbers. Then figure up the cost of marquee numbers, the cost of importing them, and the profit margin. Keeping all of these considerations in mind, select the most cost-effective manufacturer for marquee number lights.

2. Policy of Returns

It is occasionally impossible to predict the market’s exact future demand. You might have a surplus now and again. It’s impossible to make money selling neon signs if you can’t sell or return them. As a result, review the manufacturer’s return policy terms and conditions.

3. Order Quantity Minimum (MOQ)

MOQ is not a concern for prominent project planners or established neon sign retailers. However, before obtaining marquee numbers at wholesale pricing, small project planners or new retailers should consider it. You will not be eligible for a discount if you order less than the minimum order quantity.

4. Packaging

Another critical issue that most project planners and retailers overlook is the packaging. This is important to consider if you want damage-marquee number lights for your project. When importing from China, various types of packaging solutions are employed. Uneven pressure on the marquee numbers might be caused by loose packing material. Wooden crates and carton boxes are two standard packaging options when importing marquee numbers. Crates made of wood are more expensive than cartons, but they are safer.

5. Shipping

Many project planners and retailers complain about the manufacturers’ delivery policies. Some producers do not assume responsibility for shipping products after selling marquee numbers. For personal use, marquee number lights can be shipped by courier.

However, you must exercise extreme caution while obtaining marquee numbers at wholesale prices. Choose marquee number manufacturers who will take full responsibility for product shipping so you can relax.

11.Can I Customized the Marquee Number Lights?

Yes, you can customize your marquee number lights by choosing the font type and color you want. Our team will help you to choose the best fit for your project.

12. What Are the Parts of the Marquee Number Lights

Figure 3 - Marquee Number Lights Parts

13. What Are the Plug Options Offered for the Marquee Numbers?

Marquee Number Lights PLUG-OPTIONS (1)
Figure 4 - Marquee Number Lights Plug Options

14. What is the Warranty for Your Wholesale Marquee Numbers?

We offer 1 year warranty on our marquee number lights.

15. What is the Lead-time for the Average Order? What is the Shipping Time?

The average order takes 3-5 days to complete. Also, express shipping takes 3-5 days, air shipping takes 5-6 days, and shipping by sea takes 25-35 days.

16. How to Get the Price Quotation for the Wholesale Marquee Numbers?

You can send your design details to our email address or contact our online trade manager. All pricing is based on the broadest point; if the length and breadth exceed 1 meter, the price is based on the square meter.

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