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With the advantages of accurate design and manufacturing, comprehensive service supply, and international quality control, LITASIGN has been a renowned partner for customers worldwide with our 6 years of history. With thousands of designs sold worldwide, we are dedicated to providing customers with high-quality and unique products at competitive prices.

LITASIGN is confident in its ability to provide you with top-of-the-line custom neon signs that meet your wholesale requirements. We produce custom neon signs for hundreds of industries with confidence and expertise and offer only the highest level of customer service.

Leading Wholesale Bar Neon Sign Supplier

LITASIGN’s factory is a state-of-the-art facility. Our neon signs are designed and produced in-house by our product engineers and designers. We have hand-picked professional workers for their attention to detail and commitment to your satisfaction. LITASIGN offers only the highest quality signs.

LITASIGNS can produce neon signs of various colors, sizes, and shapes with a full range of products. As a professional wholesale bar neon sign manufacturer, all indications are produced to the highest quality and durability standards with strict quality control for every step in production SMT processing, silicone extrusion, UV printing, neon flex placement, and wiring.


Quality Craftsmanship, Quality Wholesale Bar Neon Signs

LITASIGN, a global leader in neon sign solutions, provides high-quality LED neon signs which require low power and are manufactured using the most advanced technology. Each step of production is meticulously controlled by the professional team, which has more than ten years of experience working with neon signs.

The production team at LITASIGN has the extensive sign industry experience and focuses heavily on excellent craftsmanship and efficiency to finish projects promptly. Thanks to our main capabilities, we can build long-lasting LITASIGN neon signs with your chosen look.

You dream it, we make it

The Process of Manufacturing High-Efficiency Neon Bar Signs

pcb design

PCB Design

Expert electronic engineers design LED neon flex circuits. These PCBs are the perfect size for your lighting needs.

pcb testing

PCB Testing

LITASIGN’s QC department inspects the finished LED neon light PCB boards. Any boards that fail to pass inspection are scrapped at this stage to ensure that only high-quality products reach customers.

smt processing

SMT Processing

LITASIGN employs the most advanced SMT technology and machinery to design energy-efficient and long-lasting products supported by skilled technicians.

Silicone Extrusion Process

LED Neon Flex Extrusion

To create a smooth, consistent surface on our neon signs, we use silicone extruders from LITASIGN. These machines can ensure that the neon tubes are appropriately sealed and can withstand high amounts of heat.

Design and Confirmation

Make Renderings

Our state-of-the-art design technology allows you to see the exact look of your custom neon signs in advance. As a result, you can cater to your customers’ tastes and offer a variety of customization options.

Backplate Engraving

Our skilled technicians have the engraving machine set up for a perfectly-sized and positioned backplate, which helps assure that the LED strips fit perfectly.

Neon sign making

Neon Sign Making

Skilled technicians measure the length of a neon flex stipe and cut it to the size ordered. After that, professional technicians assemble the neon flex and ensure all connections are secure.

Finished Sign Aging

Finished Sign Aging

LITASIGN burns neon signs for 8 hours to ensure no defects. Once all quality requirements have been validated, the neon signs will be sealed with a quality mark.

Neon Sign Packaging

Neon Sign Packaging

LITASIGN employs wooden boxes to display large signs and cardboard cartons to display smaller neon signs. The company’s use of wood and cardboard—materials known for their lightweight—minimizes shipping damage.

LITASIGN's Customization Option on Wholesale Neon Sign

LITASIGN creates custom, high-quality LED neon signs to match your branding needs. With over 6 years of experience with unique neon signs, we have the expertise to supply large and small businesses with signage that matches their requirements at an affordable cost.

Indoor or Outdoor Usage

The neon signs can be used indoors and outdoors, making them ideal for outdoor use. Its IP65 waterproof rating allows it to withstand exposure to water so that it can be used in wet conditions.


Neon signs are available in the following hues: warm white, white, lemon yellow, golden yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, ice blue, green, and deep green. Don't hesitate to contact us for additional information or order a custom neon sign.

Installation Methods

LITASIGN offers a variety of installation options, including suspension from the roof, wall-mounting, setting it on a grid, and floor mounting.

Easy Installation

Litasign neon signs are simple to install; they come with do-it-yourself screw kits and pre-drilled holes. They can be screwed or hung on the wall, and hanging wires are available for ceiling installations. Let us know if you need additional materials for your neon sign installation.


We offer four different neon flex sizes: 8x16mm, 5x12mm, 12.3x19.2mm, and 15x22mm. We can make your design to your exact specifications.

Power Plug

The neon sign plugs into any standard household outlet with a 3.5-meter clear cable, which can be adapted to work with an electrical system from the UK, AU, and US. Would you please specify the adaptor required for your country when placing your order?

Text and Font

LITASIGN's online neon sign creator makes it easy for you to create your custom neon sign. Choose from many different fonts available, and immediately see how it looks on your neon sign. Please get in touch with us for assistance with customization.

Dimmer and Controller

There are three remote controls: high-power, low-power, and multicolored. IR controllers (control distance up to 6 meters) work well with most large home appliances, while RF remotes work best for operating small devices such as TVs and VCRs. Frontier Phase-Cut (FPC), thyristor dimming, and FPC dimming are the most popular dimming modes.

UV Printing

Our UV printing process adds color and pattern to acrylic boards, giving our art a high-tech look. We pair these neon signs with lights, even during the day, making them bright and appealing to passersby.

Huge Variety of Wholesale Bar Neon Signs by LITASIGN

These wholesale bar neon signs will go above and beyond if you need a sign to decorate your pub, bar, or garage. With bright colors, dimmable functionality, and retro appeal, any of our wholesale beer barn signs can give your establishment an authentic vintage look.

Sports Bar Neon Sign

Our famous and popular Sports Bar Neon Sign! This unique sign creates a retro decor that pays tribute to old traditional neon signs from the '50s. This sign does not flicker or come up in smoke; it uses LED lights to create excellent visuals for any business or home.

Red Bar Neon Sign

Represent your bar, establishment, or decor with this Red Bar Neon Sign. The hanging sign depicts a wild west saloon-style scene with a swinging red door and a liquor bottle opener capitalized into a fully functional neon sign.

Titty Twister Neon Sign

This authentic hand-crafted neon sign features an attractive bra and panties motif in a retro font style. The 3D rendering on this sign is sharp, colorful, and stunning. It's a great way to spread the name of your strip club. It is installed using a simple plug-in method.

Buffalo Bills Neon Sign

These Buffalo Bills Neon Signs are perfect for any team's die-hard fans. They'll make the ideal addition to the home, game rooms, and more. These signs are individually hand-made to ensure the highest quality.

Penn State Neon Sign

Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or any occasion, show your pride with our Penn State Neon Sign. The neon sign is made from high-quality components, making it a durable accessory for your home or office!

Budweiser Neon Signs

A lovely display piece for your den, pub, or man cave. A must for all Budweiser fans, old and new. These signs look great when hung vertically.

Dallas Cowboys Neon Sign

This Dallas Cowboys neon sign is perfect for game-day parties or as a gift for the Cowboys fan in your life. The neon sign is battery-powered and available in two sizes to fit any budget.

Michelob Ultra I Like Beer Neon Sign

Michelob Ultra Neon Sign. It is an excellent neon sign that brightens up your bedroom or game room! You will love this great sign if you like Michelob Ultra and bright plasma tubes. It makes a great gift!

Custom Bar Neon Signs

Improve your bar's ambiance and set it apart from the rest with a Custom Bar Neon Sign. This sign is made to order, just as you want it. You choose the text, size of the font, and background color.

Design As You Like

Enter your text below to preview the effect, and submit. You will get a free quote soon.

If you want to custom pattern, please email us.
  • Celinea

  • Batfide

  • Beliya

  • Franxurter

  • LittleDays

  • Marthane

  • OpenHeart

  • Random

  • Rembank

  • Rochester

  • Rusty

  • Snoorks

  • Parisienne

  • Morena

  • Neoneon

  • Amanda

  • Angelina

  • Arenq

  • Argentina

  • Blackjar

  • Blackout

  • Caviar

  • Cetary

  • Christmas

  • Geosans

  • Handw

  • Ihatcs

  • Maytra

  • Moonstar

  • Nalika

  • NeonSans

  • Ostrich-B

  • Paul

  • Pixies

  • Roustel

  • Rumpi

  • Stay Classy

  • Steelfish

  • Street

  • Super Mario

  • Thats

  • Thesignatures

  • Waterman

  • Warm White

  • White

  • Yellow

  • Golden Yellow

  • Light Orange

  • Orange

  • Light Red

  • Red

  • Water Pink

  • Light Pink

  • Deep Pink

  • Purple

  • Deep Purple

  • Deep Blue

  • Ice Blue

  • Lake Blue

  • Green

  • Deep Green

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LITASIGN - Your Reliable Neon Bar Signs Manufacturer

LITASIGN is a professional neon sign manufacturer. It provides the best quality at a low cost and good service. In addition to the customized service, LITASIGN also offers various models to meet market demand. There are some ways you should pay attention before choosing the manufacturer:

1. Experience in the Lighting Industry

Experience is the most critical aspect of a manufacturing process. Look up the company’s founding date to see how long they have been in the industry. LITASIGN was established in 2015 and had over 6 years of neon sign experience. They also have 120 highly skilled employees to build out their product line.

2. Specialization in Neon Signs

If you’re a neon sign shop, you should only buy from a company with a track record of producing quality items. LITASIGN has been producing LED neon signs since its inception. LITASIGN features silicone extrusion lines, SMT equipment, Acrylic board cutting machines, and glue dispensers to make neon signs. It also contains a neon sign R&D section to help increase productivity.

3. Customization Service

LITASIGN offers customized neon signs of the finest quality for your business and creative projects. The company provides free layouts based on your ideas, instructions, and reference images. It’s possible to customize the following aspects of a neon sign:

  • Font style
  • Font Size
  • Graphic
  • The shape of the backboard
  • The color of the backboard
  • The color of the light.
  • The mode of the light.
  • Size of the LED neon flex.
  • The cable color
  • The size of the color.
  • Cutting Size

4. Competitive Cost

Choosing a sign manufacturer is more than simply looking for a low-cost option. It would be best to consider durability and price when selecting a company to manufacture your signage.

Skilled craftspeople handcraft LITASIGN’s neon signs with 5 years of experience. We use high-quality materials and provide the finest quality to create neon signs that can withstand various situations year after year. Our items are made to last a lifetime.

5. Key Production Process Management

LITASIGN has a strong service commitment that governs all aspects of operations. The company is dedicated to creating quality signs because of its excellent production process management and continuous improvement. When choosing a manufacturer, retailers and planners interested in high-quality neon signs should focus on these factors.

6. QC System

High-quality products and an attractive impression are the most critical criteria customers consider when buying a product from a manufacturer. A QC system is crucial to manufacturers producing quality products that meet customer expectations and become future brand ambassadors. LITASIGN has both software and human-based quality control systems to ensure the quality of neon signs.

7. Warehouse Management

Shipping can be affected by adverse weather conditions, labor disputes, or the difficulty of delivering to remote areas. LITASIGN has implemented an automatic warehouse management system that tracks every neon sign to avoid these difficulties. As a result, you will receive your neon sign before the expected time.

8. Package System

 When purchasing neon signs in bulk from Chinese suppliers, it is essential to select high-quality suppliers. It is equally important to choose a supplier who can deliver your goods on time. LITASIGN provides unique packaging for neon signs that ensures that your shipment will be protected and arrive neater and cleaner than handcrafted parcels.

9.  24/7 Customer Service

If you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible quality, having a manufacturer with years of experience is the ideal way to go. LITASIGN has been designing and constructing neon signs for more than six years, and if there’s one thing we pride ourselves on the most, it’s our commitment to providing high-quality products and outstanding customer service available 24/7.

10. Warranty

Researching a neon sign warranty is important for your business. A more extended warranty offers more protection, so the right choice depends on the type of business you’re starting. LITASIGN offers a 12-month warranty on indoor signs and 24-months on outdoor signs.

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The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Wholesale Neon Bar Signs


Neon bar signs at wholesale prices are an excellent way to promote your company. No matter if you’re looking for dependable wholesale novelty sign vendors or seeking ideas for creating your own custom neon sign, you’ve come to the right place.

You’ll find a collection of our most frequently asked questions, along with their respective answers, below. If you have any questions regarding anything from design to installation of wholesale neon bar signs and signage, please let us know and we would be happy to help.

Table of Contents

1. How to Find Reliable Wholesale Neon Bar Signs Manufacturers?

Planning team members hesitate to select the proper manufacturer. So, before buying neon signs, examine the following characteristics.

Lighting Industry Experience

A manufacturer’s experience determines the final product’s precession. You can check the manufacturer’s background by checking its foundation date. Litasign started in 2015. They have 6 years of lighting experience and produce 2-3 products every two months. They’ve also built a professional human resource network of 100 employees.

Neon Signs Specialization

Resist the manufacturers’ marketing tricks. By-products of some firms or newcomers include neon signage. They can sell you low-quality goods for cheap.

Purchase from specialized producers only. Since its inception, Litasign has been making LED neon signs. They use 2 silicone extrusion lines, 3 SMT machines, 2 PMMA acrylic board cutting machines, and five glue dispensers to make neon signs. It also has a neon sign R&D section to increase efficiency.

Personalized Service

Custom neon signage is sometimes required. So, it would help if you inquired about the manufacturers’ customization options. Ideally, a manufacturer will allow for customized size and shape, and When buying neon signs in bulk, Litasign offers the following customizing options.

  • Font type
  • Font Size Image
  • Backboard design
  • Backboard color
  • Light color.
  • Light’s mode.
  • The light’s size.
  • Color of cable
  • Color sizing.
  • Size of Cut

Materials Sourcing

Materials used in high-end neon signs result in durable signage. To manufacture neon signs, silicone LED strips and LED chips are required. As a result, verify the silicone used in the manufacturing process. Features of good silicon:

An environmental test report is frequently included.

  • No odor.
  • Lighter than PVC; no smoke and no black glue fall when burned;
  • A low bending angle provides excellent flexibility.

The type of LED used in neon signs can be used to evaluate the quality of LED chips. When inspecting LED chips, confirm the following.

Manufacturers usually utilize SMD2835 for single color and SMD5050 for RGB lighting effects. As a result, examine the LED chips used in neon signs.


The light decay test report will guarantee brightness if you use it for a long time.

Check out the other neon sign manufacturers’ suppliers.


Quality neon signs are not cheap. A manufacturer’s price is a crucial factor. Quality should be prioritized over low prices. Consider factors such as silicon housing quality, lighting effect, and hand-craft process of neon signs with pricing before making your choice.

QC System

Firms ‘ quality control systems are critical to obtaining excellent products that satisfy and retain customers. Good neon sign makers monitor quality at every stage of production. LITASIGN ‘s neon signs are monitored by both software and human resources.

Process Management in Production

To achieve spectacular quality, excellence, and productivity, organizations must have outstanding production process management. It is essential for workflow efficiency and constant improvement. Focusing on this aspect of the organization will provide retailers and project managers with high-quality neon signs at low prices. Litasign optimizes critical production processes for the best goods.

Inventory Control

The warehouse management system is critical to the company’s efficiency and delivery timelines. As a project manager, you demand on-time delivery of products. Yet without the correct products at the right time, retailers cannot sell all their products. It has an automatic warehouse management system that tracks each product. So, you’ll have your neon signage sooner than you thought.

Package System 

You should pay closer attention to the packaging of neon signage. You know that cheap or loose packaging can harm the goods. Choose neon sign makers who ship in wooden crates or cardboard boxes. These are the safest ways to import neon signs in quantity.


You may have issues before and after buying neon signage. So it would help if you had manufacturer support. Most Chinese neon sign manufacturers don’t offer 24/7 support. Solving issues by email takes time. So, consider neon sign manufacturers who provide 24/7 customer support.


The longer the warranty period, the better. Relax with a warranted product. Neon signs are delicate and require advanced manufacturing techniques. But some items are harmed. A neon sign warranty is advantageous for projects and businesses.

After the 12-month replacement guarantee, Litasign offers 24-month free spare component maintenance. The project planners and neon sign retailers said they uncovered most issues in the first year. Lights that do not break in the first year can be used for many years.

Litasign provides a shipping damage warranty but no claims. Litasign employs hardwood crates and carton boxes to package neon signs, so minimal transportation damage. Please call Litasign if you open neon signs and detect damage. Moreover, they will help you return defective items and get a replacement.

2. What Is The MOQ For Wholesale Neon Bar Signs?

The MOQ varies by manufacturer. Customers and neon sign dealers alike want to know the minimum order quantity. They don’t wish to sell neon signage.

Please note that LITASIGN allows you to order 1 set of neon signs to test quality. Bulk orders will save you money on import fees for neon signs. Some manufacturers even require a minimum order of 5 neon signs.

Wholesale Bar Neon Sign - MOQ
Figure 1 - Wholesale Neon Bar Sign MOQ

3. Can You Return Unsold/Unused Bar Neon Signs?

Most reputable manufacturers allow returns. To return unsold or unused neon signs, you must first check the return policy. Examine the return policy’s terms and conditions. Litasign values your business and offers an excellent return policy. You can return any item you don’t need or can’t sell.

4. How Should Wholesale Neon Bar Signs Be Packaged?

No matter the size or style of the neon sign, it requires a particular foam or cardboard enclosure. Manufacturer packaging processes are more important than packaging systems. You should pack to absorb all external stresses. Prevents loose packing material and uneven pressure.

Importing mounted neon signs in wood, glass, or metal frames can be packed in newspapers. Crumble the newsprint tightly around the neon signs. Litasign uses twin boxes with bubble wrap or newspaper for protection. The Litasign is packaged in full foam and hardened K=K containers with reinforced paper stripes. The packaging department protects your lamp from every perspective. So they are easily transported.

Let’s look at Litasign’s packaging.

Figure 2 - Wholesale Neon Bar Sign Packaging

5. What Payment Methods are Secure to Order Wholesale Neon Bar Signs from China?

Payment methods accepted by neon sign manufacturers are varied and insecure. Only use the methods listed below to pay.

  • Letter of Credit ( L/C)
  • Telegraphic Transfer ( T/T)
  • Alipay
  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay
  • Payoneer

Paying the appropriate amount at the right time is critical to success as a retailer or project planner. It would help if you were cautious when paying the manufacturer because payment fraud is frequent.

This is the most secure and traditional payment method. Retailers want to know two things. Suppliers must first meet specific standards before payments are transferred to them.

6. How Long Do Wholesale Neon Bar Signs Take To Arrive?

When ordering from a manufacturer, lead time is vital—having an extended manufacturer lead time prevents you from finishing your work. Your order quantity (sets) and importing method will determine your lead time. You are lengthening lead times for large orders.

Less lead time means faster production for efficient manufacturers. Litasign manufactures the most efficient neon signage. Efficient manufacturing companies provide the following lead periods to project planners.

Factors both internal and external influence company lead time. In this case, you may need to wait longer. Pre-designed neon signage allows for faster delivery.

7. Colors for Wholesale Neon Bar Signs?

Custom neon sign makers can create any color with RGB characteristics. Colors for bar decor neon signs vary. All three play a part. Set the wall color before choosing the wholesale neon bar sign.

These are the most common shades. Consult your creators if unsure. Their pros will provide suggestions depending on the room’s style and color.

See below for color options:

wholesale bar signs color-board2 (1)
Figure 3 - Wholesale Neon Bar Sign Packaging

8. How To Hang Wholesale Neon Bar Signs?

Installation of wholesale neon bar signs is simple. Some bespoke neon signs include mounting holes. However, installing custom neon signs for bars requires caution.

How to mount your Wholesale neon bar sign:

  1. Find the wholesale neon bar signs on the wall. If your wholesale neon bar sign doesn’t have a hole, carefully screw it into the wall from the rear.
  2. Make a pencil mark on the wall through the wholesale neon bar signs.
  3. Use a drill machine to drill all holes and install rawl plugs.
  4. The top section is unscrewed and threaded using the included fasteners.
  5. Screw in the tiny screw with any screwdriver.
  6. After securing all the fixings, sandwich the sign between the two fastener pieces.
  7. Install the screws so that the wholesale neon bar signs are not affixed to the wall.

9. Do Wholesale Neon Bar Signs Include Mounting Hardware?

Finding suitable mounting hardware can be difficult due to the lack of standardization. The mounting equipment makes installing wholesale neon signs in your bar easy. However, not all manufacturers include mounting hardware with bespoke neon bar signs. Then it would help if you bought mounting hardware.

Affordability is one reason why some manufacturers delete mounting hardware. Businesses should get personalized neon signs with mounting hardware to ensure safety and lifespan.

10. Can Batteries Run Wholesale Neon Bar Signs?

Most wholesale neon signs for bars are plug-ins. Many high-end bespoke neon sign builders include battery and electrical systems. LITASIGN makes battery-operated wholesale neon signs for bars. So you can light your décor even if the power goes out.

11. How Durable are Wholesale Neon Bar Signs?

LED neons are made of a strong material that resists damage. Only the acrylic backing of your neon is prone to harm. We design this piece to be strong, reducing the danger of breakage.

12. Does the Wholesale Neon Bar Sign Make a Buzzing or Humming Sound?

No, wholesale neon bar signs are incredibly quiet, making them perfect for establishments with a high noise level.

13. What Is the Weight of a Wholesale Neon Bar Sign?

In comparison to neon, LED neon is quite light. LED neon signs weigh approximately 5 kg, which is nearly half the weight of a traditional neon sign.

14. What are the Various Mounting Options for Wholesale Neon Bar Signs?

The Wholesale Neon Bar Sign Backplate is available in the following configurations: base-fixed, rope-fixed, nail-fixed, cut to shape, cut to the board or cut to letter.

Please see the photographs below.

Wholesale-neon bar-sign-backboard-options (1)
Figure 4 - Wholesale Neon Bar Sign Backboard Option

15. Should I Keep the Wholesale Neon Bar Signs Turned on 24 Hours a Day?

We strongly recommend that customers turn off the switch when not in use since leaving it on 24 hours a day would significantly reduce the neon sign’s lifespan. Any product has a life expectancy; LEDs have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours.

16. Which Fonts Should I Choose for my Wholesale Neon Bar Sign?

Our vast collection of fonts makes it simple for our customers to locate exactly what they need. Each typeface is created with readability, personality, and style in mind—and is constantly evolving to stay current with developing trends.

Additional information about the font option is available in the section below.

Figure 5 - Wholesale Neon Bar Sign Font Option

17. How Far Out from the Wholesale Neon Bar Signs Will the Letters Be Readable?

In general, your letters will be legible from up to 38 feet away for every inch of letter height used. As a result, 6-inch lettering would be visible up to 200 feet away. Because red neon letters are the most readable, they are frequently used in open sign applications. Purples and yellows are the least readable hues, commonly used for borders. Apart from boosting your sign’s visibility, black backing enhances its attractiveness.


Letter Height

Max. Readable Distance


152 ft


190 ft


228 ft


304 ft


380 ft


456 ft

18. Are your Neon Bar Signs for Wholesale UL Certified?

Yes. UL certification is required for all of our wholesale neon bar signs and other neon signs.

19. Do you Charge for the Design of Wholesale Neon Bar Signs?

No. We don’t charge for design work; instead, we provide neon bar sign design services for free. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest.

20. The Wholesale Neon Bar Signs Require What Type of Power Outlet?

Wholesale neon bar signs from LITASIGN are powered by 12 volts. A standard wall outlet can be used to plug in the given power source. Hardwiring is unnecessary.

21. The Wholesale Neon Bar Signs May I Have a Dimmer?

For an extra $3, you may get a dimmer or remote control for your wholesale neon bar sign. With our dimmer and remote control settings, you may turn lights on and off, change their brightness, or make them pulse, flash, or flit.

22. Are Wholesale Neon Bar Signs Safe to Use During the Day?

Contrary to popular belief, neon signs can be utilized throughout the day as well. In the daylight, neon sign lights are still extremely noticeable. Outdoors, the neon pattern is visible despite the lower brightness than at night.

23. Is It Expensive to Use Wholesale Neon Bar Signs?

In spite of how bright they are, wholesale neon bar signs do not necessarily deplete your power. Advertising with neon signs can be surprisingly cost-effective. Short-wavelength light is the primary source of light for neon signs. Neon signs, on average, cost less than a typical light bulb to produce and maintain.

24. Can Wholesale Neon Bar Signs Be Relocated to Different Areas of the Bar?

Manufacturers of wholesale neon bar signs produce a wide range of products. It is possible to hang some of your own neon bar signs, although this is not always the case. You can instantly move your wholesale neon bar sign if it has hanging alternatives.

In our pub, we prefer to use neon signs in various places to decorate. If you want to decorate a pub, business, or another place with hanging neon signs, it’s easy to move them.

25. Are the Custom Wholesale Neon Bar Signs Made by Hand?

Yes. It is made by hand from start to finish. People make neon signs by hand, so everything you see on them is unique. The truth is that it takes a lot of skill, experience, and eye-hand coordination to get the silicone to bend in the right place, as shown in the design.

Even though neon signs come in a variety of colors and designs, the process used to make them has stayed mostly the same since it was first used.

26. Are Wholesale Neon Bar Signs Safe to Put Up and Use?

Yes, it is. All of LITASIGN’s wholesale neon bar signs are made out of LED flex, and no glass is used in the making of them. It helps to keep things from overheating and to make sure that they use less energy and are good for the environment. At the same time, they are smaller, lighter, more durable, and easier to move around because they are smaller and lighter. As a bonus, all of our products are UL-listed, which means they’re safe.

27. What is the Cord Length for the Wholesale Neon Signs for the Bar?

All cords are 3.5 meters long by default, but can be customized to any length upon request.

28. Is it Possible for Me to Install the Wholesale Neon Bar Signs Myself?

Absolutely! Our wholesale neon bar signs are made of LED neon, which makes them extremely durable. In contrast to the fragile glass tubing of real neon signs, you can handle ours with ease.

All of our neon signs include hardware for wall mounting, ceiling hanging, or installation in a wire window.

29. Is It Possible to Put Wholesale Neon Bar Signs on the Outside?


Manufacturers usually put neon signs on both the inside and outside of their cars. Neon signs that are only good for indoor use are not good for outside use.
Litasign makes neon signs that can be used outside and that is waterproof.

1. A waterproof silicone coating is sprayed on the Neon flex PCB to keep the LEDs from shorting out and making the lights go out.
2. Waterproofing is used to prevent water from entering wire connections and shorting them out.
3. Each male and female connector set has an IP67 waterproof connector on both sides of it.
4. To keep rainwater from pooling at the low end, holes for water leakage are drilled into the acrylic backboard, and the neon flex at the point where they touch.

30. How Do I Place a Wholesale Order for Neon Bar Signs?

  • To begin, please notify us of your wholesale neon sign for bar specifications and intended use.
  • Second, we present quotations based on your specifications or our suggestions.
  • Thirdly, the consumer verifies the samples and makes the formal order payment.
  • Finally, we organize the manufacturing.

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